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After an enemy ship executes a maneuver, you may perform this attack against that ship.

ATTACK: Attack 1 ship. You cannot modify your attack dice and cannot attack again this phase.

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Notes Edit

  • This is a secondary weapon with a range of 1; it rolls 2 attack dice. Currently only Major Rhymer can change the range.
  • Snap shot triggers at the end of an opponent's maneuver, if they land in your arc. Even if the initial trigger is satisfied, to attack you must still follow all the rules of Secondary Weapons (e.g. in arc, within range). If the target doesn't satisfy the requirements, Snap Shot doesn't fire.
  • You cannot modify your attack dice when making this attack, but another ship (friend or foe) can modify your attack dice e.g. with Elusiveness or M9-G8. Increasing or decreasing the number of dice rolled does not count as modification (e.g. Jan Ors and N'dru Suhlak; see full list here).
  • The defense dice may be modified by either player. Examples include Luke Skywalker, Juke, and Zuckuss.
  • Treating hits and crits as the same for simplicity, the average expected number of hits/crits rolled is 1.0 (this is before canceling in the Compare Dice step, see below). The odds are 25% chance to roll 2 hits and/or crits, 50% to roll one, and 25% to roll none.
  • For unmodified defense rolls, the expected evade averages are: 1 die = 0.38 evades; 2 dice = 0.75 evades; 3 dice = 1.13 evades; 4 dice = 1.5 evades.
  • This attack occurs before the Perform Action step. The defender typically won't have a focus or evade token, though some effects such as Advanced Sensors and TIE/x7 may grant them one. Other abilities like Luke Skywalker will still provide protection.
  • You cannot attack again during the current phase. If you Snap Shot during Activation, you can still perform your normal attack during Combat.
  • Technically you could Snap Shot during another phase, but triggering a snap shot outside of the Activation Phase is rare! It requires an opponent who performs maneuvers during the combat or end phases (typically by receiving a free action to perform Daredevil).
  • Many additional effects that can be tied to an attack (other than modifying the attack dice) can trigger with Snap Shot. Examples include R3-A2, Darth Vader (Crew), and Airen Cracken. However those that limit themselves to the Combat Phase don't work in the Activation Phase, e.g. "Zeb" Orrelios (Crew).

Card Artist Edit

Matt Bradbury