Tantive IV Card

Both Bail Organa and his adoptive daughter, Princess Leia, used their position in the Senate to benefit their heartfelt causes of freedom and to aid those that desperately needed it in war-weary times. Their consular vessels were afforded diplomatic immunity due to their ambassadorial status, and frequently ran mercy missions into dangerous territory. Bail's vessels of choice ranged from a streamlined diplomatic cruiser to the more rugged, war-ready Tantive IV that served as his transport to Toydaria during the Clone Wars. Princess Leia inherited the Tantive IV from her father, and used it to intercept vital Rebel Alliance transmissions of secret Imperial plans to the Death Star. Darth Vader's Star Destroyer pursued the Tantive IV over Tatooine and captured the blockade runner high over the desert planet.

Card Text/AbilitiesEdit


Your fore section upgrade bar gains 1 additional Crew and 1 additional Team upgrade icon.

Available Through Edit

Tantive IV Expansion Pack