• Hey guys, thought I'd create a thread where we just chatted about what we're using lately, how Q1 tournament kits are going, and the like.

    I brought my Lucky 7s list (Vessery with Adaptability, TIE/D, and Tractor Beam, Backdraft with title, Crackshot, and Fire Control System, and Maarek Stele with TIE/x7 and Calculation) to a tournament in a bigger city, and me and my ride took both the top spots, prize sniping the Ketsu Onyo cards (there were 10 people in attendance, so the Tractor Beam tokens were a participation prize).

    Heading off to a tournament in 5 minutes, so let us know how you're doing and I'll let you know how I did today!

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    • Good luck, Dragoon!

      (sorry in advance for the length of this battle description)

      Last Friday I played an 8 player free for all that spanned 3 mats (and mats were removed from the side once all ships were off of it).  As expected this was slow, but I built a chart of PS and ship/player names that really sped things along.

      We had 50 points per player, and I'd learned from 2 weeks ago (where we did something similar but without buy-in) that I needed a ship that could discourage players from attacking it.  The problem with Free For All is factions develop, people get focus-fired and unfairly taken out of the match very quickly, and then it's a long slog watching the survivors fight it out.  I knew from experience that I needed to make myself into an unappetizing target that could still deal damage, even if that meant picking a hated ship that would put a target on my head.

      So this time I brought Dengar, a top-meta ship.  To a casual tournament with only a $5 buy-in.  And yes, that makes me a wicked, meta-exploiting villain.  But I assure you, I paid for it later in spectacular fashion.  :D

      Dengar (50): JumpMaster 5000 (33), Trick Shot (0), Outlaw Tech (2), R5-P8 (3), Punishing One (12)

      I kid about being a bad person for using a jumpmaster.  I'm a monster for other reasons that are off-topic to this thread  ;)

      Funnily enough, Outlaw Tech never came into play (I only needed red maneuvers when I couldn't make a shot anyway).  I used trick shot several times, and rolled terribly every time (0, 1 or 2 hits with 4 or 5 dice every time, never did damage with it!).  I made a couple counter-attacks too, but never did more than 1 damage.  So the dice gods did not favor me this day.

      And then there's R5-P8.  Glorious R5-P8.  My strategy worked to a degree...  Despite having a bounty on my head, people on my side of the table were somewhat hesitant to attack me, and the ones that wanted to actively target me to knock out a threat had randomly rolled the far side of the table as their starting location, so it would be a whlie before I encountered them (so maybe I could make it to the top 3 by then for a prize).  All was going according to plan. ( * deviously rubbing hands together * )

      Unfortunately thanks to bad defense rolls (despite range 3 and obstruction; again, die gods) I took a couple heavy hits that stripped all my shields, and then gave me the crit Major Hull Breach (all damage cards will be dealt to me face up).  Oh joy.  After this I kept forgetting to turn it face-down, as I had to keep barrel-rolling into position to dodge arcs and stay in range of my victims.  In the end it didn't matter that I didn't flip it over, but it points out a problem with my strategy.  Big mistake #1 was getting cocky and staying in the fight, when a free for all favors those who run away and avoid damage.  Clearly I was itching for a loss.

      Big Mistake #2 was innocent enough; someone shot me and missed, and I sought petty revenge.  I activated R5-P8, and rolled a crit: Major Explosion.  Rolled a hit, and got another Major Explosion.  I rolled a hit, and got Direct Hit.  And thus in a single use of my droid, I dealt 4 damage to myself in an instant and died in the cold vacuum of space.  Oh cruel, cruel justice!  Deserved but unwanted!

      So... after that things really dragged on.  Despite allying, it had taken the other side of the table a very long time to kill Ryad, surprisingly the only TIE Defender on the table.  Only now were they finally, slowly making their way to us.  It was down to shield-recharging fat Poes & Mirandas & Corran, and a couple A-Wings, all of which were good at avoiding damage and (except for the a-wings) even healing it.  Again, free for all favors a certain play style.

      It took a long time for these ships to die.  Eventualy it came down to three undying ships: a shield-recharging Corran Horn, a shield-recharging Poe, and shield-recharging Miranda, none of whom could land any lasting damage to each other because of hit & run tactics, and terrible attack rolls matched to amazig defense rolls.  Eventually one poe finally died...  When the store was closing around midnight (an hour past its normal close time), Poe and Corran were still going at it, and Poe (at 1 Hull) had managed to get all his shields back while Corran had simply avoided most hits and was at full as well.  I was expecting Corran to eventually win (he was a very skilled player and was playing the smarter game overall, while the Poe player was still kinda green), but there was no end in sight.

      Finally the store manager made them roll 3 dice against each other and the most hits would get first place.  They rolled the same amount, because of course they did.  Good way to end a stalemate shield-fest.  :D  He made them roll again, and Poe won top prize ($20 in store credit) while Corran and the other Poe each got $10.

      Lacking any physical reward, instead I got the amazing honor of the most fantastic suicide anyone there had ever seen, and honestly I think I got the best prize of anyone.  ^_^

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    • Yesterday our local community held a 4 years birthday tournament (based on the creation of the facebook page) and a Q1 kit was in the prizepool along with a lot of other goodies. Our resident TO (Vince Kingston) is marshalling many of the bigger tournaments in Europe, so he gets to bring home many different, hard to get prizes. He doesn't play anymore himself (Guild Ball won him over), so he usually throws them in the prize pool for our bigger, non-premium events. And then there's always a wooden spoon prize (yesterday he got the orange templates from the 2017 regionals and a gift card, I think). 

      Everyone got an AA Bossk and there was a random draw for a plastic Biggs card (which I couldn't participate in, because I'd already won the first random draw of a Ghost Expansion) and there were some Paul LaRue AA and I think some Polish AA with Kylo Rage, Chicken Boba and so on.

      Anyways, it was a very casual event, so I didn't expect a lot of top-meta lists. Boy, was I wrong. I brought the following!s!116:188,35,137,184,-1,128:-1:3:;131:170,110,-1,173,174,178,108:-1:-1:&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron

      and hoped to meet a lot of small ships. Which I did in the first round. 3 Defenders. Vessery with Swarm Leader and Ryad and Delta with x7. I haven't tried my list against Defenders before, but I had a pretty good idea it would fare well. My opponent played defensively and had me closing in. Bossk sniped two shields in the first engagement, while the Defenders were facing the other direction. I had a bad approach with Boba and was forced to go on a detour. Then k-turns, no engagement and then I figured he would go 5 straight with Vessery and Ryad. He did and I flew Boba straight over a rock to get in range 1. Popped Glitters, had two re-rolls = 3 hits + 1 from Fearlessness. Unavoidable due to autoblaster. Vessery didn't get to shoot. Bossk had bumped Ryad, so a primary attack against the Delta, which removed a couple of shields. A couple of rounds later Ryad was in Boba's frond arc at range 1. Four unavoidable hits and Bossk had already removed two shields. It took a while to take down the Delta, but Boba got him in the end. My opponent got half point for both ships.


      Next match: Paratininni. It was an inexperienced player, but last time I played him he had hot dice and mine were zub-zero. This time was no different. I managed to ionize Manaroo of the board, but I rolled 1 evade if any during the entire match and he had 4 shots of natural hits and one with natural crits. So that was what I got. I also forgot to use Glitters at the right time, which would have killed Fenn Rau. Big mistake.


      Next round: Kanan-Biggs. One of four, I think. Of 31 players, there were ten Ghosts. I had won against him once with a Dengar-Ventress list, but my dice were still cold from the previous match and it all came down to a final maneuver were Biggs with two hull, focus and target lock in my rear arc at range 1 and Kanan with one hull, target lock and focus at range 3. Boba had one hull left. Knowing I didn't stand a chance against tlt I took my chances with Biggs and hoped my evade token could save me. Kanan dead, Biggs rolled 4 hits. He had M9-G8 on Biggs which saved Kanan from 6-7 hits. All my re-rolls were blank or eyes and I never had focus.


      Round 4: Kanan-Chewie. I don't know what happened, but the otherwise experienced player flew Kanan over debris three times in a row and never got to use his ability. I ionized Chewie on a rock once, which kept Bossk alive for a few more rounds. Chewie ran away for a bit and Boba finished Kanan after losing Bossk. Then Boba could almost comfortably take Chewie down. In this and my previous match, Bossk recieved the red turns crit and Boba did in this one as well. I almost flew him off the board due to Glitters, but managed to turn sharply enough to finish Chewie.


      Last round: Scum Boba-Kath. This guy ALWAYS plays Boba and Kath. He's a lot of fun to play against and I was 2-0 against him so far. He was ps 9 with both ships, so he had a serious advantage, but I managed to get Boba in range 1 front. That meant I also was in his range 1. And in Kath's rear arc. Everyone who could, popped Glitters and my Boba lost 5 HP and his lost 7. A fine trade off. Then a lot of bumping, both his firesprays stressed and I managed to ionize my own two ships. Boba had bumped Boba, and Kath had turned to not have anyone in arc, so Bossk lost three shields. My Bossk at range one only managed to roll 1 hit 1 crit and Boba evaded once. One hull left. Then my ships didn't move because of ion and bumping, his Boba flew past in ranged one rear arc and Kath closed in at range one as well. Which got my Boba down to 1 hull. My Boba then overkilled his Boba and then Bossk could fire at Kath. After losing my Boba in the next firing, Bossk could easily finish the job. 

      3-2 and finished at 13th. And sadly only went against 6 small ships out of 13 total.

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    • Last Wednesday I played my Firespray Fiesta fleet:

      Kath Scarlet + Outmaneuver + Tail Gunner + Glitterstim + Proximity Mines + Slave I + Extra Munitions

      Emon Azzameen + Andrasta  + Proton Bombs + Proximity Mines + Seismic Charges + Glitterstim + Intelligence Agent

      I needed to practice lining up rear arcs, and a shooty Kathy and bomby Emon are great for that.  Though in retrospect, fewer bombs and maybe a light scyk for blocking could have been better?

      The first round was against Norra and 3 Green Squadron Pilots:

      Norra Wexley + R2-D2 + PTL + Rey (Crew) + Alliance Overhaul

      3x Green Squadron Pilot + A-Wing Test Pilot + Chardaan Refit + VI + Adaptability + Autothrusters

      This was obviously experimental, and it went poorly for him.  I killed Norra in the first round of contact, and then proceeded to clean up the A-Wings over the next few rounds.  I flew Kath kinda poorly though and dumbly separated her from the fight trying to keep her rear on the enemy, and he managed to kill Emon before I finished the last couple of a-wings off.

      I recommended that he trade VI for Crack Shot and use Adaptability to lower his PS instead of raise, as the A-Wings can make fantastic, hard-to-kill blockers.

      He then offered to show me his Regionals fleet, and I said sure, and proceeded to have my rear handed to me by a very competent fleet and player.

      Norra Wexley + R5-P9? (Or R2-D2?) + PTL + Finn (I think?  Or was it Kanan Jarrus?) + Alliance Overhaul

      Nera Dantels + FCS + Extra Munitions + Proton Torpedoes (or maybe plasma?) + Deadeye + Guidance Chips

      Gold Squadron Pilot + TLT (and maybe R4-D6?)

      (I think that's more or less correct?)

      The difference was night and day; this fleet wrecked me.  Nera turns out to be the dangerous one, and Norra is the bait, though she can hit like a truck when she wants to.  The only times he lost in tournament games were when Nera went down first.  Norra runs away and recharges any time she takes a hit, and the y-wing is there to waste your shots as well (while chipping you to death).  I didn't realize this in time, and he made *very* short work of my firesprays.

      Well played.  And also?  I love Nera, so it was a delight seeing her flown so well.

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    • So on Saturday I flew my Lucky 7s (Vessery with TIE/D, Tractor Beam, and Adaptability, Maarek with Calculation and x7, Backdraft with title, Crackshot, and FCS ) list since I couldn't make Thursday, my definiteive casual day (family in town since my sister was en route to the hospital to have a checkup on the elbow she broke a month ago, played Coup and Takenodo at a board game cafe though, so still fun) to a Q1 kit.

      1st match was against someone rather new (think it was his first tournament) and he flew two Zeta Squadron Pilots, Carnor Jax, and Tetran Cowall. His Interceptors had suboptimal loadouts due to the fact that he only had Imperial Aces and the Force Awakens core set, so they both did have PTL but also Shield Upgrade and Targeting Computer. Carnor scares the bejeebus out of me, so I targeted him first, and the other player misjudged the asteroid and placed him square on it. Took him down, then focused on Tetran (he had initiatitive so Tetran wasn't particularly scary since I moved after him) and then cleaned up the Tie Fighters. I think this guy took it well however, I think he also managed to beat a more experienced player flying an experimental list later on too.

      Second match was against a local veteran who's been using Miranda/Chewie for a year and a half now. Against this list, you just need to be able to down Miranda first. I did manage that, but lost Backdraft and Maarek and Vessery suffered too much damage in the process, so they fell to Chewie, who I did manage to reduce to half health.

      Third match was against someone who IIRC, was pretty rusty. He flew a Lothal Rebel with Jess and a Blue Squadron Novice. We started on opposite ends, but whereas I flew into the asteroid field and then back out towards my table edge whereas he flew down the corridor on my right. I then had Maarek act as bait, flying away to range 3 with a focus and evade while Backdraft and Vessery continued to slowplay the asteroids. I tractored the Blue Squadron Novice around onto the rocks, got him down after a 2nd turn. He misjudged his Ghost's 5k however and got the Ghost of the edge. At that point I cleaned up Jess. 

      The two tablings and minor loss put me at 2nd (with my ride getting first). There were 10 people so everyone got a Tractor Beam token and I picked up the Ketsu Onyo card. I did forget my backpack there though, but there's nothing important in it so I'll pick that up on Saturday or have someone nearer by bring that to the tournament on Sunday. Means I'm without I, Jedi, the story where Corran becomes a Jedi for a week though.

      Back in the winter of 2015 my favourite list for a while was two Binayre Pirates with two TLT Syndicate Thugs with Unhinged Astromech and a fifth ship, either a Cluster Missiles N'dru or a Heavy Syck or a Kihraxz (and sometimes a Thug was Drea Renthal). So since I had the tournament prizes I needed, I decided to bring that old favourite into the modern day. I gave the Binayres Black Market Slicer Tools and the fifth ship of the day was Serissu with Heavy Syck, Veteran Instincts, and Tractor Beam.

      The community hosting this Q1 kit seemed to be rather new though, so the meta wasn't as developed there. There were a couple iterations of Paul Heaver's 2015 list and a TIE Swarm for example. My first match was against Ryad and a Glaive Squadron Pilot, both with TIE/D and Ion Cannons and Trick Shot as well as the Inquisitor with just the title (I loaned him Adaptability for the Inquisitor upon hearing he had no free EPT for him although it didn't matter for my match), I think this may have been his first match against TLT since the reliability took him by surprise. He was using the Inquisitor as bait but I wasn't scared by the Inquisitor since he was without PTL and Autothrusters so I expected my TLTs to handle him. His Defenders and my list engaged each other, but only my two Zeds were were in range so he fired at those first. My Zed had Serissu rerolls and a focus whereas his Defenders had barrel rolled rather than focused, so both my Zeds actually survived the first round, albeit one was Ioned. Eventually in the joust both his Defenders and my Zeds went down, leaving it between Serissu and Thugs against agains the Inquistor, the Inqusitor without those Autothrusters did go down quickly after two turns (he evaded Serissu's Tractor, spending his evade token, then managed to evade a TLT, so that's how he made it to the 2nd turn).

      My second match was against a Paul Heaver 2015 list. This was the most enjoyable match of the weekend for me. We set up the asteroids in a pyramid right in front of me pointing at my opponent. I set up my two Zeds facing my right, ready to hard two and take the corridor on the right, but then he set up his Y-Wings and Zed to go down that right corridor as well. Here's where I got funky. I judged that I did have enough space to koigran the Zeds and then set up my Y-Wings beside them, but facing the opposite direction and had Serissu on my corner with a corridor through 5 asteroids. It took a lot of dancing, but I didn manage to meet him square on in the middle of the asteroids. His stressbot clipped an asteroid, but he managed to off a Zed. I worked at that stressbot and took him down the next turn, also taking back a Zed. He then took out Serissu, but I got a Major Hull Breach on his Y-Wing and got that guy out. It then came down to Poe versus two Ys and a Zed with time running out. One of my Ys had 2 hull left, and taking the Y out would result in a tie. In two rounds of shooting though he had hideous luck, one time taking the boost for range one and rolling 3 blanks and a focus and the second time, despite having focus he rolled 2 blanks a focus at range two. Time had been called, so I rolled for the range 1 Zed to see if he could take out Poe (which required a double damage crit from somewhere). Alas I rolled three hits.

      As the two people at 2 and 0, me and my ride faced off against each other. He had a Rey Jan list he had spotted (similar to Ajones's) at Regionals, albeit without knowing the upgrades of the one he had spotted. His Rey had Kanan , Expertise , and the new title where Jan had Vectored Thrusters and the Moldy Crow. I screwed up the first encounter, going for a block that would land Rey on the asteroid, but he moved way past and it wound up giving him that Y-Wing unfortunately. the second encounter was also botched, with just Serissu and a Zed getting shots. Serissu went down the next turn, although a Zed managed to BMST Jan. The two Zeds and Y couldn't hold out against the truck that is Rey however. 

      I only got 5th this time, again out of 10, because of a poor MOV, but man that was a fun list to fly. I love the goons regardless of faction and dusting off that list was great fun. I'm not sure about Serissu as the 5th ship, but again, the two Zeds with the TLTs, the Zeds managing blocking and range control is beautiful and fun. Keeping the list in mind for funsies. Flying 5 ships is fun!

      Next week there are two important tournaments however, so i need to be really well prepared.

      I'm thinking of using the Jakku Gunrunner with Spacetug Tractor Array, Intelligence Agent, and Pattern Analyzer, with 3 TLT Unhinged Thugs, but then I still have 5 points leftover. The idea is that the Jakku Gunrunner can peek at dials hopefully and with the Tractoring, help with keep some people out of the TLT donuts since he knows where they'll be going, maybe even get them into the asteroids more frequently. The four options I'm considering to spend points elsewhere is upgrading a Thug to Kavil with Autoblaster and Vectored Thrusters and Adaptability, upgrading a thug to Drea and also adding BMST to the Gunrunner, upgrading the Gunrunner to Unkar and giving him a Cloaking Device, or upgrading to Sarco Plank and giving him a Cloaking Device and Adaptability.

      I may start rivaling you in walls of text Wazat.

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    • Ah fragglerock, I wasn't logged in. New computer times suck -.-

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    • Hah, you can try!  :D

      So is the Quadjumper out yet?  Or are they letting you proxy with a printed dial etc?  A "sneak peek" tourney with unreleased ship proxies could be fun.

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    • It's *supposed* to be released on the 2nd (Thursday). Whether or not that means I can get one and practice Thursday night and whether or not I'll be able to use either in either tourney is still up to fate, but I'm planning around it.

      I'm also wondering if for the Sunday tournament I break out the Lucky 7s still. Guess I'll have to see how it performs. Us locals need to stomp on those Toronto kids.

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    • Any ideas for my 5 point conundrum?

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    • Hmm... This is not necessarily a *good* idea, but giving 1 or 2 y-wings bombs might help round out the fleet with some defense-bypassing damage.  Even a simple Seismic Charge, Thermal Detonator, or Proximity Mine that you might never even actually deploy or hit anything with could pose a serious enough threat to redirect enemy behavior.  Drop a prox mine or threaten a thermal detonator to make them skittish about turning that way, and you can line up a more predictable shot for your team.  Or you land the hit and bring them closer to death.

      Bombs are expensive, sometimes fickle, tricky-to-use-effectively, one-time-use toys.  They're the wackiest, least reliable munitions... but sometimes they can wreck a ship that laughs at anything else you could throw at it.  And they can be scary enough to move the battlefield even without dropping them.

      Kavil with an Autoblaster and VT is kind of along the same lines.  It can be tricky to line up that shot, but with the right blocking tactics from allies Y-Wings you could really wreck some of the lighter, agility-dependent ships.  Could be a nice way to deal with x7s and other squirmies.

      And actually, same with BMST, though you're dependent on laying stress on targets or them stressing themselves, which is hard in this TIE Defender world (though you could scare a PTL boat into not playing well).

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    • I've looked at adorning a ship with bombs, I'm not particularly familiar with them however, so I don't really want to try drop at the start of your action phase ones and the only action one I can afford with Extra Munitions is a Proximity Mine, not exactly known for being the strongest.

      Heh, I mucked up my math (not common for me) and didn't realize I could take a VI-Autoblaster-Kavil.

      I don't see many PS9s in my local meta, so it is a little tempting. It would add another element that would throw some people off.

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    • I'd say go for it.  If they have PS9s, give them initiative so you can still go last, then barrel roll into Kavil Kill range with ideal facing (and possibly out of their arc).  And he has 3 low-PS allies to block and line up shots for him, including one with Intelligence Agent.

      Another alternative is just Plasma Torps + Extra Munitions.  Essentially lets one of your Y-Wings hang back and munitions-drop a target, then fall back on its TLT once it's out of torps, or when you need TLT reliability more than a 4-dice attack.

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    • So for this monday's weekly gamenight I brought my altered Fennaroo list. I've played different setups with Fennaroo since wave 9, but usually with mindlink. 

      So as I sat and practised openings the dreaded Kanan-Biggs master of the local community appeared. He has Finn on his Ghost and annihilates defenders. But that's okay. I've altered my list to counter his and similar lists:

      Fenn Rau+PTL +Autothrusters+Plasmas+Title = 37

      N'dru Suhlak+Trick Shot+Guidance Chips+Cluster Missiles+Glitterstim = 23

      Manaroo+PTL+Plasmas+Extra Munitions+K4 Security Droid+Guidance Chips+Rigged Cargo Chute+Unhinged Astromech =40

      I sat up Manaroo in lower right corner and N'dru somewhere closer to the left facing right and Fenn between Manaroo and the right edge. Kanan and Biggs were right ahead of me. I knew he would play this one more aggressively than when he didn't have Finn. So I moved ahead as fast as I could, managed to get in range 1 outside Kanan's arcs in second round with only one dice turret from Manaroo against Biggs and fly away in the following round. N'dru was slow-rolling it at the buttom. Then Kanan moved next to an asteroid and N'dru placed himself on the other side. He already had a target lock from Manaroo and a focus, so I just focused with him and didn't use Glitterstim. That was a mistake, but at least he had 8 hits and Kanan rolled one evade. Kanan then proceeded to get N'dru at 1 hull and in the following round I just thought "what the hell" nad flew N'dru right across the rock and rolled a crit. But seven damage on Kanan was a good trade-off. I managed to defeat him pretty convincingly, although I started to play sloppingly after Kanan was down. 

      Then I played a standard Paratanni. He won the initiative roll and gave it to me, which was a great disadvantage for both my Manaroo and my Fenn. I also stupidly forgot that Manaroo transfers enemy target locks as well, so since I gunned for her first I didn't get the proper approach. A couple of unlucky dicerolls later and I had only a damaged Manaroo left, who managed to kill his Manaroo.

      I then changed Dengar for K4 and removed Rigged Cargo Chute and defeated a brobot list.

      Then I played against the guy who usually flies Paratanni with Old Teroch, though this time he had Heavy Serissu with HLC instead. He lost Serissu pretty early to a range 1 shot from Fenn and range 2 from Manaroo, but my Manaroo took some serious flak and she wasn't useful for the rest of the match until Ventress brought her down. His Manaroo was also damaged with a single Major Hull breach, which he didn't turn and made a mistake and landed on a rock which he had to fly over again. He rolled hit both times, one of them being a direct so she was at 1 hull. N'dru had removed 4 hp from Ventress, while I made it seem like Fenn changed Manaroo, but I was just setting him up to turn around against Ventress. N'dru died to blank greens, but Fenn had still 3 hull left and after a tour around the starfield (I can't remember when Manaroo died) I managed to kill Ventress. 

      I have high hopes for this list now. N'dru can be a pain for the opponent, but I play Manaroo too aggressively. I plan to have her hang back a little, then bring her in after Fenn and N'dru have killed of a ship, so she can't be focused down.

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    • That N'dru sounds absurdly fun.  Rolling 5 focused dice twice with those cluster missiles must have been a delight. ^_^

      I'd say Manaroo might make good bait, if you play up her role well enough.  She's actually quite durable compared to, say, Fenn or N'dru.  You might also consider removing her missiles, so she's not torn between holding the lock to help her own damage output vs empowering her allies.  Though I'm not sure how better to spend that 5 points, so maybe the missiles aren't a problem.

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    • Well, only 4 focused dice twice. Kanan had two focus, so he removed a die for each attack.

      In that match I played Manaroo defensively, which actually made things easier. PTL Fenn could stay out of arcs and at range 1 of the Ghost for a couple of rounds and that was enough to finish it. My opponent kept gunning for Manaroo, but she was two fast. Her option to barrel roll and focus each turn was a great help. He has played Dengaroo for close to 100 games, so he knows how important she is.

      But I might as well keep the torps. There isn't really anything else I could use those points for. Unless I find a more expensive ship instead of N'dru. But then I could just go play Paratanni and it's not half as fun as mine, methinks.

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    • Agreed, I like what N'dru adds.

      One more option to consider: You could give Manaroo Engine Upgrade to give her more mobility options, and that would leave you one point to either spend (e.g. upgrade Fenn's plasma to a proton torp), or save for the initiative bid.  Having the option to roll or boost (or both when it's worth not donating tokens) would make her a tougher target to pin down, and a doubly effective blocker.

      Whether that's better than two plasma torps is a tough call.  Kinda up to how you like to fly and fight.

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    • I personally love Lone Wolf with N'Dru. It gives him so much survivability.

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    • Looking to get into the tournament scene, and I've got a build thats been working for me in my local meta (all 2 players).

      Han Solo (HOR) + Push the LimitConcussion Missiles + Smuggling Compartment + Rigged Cargo ChuteGuidance Chips + Jan Ors (Crew) + Recon Specialist + Millennium Falcon (Title)  for 60 points


      Keyan Farlander + Push The Limit + Fire Control System + B-Wing/E2 + Finn for 40 points

      The double Evade tokens on Han really helps him out on the far side of the table until a very tanky Farlander arrives.

      I'd love to get your guy's thoughts on it.

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    • i'll drop push the limit on Keyan for Elusiveness, and upgrade the concussion missile for a Homing Missiles wich remains stronger against small ships

      i've got an experimental squad here

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    • I had never even though about that possibility before. I always went with PTL because of its ability to generate the stress for attacks, but that was usually against lower PS levels. High PS levels (aces) are going to dance around him, in which I can see the usefulness of Elusiveness.

      I had wanted to equip Homing Missiles on Han, I just hadn't found a way to do it.

      There are so many tricks and so much synergy in that build (and with scum in general) it's scary.

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    • i'm glad my comment helped!

      in fact, in my local meta, tie/d are played a lot, so the homing missile is a must have if you want to do something.

      take care, it only works, as you said, with higher ps ships. drop initiative will be good for this list!

      in fact i only looked on the Elite Talents page, and "ctrl + f" [stress], and i found an ept that will help a lot more the b wing to survive and synergise with the pilot. this site is a piece of art, use its tools to be quicker and better at building your lists

      edit: "a score to settle" on serissu as been switched with "adaptability" (i don't know why...)

      i don't find it soooo strong, and i still belive my synergy isn't enougth... perhaps it's my perfectionnist aspect, but...meh...

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    • another list i've been thinking of:

      “Wampa” (14)

      “Youngster” [Expose] (19)

      “Howlrunner” [Crack Shot] (19)

      “Scourge” [Crack Shot] (18)

      “Backstabber” (16)

      “Chaser” (14)

      my "elite" tie swarm, based on synergysing youngster with the ties who can't be fired back, and espetially wampa and chaser (wampa want a crit and chaser can get a focus by another ship)

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    • IMHO (so take this with a grain of salt) Chaser kinda anti-synergizes with the squad because you'll be Exposing frequently, which will mean less opportunities for focus tokens. Chaser works better when Youngster's EPT is Rage, since it provides the focus tokens, but Rage also anti-synergizes with Howlrunner since then you have multiple abilities providing extra rerolls.

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    • Agreeing with Kain here. TIEs are squishy, especially nowadays, so you'll need that focus for defense and can't afford to lower you agility. Take the fo pilot who removes a stress from friendlies in range 1 instead of Howlrunner, so you can do greens and rage each round.

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    • Today I flew my TIE Strikers and had a great time.

      Duchess + VI + Title + Lightweight Frame

      Pure Sabacc + Trick Shot  + Title + Lightweight Frame

      Rear Admiral Chiraneau + Draw Their Fire + Fleet Officer

      So I got my strikers last week but didn't pull them out, because I was already committed to flying my Firespray Fiesta.  I'm glad I pulled them out today, they were a lot of fun.  By luck, Trick Shot never got any use, and the only time I had a chance to use Draw Their Fire to help Sabacc, I forgot.  Eh.  Tactical Jammer was my other choice, though I don't think it would have helped much given how the strikers like to fly.  Or Sabacc would have benefitted a lot from VI.  I'd considered giving Sabacc Swarm Leader and a couple evade feeders, but I was pretty sure that would put too large a target on his head, and the decimator turned out to be an optimal choice.

      The Admiral's ability is awesome, and I think he does well with fleet officer.  He can hand a focus token to sabacc, who could have evaded or locked as needed, and either hand the other focus to Duchess or keep it for his shot.  If he's ever off on his own, he target locks and hits the enemy very hard.

      In both games, Sabacc kept his ability for a long time, and was rolling 4 to 5 dice to great effect.  He and Duchess are fun to fly, and I only flew them like blind drunken donkeys a couple of times.  Sabacc actually missed out on a round of combat because I picked the wrong bank direction on my dial.  I never lost any ships, partly because the Admiral makes such good bait, and partly because those Lightweight Frames are worth their weight in gold-pressed latinum.  FIGHT ME!  ;)

      First match was against Parattaninniiiinii or however that's spelled.  The guy was just trying it out for the first time, so we were both green with our lists.  He had watched a video to learn how to fly it, but it was weird for him to fly such a lightly equipped lancer (no boost, no PTL) and he never quite got used to that.  I ended up doing really well.  I didn't take the bait to go chasing down Fenn (who ran away, apparently expecting me to press the attack); instead I wailed on Asajj until she died (despite a lot of help from Latts Razzi (Crew) ), and I was still in excellent shape to take down Fenn and Manny.  He had to leave about then anyway, so we called the match.  He'd gotten only half points on my Decimator (25).  In retrospect, he should have been a *lot* more aggressive with Fenn.  The guy is kitted out to nearly auto-win face-to-face fights, and instead he turned his back and contributed almost nothing in the battle.  Though that was partly thanks to my dodgy flying, and a few mistakes on his end.  Also I didn't realize until we were cleaning up, but he'd been forgetting to give a focus token to manaroo when she passed her focus tokens to an ally (since it absurdly channels back through the mindlink).  So, score one for Team Hunter-Striker!

      Second match was against an x7 Colonel Vessery, "Omega Ace", Pure Sabacc, and "Epsilon Ace".  I knew one thing: that TIE Defender was going DOWN.  And it did, first round of contact (2nd round of the game).  My whole team just dumped firepower on him; Duchess missed but stripped his tokens, Admiral hit him reasonably hard, and then Sabacc rolled heavy and landed a direct hit as the last crit, wiping him out.  It was beautiful.  I might have cried a little.

      At this point I'd removed the most serious threat from the table.  His Sabacc could be dangerous, and I was a touch wary of Omega Ace, but they were nowhere near the threat level of Vessery.  Funnily enough Epsilon Ace turned out to be the greatest threat of all, because I kept forgetting his pilot skill, and at one point this resulted in a k-turn bump that could easily have ended Duchess.  Thankfully the dice were compassionate, and after surviving rather well, she managed to recover her orientation within a couple rounds.  Soon I ended Omega and Sabacc, and he called the match.

      I have to say, TIE Strikers are fun.  They're not as hard to fly as I expected, but I did find myself making mistakes by forgetting to account for the title's movement.  Thankfully they weren't lethal mistakes, and Fleet Officer ended up having a lot of utility for me.  And flying my decimator again felt GOOD.  ^_^

      Sometime soon I'm considering flying a decmiator flanked by two Sigma Squadron Pilots with Lightweight Frame and Collision Detector.  Unfortunately Chiraneau barely doesn't fit, but I could include Captain Oicunn or a Patrol Leader with a couple upgrades, and maybe give someone an intelligence agent to help the Phantoms with positioning.  The idea to pair cheap phantoms with a decimator came from a guy at this same game store (wasn't there today, sadly), and today demonstrated that a decimator can make a pretty good buddy for delicate ships.  The enemy can either focus down the powerful turreted damage sponge, or try to take down the cheaper glass cannons that are consistently rolling 3 defense dice.

      Though attack order could prove problematic with sigma squad; they'll go down fast, maybe before they get their shots off.  But that's less damage the decimator takes.  Maybe it'll work out?

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    • My personal problem with the TIE Strikers is I would feel compelled to adjust their wings to represent their ingame movement. Every. Single. Time. 

      I'm one of those players who really likes the theme. 

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    • Hmmm, going on Lasse's point, I wonder how well a TIE Swarm with a Raging Youngster would do with an Inspiring Recruit on a TIE Shuttle. It gives you room for 4 Crack Ties, and 7 points to spare for another crew and customization. 

      Here's what I came up with quickly:!s!152:175:-1:-1:;49:-1,-1,-1,-1,-1:35:31:u.218,u.195;13::-1:-1:;151:197:-1:-1:;12:140:-1:-1:;12:140:-1:-1:&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron

      Not sure how it'd do in actual play, but using Kylo with Winged Gundark and Scourge with A Score to Settle seems cute. Might actually be some really good ace protection.

      Tonight I'll be trying out my Triple Y Quad list, providing I can get my hands on a Quadjumper today.

      I need a good name though. Triple Y Quad Deluxe?

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    • Inspiring Recruit only works once per round, though. But you could bring another Inspiring Recruit.

      I just got the three new ships today. That quadjumper sure has some nice upgrades.

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    • I envy you.  I'm still waiting for the U-Wing to be available again, let alone the newest releases.

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    • The gamestores around here always seems to be well-stocked. Benefits of living in a small country?

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    • I haven't bothered getting the Striker or U-Wing yet. 

      I kinda just get ships when I need them in a list or a tournament (although I've got a group going now, so borrowing stuff is super easy)

      FRAGGLEROCK. Didn't notice the once per round clause.

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    • We get pre-order discounts, so I usually buy them at release. I didn't with HotR, but I won a random and got the Ghost expasion which I traded for HotR.

      I have one U-wing and will probably get more. It's not an incredible great ship, but it's so elegant.

      Is fragglerock your new favorite word?

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    • FRAGGLEROCK is the sort of expletive I like to see.  ^_^

      The U-Wing excites me because it's like what the Lambda shuttle wants to be: a cheap, decently maneuverable large support and crew transport craft, with a decent weapon.

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    • Fragglerock is the kind of expletive you start using when you work in a toy store :p

      U-Wing seems fun, but it's a little low on my buying list.

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    • what's the definition of fragglerock?

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    • X-wing is toys. Explain to your boss the imperative of starting selling x-wing and you can buy expansions with a discount. Or better yet, getting paid in x-wing!

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    • Fraggle Rock is an old puppet kids show from the 80s by Jim Henson, loosely connected the the Muppets.

      I don't actually work in a toy store anymore, that habit's just stuck around. I still use it at my Subway job though.

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    • Ha, Fraggle Rock was awesome. Especially those little engineering guys that made complex structures out of sugarstuff.

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    • I have bad memories of so many weird shows I watched as a kid, because in Okinawa Japan there was only one English TV station.  If I wanted to watch TV to take a break from the heat, it was usually Captain Planet or Power Rangers, and not even with good picture quality.  I spent a lot of time outside instead.  :D

      Fraggle Rock and Rocko's Modern Life were islands of joy in the normally lame kids show lineup.  I remember them with delight!

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    • Fragglerock was way before my time, so I never got into it. It's just a fun expletive. Pokemon was my jam.

      To derail the thread off topic, I couldn't get the Quadjumper yesterday, so I tried playing with the two TLT Ys and Kavil, but with an Autoblaster Hawk filling in...

      The list in absolutely no way works without the Quadjumper. Got my face caved in by two Norra, Braylen (with Gunner and R3-A2) and Jess Pava, then I got my face caved in by Commonwealth Defenders (Vessery with Juke and x7, Ryad with PTL, x7, and TIE Engines Mk. II, and a Palp Shuttle), but I did manage to table a Corran/Cassian/Cracken list. Corran was way too aggressive.

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    • What's the role of the Quadjumper in that list?

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    • It's a Jakku Gunrunner with Spacetug Tractor Array, Pattern Analyzer, and Intelligence Agent.

      Intelligence Agent lets it have a peek at the dial, which then allows me to Tractor Beam them before their maneuver, which can allow me to send their maneuver onto the worst spot possible, which can either be on an obstacle, out of my TLTs donut hole, or inside range 1 but out of arc of Kavil, or any combination.

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    • So, I had the two big tournaments this week where I ran the Thugs with TLT and Unhinged, the Jakku Gunrunner with Spacetug Tractor Array, Pattern Analyzer, and Intel Agent, and Kavil with Vectored Thrusters, Autoblaster Turret, Veteran Instincts, and Unhinged. Man, these two tournaments were night and day.

      My first game was against a PTL Fenn Rau (side note, I've started calling him Lucius Vorenus because the actor's in the fantastic HBO's Rome, which I highly recommend, it remains objectively one of the best 3 shows I've ever seen) with the title and AutothrustersUnkar Plutt with the Spacetug, Intelligence Agent, and Cloaking Device, and Asajj (again, forget the upgrades, but the Gyroscopic Targeting and title were absent). I won the initiative roll which helped when Fenn moved first, but it was a close game. We wound up engaging away from the asteroids. He took a TLT away from me whereas I removed Unkar, but I got in an Autoblaster shot into Fenn and whittled away a fair bit of Asajj's health. After time was called and we finished up the round, I managed to sink a TLT into a one hull Fenn for the last damage despite his autothrusters and Kavil managed to range 3 primary into a one hull Asajj for 100-25.

      Second match was against two Deltas and the Countess. The Countess had Swarm Leader and all three of them had x7 and Stealth Device. Oh man, Kavil was like a kid in a candy shop. Popped two Stealth Devices, laid damage in constantly. The Tugboat really shined here too, he Intel Agented a Defender, saw where it was going, put him on a rock and got him to bump someone to stay on the rock. Ultimately won this one before time with only the Tugboat offed.

      Third game put me up against someone who's really really good, but through the chance of the pairings I had not yet ever played him, so this was our first match together which we were looking forward to. He flew Dengar with the title, painbotLone Wolf, and Recon Spec with IG-88b with Heavy Laser Cannon, Fire Control SystemAutothrusters, and Trick Shot. I got really lucky this game. He did win the initiative roll so Kavil would move first. He excellently maneuvered at the start, forcing me to divide my shots against both of his ships. I was thinking IG was the more dangerous one in the late game and trying to get rid of him first. I managed to surprise him with Kavil, and Kavil managed to get 3 hits naturally into Dengar, and I then got a crit into him, Major Hull Breach. He managed to get the Tugboat and a TLT off the board, but kept trying to go for the attack. I TLTed into Dengar, and the damage was face up thanks to the Major Hull Breach. Direct Hit. Then I was up against IG who had some terrible luck, Autothrusters didn't trigger at multiple points because he was rolling focus results without a focus token and no blanks. Surprising win.

      I was top of the Swiss at this point, and I got faced off against another well known local player, although he was slowly losing time for the game so I hadn't met him yet. He flew Miranda with Homing Missiles, C-3PO, Guidance Chips, and Extra Munitions, Shara Bey with Weapons Engineer, the title, Artoo, and Veteran Instincts, and a Bandit Squadron Pilot with Homing Missiles and Guidance Chips. When we met, it went poorly for me. I managed to get rid of Miranda, but at the cost of everyone but Kavil. The Tugboat did work though, peeking at Miranda's dial and then sending her into the asteroid. Kavil was able to finish off the Bandit Squadron, but wasn't able to do enough damage to Shara who kept regenning but who couldn't get a shot on the arc-dodging Kavil. It ended as a victory for him on time. He was mentioning it was his best game of the day, which I've been getting a lot lately, which is nice. 

      But I made it to my first cut ever! 3rd after Swiss. I wound up against triple Torpscouts, the player saying he was trying to bring them back. They were kitted with K4 Security Droid, Crack Shot, Guidance Chips, and Unhinged; the only difference being that one of them had Proton Torpedoes whereas the other 2 has Plasmas. This was a bad match up and I did the best I could but could only get rid of one and a half of them.

      But, I got 3rd place, which was $50 of store credit and got me a Ghost for $4.18 :D

      I showed it to my housemate who I've introduced it to, but is more into it for the theme and he got super excited about it. May get in more missions.

      The other tournament I did.... baaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

      Ran the same list, but lost all 4 games that day. 

      Went up against someone really really good I'd heard of in legends. I'm actually currently watching the stream of him back at Regionals (although he got hard countered, he was flying Soontir against a VI-Gunner-Vader-Chiraneau and the stream commentators kept asking why he wasn't engaging Soontir). He ran the same Soontir with PTL, Autothrusters, title, and Targeting Computer, Omega Leader with Juke and Comm Relay, and a Bounty Hunter with LRS, Slave I, Homing Missiles, and Extra Munitions. I managed an amazing blocking game, getting the Bounty Hunter tangled up on a rock and Omega Leader bumping into him. During shooting I gave him a Blinded Pilot too, whittled away Omega Leader. But then after that pass I was struggling to keep up with his ships, the Bounty Hunter and Omega Leader running away, and there was a moment where I was debating and flip flopping between a 1 straight or bank with Kavil, I went with the bank that bumped Soontir where had I banked I'd have had a 3 dice focused autoblaster turret into a 2 hull Soontir. Lost on time 25-20.

      I then flew against a VIed x7 Vessery, Adaptabilitied x7 Maarek, and the Inquisitor with PTL and Autothrusters and the title. At the meetup I was just hoping the Quadjumper would live and then he'd cause some problems, but he rolled a total of 1 symbol on 7 dice and it exploded. Next shots he got Maarek to blind Kavil, who soon blew up. I did get both Maarek and the Inquisitor down to one hull, but the Defenders cleaned up and tabled me.

      Flew against Paratanni where Fenn was flown very well and very cautiously. I did get him down to one hulI but couldn't finish him off, he ran away and the other two cleaned up. I got Manaroo down to one hull as well but again lost pretty badly, 100-14.

      Last game I flew against quad Unhinged TLTs. He split his forces up at the beginning and I was trying to engage before they regrouped, but he got them back together for the first round of firing and made short work of the Quadjumper. A turn later I offed a TLT, but the turn after that he got rid of Kavil. His forces did split again though, so I got back into the match by keeping my two TLTs together whereas he only ever had 2, sometimes one TLT doing work. It came down to my 4 hull TLT versus his one shield TLT. I managed a beautiful Kturn to throw him off guard and get an unanswered range one shot...but I got one crit and he rolled one evade. I realized going straight against him wouldn't work, so I tried turning around to get to the asteroids, but clipped the table edge and lost 100-75.

      So my best ever and worst ever tournament performances both in the same weekend, I got the Father's Day Luke and Darth (but it's awkward with how I sort my cards, do I put it in my Imperial or Rebel tray?) card that I didn't get while working the summer job as well as another Tractor Beam token (at two now) from the second tournament though, as well as a $4.18 Ghost, so still a good weekend.

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    • Awesome!  Sounds like that tugboat is a fantastic villain.  I like how often you managed to chuck or steer opponents onto rocks.  That's interesting that your best and worst tournaments were right together like that, but sounds like a great week overall!

      I haven't gotten the new ships yet, but I did get to see people using the new Upsilon Shuttle, and it's frightening.  Even though we were playing a Large Ship Furball (VP-based free for all, not great for inagile ships), those shuttles did really well.  Though a Oicunn Decimator with Vader cleaned up really well too.  At the end of the game one Upsilon and the Decimator ended up one point apart, way ahead of everyone else in victory points.  (sorry, don't have time for a longer explanation, maybe later)

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    • The Quadjumper was described by a few as a pain in the ass :D

      My Saturday tournament was the only one where I saw anybody else using new ships, one other Quadjumper, Upsilon, and Sabine's TIE, and it appears that I was the only one who did better than 2 and 2, with someone saying the Upsilon was pretty bad, although I don't think he picked a great squadmate, I think it was RAC.

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    • I also ran a Gunrunner with Intelligence Agent, Tractor Array, Thermal Detonators, EMP Device and Pattern Analyzer. He was backed up by Asajj with Ketsu crew and Tractor Beam Serissu and flew against OL, Juked Vessery and Quickdraw. It's great fun against small ships, but I woudn't play it against large ships. And basically everyone in my local community flies large ships, myself included. But OL was at two hull, so was Quickdraw and Vessery at 3. In the second engagement my isolated Asajj was to recieve three range 1 shots, but Serissu shot first and moved Quickdraw so he didn't have arc on Asajj and I had initiative, so Asajj shot before Vessery and landed one hit. Enough to give him a tractor beam token and make sure he didn't get a shot. Then OL rolled one hit and juked my evade result. From four shots, only one hit went into Asajj. Then the Gunrunner proceeded to make Vessery run over a rock and into a bomb. 

      It was great fun, but not competitive. I didn't get any points, but I could have one, had I flown better. But the Tugboat can really screw some aces over. Really fun to fly, especially with Pattern Analyzers and all it's red maneuvers.

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    • While certainly not optimal against large base ships, I didn't find the Spacetug tractor entirely useless against the large base ships, it let me lower Asajj's agility so the rest of my squad could rip into her and managed a crucial bump to land a Bounty Hunter on a rock.

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    • I didn't sink quite so many points into mine however.

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    • I just got my Upsilon, TIE/sab, and Quadjumper in the mail, so I'm excited to try them out.

      Interesting though that the quadjumper's new antics aren't any good against large ships, which are kinda dominant right now, including in the top meta.  I wonder if FFG has something in the works to shift the meta more toward small ships and moderate-sized swarms.

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    • Bear in mind, the production cycle is generally a year and a half, so they would have concocted the Quadjumper back when the high agility Imperial Aces were dominant.

      That said, yeah, the dominance of the large base ships relegates the Quadjumper for a bit. Which kinda sucks as someone who really prefers the small base ships in this game.

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    • Oh, I didn't say it was useless. It's just that my entire list was Tractor Beam based :D

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    • It is unfortunate when you face them. I was lucky in my match against IG-88 and Dengar, but facing the triple Jumpmaster in the cut was rough. Would have preferred facing either the Kanan-Biggs list or the Ghost-U-Wing list.

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    • So one of my local stores did a draft for pilots.  These are the unique pilots I'm allowed to use for the next few weeks' games at that store (we can use any number of generics, and I'm not limited on crew, etc):


      Nera Dantels


      Jan Ors

      Shara Bey

      Wes Janson

      Airen Cracken

      Bodhi Rook


      Captain Oicunn

      "Epsilon Leader"

      "Night Beast"

      Kath Scarlet


      My main focus was rebel; I suppose I was in a rebel funk at the time, and thankfully I picked up some pilots that I find very enjoyable.  Imperial was an afterthought after I'd gathered a few rebel pilots I wanted to toy with, and I grabbed Epsilon Leader just to keep someone else's combo from getting too frightening.  I didn't even try grabbing up Scum -- it has relatively fewer pilots, and it's HOT right now, so I didn't see myself collecting a viable list.  I just focused on gathering some fun (and maybe even effective) pilot combos in rebel and imperial.  I got a lot of boos when I snatched up Biggs -- may have killed a lot of people's rebel plans by gobbling up their fleets' keystone.

      I'm going to start throwing together lists over the next week, and see if I can create something silly and fun to play.  Maybe even win a round or two... though some people gathered up some offensively powerful pilot lists, so I'd better be prepared to lose a lot.  ;)

      I'm thinking Deadeye Nera, Biggs, and either Shara or Jan for my first fleet.  Suggestions welcome!

      Also I played this list in one game last night and had fun with it:

      Major Stridan [ Collision Detector , Systems Officer , General Hux ] (39)

      Turr Phennir [ Veteran Instincts , Autothrusters ] (28)

      Juno Eclipse [ TIE/x1 , PTL  , Twin Ion Engine Mk. II , Advanced Targeting Computer ] (33)

      Stridan was a good source of locks and occasionally focuses & fanaticism, though he spent a lot of time bumping or being bumped, locking the enemy in a mess of ships.  Turr is a fun arc dodger (which he used to great effect), and Stridan was able to supply him with focuses and locks so he could boost into place for optimal murder.  Juno did okay but rolled exceptionally poorly (while Turr's dice were hot).  Also I kept forgetting to use Juno's ability to position better, so it's my fault he didn't fare as well.  Stridan did help Juno keep his locks as stuff died, though.  My opponent poured all his attacks into Stridan and got half points, and I'm really glad he did that; Turr and Juno were more vulnerable to an empowered Wedge shot than he seemed to realize, and losing them would have hurt me a lot.

      He was flying Biggs with M9-G8, which really hurt him (he could have used R4-D6 better).  I took down his Biggs on the first round of contact, then focused down his wedge and the game was over.  Wedge had Swarm Leader, which I thought was pretty cool.  Sabine Wren in a TIE provided an evade, as did an A-Wing.  But Sabine also had Jan Ors (Crew) to let Biggs pick up an evade, which both helped his defense and let him provide an evade as needed.  But this all came to a (literal) crashing halt when ships began piling up and missing actions on bumps or k-turns.  I managed to roll well enough to nuke wedge after the joust, and it was over -- sabine and a nameless a-wing were not going to put up a good fight against my fully armed and operational battlefleet.  Unfortunately he took this kinda hard, though I understand -- the dice were not his friend that night, and his wedge + swarm leader idea was pretty cool, yet it didn't pan out nearly as well as it should have thanks to dice and bumping.

      Still, I got to fly my new Upsilon and enjoyed it, and I snatched up some enjoyable pilots for the draft games.  So, another great Wednesday night!

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    • You look like you got some good pilots in that draft Wazat. Maybe try a Rebel alphastrike list with Shara and some Zeds (personal opinion, Zed-95 sounds way better than Zee-95, so I use it knowing it's almost certainly wrong) as well as maybe Bodhi ( <3 ). For that reason I would definitely make that first list Jan/Biggs/Nera. Jan could really help Nera devastate.

      As someone who hasn't flown a Shuttle (I *have* one, but the Palpshuttle doesn't sound that enjoyable frankly), the Upsilon seems a lot more fun and I'm interested in flying it with Palpatine and a couple cheap aces. 

      Man, I haven't seen any PS9s in a while apart from Fenn Rau. Taking Turr again may be a good choice. I'd have to borrow him though as I am not an owner of the TIE Interceptor blister.

      So when I pick up a new expansion, I like flying all of its pilots in ascending order of PS. I got a used YT-2400 and Imperial Aces, as well as a new Heroes of the Resistance (although I've used all but Chewie and Rey for the Falcon pilots) a few months ago but didn't play it because of tournament season (which is still ongoing, but I have won the tournaments I needed to), so I'm only getting onto starting playing the YT-2400 pilots tonight (I also have a Ghost and Attack Shuttle I'll have to use all the pilots for after the weekend's fantastic tournament). I find it useful to play with the lower PS pilots so that playing with the Aces is easier with being more accustomed to the dial. They're not top notch I'd argue, generally more on the fun side and sometimes thematic, although the upper PS ones are generally more competitively oriented.

      List 1:

      Wild Space Fringer, Outrider, Mangler Cannon, Chopper

      Biggs, R4-D6, Integrated Astromech

      Wedge, A Score to Settle, R2-D2, Vectored Thrusters

      I love Wedge way too much, figured A Score to Settle will give him decent action economy while trying to remove the opponent's most dangerous ship and won't hurt him too much as he should have Biggs and should be regenning shields.

      List 2:

      Eaden Vrill, Inspiring Recruit

      Gray Squadron Pilot, BTL-A4, Twin Laser Turret, R3-A2 (PS4 to charge up Eaden, I wondered if perhaps I could keep in the fight more frequently with Inspiring Recruit, theoretically K-Turning then may even be possible)

      Keyan, PTL, Advanced Sensors, Flechette Cannon, B-wing/e2, Hera (again, can charge up Eden, if I know I'll be range 2 of Eaden, can PTL and then do a red maneuver for 2 stress and remove them both with his ability)

      List 3: I have Leebo with Determination, Chewbacca, Outrider, and Mangler Cannon, but I forget what I paired him with. I'll get back with it tonight.

      List 4:

      Dash Rendar, Kanan Jarrus, Outrider, Heavy Laser Cannon, PTL, EU

      Poe Dameron, R2-D2, Autothrusters, PTL, Pattern Analyzer

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    • List 1: I like that both ships are problematic threats, so once Biggs is gone, they still don't necessarily have a clear path to victory.  A Score To Settle being protected by Biggs is also kinda wicked, like putting it on Chewie.  :D

      List 2: Putting Inspiring Recruit on the YT will keep it around for a good long time, which means the Y-Wing and Keyan will have it around much of the game (in fact, they're larger threats so they'll go first).  I like the PTL & red maneuver shenanigans on Keyan.

      List 4: Two fat, durable ships.  Poe is solid, and I think Dash will be awesome.  Engine Upgrade is great on him.  I do worry that with two fat targets, they opponent will focus-fire one to death and you'll be in trouble, but that may not be as great a threat as I'm imagining, given how durable and mobile they both are.

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    • Dragoon, how can Keyan PTL and then do a red maneuver? WOuldn't that force him to do a white 2 straight? Becuase of revealing a red maneuver while stressed?

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    • He has Nera onboard, which allows him to perform red maneuvers while stressed. 

      List 4: isn't Pattern Analyzer on Regen-Poe overkill? With R2 he will do greens and clear stress all the time.

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    • There is no kill like overkill.

      It opens up your manuever options to do 2 actions (recieve a stress) and then recieve the stress of a red maneuver. Boosting after a k-turn sounds like it could be very mean.

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    • AH, of course. I confused it with Primed Thrusters, which makes a lot more sense on Dancing-Poe.

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    • Also with PTL-Pattern Analyzers, if you do a green maneuver, you lose the stress from PTL the turn you've PTL'ed, making your dial more available if you didn't take any damage.

      List 1 faced up against Vessery with Juke and x7, Ryad with x7, PTL, and Twin Ion Engine, and Pure Sabacc with Swarm Leader, LWF, and Adaptive Ailerons. I assigned a Score to Settle to Pure Sabacc. I screwed up the first engagement unfortunately, and knowing it, tried fleeing with Biggs and Wedge. Biggs got lit up. Then Wedge had all his shields stripped, then bumped but got a shield back with no attacks in return. Kinda sensing that the next upcoming bump was going to result in a lot of fire in return, I k-turned so the only shot on me would be from Pure Sabacc (whom I had put two damage cards on), but I needed the kill on Pure Sabacc at range 1, and yet only rolled 3 blanks and one focus which was turned into a crit. Of course the other guy naturally rolled 2 hits, a crit, and a focus that was converted to a crit. Wedge rolled 0 evades and died. The other guy had to leave early, so I conceded at this point so he'd be able to get an extra game in. Not the greatest performance, but I mostly chalk that up to screwing up the first encounter.

      List 2 faced Norra with R2-D2, Tail Gunner, title, and PTL, Shara with Tail Gunner, R5-K6, the title, and Adaptability, and Thane with R3-A2, Tail Gunner, and the title. He took initiative. Here, I kinda wanted him to come through the rocks at me, which he kinda did out of annoyance when I skated through the opposite side of the table. First round of fire was just Eaden at Thane, and the second was Eaden and Keyan against the three arcs. Keyan's ability to get rid of two stress within Range 1-2 of Eaden kicked in actually. I then targeted Shara who was more exposed without the focus token and got a couple hull damage in, but Keyan lost all of his shields. I'm pretty sure he was using R5-K6 incorrectly however, since he was reacquiring when another ship was using Shara's. Thane stressing himself helped out fuel Eaden though. Next round the Y-Wing got in. Keyan managed to continue to damage Shara and bumped Norra, so he managed to survive. I then saw Shara was down to 2 hull, so with the Y-Wing I did a primary on Thane and then TLTed Shara to death. Next turn I managed to arc dodge Norra, and Keyan managed four damage into Norra since Thane was out of arc. Seeing how well that went, I decided to keep going against Norra even though an unshielded Thane was available to my Y-Wing and Eaden. Managed to finish Norra off that turn, where he called it.

      I played him again with list 3, which was Leebo with Mangler Cannon, Outrider, Chewbacca, Determination, Smuggling Compartment, and Glitterstim with two Blue Squadron Pilots with Advanced Sensors. He decided to fly Major Stridan with Hux and Advanced Sensors with 4 Epsilon Squadron Pilots. So we were silly here. He wanted to fortress the first couple turns. I wanted him in the rocks. So then he fortressed for 3 turns, I had my B-Wings do a two straight, k-turn, do a two straight, and then k-turn again while having Leebo k-turn and move back. Afterwards, he started moving his ships to the other side of his end of the board. My B-Wings were at 45 degree angles, so they did a 1 forward, and then barrel rolled so they just moved to the left along the table edge. By turn 11, we were still in our own deployment zones. At this point we decided to play so I fast-played for his sake. Probably should have slow played down the corridor of asteroids to bring him in them a bit more. After the first round of fire where only one TIE and B were in range and we both evaded maximum hits we engaged, and I actually got rid of a TIE, albeit took a couple of shields on the B-Wing. Over the engagements I managed to get another one off and get a damage card on another, but he took a B-Wing down and managed to block another B-Wing into submission. He actually used some good blocking to keep the Shuttle engaged for an extra 3 turns. Leebo was melted quickly afterwards, his ability coming into play on the killing blow, didn't draw a pilot crit. Man, the biggest thing about that match is that those TIEs become really tanky with both a Hux focus and an evade.

      Called it a night there.

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    • So I've created my lists for tomorrow's casual play. 

      First, I'm choosing to go Dash Corran rather than Dash Poe.

      List 1:

      Dash Rendar, Outrider, Heavy Laser Cannon, Kanan Jarrus, Push the Limit, and an empty Smuggling Compartment, and Burnout Slam with  Corran Horn (fancy alt art Corran :D ), Adaptability, Fire Control System, and Engine Upgrade. I figure with Adaptability I can raise my PS to 9 if needed and lower it to 7 to suit Dash if I out PS them anyways.

      List 2: This is a joke list, we're just wondering the reaction on one of our regulars' face when I spend the entire time doing figure 8s with Talon Rolls rather than play the game.

      Two Red Squadron Veterans with Wingman, R2 Astromech, and Integrated Astromech being led by Ello Asty with Expertise, Autothrusters, Sensor Cluster, and R2-D2.

      List 3: This is where I break open the Imperial Aces I got used a few months ago. 

      2 Saber Squadron Pilots with Autothrusters and PTL with 2 Black Squadron Pilots and an Omega Squadron Pilot, all three TIE Fighters with Crack Shot. I kinda just felt like having PS4 everything.

      List 4: Lieutenant Lorrir with Autothrusters, Countess Ryad with PTL, Twin Ion Engine , and x7 , and Krassis Trelix with Slave I, LRS, Tactician, and Ion Cannon. Again, PS4 everything.

      List 5: Going for theme here. Two Royal Guard Pilots with Stealth Device, Autothrusters, and PTL escorting Colonel Jendon with Palpatine, Fire Control System, and an Ion Cannon.

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    • So Dash-Corran came up against the guy from Thursday who was interested in using theme lists again.

      He brought Hera in the Ghost with Intelligence Agent, title, Autoblaster, Accuracy Corrector and Nien Nunb with Sabine, Sabine's Masterpiece, Veteran Instincts, Rey (OK that one hurts the theme), and Captain Rex

      Once all our ships came together, which I managed to rush in a way that the Ghost had to go through debris, I wasted Rex before he had the chance to shoot. Through a few turns engagement, I managed to put a fair bit of damage into Hera, but Corran I overcommited, and he took a damage from Sabine before dying to a double tap Autoblaster from the Ghost. When Zeb emerged, he had to go through debris, meaning he was out of the game for a while while he reengaged (and took some damage on the way out), but Sabine, having given Dash the initiative, and frequently turtling with an evade and a focus token, was bothering Dash a fair bit who was struggling to punch through. I did kill Zeb when he re-emerged (which made him the second ship of his to die without firing a shot), and I managed to kill Sabine with only a single hull left.

      Next game was the joke list where the three T-70s talon rolled all the time. And I do mean all the time. If they could talon roll, they did. He was running Asajj though so it was a tad difficult to pull off sometimes, and I'd have to do a green in order to do a talon roll the next turn, but my opponent and the onlookers were amused (and my opponent thought that since he was really trying to practice with his ships that it wasn't too bad). I even surprised my opponent a couple times by talon rolling! Albeit not in the direction he expected. He beat me because I was more concerned with talon rolling than getting arc on anything, but I did get Asajj down to half points and remove Unkar from the board.

      Last game of the day we decided to have a three way, with the 4 Epsilon-Stridan list from the other day reappearing and the fourth list being a Dash with Outrider, Recon Specialist, Push the Limit, Mangler Cannon with Ahsoka in a Captured TIE, with Veteran Instincts, Sabine's Masterpiece, and Jan Ors  and Jake Farrell with PTL, Juke, and A-Wing Test Pilot against my two Saber Squadrons with 3 crack TIE Fighters.

      Here both enemy squads engaged facing me. Dash had squeezed in behind me too. I did manage to remove a Huxed TIE, but lost a TIE Fighter in return. Figuring the Rebel player needed to hurt a tad more, I kinda swung in my forces towards the board edge where his ships would go down, but things went nightmarish there, I misjudged the distance and a TIE Fighter was blocked on the Koigran and forced to flee (we had a ton of space so I kept moving him well after he was off the board edge) and I lost my TIE/fo. Once of my Saber Squadron Pilots was also off the table edge with a corner just barely off, but they said in the interest for a better game they'd let me keep him. There were a lot of shots at Dash but he avoided a good many of them, and Jake got behind the Shuttle and was terrorising it. The store was closing though, so we decided to have one last turn. Ahsoka revealed herself and took a shot, but she and Dash failed to remove anything. A Saber Squadron Pilot shot at Ahsoka and managed to put her down to one hull, and the other Saber Squadron pilot shot at Dash and managed to reduce him down to one hull. It meant two Epsilons had the chance to remove both Ashoka and Dash from the board, and while Dash bit the dust, Ahsoka lived.

      3 way battles are tons of fun though!

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    • Crazy Figure 8 Squad.  :)

      Sorry I'd offer a longer answer, but I'm still recovering from food poisoning or stomach flu or something like that, so I've only been on the wiki in fits and starts.

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    • I'm thinking of bringing this tonight for my first Pilot Draft game:

      Nera Dantels [ FCS , Proton Torpedoes , Extra Munitions , Deadeye , Guidance Chips ] (35)

      Biggs Darklighter [ R4-D6 , Integrated Astromech ] (26)

      Jan Ors [ Twin Laser Turret , Kanan Jarrus ] (34)

      That's 95 points, and Jan still needs an Elite.  I'm torn on options:

      •  Decoy: Let Nera fire earlier in the round, possibly before she's destroyed.  And/or Biggs.  Not sure that's especially helpful.
      •  Squad Leader: Jan supports Nera or Biggs with a spare action so their attacks have both a focus and a lock.
      •  Predator or Expertise: Make that TLT hit more reliably and really wear down foes.  Will probably also attract more aggro to Jan, though that might be fine.

      Or even something else you recommend.

      If I have 3 points left over, I might like to give Biggs a plasma torpedo instead of holding out for the initiative bid.  Currently my thought is either Squad Leader or maybe Predator, but I'd love feedback.  I'm also not set on Kanan, so there may be a better crew option.


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    • I like Squad Leader, but Jan's really going to be hurting if she gives her actions away, so I'd throw Moldy Crow on her as well so she has some focus tokens for defense (and attack I suppose)

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    • Okay, I'll give that a try.  I figure I'll do a slow approach anyway, then turn and run from or strafe the target at range 3 since neither Jan nor Nera care about facing for the first couple of combat rounds.  That will give Jan time to store away a token or two.  If I can sucker them into entering the asteroids, that could really help me with positioning and avoiding too much focus fire from x7 Defenders and other heavy hitters.

      At that point it's tempting to give Jan Dash Rendar (Crew), but as I think of it, she really needs Kanan to clear her stress and let her keep up with the team.  Curse that HWK dial.  :)

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    • the HWK is the first rebel ship i have bought after the core. i was a newbie who didn't know what to choose and randomly grab it and a bomber on my miniature store ^^ remind me my very first games

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    • I loved Jedi Knight: Dark Forces: II, so I when I saw the Moldy Crow was in the game I had to get it. 

      I'm still trying to play with my Imperial Aces, so I've got a few lists cooked up.

      List 1:

      Lieutenant Lorrir with Autothrusters

      Countess Ryad with PTL, TIE Mk. II , and x7

      Krassis Trelix with Slave I, LRS, Tactician, and Ion Cannon

      Not expecting much from this list frankly, I just thought it'd be easy if they were all PS5.

      List 2:

      Two Royal Guard Pilots with Stealth Device, Autothrusters, and PTL

      Colonel Jendon with Palpatine, an Ion Cannon, and Fire Control System

      This list is probably better, but still primarily thematic

      List 3:

      Kir Kanos with Autothrusters

      Deathrain with Conner NetExtra Munitions, Thermal Detonators, and Collision Detector

      Echo with Stygium Particle Accelerator, Fire Control System, Lone Wolf, and Rebel Captive

      List 4:

      Tetran Cowall with Autothrusters, Twin Ion Engine Mk. II, and Stay on Target, he could be incredible reactive. I've read the X-Wing novels however, so I tend to call him "That talentless hack Tetran Cowall".

      Backdraft with Sensor Jammer, Crack Shot, Sensor Cluster, and Lightweight Frame.

      Maarek Stele in an x7 with A Score to Settle and a Stealth Device

      A new take on the Lucky 7s, although I don't expect this one to deliver quite as well. 

      The LCS I go play my Saturday casual games at is having its store kit next Saturday. The employee who usually acts as judge accidentally switched shifts that day with someone else, forgetting it was the X-Wing tournament, so we asked..."are you going to play then?"

      He got super excited about actually playing and not watching for once, so he's making a more fun list based on his favourite ships and character...TIE Interceptors, TIE Fighters, and Soontir Fel. So we made him a list where he has Soontir, Autothrusters, Stealth Device, and PTL leading 4 Black Squadron Pilots with Crack Shot.

      Someone else was already planning on bringing his 4 Epsilon Squadron Pilots with Stridan and Hux and Advanced Sensors, so it kinda snowballed into trying to convince as many people as possible to make this a TIE Fighter tournament.

      With that in mind, my 4 TIE Fighter list is Ahsoka Tano in a Captured TIE with Veteran Instincts, Sabine Wren in her masterpiece with an Intelligence Agent and A Score to Settle, Zeb Orrelios, Captain Rex with Norra Wexley with the title, R2-D2, PTL, and Nien Nunb.

      Going full silly, but because this is a later event, I expect fewer people to show up and for the TIEs to dominate the field.

      I also expect my TIEs to perform the worst, but ah well.

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    • It'd be hilarious is Zeb had an EPT for A Score to Settle

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    • Okay, Squad Leader and Moldy Crow ended up being a good idea.  I flew against Dormitz with a Targeting Synchronizer, Tomax Bren with Plasma Torps and Crack Shot (and Guidance Chips, Extra Munitions, etc), and Major Rhymer with Plasma Torps and Snap Shot (plus chips etc).  He put his ships forward but I ran away for several turns, drawing his upsilon into the asteroids and debris.  His bombers took the long way around and kept being just outside of range to get a shot, and when the Upsilon finally got shots, those were obstructed and Biggs rolled pretty well.  Nera, in the meantime, rocked him with a Jan-powered torpedo, and Jan did solid damage too with her TLT.

      Then the Upsilon swung wide, out of the asteroids and right in front of everyone to force a bump.  I believe Jan managed to fly just past him and was lined up for a deathblow from the shuttle, while Biggs just barely stopped short behind him and got his focus action.  Nera hung back and decided to lock Tomax instead; Dormitz was hurting, and I expected to end him that round; Jan handed Nera a focus action to allow her options and power.  Jan pinged Tomax with her TLT, and then took a stress to power up Biggs' attack to 5 dice, which landed HARD and blew Dormitz right off the table with damage to spare.  Now Nera could fire her torps at Tomax and deal good damage to him.  Tomax and Rhymer up till now hadn't managed to do much, and even on this round they were forced to target Biggs at range 3 obstructed, with not much effect (one damage).

      Next round Rhymer sent a range 1 torpedo into Nera and stripped most of her shields, but she still wasn't worried.  At one point they landed lethal damage on Biggs, but he chaff'd his droid out the back to shed a crit, surviving with 1 HP.  Nera's attacks hurt, and over the next couple rounds I wiped the bombers out.

      Final score: 100-0.  For the draft tournament, I got a point for winning, a point for playing against someone I hadn't fought before in the tournament (which is easy, this was my first game), and 1.5 points for using 3 unique pilots I'd not used yet.  Sweet.

      Remembering now that the goal is to play lots of people and burn through all my pilots, I built a 2nd fleet for my next game:

      Bodhi Rook + Proton Torpedoes + FCS + Guidance Chips + Kanan Jarrus + Inspiring Recruit + Pivot Wing

      Airen Cracken + Crack Shot + Homing Missiles + Guidance Chips

      Shara Bey + Expert Handling + Proton Torpedoes + R5-P9 + Guidance Chips + Weapons Engineer + Alliance Overhaul

      Lots of lock acquisition and sharing going on here, and none of it came into play.  Because of my opponent's deployment, we both flew at each other in formation, and I never needed Bodhi's ability, and I flubbed my chance to get two locks on Shara and share them.  And when I had locks, I didn't need them, and then later when Shara was all alone and I should have used her locks to reroll, I amazingly forgot.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

      I fought Kath Scarlet with Engine Upgrade, Old Teroch, and Zuckuss, all lightly equipped (I've forgotten what else they had).  First round of engagement went well... I'd avoided focusing (overly wary of Teroch) and instead just locked his firespray, and proceeded to launch a tactical nukes' worth of damage at it.  It attempted to boost but was hemmed in by asteroids, so it was very vulnerable.  I bumped Teroch and denied it attacks and tokens, and weathred shots well.  By the second round of engagement, I killed Kath, and then lost Airen to a really good pair of shots from Zuckus and Teroch.  So far, so good... that's a great trade.  A small amount of damage on Bodhi (3 shields lost), but I've got this.  And then... well...

      So I've been watching a lecture series from The Great Courses called The Decisive Battles of World History.  It's really good, btw.  Quite often in these battles there's a critical turning point where the victory was up in the air, but then after some critical error or missed opportunity, the advantage swings over to one side and the result is all but inevitable.  I can tell you the exact moment in this battle where I did that.

      Bodhi was touching Teroch, and I chose a maneuver that would fail and hold him in place.  I then flipped his title to the non-agility side figuring I'd spin 180 next round, and force Zuckuss to bump this round.  Funny thing... Zuckuss did not bump, and Teroch k-turned, pincering Bodhi between two very powerful attackers at range 1.  Ohhhh that's not good.

      Then Shara K-Turned through a debris cloud, and ended up facing the cloud for next round.  I was feeling confident during planning; Bodhi had Kanan and Inspiring Recruit, and she'd shed that stress fast.  Instead, Bodhi died instantly without even getting his torps out, and Shara was left stacked with 2 stress, facing debris, at full health but facing a very dangerous duo.  That's very very not good.

      In retrospect, it was clearly over.  But I still thought I could do it!  This is the point in the battle though where I realized first, that Expert Handling was a poor choice of Elite.  And Second?  R2-D2 would have been a much better choice of droid.  Much better.  Or at least Recon Specialist for the crew!  So I lost this fight a bit in the squad building stage too.

      Thankfully I picked some very unexpected maneuvers, and managed to wiggle away for several turns, eventually shedding that stress.  I'd gotten 2 damage onto Teroch, and if I could just land 2 more... but I had to keep running for my life, putting asteroids between me and them (didn't help, they hit hard anyay) and dodging arcs as best as I could.  At one point I barrel rolled to dodge arcs, only to find out I'd have been totally fine if I'd not done that.  Instead I'd rolled right into their jaws, but thankfully I still survived and squirmed away again.

      We finally hit time (store was closing) and I lost on points.  So close, yet so very far away.

      But I got a tourney point for a unique opponent and another 1.5 for 3 unique pilots I'd not flown before.  Also this was my first time flying the U-Wing and I liked it.  I did however forget the extra agility die from the title every single time, so Bodhi died faster than he should have.  That said, my flying is what killed him; had I made wiser tactical decisions in that one round, I could have won that game easily.  Sorry Bodhi -- You're an excellent pilot, but I'm not.  ;)

      Also, someone wanted to trade a pilot for Captain Oicunn.  I mulled it over, and decided to trade him for Corran Horn.  This kinda hurts my Empire lists a lot... so I hope I made the right decision.  That said, Corran is fun, and I'm looking forward to putting together a list with him.

      Dragoon: I look forward to the results of that TIE War.  I also really like your Kir + Deathrain + Echo fleet!

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    • One of the regular TO's occasionnally holds a rookie tournament for less experienced players and the price support is crazy. Besides the Q1 Kit, there was acrylic cloaking tokens for top 4, shields for the wooden spoon, Hera alt art cards and custom-painted ships and some medals.

      Anyways, I'm not exactly a rookie anymore as I'm usually placed in the top third at tournaments, but since only 12 rookies signed up for the event, the TO decided to hold a small side tournament for "ruffians". And we were just 6 players, but it was no laughing matter. Two of them was in top 8 at the latest regional and two of the others were veteran players. The last one is somewhat new and doesn't have that much experience, but not a bad player at all.

      The meta is pretty strong in Copenhagen with most players flying top meta lists or variations thereoff or typically just a lot of big ships. And this was no different. Two Kana-Biggs and two Parattanni. The last list besides my own was Quickdraw with FCS, title and Expertise and possibly Weapons Guidance , standard OL and Juked Vessery with /x7 and TIE mk. II at 99 points. This one made it to top 8 in sunday's regional.

      My own list is the final variation of Bossk-Ventress I've been flying for a while:

      Bossk: A Score To Settle, "Mangler" Cannon, Homing Missiles, 4-LOM, Zuckuss, K4 Security Droid, Burn-Out SLAM and chips (50 points and 9 cards to keep track of)

      Asajj Ventress: PTL, Latts Razzi, Burnout SLAM, Rigged Cargo Chute, title and Gyroscopic Targeting (49)

      A Dept to Pay goes on the first ship I plan to take down, so the crits they might get won't go through to Bossk's hull. And then Bossk is just supposed to take down one ship and draw fire from Ventress, because everyone hates PartyBossk and he goes down fast and first. Then Ventress can tank up and clean up. Usually. I always lose point on this list, but I've only lost one game with it so far.

      One Kanan was the deadly variation with FCS, TLT, title, Finn, Rey and Tactical Jammer with regular Zeb shuttle. Biggs had M9-G8 to support Kanan. And that was my first opponent.

      A Debt to Pay on Biggs. He set up somewhat in the middle and I set up to the left. His list hits hard so I didn't want joust, but try to keep at range three and snipe Biggs. And he did turn left (my right) with both his ships and mine came up fast to the left. Then he moved in to the asteroid and debris fields I made a green maneuver with Bossk, TL'd Biggs and focused. Unfortunately Kanan was in range 2 and removed one die. I rolled 3 natural hits, which is actually the worst I can roll, since the I would like the focus for a crit. I forgot to 4-LOM his focus so he got one evade and Biggs was down to 2 hull. Ventress couldn't fire in this round. Kanan TLT'ed two shields of Bossk, so that was pretty lucky. But in the next engagement Biggs didn't get hit and Bossk lost a lot of HP and Ventress a shield to TLT. Then in the following round I killed Biggs, but Bossk didn't have a shot and died to five dice primary from Kanan. I could still have a shot at winning if it weren't for Ventress recieving a Damaged Cockpit. I managed to get half points from Kanan though.

      0-1, 55-100

      Next was the imperial list. We had played eachother last monday, but he made a lot of mistakes and I won without him getting any point. And my list was kind of a hard counter against his as Bossk can easily get Vessery down and Ventress locks down Quickdraw's Expertise. And in this match he had cold dice. And mine wasn't exactly chilled. 

      A Dept to Pay on Vessery. I deployed in the lower right and he in the upper left. He we both went straight in the first move and then I turned towards him and he banked and barrel rolled away. I was pretty confident that Bossk could get a free TL and arc on Vessery with a green 2 straight even if he did get an extra dice from a rock. Ventress flanked left. He chose to barrel roll instead of focus with Vessery in order to have a better position for the following round. OL flew into range 1 of Bossk and TL'd him. Bossk recieved som punishment from Quickdraw and OL and lost 4 shields. Then he shot missiles at Vessery. I rolled a crit, a focus and two banks and spent the TL for another blank and a hit. Which turned into 3 crits and a hit. Vessery rolled one evade which I promtly had him re-roll to a blank. Sadly one of the two crits wasn't a Direct Hit, so Vessery still lived. I debated whether or not to shoot at OL, since she had locked Bossk, but it was three red vs four greens and a en Evade token and since Vessery was down to one hull I shot at him. Two natural hits and a blank. He just needed to roll one evade and he would survive. He didn't Two focus though, so it was a critical decision t barrel roll instead.

      Anyways, three turn from Ventress and the I thought I could be really clever and bank one with Bossk and have the corner of the base hit OL's base before the rock. I didn't see that I would thus easily pass. But my opponent was take off guard and bumbed Bossk qith Quickdraw, who recieved a stress from Ventress. No focus or Expertise shot on Ventress with no damage and he moved the TL to her. Then Ventress shot at Quickdraw, two damage and tractored him onto a rock, so he couldn't shoot back. We actually made a mistake here, as Quickdraw triggers in step 7 and the tractor beam in step 8. But he lost his last shield to the rock. Bossk then tried to escape by SLAMMING and i flew him onto rocks and whatnot and he couldn't shoot for four rounds. Ventress took another two hull from Quickdraw and then pursued OL who had now locked Ventress. OL was down to one hull from a Direct hit and due to a lucky roll from Ventress (2 hits and a crit natural) and unlucky greens from OL again with four dice, OL was out. Then he proceeded to fly Quickdraw off the board as it wouldn't stand a chance against a full Ventress.

      1-1, 100-25

      Last match was against the last Kanan-Biggs. He had Recon Specialist instead of Finn and R2-D2 on Biggs. Otherwise te same. It was the less experienced player and it showed. A Dept to Pay on Biggs. His variation is not one that should joust and I was fine with that as I could easily catch up with Biggs and snipe him. But he turned towards me into the asteroid field as I was turning around it on the opposite side of my deployment. He land Biggs on a rock and lost a shield and would have to fly over the rock again in the following turn, where he regained and lost another shield from a green maneuver. Then Bossk got a TL on Biggs and I rolled the optimal roll: 2 hits, focus and blank. Which with Biggs two focus results and no token meant the death of him. Ventress was then free to fire at Kanan at range two, so two shields off him. Bossk eventually went down to 3 hull with a Damaged Cockpit so I SLAM'ed away and had Ventress deal with Kanan. When he was at 5 hull and one stress and a Console Fire I expected him to bank left and moved my mobile arc accordingly. He didn't and went over a debris and deplyed the Phantom which blocked my 3 right turn. No action for Ventress, who also land on another debris, but I had a target lock from earlier and range 1. Two blanks and a focus wa re-rolled into two hits and a crit with Direct Hit to follow. Then we remembered the Console Fire which Killed Kanan. Then in the following round Ventress shot at range 2 at Zeb, who had arc on Bossk, two damage en tractor behind a rock to give Bossk some more defense. On hit was all he rolled and Bossk evaded with three dice. Then he fired back, 4-LOM'd the focus and killed Zeb.

      2-1 100-25

      It wasn't over yet, though. Another match was the two Parattannis, which could decide my position. One of them had 1 victories and if he won I would be the only one with 2-1, so I would make second. If the other guy won, we would be three with 2-1 and it would be down to MoV. I had no idea how well I had done compared to the others, so I hoped for a win by the first Parattanni. The 1-1 guy played a variant with Old Teroch and EMP Device on Manaroo and 1 point initiative bid for mirror matches. When I joined the audience, he fired the EMP Device which caused the other Manaroo to fly off the board. His Ventress and Manaroo was at 4 hull and the 2-1 guy's Fenn at 2 hull. It was his first three games with Parattanni, so he misinterpreted the tallon roll, thinking it worked like sloops, so he didn't get another range 1 shot at the wounded Ventress. In the following wound he moved his Fenn a bit two far straight to have two shots at Teroch. Time was up, so it was the last round. Fenn couldn't hit Old Teroch, but Teroch managed to get a crit through to Fenn, which was a Direct Hit. And that's how I won my first tournament. Since they didn't destroy eachother, they has a bad MoV compared to mine.

      I got another a second Squad Tactics AA which I donated to the next rookie tournament, AA Ketsu Onyo, two acryllic Tractor Beams, an acryllic Seismic Charge (I already had two, so I offered it to the guy who lost Fenn to the Direct Hit, but he also had one, so number two got it instead) and a Winter 2015 kit medal (the one with Boba).

      On to new lists now. I think I will try my hand at some imperial again and otherwise help train some of the guys going for the Open Systems tournaments in Europe. My next tournament is prbably Nationals in August.

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    • Awesome, well done!  I like the Asajj + Party Bus combo.  That makes me want to pull out my YV-666 sometime and give it another whirl.

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    • Hearing about the Moldy Crow doing well makes me happy.

      I'm less pleased with the Kir Kanos list. TIE Interceptor with only one action and trying to use that action offensively doesn't seem great. I'm still wondering if I should use Kir Kanos's ability only when I know I'm not being shot at or what. I'm also wondering if I should turn Echo's Rebel Captive into an Intelligence Agent so I can put Lightweight Frame onto Deathrain.

      Theoretically you could still use an unnamed Decimator Wazat. Not quite as great for the points, but gives you tons of options. 

      Seems like a great hardcore tournament, Lasse. Meanwhile at my place we're playing with uncompetitive mini TIE swarms :p

      The medal's pretty cool too, all I have is a challenge coin from the autumn kit.

      I've been wanting a YV for quite a while, and having the Ketsu card without a Shadowcaster makes it feel like you're missing out.

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    • That's a good point, that unnanmed Decimator would make a good core to the swarm, and could carry some support crew or even Darth Vader (Crew).

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    • I imagine with some of the aces that will be flying around, Darth Vader will probably wreck a couple of them.

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    • DragoonKainKatarn wrote:

      Seems like a great hardcore tournament, Lasse. Meanwhile at my place we're playing with uncompetitive mini TIE swarms :p

      The medal's pretty cool too, all I have is a challenge coin from the autumn kit.

      I've been wanting a YV for quite a while, and having the Ketsu card without a Shadowcaster makes it feel like you're missing out.

      Well, at least the typical top players stayed away :D Especially the other one, who plays Kanan-Biggs with Finn.

      I've started making monthly or by-monthly tournaments with special rules to make people fly something else than their regular, since playing against Parattannis and Kanan-Biggs all the time gets old fast.

      The medal is the beginning of my trophy shelf :D

      The YV is quite fun, but it goes down fast. But especially the Partybus is brutal and I feel a bit dirty for playing it.

      On monday I will try this list:

      Quickdraw: Expertise, Homing Missiles, Special Ops Training, FCS, Weapons Guidance, Lightweight Frame (44)

      Tomax Bren: Crack Shot, Homing Missiles, Extra Munitions, Chips (32)

      OL: A Score To Settle, Comm Relay (24)

      With A Debt to Pay and TL on the same ship, it won't get anything out of it, and that's a cheap soft focus for OL.

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    • Lasse, wow that's an expensive Quickdraw. I tend to find the SFs are best when keeping them rather cheap, but let us know how it goes. I will admit I've thought about making an arc dodging PTL Quickdraw with Engine Upgrade in the past...

      I'm kinda flipflopping on the 4 TIE Fighter list now, I'm thinking of replacing Norra with Biggs, keep R2-D2, and then add some other upgrades to the TIE Fighters such as putting Jan, PTL, and Twin Ion Engine on Sabine.

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    • Yeah, I know. It's inspired by some guy who won a regional a while back.

      BTW, one of the regulars, who's a really good player, has made a really funny Chewie (HOR) list with 3 TIEs.

      Last I saw it, he had Kyle Katarn, Inspiring Recruit, old title, Smuggling Compartment, Scavenger Crane and Countermeasures, flying with Ahsoka Tano with some EPT I can't remember (maybe A Score to Settle), but with Sabine's Masterpiece and Jan Ors and then Captain Rex and Zeb.

      The idea it that he rages before the first engagement, then in the following round he makes a green maneuver, clears both stress and gets a focus from each of them, one of which is converted to an evade from Jan Ors, then he takes an evade as his action and Ahsoka spends her evade at the start of the combat phase to have Chewie rage again. 

      This list is really fun to play against, because it offers some interesting choices. Do I shoot one of the small annoying ships and suffer an extra attack from a focused Chewie with re-rolls? Or do I shoot at Chewie, who has an extra agility, which he gets back after destroying one of his mates? Rex is so annying you kinda have to take him down, but then Chewie gets to shoot.

      I'm such a fan of this list I had to share it :D

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    • That's kinda amazing. 

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    • Tomorrow, my friends and I are doing a mini/causual tournament.  I'm guessing that means I'll be fighting a TIE defender + Palp shuttle suad and a squad with maybe soontir fel (and a decimator?).

      My other friend can't make it, and he was brinning half the components for my planned squad, so I have big problem.  I think what would be best would be Poe with R2D2, and/or Ten Numb with calculation/mangler cannon/bistan, and DEFINATLEY a TLT Y-wing with title and R3-A2.  MAybe I could even use Wes Janson.

      Any thoughts?

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    • Just put VI and Autoblaster on scum Boba and you're golden :-D 

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    • Bear in mind, only one of Ten Numb's crits are uncancelable, so Bistan, Mangler Cannon, and Calculation definitely feel like overkill. I would personally just give him Calculation and FCS. With both that and the Stresshog, you have 40 points to build a good Poe .

      If you really want a good ace hunter Poe, I'd throw on VI, R2-D2, Autothrusters, and Pattern Analyzer.

      If you want a more diverse Poe that can really lay the hurt on, I'd go with PTL, Pattern Analyzer, and R2-D2, and Integrated Astromech. If you do a green maneuver, you can use PTL to gain a stress and then Pattern Analyzer removes the stress, it's very useful. You can also switch Pattern Analyzer and Integrated Astromech to Autothrusters if that's your groove.

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    • Last night's games:

      First I tried the Lieutenant Lorrir squad. My opponent played Luke with Artoo, Draw Their Fire, and Shield Upgrade with Wedge with R2 AstromechIntegrated Astromech, and PTL with Biggs with R4-D6 and Integrated.

      Because of the staggered PS, he did bump Luke while I tried dragging him into the asteroids. Lorrir's ability was actually a lot of fun and Krassis with his Ion Cannon did quite a bit of good, keeping the X-Wing off temporarily and stressing them as well leaving them defenseless. I wasn't great at using the Firespray in the asteroid field, but even when clipping the debris Krassis's ability really helped. We wound up having to spread out our fire a lot though. It came down to a two hull Wedge with his astromech with Luke with one hull and Biggs without his astromech and one hull vs a one hull Lorrir, one hull Krassis, and one hull Ryad. In the same turn Biggs, Krassis, and Lorrir all went down. It came down to Ryad who did Ryad things. I tried being mostly conservative, and I did manage to force Wedge and Luke apart, which then enabled me to take down Wedge, the more dangerous of the two, and a few rounds of shooting on Luke got him down as well.

      My second match I used my two Royal Guard Pilots and Colonel Jendon (I did choose to replace my Ion Cannon and Fire Control System with ST-321 and Advanced Sensors however) against the 4 Epsilons and Major Stridan carrying Hux. We started on opposite corners, so I slow played to give the target locks to my Royal Guard Pilots while trying to bring him towards the asteroids. I didn't stress my pilots out too much, giving the option for them to K-Turn or hard three or straight 5 when there wasn't going to be any shots. Largely the biggest problem was Fanatical Devotion, since that'd wipe away a Stealth Device. Luckily, he picked the wrong ship to assign Fanatical Devotion, meaning I could avoid that ship while taking another ship's fire and shrugging it off. He lost a TIE Fo, then our Shuttles exchanged Range 1 shots, which I managed one more damage than he did, he got a Huxed shot off, rolled a blank and hit, rerolled both with a target lock, still a blank and a hit which my Interceptor shrugged off, and then I managed two get rid of two more Fos before he conceded. Running Palp and two Interceptors was more enjoyable than I expected, although this list wasn't best equipped to deal with it.

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    • I'm surprised that first game was so close... everyone down to scratch HP, and even Biggs was hanging on till the end.  :D  I figured Lorrir would be fun; despite PS problems he's really good at moving in weird ways and being pointed in a direction the foe didn't anticipate.

      So for my next draft tournament day, having traded Oicunn for Corran, I'm thinking of flying this fleet:

      Corran Horn + R2-D2 + FCS + VI

      Wes Janson + R3-A2 + VI + Integrated Astromech

      Biggs Darklighter + R4-D6 + Integrated Astromech

      This is the very efficient team that won the Utah regionals (piloted by Dan Hars), and I'd really like to learn how to fly it.

      At least semi-competently, where I'm not embarrassing myself.  ;)  I don't even care about winning, I just want to give the fleet a whirl.

      I also need to assemble Kath Scarlet + "Wampa" + "Night Beast" + "Epsilon Leader" into one or two decent fleets.  If it's two, then a Patrol Leader carrying Darth Vader would be a good core to the 2nd one.

      Kath and Wampa both like crits, and Night Beast and Epsilon Leader are good sources of evades to power a Swarm Leader.  And if I can fly in a tight formation, Epsilon Leader might make a Rage fleet effective, or something similar.  Anyone have some fun ideas?

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    • Yeah, we were also wondering why it was so close. Part of the reason was I sometimes took my focus off of Wedge to fire at Luke, either to Ion him and keep him out of combat for a bit or stripping his shields to really encourage him to stay out of combat for a bit to regen his shields rather than k-turn. I did also forget Tactician for a bit :/

      That looks like a fun list actually. I'm also really happy whenever Wes does well.

      Shame you have no Youngster for that Rage fleet, but that may be the best use of Epsilon Leader. For Firesprays, I rather like the Slave I to enable Long Range Scanner. From there for crew I like are either Recon Specialist or Tactician to really lay on the stress. If using Recon Specialist, then I like to use Calculation to generate those crits.

      Here is what I would do:

      I would just go for broke on the Rage Fleet.

      Epsilon Leader

      4 Black Squadron Pilots with Rage

      One TIE Shuttle with Inspiring Recruit, Systems Officer, and Lightweight Frame.

      Rage and Systems Officer may be a tad redundant, but I figure any TIE Fighters you expect to be hurting in this round of firing can take an evade and get a target lock instead.

      Alternatively, you can just replace that TIE Shuttle with an Omega Squadron Pilot with Rage and throw a Comm Relay onto Epsilon Leader

      The other list would be:

      Night Beast


      Two Crack Blacks

      Kath with Slave I, LRS, Tactician, and Calculation.

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    • I like Calculation and Tactician on Kath, I was kinda thinking the same thing.  LRS is a nice addition.

      Yea, someone else grabbed Youngster, which is why I grabbed Epsilon Leader -- deny him a potentially dangerous combo.  :D  Don't know that it's actually that dangerous though.  Sadly I may have simply denied him more fun than power.  Though they were talking about a TIE/pedo fleet -- Youngster with Expose, surrounded by veteran TIEs.  So I think he'll be fine without Epsilon Leader.  :D

      It'll be tempting to do all four of my imperial pilots together, just to maximize my tourney points with one game:

      Kath Scarlet [ Conner Net, Calculation, Tactician, Slave-1, Long Range Scanners, Extra Munitions ] (47)

      “Epsilon Leader” [ Sensor Cluster, Twin Ion Engine Mk. II ] (22)

      “Wampa” [ Twin Ion Engine Mk. II ] (15)

      “Night Beast” [ Twin Ion Engine Mk. II ] (16)

      I'd be using Epsilon simply to clear K-Turn/debris stress and open up everyone's dials.  Though this may not have as much win potential as a crack black squad and a separate epsilon rage fleet.

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    • I practiced with the Wes + Biggs + Corran list today at a different game store.  It doesn't count toward the tournament, but it was good to get some practice in with these ships.

      The first round went terribly, not because I lost (I actually won), but because I played terribly in the first few rounds, and then there was a disagreement about dice that stained the whole match.  I thought he'd rolled 2 blanks and a focus, but he thought he'd rolled a focus, evade, and blank; he scooped up the dice too quickly and we were both at a loss for how to resolve what we thought we saw.  The result was very important, and I really thought I was right and argued for it.  I feel like I won the match because the other player was magnanimous enough to do it my way, and it felt dirty the whole game.

      I killed one of his ships early, and then the 2nd after that dice argument, and at that point it was (I think) Poe running away from my two remaining healthy ships (wes + corran), and he called it.  I still feel terrible, even though I'm almost sure I saw 2 blanks and a focus.  Lesson learned by both of us: don't scoop up your dice until damage has been assigned.  At the end of the day we shook hands, apologized, friendship saved.

      The other thing that went wrong was my fault.  I used R3-A2 but forgot to assign a stress to myself and neither of us noticed.  I then assigned my dial the next round to a k-turn.  When I went to do the k-turn, my opponent reminded me about the stress I should have taken, and this utterly ruined what I was doing.  I ended up doing a white 2 straight and bumping, and Wes was out of the fight for a couple rounds as a result.

      I don't remember what he was using, but I think it was Poe PS 9 and "Snap" Wexley, plus I think Ahsoka (who died very early in the fight, but managed to ion one of my ships).  I suspect I could have won even without the dice call in my favor, but it's a tainted victory now and it still bothers me.  :(  I really wish I knew what the actual roll was, and whether I saw it correctly; I don't want the mystery to keep gnawing at me.  Hopefully I'll forget all about it by tomorrow.

      My second battle I do remember what I fought.  Rey with Finn + Kanan Jarrus + Engine Upgrade + PTL + Millennium Falcon (HOR).  Jake Farrell with A-Wing Test Pilot + Proton Rockets + PTL + Autothrusters + VI.  That leaves 6 points unaccounted for, which I assume was a missile on Rey, but I don't remember it.  I think he just never got the chance to use it.  He might have left it open for the initiative bid... but that's a wide margin.

      This was an untainted victory, though he really made me work for it.  I had a better idea of how to fly the formation (and when to break it up) this time and did slightly better.  He deployed Jake on his left and Rey on his right.  I deployed to hunt down Jake, but he turned and fled, so I decided to turn into the obstacle funhouse and pursue Rey instead.  The next few rounds were a jumble through the asteroids, and I kept failing to get Rey in arc save for a few pot-shots.  He flew that YT like a pro, really well-done.  But I eventually wore him down, then lined him up for a really heavy shot and ended it.

      But not before he'd killed Wes and then Biggs.  On the turn after Wes died, Corran had to k-turn around Rey onto her left, and lined her up for the most perfect shot (with a lock thanks to FCS), and finally put her out of the fight.  Now it was Corran vs Jake, who all battle had been trying to get into procket range with a lock, but had failed every time because of my unexpected maneuvers and sometimes just bad luck.  But that little a-wing's dice were HOT.  Hit + Crit almost every roll, sometimes hit + crit + crit (range 1 but no lock).

      So I really needed to kill his A-Wing before it unloaded those prockets, and planned to do some hit & run with Corran.  Unfortunately, Jake turned hard and boosted, and I hadn't accounted properly for where he'd end up (I think I expected a bump?); Corran 2-banked to clear stress and they ended up nearly touching, facing each other nose to nose.  Corran unloaded 3 hits and a crit into Jake, who rolled poor defense (no focus token), and was down to 1 hull.  Jake fired prockets and rerolled blanks: 5 hits.  I rolled a single evade and survived with only 1 hull left, and then Corran did what he does best and ended it.

      I want whatever dice Jake was rolling... they were insane.  Though he told me my defense dice were just as crazy; Biggs should have died a lot sooner.  I figure with that crazy a-wing's damage, it evened out.  :D

      So my first two opponents were really good at the game and knew their fleets very well.  The final match was against a kid who was obviously still learning, and even though I tried to go easy on him, the training weights were off and I was surprised at how powerful I suddenly was.  I easily killed his fat Poe in two rounds, and then turned around and killed his fat Cassian Andor just as quickly.  I gave him some advice about how to fly his team better (he needed to move Cassian more slowly so he didn't expose his back to foes so soon), and we talked about star wars and ghostbusters etc until the other matches ended.

      All in all, a good casual day.  I'm glad I practiced with this fleet; I flew like a drunk retard for the first while, and it took me a while to grasp the differences of the E-Wing dial and figure out the best formation techniques.  And I needed to space my ships better.  Also, I'm reminded of why I dislike the E-Wing's dial; it deserves better.  It feels like it needs more green, or a white 1 turn or something.  I'll have to get used to it.

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    • I hate bad air between players because of a game. I'm glad you figured it out.

      And nice to know that the old x-wing can still hold up to the current powerhouses. I wouldn't mind fly those, but it wouldn't be a succesful experience as nearly everyone I know is playing hardcore metalists and are training for tournaments.

      Which is why I'm today probably are gonna fly Parattanni for the first time, to help some of the guys train for Tatooine open. 13 of the locals are going and they're all gonna wear pink t-shirts to pick eachother out from the crowd :D

      Anyways, have played Fenn and Manaroo mindlinked for a while and Ventress but never together. I'm looking forward to see just how powerful it is to play and get some inside knowledge on it's weaknesses.

      Besides that I'm also going to fly triple Defenders, but I've done that before. And stopped, because it's boring and it feels like you win or lose based on the dice rolls.

      Are any of you going to Yavin open this weekend?

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    • I'm a university student in Canada, so no, I'm not going to Yavin or any other open.

      Cheapest it'd be to do an open would be Naboo Open in Syracse, NY, and that would be $200 Canadian for transportation and hotel, I'd still need to pay an entrance fee and food, and that'd be during the middle of school crunch time. 

      I get FFG want to make these things kinda exclusive, but they're doing so to an extent that makes them inaccessible. I mean, Australia doesn't have one and Australia is basically Geonosis. Canada deserves to be Hoth to say the least.

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    • So, tournament today. 6 people showed, 3 of them with TIE Fighers. I wound up going with Zeb, Rex, Sabine (with PTL , Hot Shot Blaster, her Masterpiece , Jan Ors , and TIE Mk. II), Ahsoka with VI and Captured TIE, and Biggs with Artoo and Integrated.

      First match was against someone reasonably fresh. He brought a Rey Poe list.

      Rey had Expertise, Finn, sloop Falcon, Kanan, Engine Upgrade. Poe had VI, R5-P9, and Autothrusters.

      Biggs really didn't want to roll defense evades. He went down after two turns, Rey managed to mostly evade everything that went at her. Rex went down shortly afterwards and Sabine followed. Time was called, and what bugs me is I was told there was 3 minutes left by a spectator, but rather than verifying for myself, I believed him. In order to win the game, I required a kill on Poe and to reduce Rey to half health. So I went for the long shot and tried killing Poe. Then time was called. Had I known it was closer to time than what was mentioned, I would have just gone for half points on Rey. 

      Second match was against the employee, so not too experienced, but I wanted a purely casual match since it was unlikely we ever played again. 

      He flew 3 Crack Blacks, Howl with Crack, and Soontir with PTL, Autothrusters, and Stealth Device.

      He set himself up in a joust with me, and trying to give Biggs the range 3, I kept him a tad further back. It meant on the first engagement he couldn't shoot at Biggs. He had the better dice and downed Biggs. I did manage to damage Howlrunner however. The next turn I managed to get a block on a couple of his Blacks, which led to a block on Howlrunner. Unfortunately, the dice were once again not on my side and Biggs went down after a turn of shooting. Worst of all, Biggs and Rex going down only required him to spend 2 of 4 Crack Shots. I did wind up have Ahsoka pointing at Soontir range 1 though, so I did manage to squeeze a damage through and get rid of his Stealth Device. He disengaged at this point and took a bit to get back into the match, but I was just not punching through anything for the most part. I finally managed to down Howlrunner with an Ahsoka range 3 shot since Howl spent her focus to eliminate Zeb. At time, Sabine managed to down Soontir, but the 3 leftover Blacks killed Sabine and Ahsoka.

      Last match was against two Jakku Gunrunners with the Tugboat modification and Pattern Analyzer, Zuvio with a Proximity Mine, Scavenger Crane, and VI, and Zuckuss with the title, Tractor Beam, FCS, and VII tried and mostly succeeded in keeping the obstacles to straight lines at range 2 of the vertical board edges. He set up his Gunrunners on the left of the column of asteroids, so I set up to the right of them. He then places Zuvio and Zuckuss on the far left corner, which pleased me. I started rushing towards him, trying to engage him before Z&Z got into the match. This time however, I screwed up the first engagement by having Biggs outside of range 1 of my ships. I did lay 4 damage into the one Quadjumper. Redundantly, Rex actually blinded the Gunrunner he shot at. I moved in for the next engagement, but screwed this one up as well as he went faster than I was expecting, so Rex got no shot. Sabine also got wasted by Zuckuss and poor defense dice. Knowing that Ahsoka's Captured TIE title was going to be useless soon, she also took a range one shot into the nearly dead Quad. 1 hit, 1 natural evade. The Quadjumpers were forced to shoot at Biggs though, who only took two damage. Next turn Biggs blocked Zuckuss, which resulted in Zuvio being blocked. Ahsoka hurt Zuckuss somewhat, but the real stars here were Biggs and Rex who killed Zuvio in their two shots, Zuvio having done nothing. Ahsoka got a crit from Zuckuss though and took Structural Damage, so lower agility. Next turn Ahsoka got 3 hits through on Zuckuss, but then Zuckuss killed Ahsoka. Biggs managed to fortunately kill Zuckuss however. 2 damaged Quadjumpers versus a full health Biggs who'd recovered 4 shields, undamaged Rex, and near death Zeb. Zeb died, albeit while taking that near death Quadjumper. Trying to shake stress off of Rex and reengage Biggs, I separated them, and Rex died from a range 1 shot from the Quadjumper. Biggs managed to close it from there though, although that Quadjumper dial made it quite tough for the X-Wing. 

      Lessons for the day, Rebel TIEs are support ships, Rex needs to support ships that can actually lay in damage during his brief existence, Ahsoka needs to support ships that can actually use actions effectively, I need to learn to fly Biggs better.

      Got a second Ketsu card though, now I need to offload that somehow, and 4 Epsilons and Huxed Stridan took 2nd.

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    • So I've been playing the following list for a while now:

      Quickdraw (29): Expertise (4), FCS (2), Homing Missiles (5), Primed Thrusters (2) (I used to have Weapons Guidance , but switched for the initiative bid), Special Ops Training (0) and Lightweight Frame (2) = 43

      Tomax Bren (24): Crack Shot (1), Extra Munitions (2), Homing Missiles (5), Guidance Chips (0) = 32

      Omega Leader (21): A Score to Settle (0), Comm Relay (3) = 24

      And it has been doing quite well. Of 8 or so games, I've only lost once. Quickdraw hits like a mule and no-one wants to shoot at him, fearing his retaliatory attack(s). Expertise works wonders with him. He almost always have full hits.

      Tomax is typically the main target of the opponent, fearing his Crack Shot and missiles and he goes down pretty fast. But that means less fire on Quickdraw, which is really the heavy hitter.

      Omega Leader locks down the A Dept to Pay abiliy with target locks and gives him a soft focus. But he's still quite useless. He doesn't really punch any damage through. I made him as an answer to Ventress, but he can't really one up her.

      I consider switching him with a Scimitar Squadron Pilot with Homing, EM and Long-range Scanners to have an even more powerful alpha strike. And maybe take some fire off Tomax. And it would give me another point to give Quickdraw Pattern Analyzer.

      It's a really fun list to play. I one-shot Soontir in one practice game in round two, where the other player just gave up as his Uspilon didn't have a shot at Tomax (or any other ship for that matter) and it also have a pretty good grip on Ventress with Homings and Crack Shot, so Paratanni is covered. Homings are also great against Defenders, so I've got that covered as well.

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    • Nice, good spread out counter list.

      I've been thinking the way to counter Paratanni is probably ordnance so I've been thinking of creating a multiple bomber list. Only have one Bomber though so I'd have to gather some from friends.

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    • Heh, I have four.

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    • I have very little disposable income I can put into X-Wing unfortunately.

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    • I like your list!  I may have to umm... "borrow" it for some personal testing sometime.  :D

      Wednesday I finished playing my remaining Draft pilots.

      First game was the fleet I listed above:

      Corran Horn + R2-D2 + FCS + VI

      Wes Janson + R3-A2 + VI + Integrated Astromech

      Biggs Darklighter + R4-D6 + Integrated Astromech I did very well this time.  Biggs played his role well, allowing Corran and Wes to be aggressive and reckless.  Once I had him down to one ship he called the game.  I actually can't remember many details though.  :( I remember my 2nd game better.  I switched fleets to use up all my draft pilots, and flew this nonsense: Kath Scarlet [ Conner Net , Calculation , Tactician , Slave-1 , Long Range Scanners , Extra Munitions ] (47)“Epsilon Leader” [ Sensor Cluster , Twin Ion Engine Mk. II ] (22)"Wampa" [ Twin Ion Engine Mk. II ] (15)"Night Beast" [ Twin Ion Engine Mk. II ] (16) My opponent flew 3 TIE Bombers.  Two were loaded with missiles, bombs, & Extra Munitions, while the third was either Captain Jonus or Tomax Bren (I think it was Tomax).  I figured if I could blast the snot out of one of those heavily loaded bombers early, I could quickly grab a victory.  Instead I failed that, due to poor maneuvering, PS disadvantage, and a lot of good arc dodging from my opponent.  Ultimately it was pilot skill that hurt me most -- he was PS 7 across the board, and gave me initiative.  This left me going first with my whole fleet, and he did an infuriatingly good job of almost always dodging arc by mere millimeters.

      My other mistake was flying Kath like a moron, and not getting enough shots off.  She spent too much of the game outside of combat, navigating around obstacles.  And I also Evaded with her twice when I should have known to Focus instead, because Homing Missiles.

      I started by skirting the obstacles to get him to fly inside, then turned inward.  I was hoping to plant a conner net in their path when I turned Kath away, but that ended up being useless due to bad timing, and Kath spent several rounds not contributing, blocked by her own net and some obstacles.  Wampa's ability never paid off, though Epsilon did help a bit, particularly on our first joust before the fleet split up out of formation.  Wampa died first, then I managed to finally kill his support bomber with a conner net.  I dropped the net over my ship and his, and we argued over whether the net affected both ships, but someone stepped in to support me before I had to look up the rules.  So one bomber down, another damaged.  I can do this...

      Throughout the game though he bombed me like a champ, doing a really good job with thermal detonators and cluster mines.  Thankfully he never hit multiple ships.  I think Wampa actually died deliberately clearing out cluster mines for his buddies, since he wasn't gonna make it anyway.

      After Epsilon died it was down to a badly damaged Kath and a healthy Night Beast, vs two bombers with some missiles left.  Kath managed to get some damage into the bomber before she died, and it followed soon after.  She actually lived absurdly long thanks to how poorly both his cluster missiles did (4 attack rolls, maybe a couple damage).

      But now it was Night Beast vs a healthy bomber who was down to a single missile.

      I made a dumb mistake and forgot he had long range scanners; I should have charged him and stayed on his butt all game, but instead played it safe, and let him get a lock.  Now I was really worried.  But after some weaving and diving, Night Beast ultimately pulled it off.  His pilot ability is very, very good IMO; if he had a higher PS he'd be a staple in many fleets.  I could focus and either roll or evade, and despite my poor PS, I eventually landed the final damage and won the game.

      But man it was a long, painful game...

      For my third game, having used all my draft pilots, I went back to my Nera + Jan + Biggs fleet and had fun despite losing hard.  This player's dice were LAVA HOT!  His attacks were 1 hit and 3 crits, 3 hits and 1 crit, and so on ALL GAME.  I would suspect cheating if I didn't see him do it with my own eyes.  His defense dice were also infuriating.  He was flying Fenn Rau, Ketsu with title+PTL+Engine Upgrade, and a Z-95 with thread tracers.  Biggs died on the first round of contact due to amazing damage output, much of which was crits so his droid couldn't help at all.  I managed to blast Fenn out of the sky and do some damage to Ketsu, but then he completely wrecked Nera and I was down to Just Jan.

      Ketsu's PTL + Engine Upgrade made his pilot ability really dangerous BTW, because he was often at range 1.  With 1 or 2 tractor tokens on my ships, I just couldn't endure the shots.

      And Ketsu might have died a lot sooner if I'd remembered to use Jan's pilot ability a lot more often (grrr... brain, y u betray me?!)

      I thought I could still do this, so I ran like hell with Jan, pinging with TLT the whole way.  First round of this went well, and I scored some hits.  If I could just do two more damage to ketsu, I'd have the game (that Z-95 didn't scare me one bit).  And I would have won.  I would have won!  But those mad, mad dice!  He evaded basically every single shot, no matter the roll, and finally put enough damage into Jan to end her heroic last stand.

      All in all a really fun match, cool opponent, and we both enjoyed the match.  I still think I'd have won it easily if not for those treacherous dice rolls.  ^_^

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    • Today I flew my silly Kath Min/Max fleet and had lots of fun.

      Kath Scarlet + Swarm Leader + Gitterstim + Tail Gunner

      Tansarii Point Veteran + Veteran Instincts + "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor + Tractor Beam

      2x Cartel Spacer + Heavy Scyk

      Had I been thinking, I'd have included Slave-1 and Long Range Scanners on Kath.  Bah.

      The cartel spacers serve as blockers, and evade token generators for swarm leader.  The veteran fires before Kath with the tractor beam, to throw an opponent onto a rock or into a better firing position for Kath, and lower their agility.  If Kath is fortunate enough to have mooned the target at close range, she could roll up to 7 dice against a foe with -1 or even -2 agility.

      The theme today was vets & newbies: new players were paired with veterans to fly a fleet together.  My partner hadn't brought ships of his own, so we just used my fleet for both games.

      In both games Kath fought Zuckuss + Sarco Plank + Constable Zuvio.  I know Zuvio had Cluster Mines + Spacetug Tractor Array and Sarco had Proximity Mines, and both had Pattern Analyzer + BMST, but I don't quite remember the rest.  Zuckuss had Sensor Jammer and Mist Hunter + Tractor Beam and some other stuff, maybe Latts?

      I should remember better since I flew the fleet later on, but bah.  :)

      So for the first game we played together and I walked him through my planning process and got his input.  We worked together pretty well and he was a fast learner.  The other team put Cluster Mines and Proximity Mines in front of the two quadjumpers, hitting two of my scyks.  Had I been paying better attention I would have noticed that only Zuvio can do that, and not as an action, but oh well (we only realized it after the match ended).  The scyks rolled relatively low and survived the bombs.  Kath was rolling 5 to 6 dice each round thanks to the feeders, and doing decent damage.  The cartel spacers blocked well too.  When time was called we'd killed zuckuss and were working on one of the quads, but didn't manage to kill it (it was lucky against 6 attack dice, and we'd forgotten to reduce its agility).

      For the second game we didn't have an opponent because of odd numbers, so instead we fought each other.  The guy running the quadjumper fleet was pulled into another game and had me fly his fleet, whlie my former partner flew Kath.  Now he got to put everything he'd learned into practice, and he did a very good job!

      By round two (first round of combat) he'd thrown Zuvio onto an asteroid, and then nuked it; Zuvio never even got to drop his doomsday bomb on anyone.  I managed to maneuver so that his Tansarii flew past Sarco and was lined up for a shot (with nothing in his own arc), but he guessed very well with Kath...

      Kathy turned 3 through a debris cloud, pointed her rear right at Sarco, and then popped glitterstim for a full 7 dice doomsday attack.  Sarco rolled blank on 1 defense die against 5 hits, and promptly died.  After he got one-shotted, it was just Zuckuss against a fully armed and operational battlefleet, and I wasn't confident he'd do much.  But my opponent needed to leave early anyway so we called the game.

      He had a lot of fun, and did really well at learning the game mechanics and plotting strategy.  And he was a good student; I enjoyed teaching him.  It was also fun seeing him get a kick out of my fleet.  That finishing death shot was awesome.  ^_^

      All in all a fun casual night!

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    • My third post in a row; I don't mean to dominate this thread.  :)

      A friend and I played a couple casual matches yesterday (after watching Arrival, so it was overall an awesome day).  My first fleet was another Firespray Fiesta:

      Bounty Hunter + Slave I + Long Range Scanners

      Bounty Hunter + XX-23 S-thread Tracers

      Bounty Hunter with just his smile to carry the day

      I have 3 firesprays because I bought some ships from a local player to help him out, and I've been wanting to try a triple fiesta.  This ended up going well, thanks to my having a lot of HP and decent attack power.  I can see why 3x Contracted Scout with Torps is amazing; lots of HP and 6 torpedoes, plus a primary turret so it's really hard to escape their shots.  The firesprays in contrast frequently failed to shoot because it's had to keep aces in arc, but I still pulled it off thanks to durability.

      My friend fielded Miranda Doni with TLT and lots of other upgrades, Ahsoka Tano with VI and EMP, and Bodhi Rook.  I focused Miranda down first, and that took a lot of his points down early (he later said he realized he should have run her a lot lighter).  But not before Ahsoka managed to emp 2 of my ships, causing her and both firesprays to spend a extra round bumped and just staring at each other.  :D  Before too long I took down Cassian too, though the killing blow was delivered by an asteroid instead of me (we joked about how that specific asteroid might get more kills this game than either of us, given how many times we clipped it).

      Ahsoka all alone was a trooper.  She managed to finish off one of the firesprays, but after that he called it.

      On our second game I fielded this:

      Captain Oicunn + Rage + Intelligence Agent + Inspiring Recruit + Plasma Torpedoes + Tactical Jammer.

      "Pure Sabacc" + Adaptability + Adaptive Ailerons + Lightweight Frame

      Sigma Squadron Pilot + Collision Detector + Lightweight Frame

      In retrospect, I'd trade either Intelligence Agent or Tactical Jammer for another Inspiring Recruit.  Oicunn twice picked up stress through a crit after he'd raged (making him spend a round without modifications), and it would also help a lot if I fought a stress-inducing fleet.

      My friend fielded:

      Commander AlozenKir KanosTetran Cowall"Pure Sabacc"

      Unfortunately I don't remember his upgrades.  Also during the game I forgot I'd put Adaptability on Sabacc, which would have helped immensely because he gave me initiative to make my sabacc activate first.

      This battle was a lot of fun, and it was pretty close in the end.  The phantom's job was to attract aggro while the decimator and Sabacc did the real damage, but they all contributed pretty well.  Sadly it was the enemy sabacc that was our undoing.  He flew that ship very well, despite it being his first time with a striker, and repeatedly outflanked me.  He damaged my sabacc enough to disable his ability, then destroyed him (this is where remembering Adaptability would have helped more than any other moment).  I think the phantom followed a round later.

      I'd killed his two Interceptors early, but they managed to give as well as they got and the decimator was sitting on some damage cards and extra stress (thanks to Thrust Control Fire; this is where another inspiring recruit would have helped a lot).  Hilariously, Oicunn also picked up Stunned Pilot and suddenly became shy about ramming people.  Silly Oicunn.

      I managed to put some damage into Alozen, and he peeled away to make a safe, asteroid-free joust, so it was just me and Sabacc for a couple rounds.  I really tried to kill him, or at least assign a 2nd damage card, but he evaded very well (and Direct Hit isn't enough to disable his ability).  He managed a massive range 1 hit and dealt the final 4 or 5 damage cards needed to end things.

      All in all, those were really fun battles.  And my friend is very pleased with his TIE Striker!

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    • I've got Reading Week, so I'm back in my X-Wingless hometown for a week, missing two regular gamedays, otherwise I would have broken them up for you :p

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    • Casual night tomorrow night after over a week's absence! A couple of the lists you've seen before but haven't gotten around to flying yet:

      List 1:

      Kir Kanos with Autothrusters

      Deathrain with Conner NetExtra MunitionsThermal DetonatorsCollision Detector, and Lightweight Frame.

      Echo withStygium Particle AcceleratorFire Control SystemLone Wolf, and Intelligence Agent

      This list is actually different since the last time I posted it, I forgot about Lightweight Frame to add to Deathrain. I'm still considering dropping Deathrain's Thermal Detonarors to Seismic Charges and upgrading the Intelligence Agent to Agent Kallus .

      List 2:

      Tetran Cowall with Autothrusters, Twin Ion Engine Mk. II, and Stay on Target.

      Backdraft with Sensor JammerCrack ShotSensor Cluster, and Lightweight Frame.

      Maarek Stele in an x7 with A Score to Settle and a Stealth Device

      List 3:

      Carnor Jax with PTL and Autothrusters

      Rexler Brath with Juke and x7

      Tomax Bren with Crack Shot, Homing Missiles, Extra Munitions, and Guidance Chips

      List 4:

      So technically Soontir isn't from Imperial Aces, but I've had his alt art forever without having the original Interceptor blister, so I'll use the opportunity to fly him out. 

      Soontir Fel with Twin Ion Engines, Stealth Device, Autothrusters, and PTL

      Omicron Group Pilot with Collision Detector and Palpatine

      Countess Ryad with Twin Ion Engine, PTL, and x7

      Figured the initiative bid of 2 points is pretty safe nowadays (particularly with Paratanni Fenns generally having none), I figure the 3 banks can be useful to Soontir. Ryad is Ryad and I figure she'll take some aggro off of Soontir. 

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    • Hmm... List 3.  That's a mean Tomax.  Rexler's Juke will waste a focus token, or else Carnor will be in position to prevent its use anyway.  With Tomax's crack'n chips, those two missiles will hit hard.  I like that their pilot skills give you so much flexibility, that will be really helpful.

      I'm also looking forward to hearing about List 1's results.  I love bombs, and he has some wicked wingmen to hopefully keep him from being focus-fired too easily or early.  :D

      Agent Kallus may be a good choice.

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    • I'm wondering if I should replace Tomax's Chips with Scanners. The Homing Missiles don't discard the target lock, so it's basically a question of what's better on 4 dice, a focus and target lock or a target lock and blank to hit conversion. I'm leaning towards the focus and target lock.

      I suppose the other option is that I change Deathrain's Thermal Detonators to Ion Bombs to enable Kallus. The other thing it does is allow me to spend Kir's evade tokens more liberally if I can Ion the enemy to ensure I'm not shot at.

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    • Tonight I flew 2 games with my pilot draft pilots.  I have no unused pilots left, so I flew my Nera + Biggs + Jan fleet again for both games and had a lot of fun.

      First game was against Duchess, Carnor Jax (I think with Stealth Device ?), and "Deathrain" (conner net , concussion missile , extra munitions , long range scanners, not sure on System slot ).  First few rounds were spent in leisurly flight, collecting focus tokens.  I pinged a bit with my TLT as he approached and Nera got off a torpedo, and Biggs did well at dodging.  I managed to take down Deathrain first... He had me worried when he rushed forward to plant a Conner Net on Jan, but he missed her and ended up barrel rolling into a bad spot -- he could turn right and fly off the map, or turn left into his own conner net.  But Nera rescued him from the decision with a proton torpedo.  ;)

      He considered calling the game at that point, but we decided to finish it.  I had a healthy team, no more torps, but well-prepared to fight.  I think his Duchess was far away, navigating around obstacles, and I hoped to focus down the other ship quickly once I finished turning.

      But from that point forward, Carnor became a real devious thorn in my side.  He was extremely hard to shake, and his ability caused me a lot of problems even though he spent a lot of time bumped and not firing.  Duchess was dangerous too, but far less of a threat on her own compared to what Carnor could do for his own shots and hers.  Eventually I managed to kill both of them, but not before finally losing Biggs (at least I think it was biggs... I lost one ship but now I don't remember).  I don't remember exactly how they went down, but I celebrated finally ending Carnor.  ^_^

      Second game was against Zertik Strom , "Countdown" , and Major Stridan loaded with support crew (including General Hux, who ended up doing a lot of bad things to me).  I initially flew casual around the edge of the map to fill up on focus tokens.  When I turned in to fight, I initially tried to attack Countdown and Zertik, but had little success (Zertik completely evaded my 2 hits + 2 crits proton torp, the jerk).  Fortuntately Stridan was out of range so there was substantially less Wazat murder than there could have been.  Second round Biggs died to some terrifying firepower, but he absorbed everyone's shots, and this time I was wise enough to target the big points sink with low agility, the U-Wing.  I managed to fill Stridan with holes and kill him in one turn (I think).

      Nera and Jan danced around with his ships for a while, and Jan died.  Down to only my B-Wing, I was worried, but Zertik had only 2 or 3 hull left and Countdown was down to maybe only 1 life.  We spent several rounds just running into each other repeatedly, with no one getting shots.  Finally I managed to get Zertik in arc and killed him.  I was worried that my B-Wing would be easily out-maneuvered by a TIE Striker, but instead we spent several more rounds bumping uselessly.  Whatever we thought the other guy would do, we ended up surprising each other.

      Eventually he got a shot off and removed my remaining shields, but I flew well and dodged arc repeatedly.  I flew into the asteroids to get him out of the open field were he could outmaneuver me.  It all came to an end when we were facing each other in the middle of the asteroid field, outside range 3 with a debris cloud separating us.  He banked thinking I woud be aggressive, but I slow-rolled instead (staying out of his arc), and then rolled well thanks to FCS + Focus.  I got one only crit past his defense, and that single damage was enough to finish him.

      That striker sat on one life for a long time.  Countdown's ability never came into play (I chipped him to death), but man was he squirrely and hard to get in arc.  Really good flying on his end, but thankfully I managed.  B-Wing Power!  (and luck!)

      At this point I learned that I'm somehow in second place for the pilot draft tournament (this was the last day), and only one pair of players was left playing.  If the Paratanni player won his game, we'd be tied.  The guy running the tourney floated the idea of having us break the tie with a massive game where we field all our named pilots against each other, or just roll a million attack dice against each other, etc.  I really didn't want to do an epic, ultra-slow game, so I was rooting for the guy's opponent.  :)  Sadly his opponent was still very new, and didn't know how to take down Paratanni and kept targeting Old Teroch and missing (this was a slight variation of Para, but pretty close and very deadly), while Para got both his large ships to half points, and eventually took one out.  So he got thrashed.

      The good news is, the guy who would have tied with me just gave me 2nd place and took third for himself, so we wouldn't have to do anything wacky or annoying to resolve the tie.  I was so relieved!  Really cool guy (BTW if you're reading this, you rock!).

      When I started this tournament with all these great players (many of whom played in Regionals and did really well), my goal was simply to not take last place.  I wasn't paying much attention to prizes so I don't even know what I'm eligible to win; I'll find out in a week.  :D

      And I had a ton of fun with my pilots.  It felt good to do so well with rebels and enjoy some of my favorite pilots for this many games in a row!

      Apparently next week after prizes, we'll be playing 2vs2 epic matches, and I need to field a Huge ship... something I've never done before (I've only fought huge ships twice).  I have 200 points and I recently bought all the released huge ships except the Tantive (used price, otherwise I wouldn't have even them), so I have some options.  But now I'm going to have to poke around the rules doc and finally learn in detail how the dang things work.  ^_^  Wish me a non-firey death!

      I'll probably miss my usual Friday X-Wing games because I'll be attending Salt Con, the Salt Lake Board Gaming Convention, Thursday through Sunday.  I plan to play some Arkham Horror, Mayhem RPG, Pathfinder, lots of assorted board games I've never played, etc.  Maybe even GM some Mayhem one-off campaigns.  Salt Con also has a special place in my heart because it's where I bought the X-Wing core set for $25 on a whim, and didn't get around to trying it for a couple months or so after that.  When I finally played it, I had enough fun to look up the best ships to get next, and things escalated from there.  It's been a great year!

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    • I've been doing a weekly tournament for about 4 or 5 weeks down, three battles each time. Not been doing very good in any of them my ships usually fail to cause enough damage before they get blown apart so I've adopted a new approach of trying to heavily kit out two tough ships rather than fly three.

      Keyan Farlander + PTL + B-Wing/E2 + Kyle Katarn

      Miranda + TLT + Recon Specialist + Extra Munitions + Ion Bomb + Conner Net + Advanced SLAM

      I know there are some cards I don't own that I'd like to get (namely Fire Control System, and a cannon card for Keyan) so I had some left over points, enough to field the cheapest possible ship in my hanger.

      Prototype Pilot + Refit

      99 points in all. I'm hoping between Miranda's bomb spam and her double-focused TLT she'll cause enough trouble to draw attention to her while Keyan chews up stress and focus to get those hits. The A-wing is there to evade every round and provide an annoying target to miss.

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    • When you can get the FCS card, you are running out of actions for Keyan, so I suggest you put Elusiveness on him, to make him more survivable. 

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    • I held a alternative rules tournament this monday. A kinda reversed Hangar Bay, where each player chose to play with one of two list the opponent brought. So the trick was to make the worst lists possible, with the requirements that points spend on upgrades with no effect were illegal (like Extra Munitions on a ship without munitions etc.) and HWKs had to have a turret equipped.

      It was great fun, one of my matches (there was an uneven number of players, so I TO'ed and played) ended in final salvo, which I won with my six dice. Everyone, myself included, thought it was great to fly some ships, you'd never otherwise see (StarViper) and making creative, sucky lists. The top of th bottom meta is a HWK with Blaster Turret and Gunner/Luke. That must be the worst ship in game, as almost everyone had included one in one of their lists. 

      But in spite of supposedly flying bad ships, no-one chose to bring a Kihraxz. They're apparently too bad to be good, and too good to be bad.

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    • LasseKaa wrote:
      When you can get the FCS card, you are running out of actions for Keyan, so I suggest you put Elusiveness on him, to make him more survivable. 

      I was thinking of swapping Kyle out for Hera Syndulla so Keyan could keep pulling all those red moves the B-wing has, Elusiveness would make a good replacement for PTL since focus is a bit redundant for Keyan.

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    • LasseKaa wrote:
      But in spite of supposedly flying bad ships, no-one chose to bring a Kihraxz. They're apparently too bad to be good, and too good to be bad.

      in fact, i played a bit of talonbane cobra with cloaking and stealth device.

      you cloack at range three, then decloack next turn, rush into range one, kill a ship, go into range three, and do it again ^^

      my list make him have 7 natural dice at range 3, and 3 at range 1-2 (when decloacked), so you're not willing to be fired at

      with a little bit of support, or a well chosen EPT, he can ravage a lot of small base ships, and some of the damaged big one

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    • So casual night last was less than spectacular. I think I've figured out that I really don't like to mix jousters and arc dodgers together though. I'd prefer to keep all my jousters together or to keep all my arc dodgers apart, not a mix of the two.

      My Kir Kanos list came up against Darth with Lone Wolf, title, Advanced Targeting Computer, and EU, a Gamma Squadron Pilot with Kylo Ren and Systems Officer, Colzet with the title and Advanced Targeting Computer and an Imperial Trainee with the Adaptive Ailerons.

      We set up the asteroids and debris reasonably sparsely, kinda in a diagonal line from my bottom right to the top left. He set up in the top left with his low PS ships heading to the right whereas Darth set up in the same square, but pointed towards me. I set up all my ships on the right, pointed towards him. He sent his ships down, prepared to enter the asteroid gap that opened up on his side of the table in the middle whereas I moved towards him but banked into the asteroid field. Darth went down the corridor on the right. I was expecting him to try to sandwich me, giving Darth his LW rolls while managing maximum firepower. I had a chance then to light a couple lower PS ships up or go after what I thought was the biggest threat. I went after Darth, but he turned away. It meant my flank was exposed to his ships. Echo fared poorly, having been Shown the Dark Side. My opponent rolled 3 crits naturally on his 7 dice in addition to an Advanced Targeting Computer crit. While Echo managed to survive the Gamma Squadron attack after spending tokens, she took a hit and two crits from Colzet, meaning she lost a shield from the hit, took a blinded pilot from I'll Show You the Dark Side, and then lost her other shield. She did survive the shot from the Imperial Trainee however. He moved his forces in to try to box mine, but that meant Deathrain was able to drop an Ion Bomb to Ion all three of them while he and Kir moved in to try to cage Darth. Echo was just trying to stay alive, so disengaged to try to live and catch some LW rerolls (that I had forgotten about so didn't position her to exploit). After seeing where Darth landed though, he recalled that I didn't have to use the front guides of my ship. He did use Colzet to flip "a random facedown damage card" on Echo though, meaning she remained blinded. Not a whole ton of damage I recall from this round, Deathrain may have been hurt. His ships were all ioned, so drifted forward, but the Striker with its ailerons and barrel roll tried to block Deathrain. It didn't work however, and I banked to fishtail Darth with the Connor Net. After dropping the Connor Net I got to barrel roll out of the Striker's arc too! After Darth revealed his one bank it was clear that he'd land on the debris after the ionization. His Gamma Squadron and Colzet kinda maneuvered out of the battle, and the Striker k-turned. Deathrain dropped an Ion Bomb though to ensure he'd catch Darth again, Kir moved in to fire on Darth. Darth failed to roll any evades though (0 on 14 over the course of 3 rolls), so Deathrain and Kir took out Darth. A shot of his managed to kill off Echo though. It was kinda clean up by him at that point, Deathrain did manage to Connor Net a ship, but otherwise couldn't serve much purpose and Kir was having trouble being effective. Never used Kir's ability, mainly because it was always more important for me to reposition rather than pick up the evade. I managed to hit 6 ships with Deathrain's 4 bombs though, so that made me happy. 

      The local's best player came though to practice for the Naboo open, but was still picking between a half dozen lists. The list he decided to try was Old Teroch and Lucius Vorenus, both with the title , Autothrusters, and mindlinked to Manaroo who had a K-4 Security Droid, Black Market Slicer Tools, and R5-P8. I used that talentless hack Tetran Cowall's list. 

      He had a 3 point initiative bid, so chose to have Terry move after all of mine. I kinda set up for a joust, knowing Tetran's ability had been relatively neutralized. Backdraft and Maarek laid into Lucius though, he died on the first turn. Despite that though, Terry did a good job for the rest of the game dodging shots coming in at him, although I did a poor job, misjudging some space and having that talentless hack Tetran Cowall 5k off the edge. Backdraft's Sensor Jammer didn't do a whole ton against a Mindlink list and he went down slowly, and Maarek joined soon afterwards. I don't recall the details of this match as well. He seemed pretty down on the list though with how Lucius had imploded. He also had difficulty recalling R5-P8 over the course of the game and generally found himself just out of range for the Black Market Slicer Tools. I brought up that I generally tend to do that when he's practicing for a big tournament, last time was Regionals where my Lucky 7s, particularly Vessery's Tractor Beam made life tough for his Miranda and Esege list.

      We played again, with him using the same list. I brought out my Carnor list. I tried jousting, but trying to keep Tomax and Carnor back in the first engagement, but his range control with his boost brought Fenn into range one a turn sooner than I'd like. Whereas there wasn't too much damage traded between either of us, on the reengagement where I k-turned he took out Carnor. Tomax tried to get his missiles off against Terry, but happened to get a blinded pilot. Next turn Terry was in range 1 to prevent the missiles going off and Tomax was focused fired. Rexler tried his best, but Terry's token stripping left him relatively weak defensively and hurt his offense without Juke (although Juke wasn't of too much use against the mindlink list). 

      First match was a poor judgment on my part and the other two matches were against someone playing super seriously (but still super friendly) so my more casual lists were going to struggle.

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    • I'm a fan of Talonbane with the Cloaking Device as well, although I also enjoy using the generics. 

      The trouble is that they suffer from what X-Wings were suffering without having access to the fix, a regen astromch, or the X-Wing pilots' amazing abilities.

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    • perhaps a title?

      we can guess that the fix will come with a fix for the starviper in an "scum aces" expansion pack

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    • Perhaps....gasp....multiple titles...

      Don't want to get greedy though. 

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    • Tomorrow's casual X-Wing again, I've got the lists made.

      List 1: 

      List meant for yesterday, gonna get to fly it tomorrow.

      Soontir Fel with Twin Ion Engines, Stealth Device, Autothrusters, and PTL

      Omicron Group Pilot withCollision Detector and Palpatine

      Countess Ryad withTwin Ion Engine, PTL, and x7

      List 2: 

      I'm going to start going through all my Heroes of the Resistance pilots (with the exception of the Resistance Sympathizer and the new Han Solo whom I used as practice for Regionals when I was thinking of a Poe /Han list)

      Blue Squadron Novice with Integrated Astromech and R2 Astromech

      Blue Squadron Novice with Integrated Astromech and M9-G8

      2 Blue Squadron Pilots with FCS

      List 3:

      Jessika Pava with R2-D6, Swarm Leader, and Integrated Astromech

      2 Green Squadron Pilots with Snap Shot, Juke, A-Wing Test Pilot, Autothrusters, and Chardaan Refit

      Zeb with a TLT and an Intel Agent

      Actually saw this one on the FFG forums and I wanted to try it out.

      I swapped out Jess's Primed Thrusters for the Intel Agent on Zeb though.

      List 4:

      2 Red Squadron Veterans with Integrated R2 Astromechs and Crack Shot

      Dagger Squadron Pilot with FCS and a Tractor Beam

      Tala Squadron Pilot with Guidance Chips and a Concussion Missile

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    • i got a problem with fel on list 1: TIE mk2 (mod), stealth device (mod), autotrhuster (mod)

      i know royal guard TIE allows an interceptor to have more than one modification, but i though it was only 2 max?

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    • Royal Guard TIE is only two mods max. 

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    • Oh, hang on. I originally had TIE Mk. II but replaced with Stealth Device, accidentally still wrote TIE Mk. II was the mistake (you'll also note that the squad came to 101 points as a result of that mistake)

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    • I love how Wikia dumps posts if you walked away from the computer for more than 10 minutes while writing.  Thank heaven I've learned to copy the text before hitting the button.  And thank you, wikia!

      List 3 does sound like a lot of fun.

      I also approve the generic B-Wing and T-70 assault squad.  I've played a 4 T-70 fleet and a 4 B-Wing fleet and had fun with both, but I like the idea of combining the two and letting them complement each other.  List 4 looks similarly fun.  The thing with the low-PS generic fleets is, they could be completely outmaneuvered and diced apart, or thanks to their combined firepower and HP (and ability to split up and make it hard to arc dodge) they could be sneaky sleeper hits that the opponent only learns to fear once he sees them in action.  :D

      Salt Con has been fun.  Though I've been buying more games at the swap meet area than I've been selling.  Many more.  Mistakes were made.  ;)

      Someone is selling all his X-Wing ships for $425 -- about 20ish small ships, 4 large, and 2 rebel huge (all very old ships though, no new stuff).  Unfortunately I have nearly all those ships in spades, and from a back-of-the-napkin calculation, the fleet appears to be heavily overpriced for what's in it (and they're all used not new).  I'd make a fair offer on his Tantive since that's the only ship I don't have, but apparently he wants to sell it all together as a unit.  Oh well.

      I did miss Friday X-Wing, but I played Terraforming Mars, Ultimate Werewolf, that Star Trek Atremis (or something) video game, Over and Under, etc instead so it all balances out.  And we had some wonderful discussions in Ultimate Werewolf about the virtues of murder and who's suspicious for not advocating enough of it.  :D

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    • Asajj Ventress (43)

      Lancer-class Pursuit Craft (37), Outmaneuver (3), Shadow Caster (3)


      Kad Solus (33)

      Protectorate Starfighter (25), Deadeye (1), Advanced Proton Torpedoes (6), Concord Dawn Protector (1), guidance chips (0)


      Laetin A’shera (24)

      M3-A “Scyk” Interceptor (18), “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor (2), “Mangler” Cannon (4)

      a full 3 natural attack dice, 3 natural evade for the small ships, a solution to counter big ships (APT).

      It is full PS 6, so easy to move when it's your turn. you don't wan't to have initiative.

      theorically, Asajj shoot first, to tractor beam the target of the two other.

      Kad Solus want to make a red maneuver to use his APT.

      any ideas?

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    • I'd consider Gyroscopic Targeting over the Shadowcaster title, makes it easier for Asajj to use her ability, but I understand you're trying to make things easier for the other two ships in your list.

      It works well in the current meta of hitting things with lots and lots of dice. If you don't kill your opponent with Kad Solus, he'll likely still have a focus token for defense too.

      So things were a little wonky yesterday. I started using my Soontir - Ryad - Palpshuttle list against two Red Squadron Veterans with Juke, Comm Relay, Integrated Targeting Astromech accompanied by Thane with R2-D2, Jan Ors, Vectored Thrusters, and the title. It's a rather creative list and one of his most effective lists he's made for the Arc thus far (he tends to prefer semi-wonky lists). 

      Kinda the same problem as the last couple matches though, I dislike mixing and matching arc dodgers and jousters, I dislike the approach in those scenarios. The way I set up, I kinda set up for Ryad to be in the front with Soontir trailing behind to keep him at range 3, Shuttle was not too far behind. For the most part, I was trying to get rid of Thane so that he couldn't use his ability and then charge up a more powerful shot, but it meant the Jukes were hurting. Once I got rid of Thane though (whose Artoo is always annoying in the late game), stripping the evade tokens would have a more permanent effect. Ryad Koigraned in behind (who had lost two shields), 2-hull Soontir was dodging arcs but getting the most attention, and the Lambda was in the thick of it and blocking (still had 2 shields), whereas one Red Vet had lost all their shields, Thane had taken two hull damage.

      At this point the game was called though, since there was a young fellow (10-12?) who was looking to get into the game but only had a limited time. He hadn't yet played a game, so it was largely a teaching game, and he had just bought a U-Wing. We played a 40 point match, where I flew Night Beast and a Baron of the Empire with PTL, Autothrusters, and the title. Since I was trying to get the game to happen quickly, I didn't realize a lot of his upgrades weren't the most synergistic. Cassian's ability didn't come into play, Expertise and Recon Spec is kinda overkill, Bodhi Rook crew is useless. I felt a little bad, but he didn't seem to mind.

      We also abstained from using any obstacles, so it was mostly just shooting and koigraning at each other. He got the Baron down to one hull, but the game ended where he rolled 0 evades on two rolls of three dice, taking 3 damage. He seemed to have enjoyed it though.

      We had a three way battle afterwards, each person taking 75 points. My fleet was Corran Horn with Artoo, FCS, and PTL with Sabine in the Phantom with a TLT, PTL, and an Intel Agent. The other two fleets were Darth Vader and Juno Eclipse, both with Predator , TIE/x1 , Advanced Targeting Computer, and Prockets, Darth also had an Engine Upgrade and Asajj Ventress with Latts Razzi, PTL, and Inertial Dampeners with Palob with Dengar, Adaptability, TLT, and Moldy Crow. We used 6 debris. I was afraid of just about everything, 5 dice prockets, Asajj double stressing me, Palob stealing tokens.... The first few turns involved me running away, Imps chasing me, and Scum being slow to joining the battle due to debris placement. I k-turned at one point and then met Vader the next turn afterwards, Juno not quite being in the fray. Darth stripped Sabine's shields, but Corran's double tap and Sabine's TLT took out Darth. Over the past two games that guy's played against me, Darth has rolled 0 evades over 27 dice. The next turn saw Scum in the fray. Juno did no damage, Corran couldn't shoot, Asajj did one damage to Juno, and Sabine and Palob each did a TLT damage to each other. Knowing Sabine was probably done, I pushed with her to give her extra tokens, knowing one would be stolen by Palob. Juno had koigraned behind Palob and rolled 3/3 hits, with one crit added. Palob then blanked on his defensive roll, spent his stolen evade token from Sabine, and still drew a Direct Hit to get killed. Corran did nothing to Asajj at range 1, and Asajj then finished off Sabine. Corran then, despite having rolled 4/4 hits after modifying with a target lock, Asajj managed 4 evades with her two focus results converted, evade token spent, and Latts Razzied. At this point it was largely Juno and Corran allying to try to take down Asajj, who was still at full health, but Corran was doing Corran's hit and run while Juno was having difficulty re-engaging when she was getting stressed. It meant that Asajj was largely only ever engaging one at a time, which really helped her defensively. I did start to do lasting damage into her though. By the time she was down to 5 hull, Juno and Asajj then allied against Corran. Corran managed to tank for the most part and regen pretty well. The moment of truth came when Juno unloaded a Procket into Corran. She managed 5 hits after modifying....and Corran rolled two evades and a focus, allowing him to soak most of it once having spent his evade token. I had done a fair bit of damage into Juno and Asajj too, Asajj being down to 3 hull and Juno down to 2. I had a bit of misfortune however, when I got sandwiched and Corran failed to roll a single evade, going from full health to dead in one turn. After that Juno pursued Asajj quite aggressively, she went down to one hull but kept laying crits into Asajj and eventually won it.

      So since I didn't play a full game, I still hope to play the Soontir-Ryad-Palpshuttle list as well as the other lists I had devised.

      Also I was thinking, replacing Biggs in the Kanan Biggs list with Thane might work rather well. 

      Here's what I've come up with:

      Kanan Jarrus with FCS, TLT, Jan Ors, Rey, and Ghost

      Thane Kyrell with Jyn Erso (to charge up Kanan, second arc might help her a lot), Artoo, and Alliance Overhaul

      Zeb witht the Phantom and Chopper.

      So the weakness is obviously that Zeb isn't as good in this version, not having a turret, but I feel that Thane can lay the hurt much more than Biggs if Kanan gets targeted, and if they choose to target Thane instead than Kanan's just gonna stay around longer and be happier. Unfortunately, I don't think R4-D6 will synergise with Thane's ability. Any thoughts on it?

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    • Given that your firing arc is so critical, you might equip R2 Astromech for green turns.  Though R4-D6 might work quite well with 6 hull and 3 shields.

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    • I thought of Thane's 6 hull and 3 shields and 1 agility and thought of R4-D6 immediately. The issue is that R4-D6 forces me to take stress for each hit to be cancelled. But Thane's pilot skill means he'll be firing late in the combat phase. If I cancel any results, it means that Thane's ability can't be pulled off. I will consider the R2 Astromech however.

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    • I don't feel they get enough attention so for my next tourny I've whipped up a pure X-wing squad. Two T-70's flanking a T-65.

      Hero Poe in Black One  with BB-8 , Primed Thrusters , and Push The Limit

      Luke with M9-G8 and Trick Shot

      And Jess Pava who Luke has loaned R2-D2 to.

      All three are sporting Integrated Astromech as well.

      Now Poe obviously looks like the main draw here, which he should be. He'll be rolling and boosting around to avoid those enemy arcs and shed target locks but the plan is to have him stick close to Luke and Jess. Luke is going to lock onto Jess and as long as everyone stays close she'll have a full 3 re-rolls on all of her attacks. Luke has Trick Shot because it's zero points and he had the slot. Hopefully everyone will be focused on that big bad PS9 pilot so Jess can get in those good hits. Luke may occasionally swap his lock to an enemy to run interference if Poe gets in too much trouble.

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    • Cool, I love X-Wing fleets.

      I suggest giving Luke Adaptability instead, to bump his PS to 9 with Poe.  It's extremely helpful when maneuvering in formation if you can choose the order you guys will activate.  Generally you'll have Jess in front so your maneuvers are not restricted to long leapfrogging ones, and then Luke and Poe can activate in the order that best avoids bumps.

      I'd be tempted to give R2-D2 or R5-P9 to Poe, as it makes him absurdly durable and plays so well with PTL.  Though BB-8 does great with PTL too, so it's up to you.  Note that with BB-8, your wacky rolling/boosting hijinks will often be limited because you want to stay in formation... but actually at some point you'll want to peel Poe off to flank or draw a foe away.  Know when to break ranks and I think you'll do fine.

      Actually BB-8 might be really helpful though for formation flying, as Poe can react to problems by rolling to the side to give himself a safer landing spot, and even better, PTL.  For example, Jess bumps and threatens to cause a bump chain that would leave Poe without his mandatory focus token.  If Poe isn't blocked on the sides, BB-8 lets him roll to relative safety, and even if he'll still bump, he can PTL his focus beforehand.

      Also keep in mind that the T-65's dial is quite limited compared to the T-70.  Luke will be at a disadvantage and your formation movements will mostly center around what he can do; watch for that while flying in formation.  Same goes while flying Corran Horn with x-wings -- I know it threw me off at first while flying him with Wes and Biggs.  :)

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    • I picked Luke because he's a classic and has decent surviability without a regen astromech like R2 or R5, and also because ironically Jess is one of the few T-70s that likes flying in formation, Poe, Nein Nunb, Ello, Wexely, and Blue Ace all have pilot abilities that either favor going solo or give them maneuvability the other T-70s can't match. Jess, Red Ace, and the Generics are the only ones who are comfortable flying in formation (and Poe when he isn't loaded up with BB-8 and PTL for all those rolling and boosting hijinks).

      I also was wondering if I should replace Primed Thrusters with Pattern Analyzer on Poe, I don't know which one would compliment his PTL more in case he wasn't able to do the old "BB-roll -> PTL -> green to clean -> action".

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    • Arc dodgers tend to not to like to stick in formation. If you're going to stick him in formation, I'd personally attach R5-P9 to him.

      Primed Thrusters is the better tech upgrade with BB-8 however.

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    • What do people think of this list for a 3 big ship Scum Squad with decent synergy? Mandalorian Mercenary (38) Firespray-31 (35), Outlaw Tech (2), Attanni Mindlink (1)Contracted Scout (27) JumpMaster 5000 (25), Unhinged Astromech (1), Attanni Mindlink (1) Trandoshan Slaver (35) YV-666 (29), “Gonk” (2), Feedback Array (2), Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2) The Slaver is there to block and hurt opponents even if out of arc. The Scout moves around more freely and finds the gaps, focusing on barrel rolling to get to range 1 for the extra dice (or TL if on fringes of battle). The Mercenary aims get a focus by action or through Outlaw tech for itself and the Scout. The Scout with Unhinged Astromech won't mind the stress if latter. You should be able to hit a lot with the three Arc types and you accept you will take damage from high PS pilots but the high HP accross the squad soaks it up and you save focuses for attacking late on. 

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    • Last night's huge ship battle was fun, even though it took so long we couldn't even come close to finishing.  In the end, we'd taken out the enemy's Gozanti, and lost the front of our Raider.  Small ships probably put us ahead: we lost 1 small and killed at least 2 (I think more than that).  We didn't have time to figure out points, game store was closing.

      For my gozanti, I chose:

      Ordnance Tubes + Ion Torpedoes + Ordnance Experts + Weapons Engineer + Suppressor + Rear Admiral Chiraneau + Engine Booster + Docking Clamps

      I fielded 4 Royal Guard Pilots with Crack Shot and Autothrusters.  Once they got into the fight they just wrecked stuff, as interceptors tend to do.  I decided to not dock them even though I had the clamps for it... I wanted to fly them in formation around the outside of the fight and come at the bombers and enemy gozanti that way, and this ended up working well enough.  Though deploying them inside might have worked just as well, if not better.  Live and learn.

      Finally, I had Captain Jonus with Determination + Lightweight Frame + TIE Shuttle + Operations Specialist + Systems Officer.  Determination I fielded on a whim, just as a minor defense boost, and in case I met Kylo; he never took a shot so it never mattered.  Operations Specialist was a nice idea, but he stayed between the huge ships and thus never had chance to give focus tokens to anyone but himself.  Systems Officer I never used, because during play I forgot it was acquiring a target lock instead of a free lock action, so assumed I couldn't use it for my huge ships.  But I'd put him on the ship just to give locks to our huge ships... grrr... I need to read those cards better.  :)  It particularly would have helped near the end...

      My buddy had a Raider with Darth Vader (Crew), and a bunch of weapons (I didn't pay close enough attention sadly).  He had Ordnance Tubes but never used them, because we learned he could only fire those from the sides, and he never got a chance to do so (never had the action when he had a shot).  :(  But Vader?  He wrecked a couple of ships and it was awesome.  Enemy Carnor died very early from a direct hit.  Vader did particularly well since the Raider can shoot twice or more in a turn, and restore its shields next round.

      There was one moment, one glorious moment, where I had the chance to ram 3 or 4 heavily loaded bombers/punishers with my Gozanti.  They were all clustered together around a TIE Punisher, begging to be tagged with an Ion Torpedo.  Their ion'd movement would have guaranteed being plowed through by the Gozanti for instant death!  I locked, I fired, and I rolled blanks and focuses.  I Jonus'd 2 dice... blanks.  And finally, I forgot my Ordinance Experts, but it wouldn't have mattered because he rolled one evade.

      Those dice, they hate me.  It was such a beautiful alignment of the stars... the very heavens opened themselves up and blessed this torpedo shot... but the dice said no.  :)

      At one point I rammed his gozanti with mine so we'd be locked in place permanently, accumulating crits.  And then my TIE Interceptors swooped in and just *poured* damage on it.  That was one dead gozanti.

      Sadly my gozanti took a crit that prevented locks, so I couldn't do my normal shenanigans.  And around this time the enemy Raider finally joined the battle and started wrecking ours (killed the front section, which was already damaged).  And then we had to end things and pack up.

      All in all, that *was* a fun battle.  I really wish it was faster, but such is life in Epic play.

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    • You've got a lot of health that it'll take a while to take down, although you may struggle to have enough firepower. I like it.

      I wonder if Outlaw Tech is all that great on the Firespray though, its only reds are the k-turn, which aren't the most needed because you have the rear arc. The Slaver on the other hand will have difficulty staying engaged, so I would prefer Outlaw Tech on it rather than on the Firespray. 

      Also, you probably want to bump with your ships that have less firepower, so I'd use the Jumpmaster as a bumper instead of the Slaver, especially since it has the barrel roll. I'd switch the Anti-Pursuit Lasers onto the Jumpmaster for that reason.

      Lastly, have you thought about letting the Firespray have the Slave I title, that way it can also equip Long Range Scanners for free? That free combination really helps the Firespray be more efficient in my experience since it can take the locks whilst it's not engaged early on and if it needs to disengage for whatever reason it's very effective.

      Yeah, epic play we reserve for Saturdays only, but glad to hear you had fun Wazat!

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    • Today's game is 120 points, and a fleet can have any two 2 factions.  Each ship has to be individually valid (no rebel crew on empire ships, etc).

      Dash Rendar (54): YT-2400 Freighter (36), Rage (1), Autoblaster (5), Kanan Jarrus (3), Outrider (5), Smuggling Compartment (0), Inertial Dampeners (1), Experimental Interface (3)

      Jan Ors (37): HWK-290 (25), Adaptability (0), Twin Laser Turret (6), Inspiring Recruit (1), Moldy Crow (3), Vectored Thrusters (2)

      Captain Jonus (28): TIE Bomber (22), TIE Shuttle (0), Adaptability (0), Lightweight Frame (2), Another Inspiring Recruit (1), Fleet Officer (3)

      I figure I'll gamble a bit today.  54 points in a ship that cannot shoot at ranges 2-3 is dicey, but it's an agile ship and it'll be hilarious when it works.

      Dash can move and then barrel roll into position, shedding stress with Kanan + Inspiring Recruit.  Then he can Rage.  If he's ever in a tough spot, he can slam on the brakes to avoid a bump.  Jan adds a 4th die to his Autoblaster, which with rage + focus + jonus should tap enemies with moderate force.

      Jan has TLT, a focus token storage tank, and vectored thrusters to roll out of range 1 of foes.  She should be fine.

      Finally, Jonus was fun last Wednesday so he felt like a natural to bring into the rebel fold.  Nevermind any past atrocities... he can make my weapons reroll!  Both TLT shots and any of Dash's un-raged Autoblaster shots will benefit from that, and even a raged Dash will get 1 bonus reroll through him (Jan's extra die).

      And Jonus brought along a friendly Fleet Officer and a spare Inspiring Recruit for support.  Ya know, I trust those guys.  They're so friendly and attentive with the way they listen to everything anyone says, jot down notes, and speak quietly to each other or into their radios when at our base.  I've got a good feeling about this.  We should bring the Empire along more often!

      Everyone is PS 7 so they can move together effectively.  I'm optimistic about the design, which means my ships are probably dice-doomed, but they could do alright.  Wish me a non-firey death!  :D

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    • Hahaha didn't go well.  Well mostly; 2nd game I did great.

      My first opponent tabled me and never lost a ship -- I bumped and missed out on a critical shot in the first round of contact, then he took out Jonus and then Jan, and I was in a bad spot for the rest of the game.  He had a couple of Juke Box ties, "Backdraft", and the Upsilon shuttle (Stridan).  My rolls were all abysmal, a conspiracy of dice that just wrecked all my ships, and he rolled amazing.  The dice gods giveth, and the dice gods taketh away.  ;)  That wasn't the bad part -- he's a cool opponent and it was fun near the end seeing how far I could get.

      The bad part was that near the start of the battle, all the noise and movement and stress around me finally got to me and triggered a painful panic attack (I have these from time to time).  The guy loitering behind me wouldn't give me space even after I asked him to (he just kinda stared stupidly), and I had a really hard time quelling the attack.  I finally solved it by grabbing my earplugs to deal with the cacophony of noise, and by physically interposing my chair between myself and Doofus McRetard III so I could have some personal space, and the panic attack finally subsided.  With my head and body no longer screaming, I enjoyed the rest of the game, even though my opponent tabled me bad (again, he's a really cool guy and he made the battle fun).  Life lesson: When you suffer from panic attacks, make sure you have some tools available, and be creative with how you cut off problems.  I'm realy glad I thought of using my chair to give myself some space; the guy just stared at me with blank eyes until a physical barrier was errected, and suddenly the bare minimum one foot of personal space didn't have to be violated anymore.  Anyway, that's a side issue.

      In the second fight, I tabled my opponent really bad... just as bad as I'd been tabled last game.  Things just went right this time: my maneuvers were perfect, and the proverbial dice gods apparently decided I'd had enough last game and turned on my opponent.  His two k-wings and one rebel TIE didn't last long at all.  I wiped the TIE first with 3 hits thanks to Jan and Rage, and cleaned up his PS2 k-wing soon after.  Miranda lasted a bit longer and managed to get half points on my YT-2400, and then it was over.  I felt sorry for him, but also felt relieved seeing my fleet actually perform okay.

      The third fight was against my good friend who rarely plays... and he really should play more often.  He flew an *interesting* fleet, and flew very well.  Major Stridan with FCS + Kylo Ren + Systems Officer + Kylo Ren's Shuttle + Targeting SynchronizerCaptain Yorr with Collision Detector & 2 Inspiring Recruits; and Contracted Scout with PTL + R5-P8 and "Gonk", Extra Munitions and Plasma Torpedoes + Guidance Chips, and the Title.  2 inspiring recruits and Captain Yorr allowed him to pull some very fun tricks.  He could do a red stationary maneuver with Stridan and still take an action, because Yorr ate the stress.  The jumpmaster could do a red K-Turn, and then barrel roll and PTL a target lock, because Yorr.  Then Yorr moved and cleared all his stress.  This made for some interesting rounds.

      I made the mistake of not targeting his jumpmaster primarily, thinking his shuttles would be softer targets.  But the jumpmaster was the really dangerous threat, and I could have outmaneuvered the shuttles all day but not the turret.  I did manage to kill Yorr by the end, but he was able to kill my small ships and eventually overcome Dash.  He flew well and we really enjoyed the stress shenanigans.  We both brought debris clouds, and I had a lot of fun just plowing through them without any regard, as did Yorr.

      In retrospect, my fleet is great for killing aces, assuming I don't foolishly bump and then lose my allies to amazing rolls.  But HLC would be a better cannon for Dash overall.  I'll take a donut and Jan'd 5 attack dice over a range 1 Jan'd 4 dice with unblockable hits.  It's just too dicey, excuse the pun, to try to maneuver into range 1 or else fail my shot.  Still, worth a try, and when I did meet aces without bumping I tended to ruin their lives.  It's really too bad the YT-2400 has only one crew slot... that really hurts it, IMO.  A YT-1300 can have both Kanan Jarrus and Inspiring Recruit on itself, while the 2400 has to offload one of those onto an ally.  This makes me want to try a Wookie Rage + Jan fleet next.

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    • This is a "squadron" I'm trying out for now and it managed to take down two (post-errata) x7 defenders and an sf

      Han Solo (original) + trick shot + chewie + Luke

      Dash rendar + trick shot + HLC

      And my opponent fielded

      Backdraft + FCS + title + adaptability

      Vessery + x7 + TIE MKII + VI

      Maarek + x7 + TIE MKII + VI

      So I don't remember everything about the match, but I engaged the defenders and sf, immediately opening fire on backdraft, doing one shield from an HLC and a 3 die attack, and in exchange, Han lost all his shields

      Next round, dash moved and barrel rolled, causing vessery to collide with him, while Han moved so he could still shoot backdraft and I think killed him, meanwhile maarek dealt a couple face-down cards to Han, no need to lose the Wookiee yet

      Next round, han and dash have shots at maarek and the maniac survives with only losing shields while vessery dealt Han a direct hit, bye chewie!

      Eventually maarek fell and it was basically game, dash was shieldless, Han had his Wookiee donated shield and some hull left, and vessery was shields down, the next round leaving him with one hull left

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    • I did fairly well in my local shop's tournament this week. (Won 2 out of 3 battles, just 2 points shy of third place overwall).

      It was a pretty Falcon heavy night, myself and 3 other people (who also happen to be all of my opponents) were fielding the falcon in some form or another.

      In mine I had: Rey + HOR Title + Finn + Lando + Predator

      PS9 Poe flew as her wingman with: Black One + BB8 + Integrated Astromech + Primed Thrusters + PTL + Seismic Torpedos

      I got a fair bit of compliments from all my opponents remarking how 'beefy' Poe was and with his ability to perform 3 actions, shed a TL, and come out with no stress I think it was well earned.

      Most said Rey with Predator was a bit of overkill but I've always practiced the philosphy of "if its work killing its worth overkilling" and I definately don't have any plans on swapping out her EPT, Lando also proved to make the Falcon surprisingly tanky, sure I rolled a few double blanks on his gamble but those occasional double evades made my opponents think twice about shooting Rey. Rey, Finn, and Predator even proved to be too much of a match for old school Han, they went toe to toe twice (two of the Falcons i fought were old school han, the other was another Rey) and even though Han shot first they could never get the same amount of hits in that I could with all of those rerolls at my disposal.

      Poe of course did very well but I found myself running out of actions to use once I had a target lock on something and Primed Thrusters never really came into play (i used seismic torpedoes once and managed to chip a Han) so I'm looking to swap both of those out for a better tech slot item (or another tech and torpedo, maybe even a modification for the falcon)

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    • Today I played a modified version of Wookie Betrayal and had fun.  I had to modify it because the rules today were "150 points, only up to 2 named pilots, and only up to 2 of each ship type".

      Chewbacca (HOR) + Rage + Inspiring Recruit + Millennium Falcon (HOR) + Smuggling Compartment + Scavenger Crane + Sabine Wren (Crew) + Proton Bombs

      2x Bandit Squadron Pilot + Cluster Missiles + Guidance Chips

      2x Prototype Pilot + Chardaan Refit + Autothrusters

      Captain Rex + TIE Mk. II

      "Zeb" Orrelios + TIE Mk. II

      It would work better with just the Z-95s, as they're better at getting their damage out with their missiles, then happily being bombed to death with Direct Hits.

      I lost all three rounds but it was hilarious seeing the fleet work when it did.  I came pretty close to winning the 2nd round, but favorable dice kept his ship barely alive.  In one round I lost 4 ships and just spammed attacks, but still just chipped the target each time.

      What a silly fleet.  ^_^

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    • Green Squadron wrote:
      I did fairly well in my local shop's tournament this week. (Won 2 out of 3 battles, just 2 points shy of third place overwall).

      It was a pretty Falcon heavy night, myself and 3 other people (who also happen to be all of my opponents) were fielding the falcon in some form or another.

      In mine I had: Rey + HOR Title + Finn + Lando + Predator

      PS9 Poe flew as her wingman with: Black One + BB8 + Integrated Astromech + Primed Thrusters + PTL + Seismic Torpedos

      I got a fair bit of compliments from all my opponents remarking how 'beefy' Poe was and with his ability to perform 3 actions, shed a TL, and come out with no stress I think it was well earned.

      Most said Rey with Predator was a bit of overkill but I've always practiced the philosphy of "if its work killing its worth overkilling" and I definately don't have any plans on swapping out her EPT, Lando also proved to make the Falcon surprisingly tanky, sure I rolled a few double blanks on his gamble but those occasional double evades made my opponents think twice about shooting Rey. Rey, Finn, and Predator even proved to be too much of a match for old school Han, they went toe to toe twice (two of the Falcons i fought were old school han, the other was another Rey) and even though Han shot first they could never get the same amount of hits in that I could with all of those rerolls at my disposal.

      Poe of course did very well but I found myself running out of actions to use once I had a target lock on something and Primed Thrusters never really came into play (i used seismic torpedoes once and managed to chip a Han) so I'm looking to swap both of those out for a better tech slot item (or another tech and torpedo, maybe even a modification for the falcon)

      You should definitely swap Seismics and IA with Autothrusters, whicih will make Poe even more tanky. Keep Primed Thrusters, as it gives you some versatility with Poe, as you can use BB-8 even after a red maneuver.

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    • uuuuugh, so I've been rather sick for a week and a half now and I am finally getting over it, hence my absence from the forums, but it means I have 3 casual gamedays to chat with you guys about, some of it's getting quite hazy.

      So my first match from two Thursdays ago was with the Palpshuttle, the Countess, and Soontir, using post FAQ rules.

      I faced Blount with Tracers and 5 Bandit Squadron Pilots, two with Cluster Missiles and 3 with Concussion Missiles. Each Zed had some Guidance Chips as well.

      First couple round of engagement had Blount hit Ryad with his tracers, but then we went over the rules and determined that the ships within range 1 of Blount still have to be within range 1-3 of the target they're acquiring target locks on, so he didn't do that. He managed to box Ryad in quite well though and had her dead from missiles after three turns of shooting, although I got rid of one Bandit and Blount. I then misjudged his maneuvers, putting the Shuttle in front of his Zeds where it got lit up. Soontir at that point had to go up against 4 Zeds, one with Cluster Missiles (the real scary one). After 10 turns of not taking any damage focusing on survival, I finally got a Zed off the board. My opponent conceded at that point. I can sympathize just because having 0 luck against Soontir Fel is never fun. Ryad died would have survived another turn without the FAQ, although the Palpatine change never affected me in the end.

      I then played my two Blue Squadron Novices with two Blue Squadron Pilots against that really cool Thane Kyrell list with Juking Red Squadron Veterans. I misjudged some B-Wing k-turns, and after that started to get torn to shreds, losing a Novice that turn and then losing another ship the next turn.

      My last match that Thursday was practice for someone who was going to the Naboo Open. The list was two Bandit Squadron Pilots with Tracers, Jessika Pava with R2-D6 and Adaptability, a Rookie Pilot with an Integrated R2 Astromech, and a Stresshog. Unfortunately the list I used was my own Jess with Swarm Leader, two A-Wings with Juke and Snap Shot, and Zeb with a TLT. My list didn't work very well against a PS2 swarm, as I couldn't move with Snap Shot so that the danger zone was unpredictable, nor could I use Juke on the Snap Shots. I don't think the Snap Shots I did get off were all that great either. My red dice failed me on my first two rounds of firing, doing little to no damage. Meanwhile, my opponent got an A-Wing off the board in the first turn and Zeb off the next turn. I did manage to hurt his stresshog somewhat though. After that though, he forced some bumps to try to keep favourable engagements on me, the Stresshog was out, trying to reengage for a bit too. It meant I hurt Jess a fair bit, and it was his turn for the red dice to be unfaithful to him, he put the A-Wing and Jess down to one hull (with Jess still having her droid to pop) but couldn't manage any finishing blows. In the space of the last turn or two, I managed to kill his Jess and Stresshog, but the rest of his forces were finally able to wipe up.

      He did quite well at the Naboo Open (his stated goal was to win enough loot that he could give me some extras), getting to the 2nd day (5 wins out of 7 required), and then after the 2nd day got 21st overall. There were 260+ people there. Two of my other buddies made 2nd and 6th after the 2nd day and so are in the top 8 cut. Waiting to hear how those go for him.

      Admiral Ozzel
      That tortoise is a good luck charm I have to my buddy who made 21st, he's been placing him on the largest asteroid during every game and taking pictures. His name is Admiral O-Shell (a pun off of Admiral Ozzel).

      Last Thursday I used my two Red Squadron Veterans with a Tala Squadron Pilot and a Dagger Squadron Pilot against a list with Asajj Ventress with Engine UpgradeAttanni Mindlink and IG-88 crew, IG-88C with Atanni Mindlink (maybe a Tractor Beam?), and Kaa'to Leachos with Tracers and Mindlink.

      I managed to force some key bumps throughout this game and won, but I sorta forget a lot of what happened. I told you things had gotten hazy. I think I only lost 1 Red Squad Vet however.

      Next match I used Snap Wexley with VI, R2-D2, Pattern Analyzer, and Autothrusters, Ten Numb with A Score To Settle and FCS, and Jake Farrell with Chardaan Refit, PTL, Adaptability, and Autothrusters. I faced Vessery , Ryad, and a Delta Squadron Pilot. Ryad had PTL, Vessery had Swarm Leader, both of them had TIE Mk. II, and all three had x7. Ten Numb had a Score to Settle with Vessery. My opponent kinda kept moving back and forth along his lane on the right, whereas I began approaching through the asteroid field. I managed to sneak a shot with Ten Numb at him, where I buggered up his formation through A Score to Settle, which made Ten Numb's Tractor Beam undodgeable, and pulled Vessery onto a rock. From there, a handful ofcautiousness and arc dodging, meant he hadn't damaged me yet, but I had done 2 damage to his Defenders. Ryad at one point rolled poorly, failing to dodge 2 hits and a crit with any dice, so had to use an evade so that only one crit when into her hull, but from there Jake wiped up. He switched priority targets from Snap to Ten Numb part way through, and I continue putting on damage on the Delta and Vessery, although it was spread out. Last turn he put both his Defenders onto Ten Numb, who wouldn't survive by himself, so I gambled and made sure Jake was range 1 of the Delta and Snap was range 1 of Vessery. I actually managed to take both Defenders (sitting at 2 and 3 hull) off the board to save Ten Numb, tabling the triple Defenders with a list I didn't think was too great.

      Yesterday, my first match I used Red Ace with Artoo and Comm Relay, Jake Farrell with the same build as the last match, and Kyle Katarn with Predator, a TLT and Chewie and the Moldy Crow. My opponent used Whisper with VI, Agent Kallus, ACD, and FCS, with Chiraneau who had Adaptability, Gunner, Rebel Captive, and Engine Upgrade. My opponent was pretty tired, and I forget exactly quite what happened, but Jake's ability made him a fantastic blocker against Whisper who struggled without any focuses or evades, and Kyle passing Jake the focus tokens made him arc dodge Whisper in some pretty crazy scenarios. Having equal pilot skill helped, so I could choose who to shoot Chiraneau first to receive the Rebel Captive stress depending on who had the best green available to them, which happened to by Kyle a couple times. Jake was the first to go down however after a poor dodge where he got focus fired, but Whisper went down shortly after, soon followed by Kyle going down. I had done enough damage at that point though that Red Ace could easily handle the 4 hull Decimator, and Red Ace never took any hull damage.

      My next match, I used Nien Nunb with R3-A2, Pattern Analyzer, Autothusters, and Snap Shot with Jake with an identical build save with Juke rather than Adaptability, and Keyan Farlander with PTL and FCS. I faced Brobots, IG-88B and C, both with HLC, FCS, Autothrusters, VI.

      After my first turn, I boosted with Nien Nunb to create a challenging position for his Brobots where I could surprise them with Nien Nunb's Snap Shot, but I misjudged his maneuvers and he slow played where I expected him to fast play. I also forgot that the IGs had koigrans, thinking they just had the Sloops, so I let an IG get right behind me when I could have prevented that by stressing with Nien Nunb. After that turn, Nien went down to 4 HLC hits. It kinda went downhill from there, Keyan going down with no real defense (and with the 4 shots I took, I rolled no focus results -.- ), but I did get both Brobots down to half health, one to one hull, but Jake rolled poorly on his last defense roll.

      Next match I used PS 9 Poe Dameron with Pattern Analyzer, Autothrusters, Artoo, and PTL, with classic Han with Threepio, the evade title, Predator, and Rey. I faced Vessery with TIE/D and Tractor Beam and VI, Duchess with LWF, Adaptive Ailerons, and the standard Countess. I probably should have slow played to charge Rey up more, but his forces just lit Han up, I was forced to waste Threepio frequently on the Tractor Beams, and Han just got shredded and Poe followed soon after :/

      Last match of the day was a 50 point threeway, I played Corran Horn with Artoo, FCS, EU, and PTL, I faced IG-88B with Fearlessness, Autothrusters, and HLC, and Dengar with the title and Expertise, and a couple upgrades I can't remember.

      I was target #1, and eventually succumbed and took a hull damage, at which point IG backed off of me and started attacking Dengar while I recharged shields. We weakened Dengar a fair bit, but once he was down to three hull and I had all my shields IG declared me the new target. I should have slow played there, but I fast played and required an action to barrel roll out of IG's arc, which meant I died from return fire from Dengar, since I had only grabbed an evade rather than a focus and evade. I put Dengar to so little health though that immediately after I died from return fire, IG killed Dengar.

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    • Very cool, thanks for catching us up on the battle reports.

      I should mention tractor beam on Ten Numb is a clever idea; I hadn't thought of it.  It makes the tractor beam a solid play when you've got a long range shot at an opponent near obstacles.  It's too bad Ten Numb costs so much and goes down so fast.  :(  I wonder if Ten would benefit from Ion Torpedoes + Extra Munitions.  His crit method of choice often force a hit, and then you ionize one or more ships.  He's still too expensive for the effect (markedly more expensive thanks to the price of those torps), but it might be fun in a really casual game.

      I'm glad you're feeling better!  I've done my sick time not too long ago (hopefully that's the only time all year, fingers crossed), so you have my empathy.

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    • Yeah, I think the Tractor Beam is useful for guaranteeing that the opponent cannot shoot at you, and Fire Control System is amazing value, but then all you can really slap onto him is VI or A Score to Settle or Calculation to really run him as cheap as possible. Ten Numb was very close to going down towards the end despite that, and would have gone down faster had he not been putting people on rocks.

      This is the second time I've been sick, the first time was during my Christmas break where unfortunately I just had to power through the cold at work.

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    • Lists for tomorrow: 

      List 1: Haven't tried Rey yet, so I'm trying her out with Finn, Kanan, new title, Snuggling Compartment, Inertial Dampeners, and Crack Shot with PS 8 Poe, Artoo, Pattern Analyzer, and PTL

      List 2: Trying out the unique Quadjumpers (since I've given the Jakku Gunrunner a lot of playtime over 8 tournament games). So for Unkar I've got the Tugboat mod , Pattern Analyzer, Cloaking Device, and Intelligence Agent. Also trying out Quinn Jast with Proton Rockets, Veteran Instincts, Guidance Chips, Heavy Syck, and Pulsed Ray Shield. To round up, I've got two Unhinged TLT Thugs.

      List 3: Sarco Plank with Atanni Mindlink, Intelligence Agent, Pattern Analyzer, and Tugboat, Guri with Virago, Fire Control System, Autothrusters, Inertial Dampeners, and Attanni Mindlink, N'Dru Suhlak with Cluster Missiles, Guidance Chips, Glitterstim, and Attanni Mindlink. Lastly I'm taking Inaldra for a spin with Light Scyk, Attanni Mindlink, and Pulsed Shield Ray

      List 4: Constable Zuvio with Outlaw Tech, Scavenger Crane, and Cluster Missiles, Pattern Analyzer, Attanni Mindlink, and Tugboat, Tel Trevura with Punishing One, Hull Upgrade, Dengar, Unhinged Astromech, and Attanni Mindlink, and Red Genesis with Attanni Mindlink and Light Scyk.

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    • I got sick a couple days ago and I'm still mildly feverish & recovering, so I'll probably have to miss my regular Wednesday games again.  :(  I look forward to your battle reports!

      Crack shot on Rey is interesting.  I'd be tempted to go with VI so she can choose to activate the title based on where everyone is.  But Crack Shot can turn the tide when used decisively.  You have me wanting to play a Rey-Poe list.  ^_^

      I want to try the new scyks, but my Friday gaming group didn't want to play with them until they were released.  :(  I can check with the Wednesday group next week.

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    • You may have a point there, I do like keeping them even PS.

      My groups tend to put a limit on not trying out new ships, just new upgrades and/or pilots thankfully.

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    • Dragoon, you can't give inaldra pulsed shield if she's in a light scyk

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    • Right, I keep forgetting that restriction, thanks.

      In that case I'll replace N'dru with a Black Sun Ace with Pulsed Shield Ray and Attanni Mindlink.

      So the list would be:

      Sarco Plank withAtanni Mindlink,[1]Intelligence Agent, Pattern Analyzer, and Tugboat, Guri with ViragoFire Control System, Autothrusters, Inertial Dampeners, and Attanni Mindlink, a Black Sun Ace with Pulsed Shield Ray and Attanni Mindlink, and Inaldra withLight Scyk and Attanni Mindlink.

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    • So slight change of plan, I'm heading off to a casual tournament on Saturday (but with store credit on the line), so I'm going to try out a list I've had in mind for a while to practice with quickly tonight.

      Thane Kyrell with Jyn Erso, R2-D2 and an alliance overhaul with Kanan Jarrus in the Ghost with Jan Ors, Rey, TLT, and FCS, lastly Zeb with Chopper in the Phantom

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    • So I practiced Thane - Kanan, and it worked out pretty well.

      My first matchup was against the Brobot list from a couple weeks ago that had IG-88B and IG-88C with Veteran Instincts, Heavy Laser Cannon, Fire Control System, and Autothrusters.

      Thane was the one who was mostly targeted this match, but the trouble with Brobots is that they have difficulty staying on a target, so it gave Thane some time to get around an asteroid and regen shields. It also didn't help him that IG-88B's ability wasn't triggering frequently. I wasn't using Jyn too frequently since the Janning a focus into an evade was generally the best option, plus since Thane was the one being attacked his ability wasn't triggering as frequently. Kanan had to switch targets reasonably often to get the Brobot that was in arc at range 2 so Autothrusters wouldn't trigger, but he was putting in a lot of damage. Thane went down, but Kanan managed to carry through rather comfortably.

      My second match was against the same opponent but with Chiraneau with Adaptability, Engine Upgrade, Gunner, and Rebel Captive with Whisper with Veteran InstinctsAgent KallusACD, and FCS. 

      Getting away from Whisper unfortunately was a chore, who along with Chiraneau was managing to stick on Kanan much easier as Kanan took a pounding. Whisper was frequently cloaked and sitting on a focus token if not an evade, so wasn't a very appealing target. As a result I went after the Decimator mostly. Despite getting the Ghost stressed from Rebel Captive, it handled the stress quite well. The Decimator went down a turn before the Ghost, and from there Whisper dogged Thane and Thane was removed quickly. I conceded the game there so we could get in a game with someone else, Zeb wasn't likely to get a kill in.

      My third match was against a list my opponent had saw and wanted to try out, albeit with his own touches. He had a Spice Runner with TLT and Inspiring Recruit, a Syndicate Thug with TLT, a Contracted Scout with Intimidation, and Palob Godalhi with A Score To Settle. Palob decided he had a score to settle with Kanan. First round of engagement was Thane and the Contracted Scout taking pot shots at each other. Second engagement was critical however. Based on the distances and a debris, I moved Thane forward and managed to catch 3 ships with Jyn, however gave all the focus tokens to Kanan, Janning one of them. Kanan then bumped Thane, keeping him range 3 of Palob and Thane range two of Palob but tokenless. Kanan TLTed Palob while Palob took TLT shots at Thane, but Palob went down in flames from Thane and the Phnatom's End phase attack while TLTs still plinked away at Thane. I took down the Contracted Scout shortly afterwards while Thane also went down. After that the Ghost pursued the Thug and Spice Runner, taking the Spice Runner reasonably quickly while managing to stay range 1 of the Thug to secure victory.

      The last match of the night was against Darth Vader with TIE/x1, ATC, Engine Upgrade, and A Score to Settle, Soontir Fel in a Royal Guard Interceptor with a Targeting Computer, Autothrusters, and PTL, and the Inquisitor with PTL, Autothrusters, and TIE/v1. The first engagement was Soontir at range 2 with a focus and evade out of arc of the Ghost, but he had poor luck and the TLT managed to hit Soontir twice after stripping the two tokens. I next got the Inquisitor within arc so took a primary shot at him, which stripped the tokens, and let the TLT do some damage on the Inquisitor. He was a little annoyed with his aces not avoiding much damage. He got Vader engaged (after a bait and switch moment at the start where Vader was the bait, slipped into range one grabbed a target lock, and then took a couple turns to reengage) but Vader didn't do well dodging the TLT. Up until this point, he'd been arc dodging Thane pretty well. The Ghost took two crits of damage however, one Damaged Engine making all hard turns red and the other Thrust Control Fire giving him a stress while he was pointed away. I forgot to lay a crit marker down though, so I did a hard two turn. I killed Darth with TLTs however, but then after executing another hard two I remembered the damaged engine and that Kanan should be off the board. At that point it was a full health Thane versus a half health Inquisitor. With the double arc and obstacle placement, I was well able to keep getting shots at him, but his tokening made it hard to get damage through. Finally I did manage to get a range one shot where I got 2 hits and a crit and he blanked out.

      I'm quite happy with Thane/Kanan, I feel as if it suits my playstyle since I can keep Kanan and Biggs somewhat apart from each other while keeping the synergy up, and I got a pretty good opening setup for them.

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    • Very cool.  I'm missing my Friday gaming too (still sick - now I managed to get Conjunctivitis/pink eye), so it's nice to read someone else's battles.  :)

      I blame the dice gods -- not satisfied with betraying me on the table, now they sabotage my heeeealth!

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    • Last night some friends of mine and I had a 4-way 100pt each battle.  I played Rebel, there was 1 scum squad and 2 empire.  My squad was surprisingly good: Miranda Doni + TLT + Extra Munitions + Sabine Wren + Conner Net + Proton Bombs + Advanced SLAM and Esege Tuketu + TLT + Extra Munitions + Recon Specialist + Conner Net Proton Bombs + Advanced SLAM.  (You should try it! It fun!!)

      I first went for the scum squad which contained Fenn Rau + PLT + Title and Guri  + stealth device and some other stuff (fearlessness I think) and Talonbane Cobra + Cloaking Device + some other stuff (can't remember what). I managed to get my squad right into his and dropped loads of bombs.  It was my first time using sabine wren and it was good. I destroyed his whole squad (except Fenn Rau, who I got to 1 hit point left+ nasty crits) without shooting. One of my proton bombs got his entire squad, and fenn couldn't barrel roll/ boost out of it cause he was stressed and Talonbane couldn't either cause he dosen't have those actions and Guri was ionised from the last few Conner Nets I'd put on him so he was stuck.  After that I chased Fenn across the table while regenerating Miranda's sheilds and dodging the imperial squads, who seemed intent on wiping each other out.  On had a decimator with DARTH VADER and Wampa and Gamma Sqd. Vet. and the other a TIE bomber loaded with ordinance and a TIE Phntom (yay!) and his traditional Soontir Fel + PTL + Title + Stealth Device + Autothrusters.  The decimator destroyed the Phantom with a target lock and a focus and expose at range one and the TIE bomber ionised the decimator off the edge of the board. So I came in, almost full health again, after finishing off Fenn and took down the remaining ships with my left over bombs. I got Soontir with a proton bomb and blew up Wampa with TLT and one TIE bomber with TLT and then was just one TIE bomber left vs. my entire squad. We ended it there. I'll definatly use that squad again.

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    • Good job. I presume you played on a single mat?

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    • A massive bombs victory?  Sounds like a blast!

      ba dum tss

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    • Actually an epic sized mat. The scum player and I were trapped in one corner for a bit.

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    • Last night I fought a neat Targeting Synchronizer fleet that impressed me with its design.

      Kylo Ren, professional douchebag, with Fire-Control System, Weapons Engineer , and Targeting Synchronizer (39)

      "Deathfire" with Extra Munitions , Proton Torpedoes , Cluster Mines , Guidance Chips  (27)

      Tomax Bren with Unlimited Crack, Extra Munitions , Proton Torpedoes , Guidance Chips (31)

      So even if Deathfire bumps or spends its turn laying mines, Kylo spends an action to lock, or shoots and gets a lock with fcs, then deathfire can spend it to fire murder torps.  Proton torps with chips hit really hard, but he barely needed it... his dice were hot all day and he was rolling full hits and crits nearly every time.  O_o

      Next round Tomax would exploit the other lock to wreck another ship with his crack frenzy, and kylo would provide more locks with his action or shot.

      And attacking kylo could be a real problem thanks to the condition.  I managed to shunt it off to my other scyk so my firespray wouldn't take the heat, but it was still a serious threat.

      Against this masterpiece, I flew my Kath Min Max fleet again:

      Kath Scarlet with Swarm Leader , Tail Gunner , Glitterstim (45)

      2x Cartel Spacer with "Heavy Scyk" (16)

      Tansarii Point Veteran with Veteran Instincts , “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor, Tractor beam (21)

      The idea is to use the scrubs as blockers and evade generators to feed Swarm Leader and herd the enemy.  They're really good at this.  The Veteran provides an evade if needed, but also tractorbeams the target, though sadly this rarely lands.  :(

      I managed to wreck Kylo with a massive doomsday hit from Kath, but then turned the wrong way and nearly flew Kath off the board.  Were she a stupid Jumpmaster she could have been turret-punting foes the whole way.  But instead this took her out of the fight for several turns because nothing was in arc, and she had to focus on not clipping the edge.  When she finally got back, Tomax finished her off with a torp before she could redeem herself.  So she got off one nuke and a couple pot-shots, and after that it was down to the scyks, who were not up to the task (deathfire hadn't even spent his torps yet).

      He had fun with Deathfire... that bomb ability is great if you manage to nail someone, because you can get them again next round when you reveal your maneuver.  Very dynamic ship.  And both bombers worked great with Kylo's lock sharing.

      He's thinking of taking the fleet to Worlds.  It's funny to me that people were arguing Targeting Synchronizer wouldn't see any serious use, back when it was revealed.  :D

      That was the 2nd fleet that day.  The third was: Four scyks with "Mangler" Cannon + Attanni Mindlink + title (one scyk was Serissu), a fun casual fight that i won, but it was a close thing.  I liked the trickery he could pull thanks to the mindlink.

      The first fleet was:

      Asajj Ventress with Tactician + Anti-Pursuit Lasers (41)

      Dengar with "Gonk" + R5-P8 + Punishing One (50)

      (I forget what else they had equipped)  Dengar gonked a large number of shields but never got to cash them in, because I kept bumping him while chipping away his shields, and then destroyed his hull in one doomsday shot.  He did get some damage into me though thanks to the droid and counterattacks.  Asajj was a problem too, applying a lot of stress each round.  At various points both my veteran scyk and Kath were flying around with 5+ stress each.  This battle ended when Asajj barely clipped the edge of the map.  She'd flown too far forward trying to avoid a bump, and then I moved my scyks into position to bump her again as she tried the turn, forcing her corner to go off the edge.  Had this not happened, I'm not sure how the game would have ended... Kath could have done the remaining hull damage, but if she'd died I'm not sure the remaining 2 scyks could have finished the job.

      In retrospect I really need to give one or both scrubs Light Scyk so Kath can have Engine Upgrade; she desperately needs it.  Her arcs simply miss too many opportunities that wouldn't even worry a jumpmaster or lancer.  Maybe even replace swarm leader with PTL, and swap out some of the scyks... but then the fleet is losing its original design.  Hrm...

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    • Sounds like a neat list Wazat. I'd avoid PTL on the Firesprays, the greens are generally too restrictive in my opinion. I would also personally think about adding Slave I so that you can add Long-Range Scanners, I find it helps since once you get into the fray you don't really want to target lock anyways, and kinda lends itself to some hit and run tactics which could be particularly potent on Kath.

      I've been incredibly busy with school so haven't been playing too much.

      I did get a tournament in two Saturdays ago though where I used my Kanan-Biggs list. 

      My first match was against two x7  Delta Squadron Pilots and Whisper with Advanced Cloaking Device, Recon Specialist, Veteran Instincts, and Fire Control System.

      My opponent was still getting used to the decloaking mechanism, with me having to remind him of it before he moved on several occasions. By the time our forces met, his Phantom decloaked forward, leading to the Deltas bumping into Whisper and then Whisper moving into range one of both Thane and Kanan. While Whisper did hit Thane and cloak, she took two damage on both of Kanan and Thane's attacks, getting wiped out in turn one. From there I continued along, turtling Thane by using Jyn Erso and also using Jan Ors to change one into an evade while recovering shields. The issue for my opponent however was that usually he'd fast play one of his Defenders while slowplaying another Defender because one ship wouldn't have great option for not bumping my ship, so I'd shoot at the slow playing Defender that didn't get its focus token, and those 4 TLT shots tore the Defenders apart. My opponent even called the Ghost/Phantom TLT overpowered, asking if there was any downside to it.

      The second match was against The Inquisitor with PTL, Autothrusters, and the title, Major Rhymer with Snap Shot shuttling a Tactician and Rebel Captive , and Backdraft with Pattern Analyzer, FCS, and I forget the EPT. It may have been Trick Shot

      This match had Kanan and Thane come into range 3 of Rhymer and Backdraft, and I got some damage on Rhymer while he targeted the Ghost. Next round was difficultish, I felt I couldn't afford to give up my action so I had to make sure to be out of range 2 of Rhymer, but he excellently used that to keep Backdraft and Rhymer in the Ghost blind spots. The Inquisitor came in though, but I just couldn't manage anything from the 4 TLT shots, and even after the next turn where I caught the Inquisitor in range 2 in arc with Kanan, I still had only one damage on the Inquisitor who was rolling hot. I did manage to take down Backdraft however who wasn't doing so well on the evade dice. Eventually the Ghost went down just taking all the damage and Thane wasn't able to do much, constantly being stressed due to that Rebel Captive and Tactician and therefore being tokenless.

      There was a clerical error though, during round 1 two Ryans played each other and the scores were inputted incorrectly, meaning I faced a Ryan who had a good matchup against me rather than a Ryan I would have had a good matchup against (the one with the Juking T-70s and Jan Ors riding with Thane).

      Last match was against Hobbie with an Integrated Targeting Astromech, Tarn Mison with an Integrated M9-G8, a Blue Squadron Pathfinder with an Inspiring Recruit, and a Stresshog, but with a Dorsal Turret rather than the typical TLT.

      We started in opposite corners with me setting up the debris so I could go through without too much problem if needed. We came to battle with him managing to get his stresshod into range 2 of Thane and he managed some heavy damage whereas I managed to bother the Stresshog, getting it down to half health. Thane continued moving forward, with Kanan doing his best to protect him. My opponent wasn't used to flying the U-Wing in the group though, so it led to a few bumps where I could damage Hobbie. A two hull Thane, having shaken his stress and the stresshog desperately trying to re-engage, turtled up with Jyn and Jan, having a total of 2 focus and one evade token. If Tarn successfully managed to roll three hits and I didn't roll a symbol on my dice it was over...which is exactly what happened. Tarn took an unmodified shot and rolled 3 hits where Tarn rolled a single blank. Meanwhile a lot of my damage had been spread out due to the bump fest. I did manage to use the Ghost's primary to off that Stresshog before it got a shot off. A couple turns later and Hobbie and Tarn were off the board, but the U-Wing was behind me. Not sure which way the U-Wing was going and whether it'd fast or slow play, I veered towards the board edge and deployed the Phantom into range 1 of the U-Wing. Both their shots managed to finish off the half health U-Wing. We checked afterwards and it turned out that my Ghost was heading off the board edge the next turn, hard two would have had it clip the board edge.

      I came in 3rd and got $10 store credit, so got myself a protectorate fighter.

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    • Nice!  I like the Thayne-Kanan combo.  Though your opponent saying it was OP was probably a matter of inexperience... it's tricky to fly a fleet like that well, and it has real challenges.  But it must have looked amazing to him.  :D

      So throughout the match yesterday I was kicking myself for not equipping Long Range Scanners, since it would have been free and a nice boost.  Dumb me.  :)

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    • Well and there were mistakes made in the first encounter, his Defenders lacking focus tokens, Whisper rolling 4 blanks over 8 dice, etc.

      I like the Thane combo because I can still call it unique. I'm finding it difficult to do the match reports in much detail though. Unlike with the tri-aces where every maneuver was so key, it's slow play for Rey, smash myself at the enemy, plink away with the TLT, keep on trucking.

      I'd also say that any game where they target the Ghost is one I'm more likely to lose whereas any game where Thane is targeted I do rather well.

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    • I replayed my Nera-Jan-Biggs fleet last night and had some good fun.

      Biggs + R4-D6 + IA

      Jan + Squad Leader + TLT + Kanan + Moldy Crow

      Nera + Deadeye + Extra Munitions + Proton Torps + FCS + Guidance Chips

      I played two games and won both.  The first fleet was against Jess Pava, a stressbot TLT Y-Wing with title, another TLT y-wing, and a couple z-95s.  I went for Jess first; thanks to great defense rolls and IA it took two rounds to bring 'em down.  Once Jess was out my opponent called the game, apparently having no faith in his TLT y-Wings and Zs.  Biggs had absorbed all the shots and done good damage, and though hurt, wasn't dead yet.  Strong victory there, though I feel like he should have stuck it out and seen whether he could TLT me to death.

      Second fight was against a K-Wing with Conner Net, extra munitions, torps, but no turret upgrade; Ten Numb with Ion Cannon, Bistan + B-Wing/E2, A Score To Settle; and Jake with PTL + Vectored Thrusters, and VI.

      I wasn't the least bit afraid of Jake, and even though he rolled amazing attacks (frequently a crit + hit), he was never dangerous in practice.  I safely ignored him (the sad role of A-Wings ;_; ).  The K-Wing's conner nets worried me a bit, but in practice I managed to steer clear.  At first I assumed it had a TLT, but that turned out to not be the case.  Right from the start, Ten Numb seemed like the biggest threat.  He could ion me very consistently with no chance to dodge, and if he got behind someone he could keep them stuck piloting forward, so I had to watch my angle as we engaged.  Not to mention, his regular attacks could hit like a truck on Jan, or always sneak a crit through onto Biggs.  So I made him my primary target, and ended up wrecking him in one or two turns (I forget how fast it ended, but it was fast).  One agility die meant he took a lot of proton torpedo damage, and I rolled well anyway (not even needing the focus->crit and guidance chips).

      After Ten went down it was just a matter of cleanup.  His K-Wing went down reasonably fast (again, I think it was a couple rounds), and though Jake chipped in a damage or two on Biggs, he wasn't dangerous and eventually my opponent called the game.  Biggs hadn't died, and it was looking like I'd have an easy time finishing off Jake in a round or two even if he could get a hit off on Biggs.  He fought bravely up to that point though, really fun player to talk to etc.  (same guy who was my ally in the Epic game a few weeks back).

      I'm thinking about how to make a more casual and silly version of this fleet that uses Advanced Proton Torpedoes, because it's so funny when those things land.  I'd somehow need to free up 2 points though.  Kanan is quite useful in this fleet... but after analyzing everything I have, I've realized he's the one card that's not entirely mandatory.  I think I'll trade him out, either omitting the crew slot on Jan (and staying at 99 points for a mild initiative bid), or picking up an Inspiring Recruit or Intelligence Agent.  Thoughts?

      I also need to give my Quadjumper a test run.  It and my rebel TIE still need some love (though I have flown the rebel tie once).  So I'm thinking about fleets for them.

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    • I played the APT version of that same fleet today and had fun.  I think all three of my opponents were a wee bit green so I didn't stress-test the fleet much, but it was still a very fun casual night and I got to see my fleet in action.  APTs are definitely harder to pull off, but oh... when they land, they leave a crater.  ^_^  I won all three games, and Nera's Jan-boosted APTs performed very well and really accelerated the doom of ships I wanted dead (one shot was 3 hits + 3 crits that all got through).  I kept forgetting Intelligence Agent though... I'll have to work on that.  It's really important to know whether to barrel roll with Nera.  I'm still iffy on VI -- another elite might work better on Nera...?

      I really like the squad synergy that Jan offers with Squad Leader + Moldy Crow, and I want to thank Dragoon again for suggesting it!  It's turned out to be a really nice design.

      And oh, how important Biggs has been in the fleet.  He makes it so much more effective than it could be if enemies were able to focus-fire Jan or especially Nera to death.

      The opposing fleet that interested me most today was Captain Oicunn with Daredevil and the usual additions plus Mara Jade, but also BoShek, which I think is a really good addition.  Captain Yorr flew behind Oicunn to suck up stress, and carried an Inspiring Recruit and Rebel Captive.  Definitly not a tournament level fleet (I've flown something similar, I know how tough it is to make it work), but it was a delight to see it in play and he seemed to have a lot of fun with it.  Also Oicunn managed to ram Biggs and strip away both his shields, and forced a bump so Biggs didn't have the position or token he needed, and then Yorr's shot nearly finished him.  I ended up flying Biggs off the map trying to k-turn, but if I hadn't, he'd be doomed anyway.

      Also, I named my fleet "Biggs Problem?  Nera One We Jan't Solve!".  Hopefully my friend who loves dumb jokes and puns will love it.  I'm not sure anyone else does.  ;)  Here's the full squad:

      Nera Dantels with Fire-Control System, Advanced Proton Torpedoes, Extra Munitions, VI, Guidance Chips (37)

      Jan Ors with Squad Leader, Twin Laser Turret, Intelligence Agent, Moldy Crow (37)

      Biggs Darklighter with R4-D6, Integrated Astromech (26)

      The Campaign Against Cancer tournament is coming up, and I need to decide which of these two variations to bring (or maybe a different fleet?).  I'm leaning toward the APT version because it's more casual and silly.

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    • Intelligence Agent and VI is somewhat redundant. Honestly, I would try Adrenaline Rush as an EPT, it would let you do the hard 1 and barrel roll.

      It kinda surprises me that you're finding Squad Leader to be so great :p

      I'm knee deep in exam season, so while I've been playing X-Wing I've been finding it difficult to talk about it.

      That said, there's a largish two day tournament, the Toronto PTL Open, happening over the weekend, 3 rounds of Swiss on both Saturday and Sunday, casual events after Swiss on both days, and a cut to the top 16. You're allowed bringing three squads, you select your squad (without knowing any of your opponents' squads), and you get an extra matchpoint for using all three squads, none of your squads can repeat a named pilot. Side events will include trying out Heroes of the Aturi Cluster missions and Mario Kart.

      Prizes are cool, there's a ton of custom pilot/upgrade cards for signing up, custom painted ships to win, 9th place will be getting a Regionals 2016/17 attack and defense die, top ranked who uses each squad twice will get a set of Regionals maneuver templates.

      I'll be bringing my Thane-Kanan list, Backdraft-Vessery-Deathfire, and triple Scouts.

      I'll tell you guys more after it happens, gonna head back to studying.

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    • Awesome!  Have fun!

      And yea, Squad Leader has been surprisingly effective.  It's one of those cards that doesn't see much play at all, but in this case it really pays off.  I'll consider Adrenaline Rush; that's another card I don't see used much, but I can see it working well in this fleet.

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    • Okay, Adrenaline Rush was another really good suggestion that played out very well.  That's two for two, Dragoon!  You're on a roll!

      Being able to 1-turn or 2-k-turn as a white when I really needed it helped a lot.  That's a point definitely better spent than on VI.  I'm still iffy on Intelligence Agent though; it helped once when I needed to decide whether to barrel roll, but otherwise I tended to be out of range with Jan or forget to use it.

      This fleet is a bit harder to fly than the normal Proton Torpedo version (and I was fighting not very skilled opponents again, so it wasn't an intense stress test), but it's hilarious when that APT connects.  I played 3 games today and fired 2 APTs each; I don't think there was a single shot that didn't score 6 hits+crits.  It just shattered ships, and once they'd lost one important ship, I could push my advantage and whittle down their remainder.

      However, today I found out that it's the custom to bring terrible fleets to the Campaign Against Cancer tournament.  Or at least mediocre/silly ones.  It's all super-casual and light-hearted.  So I may have to put something different together, since even the more casual version of this fleet would be OP in that sort of environment.  I'm going to confirm on Facebook first... and after that, I'm up for suggestions.

      I may go with a bunch of bombers that just lay conner nets everywhere, or my quadjumper and scyks with tractor beams.  I'll have to find out how dumb vs viable it needs to be.  ;)

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    • Good to hear about Adrenaline Rush.

      As a note about Intel Agent, I blanked and assumed it would be on Nera herself.

      Speaking about on a roll, even though there's some serious competition, namely some high placers at Naboo Open, my ride and I are in 3rd and 2nd respectively. Time to crash and turn 3-0 into 3-3 tomorrow :p 

      I have gotten an acrylic Thermal Detonator token however, as well as some cool custom cards.

      Quick synopsis:

      Game 1: tabled a Norra -Shara -Jess with Kanan-Thane, removed Norra after time was called.

      Game 2: tabled another Norra-Shara-Jess list, with identical Norras and Sharas, but this time with Backdraft-Vessery-Deathfire. Took off Shara before she had the chance to regen (and had she not been removed, she was ioned and going to land on a rock and her subsequent maneuver would hit it). Deathfire did 6 Cluster Mine damage to Norra (albeit had to do two to Vessery who was cruising at full health). Game ended when Backdraft took his frontal shot on a range 1 astromechless Jess with a Target Lock, and then the rear arc range 2 shot against a 3 hull Norra with just 2 naked dice and his ability killed Norra, I rolled one crit, added a crit, the first crit was a direct hit.

      Game 3: Played a Lothal Rebel with Autoblaster and Torpedoes and a Homing Missile, Conner Net, TLT Miranda. Backdraft was hurting after the Homing Missile, and Vessery's return fire, despite Backdrafts Target Lock feeding, did 1 damage. However Miranda kinda lolligagged and I ensured that the Lothal Rebel only had one shot the entire game, although that one torpedo shot killed Backdraft. Ended the Lothal Rebel, and trying to get into the fight Miranda went through her own Conner Net. Vessery could then set his sights on her and Ion her until she died.

      Had a ton of fun doing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster as well, I was a loose cannon Rookie Pilot with an Engine Upgrade and R5-X3 and I got Lone Wolf as an upgrade after the tutorial.

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    • Very nice!  But poor Norra, sounds like she had a rough day against your fleets.

      At some point I need to get into Heroes of the Aturi Cluster.  I think my Friday game store started up a campaign a couple weeks ago, but I missed the first week due to schedule conflicts.

      I like that you used R5-X3.  That's a mech I've been meaning to try at some point, as it seems really useful unless you're depending on Integrated Astromech to extend your life.  I like the idea of one round just plowing through asteroids, taking a path my opponent would never have expected (even boosting onto an asteroid), and causing a bump or lining up the perfect shot.  It's kind of a one-time use Dash Rendar pilot + crew.

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    • Yeah, Norra had a tough time.

      Yeah, our group would say I have Integrated Astromech and then I'd have to tell them I don't actually have it.

      R5-X3 worked out really well on the second mission though, I landed on the croissant rock and shot down a TIE Fighter and then attracted all the aggro from the TIE Fighters who were all shooting obstructed at me.

      We did realize something that was subobtimal however, we couldn't have our Squad Leader (of equal Pilot Skill) boost me onto the asteroid before my maneuver.

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    • I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a potential squad build that I'd really like to try out.

      Norra Wexley + M9-G8 + Weapons Engineer + Expertise + Title

      Tycho Celchu + Title + Refit + Predator + Push The Limit + Autothrusters

      Jake Farrell + Title + Refit + Predator + Snap Shot + Autothrusters

      The idea was Norra would start off locking on Tycho and Jake letting them get two re-rolls from M9 and Predator. If she needed to she could break a TL off one and stick it on a enemy so she could use her own pilot ability and have a auto-hit with Expertise.

      Since M9 is one of the few ways to change snap shot I figured I'd go ahead and put it on Jake, his slightly below-ace PS combined with his ability easily reposition with a focus means he stands a better chance of being able to use it.

      And Tycho just does what Tycho does, eat stress and spit out actions.

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    • Having both M9-G8 and Snap Shot on 2 attack dice ships may be a little redundant I feel, especially since Tycho may wind up taking Target Locks anyway. It will mean it'll be very motivating to switch the target locks from them to Norra's target. 

      Something you may want to look at, generally Outmaneuver is weaker than Predator, but because you're already getting rerolls, Outmaneuver may help compound damage, and generally A-Wing's problems are that they struggle to push damage through.

      I need to pack since I'm moving tomorrow, but here's a quick follow up on my tournament performance. 

      So at the end of the first day, I had used my Kanan-Thane list once and my Backdraft-Deathfire-Vessery list twice and was 2nd, having tabled two people and won the third handily. However, there was a bonus point awarded if you used all 3 lists, so I was resolved to getting my Attanni Jumpmasters first thing and then putting them back in the case immediately afterwards.

      I faced a Fenn Dengar. It all came down to me managing to hard one and then barrel rolling without clipping a debris to get a bump on a two hull Dengar (who didn't think I had the space). If I succeeded on an Anti-Pursuit Lasers roll, I'd win the game because I could Feedback Array him. It did not happen. It was a close game however, so didn't hurt my MOV too much. Still got a matchwin point for using the third list though.

      Second game on Sunday I chose my Thane-Kanan list...but my opponent took out Imperial tri-aces, which I already knew destroyed the list. I got tabled, but it really didn't help Kanan's primary shorted out on an Inquisitor at range 2 with just a focus token. 

      Last match I took out Deathfire-Vessery-Backdraft again, and came up against a Jan Rey list. Now, I knew from previous experience of a friend using the list to not joust Jan Rey but... I was feeling reasonably good about my chances and jousted Jan Rey. It then came down to Jan versus Deathfire and Vessery, Deathfire started to make Jan hurt my managing to get her with 4 Cluster Mine templates (because of Deathfire's ability, I dropped the Cluster Mines, she ran over them, and then I dropped the Cluster Mines when Deathfire revealed his maneuver) and then Vessery closed to range one and killed her with the doubletap. 

      I was calculating my chances for the top 8 cut, because I assumed one or two of the 4 and 2s would make it through and I had a good MOV, two of my wins were tablings and the other two were by 67 points whereas one of my losses was by only 34 points, although the tabling hurt. While I knew I was hovering around it, I was quite surprised and happy to hear I had come in 9th. Now the cool thing was, as a consolation prize for coming in 9th, I got one of each of the sparkly Regionals dice, which I didn't realize would look so good in person. In addition, there were some custom Toronto Prototype League (Toronto PTL) acrylic tokens for reaching the top 8, so I've got a cool aurabesh version of a C target lock as well as some acrylic critical hit markers. I'm honestly not sure if I'll use the critical markers though, while I like the material and they feel nice, I'm a tad more partial to the cardboard ones put out by FFG. I also got an amazing custom pilot card, which was a still from Rebels of Darth Vader standing on his TIE Advanced. Heading into the tournament, I kinda had a mentality of why bother with custom art cards, they aren't tournament legal and don't look that great when I see online images, but man, that Darth Vader is a real beauty and I'm happy to have him. I'll likely slip it into a double sided sleeve with the standard Darth, and that way even if I bring it to a tournament I can just flip the card to show the legit Darth if anyone has a question about the card of his legality. I even got to place higher than the Canadian national champion, who came in 10th :D

      My ride though was 1st after Swiss, having gone 6-0.  He then took his Rebel swarm, two Bandits with Tracers, two Rookies, one with M9-G8 and the other with Seismic Torpedoes, and a Stresshog all the way and won the tournament with it. 3 of his performances were recorded, so I can post links of them once they got uploaded. 

      While that was happening I got to play another round of Heroes of the Aturi Cluster which just whipped our butts, we had to disable a shuttle and take out all the escorts. I basically just aggroed an elite TIE Advanced and several TIE Fighters (which was sort of the plan so that our Y-Wings could do work on the Shuttle) before having to jump to hyperspace, and it was a similar story with our leader. 

      All in all a fantastic tournament that was lots of fun and got a lot of cool looking stuff. Rather looking forward to the one next year.

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    • IMO Norra is the only one in the fleet with any real bite, since the a-wing's two dice is really tough to use against evasive foes even if you get 2 hits/crits every time thanks to rerolls.  Range 1 helps but isn't reliable to pull off regularly.  This is really where A-Wing struggle -- for their price, they're just not very dangerous without missiles; both a-wings are about a third of your fleet but they can't do much against a TIE Defender or TIE Advanced, for example.  If Norra is relegated to a support role, I think you've basically lost... unless you're fighting a TLT Ghost or something similar and you can always sit in its blind spot.

      Norra needs to be aggressive and dangerous, and I'd recommend giving Tycho and/or Jake prockets.  That will be tricky to fit into the fleet though.  I'd say replace Predator and Snap Shot, since you're using M9-G8 to provide support rerolls.  And Norra should save a lock for herself.

      I don't know if I'm overreacting, but I've watched a lot of A-Wing fleets collapse after the non-A-Wing ship was destroyed first.  At that point the a-wings' 2 die primary can't keep up with the power or overwhelm the defenses of the remaining opponents.  You need at least one a-wing to scare the opponent with the threat of a heavy procket attack, so they have to judge between fearing the ordnance or taking down Norra.

      Another alternative is to be super-arcdodgy with those a-wings, relying on mobility to get into range 1 and/or avoid shots entirely.  Jake is reasonably well-equipped for this, and Tycho might consider swapping Autothrusters for Vectored Thrusters so he can dodge arcs, not individual dice (though this trade fails against a turret fleet).  Jake can also block the higher aces like Vader to deny actions, making them more vulnerable to shots from Norra and Tycho.

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    • Ninja'd by Dragoon.  ;)   Outmaneuver is a good idea, BTW.

      Awesome!  I'm glad to hear you did so well.  I'm fond of some of the custom card art out there too.  If you ever get the chance to post a picture, I'd love to see it!

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    • On the subject of the A-Wing having difficulty to get damage through despite their price, I think this is exacerbated when flying the aces, particularly because of the way they used to price higher pilot skill compared to now. Jake's somewhat better because of his fantastic ability, which also makes him a good Proton Rocket deliverance system. Unfortunately missiles essentially have a 2 point tax on A-Wings.

      Were I to fly the squad, I think I'd drop Tycho's Predator for Rage, which will give him a focus and his own rerolls. This gives Norra the ability to keep a lock on Jake while also using it for her own ability, so she'll be in the fight more, while also being cheaper. I'm dubious of the effectiveness of Snap Shot on Jake, and would drop for a free EPT, either Adaptability or A Score to Settle. I'd also switch Predator for Outmaneuver. With 4 points cleared up, the last change I would make would be to drop Expertise on Norra for Push the Limit, she'll be taking stress, but she can focus target lock every turn for her ability and she has good greens. This would all allow for Jake to be given a Proton Rocket.

      The organizer said that he'd see if he could get pictures of all the custom cards so everyone could see them. There were quite a few pictures taken of the event, so I may incorporate those into some more detailed battle reports.

      For what it's worth, here's a picture of me with the dice.
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    • Haha, awesome!  Reminds me of the statues with gems for eyes.  :D

      Good advice on the A-Wings too.

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    • Here's the Darth I won, but I'd argue it looks much better as a card! 
      Darth VAder custom

      Here's another one from the day that I wish I could have gotten!
      Matt the Radar Tech
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    • That Vader looks so freaking awesome, and lol at Kylo- I mean Matt

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    • It's a shame I won't be playing a whole ton over the summer... I really want to get that Vader on the mat.

      And I still don't have any of the cards that come with the Raider!

      Mind you, seeing the current meta and few turrets, I think Vader could slowly make a comeback, especially with Lone Wolf

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    • That "Matt" card is hilarious, I'd love to get some custom cards printed one day, Strange Eons is such a fun program.

      Wazat I was thinking on what you said about 2-dice attackers having a hard time pushing damage through. My main goal with the M9-G8 + Predator was to give Tycho and Jake essentially unlimited actionless target locks (while still giving them more normal EPTs thanks to their title). I also picked them because they are the cheapest ship I own more than one of and the only way I could fit 3 aces on the field fully kitted.

      So I went back and dug through my roster to try and fit some better armed ships in, the best I could do was.

      Braylen Stramm + Title + M9-G8 + Weapon's Engineer

      (2x) Red Squadron Veteran + Pattern Analyzer + Predator + IA

      (one has R2-D2 the second has R5-P9)

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    • I tried out the list that won Stele Open recently for the weekly game night and won all four matches (with some lucky dice helping).

      It's a fun and powerful list, with ships that are hard to put down. The list is like this:

      Norra Wexley: PTL, BB-8, Kyle Katarn and Alliance Overhaul

      Shara Bey: Adaptability, R2-D2, Jan Ors and Alliance Overhaul

      Jess Pava: R3-A2 and Integrated Astromech

      I played against Hera+Ahsoka, Triple Jumps, ps9 imp aces and Brobots. The idea behind the list is to do a green maneuver with Norra and pre-move Barrel Roll and then PTL for a focus, clear the stress with the maneuver, get another focus from Kyle, turn it into an Evade with Jan and then a target lock with the regular action step. With the target lock from Shara, Norra can re-roll her dice and add a results from her own ability, giving her four dice extra bang for the buck. Then Jess stays close and gets so many re-rolls on everything. Great fun.

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    • Ah, the list won the Stele open. That explains why I faced two variations of it on the weekend, first Jess Pava had M9-G8 and then afterwards she had Primed Thrusters and R3-A2. Identical Norras and Sharas however. 

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    • I have to say, it's kinda neat to see the ARC doing so well.  It's strange where I live, occasionally people will diss ships like the ARC, Upsilon, and K-Wing and call them overpriced useless junk, apparently unaware of how well they do in both casual and tournament games. O_o

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    • Has the Upsilon been doing well on the tournament stage?

      I don't think it's a piece of junk, but I'm not sure it's full potential has been tapped into yet either.

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    • Ah yes fair point.  Though I'm still interested in knowing how well that one Targeting Synchronizer fleet did for the guy who planned to take it to worlds (or if he's played his matches yet).  That thing oozed synergy and was really effective, despite being two TIE Bombers and an Upsilon.  Though maybe I just played poorly that day and was overly taken with its coolness.  :D

      I'm also curious about TIE Defenders -- have they completely dropped off the map where you guys live?  In my area, people seem to have stopped using them out of disgust, along with all the other recently nerfed cards.  But that just seems so odd to me... the x7 nerf wasn't that brutal.  I'm glad the meta has adjusted to include more than x7s, Paratanni, and Dengaroo, but it's odd that people have moved away from those ships completely.  Maybe everyone's just exhausted from playing them so much out of necessity, that they're taking a breather and trying other ships?  Or was the x7 nerf actually as bad as people say?

      (edit: BTW it took a few weeks for x7s to stop being everywhere after the nerf, but looking back, I haven't been seeing them much anymore.  Could be a temporary lull)

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    • Isn't Worlds still happening in a coupla weeks?

      Now with the nerf (although Toronto had already kinda gotten bored of them judging by the Regionals in January), few are playing triple Defenders or Commonwealth Defenders, and more just playing a single Defender in a mixed squad. I did see two Deltas helping out a Phantom a couple weeks ago though.

      I saw the occasional one out and about yesterday though, but I never saw the squad. 

      I've just been sticking to good old TIE/D Vessery, but not he's getting non-x7 wingmates whereas before the nerf he was getting x7 Maarek or x7 Countess as a wingmate.

      I think the Defenders are probably on the good and competitive edge of balanced now.

      Come to think of it though, now that the nerf has happened, people haven't really bothered trying to get rid of Vessery, people kinda consider him rather innocuous even though he wasn't hurt and is still delivering dumptrucks of damage.

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    • Today I played my super-stress fleet to test it out, since I'm considering taking it to the Campaign Against Cancer tournament on Saturday.  It was fun, but... I don't know if I'll want to play it for ~12 hours.  I think I may back up to my Biggs+Nera+Jan APT fleet just because it's a kick to play.

      Tycho Celchu with A-Wing Test Pilot , Proton Rockets , Daredevil , Experimental Interface , Rage  (36)

      Keyan Farlander with Fire-Control System , Plasma Torpedoes , Stay on Target , B-Wing/E2 , Hera Syndulla (38)

      Gold Squadron Pilot with Targeting Astromech , Twin Laser Turret (26)

      The first battle I probably could have won, or at least done a lot better, but I didn't fly especiallly well and lost my heavy-hitters.  It came down to Tycho, who didn't want to die, against Poe, who didn't want to die either.  After a long struggle, we decided to call the match and declare him the winner.  His Nera had done a lot of damage to my fleet before she went down, so it was a rough fight, and I sincerely doubt Tycho could have done anything to Poe.  I took pictures of Tycho's stress pile, though, and it was beautiful.  I'll try to remember to post one tomorrow.

      Second battle was against a K-Wing and two Y-Wings, all loaded with tons of bombs; his goal was to mine the table with as many bombs as possible.  The Y-Wings had ion turrets too.  Like me, he was testing out a silly fleet for the CaC tourney.  He unloaded bombs as fast as he could but still ended up losing his K-Wing before it was done, as well as his first Y-Wing.

      But fate was on his side... I lost Tycho early in the match to terrible rolls.  Then my TLT Y-Wing got ioned, and slowly escourted to the edge of the table by his remaining Y-Wing.  The 1 agility die wasn't able to avoid the turret, so I stayed ionized, and I couldn't shoot back with him in my donut hole.  Off the table I went.  Then to kill the K-Wing, I willingly flew Keyan into a Conner net to get her into arc, and finished her off.  Not a problem, I figured -- I was a long distance away from the edge, and I'd taken the healthiest ship off the board.  All I had to do now was shake the ion token from the net, and deliver another couple damage to his last ship to win.  Keyan definitely had this in the bag.

      Keyan didn't have it.  The Y-Wing got behind me, and patiently escourted me off the table.  It felt terrible because I'd made two critical mistakes that each led to losing a ship to ions, but it was also hilarious and kind of a fun way to end the battle.

      Reflections on my fleet: I think I need to replace the Y-Wing's mech (Targeting Astromech just didn't help much, and that Y-Wing needs more greens), and maybe give Keyan Extra Munitions.  Maybe even switch the Y-WIng for Braylen, though the TLT helps balance out the otherwise firing-arc-heavy fleet.

      After this I was getting tired of the stress fleet, so I switched back to the APT version of my Jan+Nera+Biggs fleet.  It's silly, not overly powerful (since the range of the APT makes it hard to use), and it's probably the fleet I'll use on Saturday because it's so fun.

      My opponent flew Captain Jonus with support crew and Wired + TIE Mk. II, Colonel Vessery with TIE/D and Tractor Beam (and I forget what else), and Zertik Strom with TIE/x1 & ATC, plus Cluster Missiles and probably an elite of some sort.

      After an inital range 2-3 exchange of pleasantries, I introduced Vessery to the 6-die focused APT and he exploded with excitement.  Biggs spend some time getting turned around, having been tractor beamed into a debris cloud (accumulating 2 stress).  Jan also spent some time separated after getting turned around and needing to clear stress.  Jonus and Zertik were trouble, but couldn't seem to kill anyone.  They stripped every shield token I had and put lethal damage on Biggs (forcing him to chaff his astromech out the window) and 2 damage on Jan, so my ships each had one foot in the grave.  But then we converged on his ships and just demolished them.  Nera got off another torpedo shot, and Biggs and Jan also contributed some damage.  I ended up winning without any ships, though Biggs was sure close.

      I had a lot of fun with that battle, and I'm thinking I should bring this fleet on Saturday because it's such a delight to fly (while my other fleet was a bit tiresome).  It's a little more powerful that maybe it should be for the silly tourney, but it's also one I can stand to fly a lot and still enjoy.

      I also liked my opponent, very good natured and cool guy (same guy that flew the ion fleet above).  I'm looking forward to seeing him on Saturday; maybe he'll ion a bunch more ships off the table and make a name for himself. ^_^  I have a book on Star Wars ships (including some cardboard ships you assemble yourself) that I'm donating as a prize for the "most fun & silliest fleet", and his will be a great contender.  Saturday's gonna be amazing.  :D

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    • I did a triple t-70 list

      Poe Dameron (HOR) with BB-8, Integrated Astromech, Pattern Analyzer, Push The Limit, and Black One Jess Pava with M9-G8 and intergrated "Snap" Wexley with Targeting Astromech, intergrated, Primed Thrusters, and A Score To Settle

      It flew against a list consisting of Norra Wexley, Ten Numb, and General Airen Cracken

      I lost Poe the second round of combat, as jess blew ten numb out of the water Then norra killed her son in cold blood Then it was only a matter of time before I lost jess as well

      I enjoyed it, it was hilarious questioning how two clone wars era ships killed my new, top of the line, futuristic ships

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    • Haha nice.  Oh, family drama...

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    • Had a relatively terrible game day today.  I think the big problem was, the list I played was easily destroyed because I made the mistake of fielding Ten Numb and a Decimator in a 150 point list, and they could be focus-fired to death by all the PS 9 aces people were fielding before they could fire.  Ten Numb made maybe 3 shots all day, and never got his munitions off.  I also failed to remember to use the vast, vast majority of my upgrades when I needed to remember.  And the most painful part of the final game was the waiting.  I was down to my last couple of ships and I couldn't do anything but wait for my opponent to ponder laboriously over his dials, then move everything, then fire.  I was nearly uninvolved in the game, but I couldn't call it because I needed to try for one last dead ship for points (which never happened).

      I'm... frustrated.  Angry.  Very bitter at a rotten experience that went on far too long.  Maybe keep that in mind when I say this list is complete garbage and wasted my time.  Neat idea, worthless in execution.

      Format was 150 points, and we could mix ships from all 3 factions so long as each ship's upgrades were legal on it (No Darth Vader on a Ghost).  I was in a hurry and miscounted points and failed to spend 7 points, which became a big problem (really could have used the upgrades)... but not as much as all the missed opportunities to use important upgrades.  Today was a miserable, failed day.

      "Wampa" (14)

      Rear Admiral Chiraneau + Calculation , Systems Officer , Darth Vader (52)

      Ten Numb + FCS , Tractor beam , Proton Torpedoes , Extra Munitions , Calculation (41)

      Etahn A'baht + R2 Astromech , Crack Shot , FCS (36)

      Upgrades in italic never played a role.  I either didn't get to use them, or stupidly didn't remember.  Many others I failed to use often enough, and ended up losing the match because of it (didn't remember to Vader enemy's Fenn Rau when it had 1 HP, and lost hard because of it).

      There were a couple fun moments when Wampa or Ten would get a crit for their ability thanks to Etahn and the fleet would feel briefly fun & effective, but even then, Ten immediately died, and everything else followed soon after.

      Sorry... I've taken losses like this before, but this was just an awful experience.  I hate sitting and waiting for the game to end long after I've obviously and unsalvagably lost, and the fleet just didn't perform at all.

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    • So today I spend about 12 hours at the Campaign Against Cancer tournament.  It was fun and we raised a lot of money.  I flew my APT Jan-Nera-Biggs fleet and had a fun time, surprisingly came in 4th place despite some mistakes  I'm exhausted.

      I think I need to remove Intelligence Agent since I never use it (Jan is not often close to foes), and that will give me the occasional initiative bid.  I could even just put "Chopper" on Jan just as a free upgrade.  Otherwise the fleet is very tight.

      For the normal and more effective Proton Torpedo version, I'm considering replace Kanan Jarrus with Recon Specialist, to charge up a nest egg of tokens faster even if the enemy rushes me.

      Brain tired.  Thank you Dragoon for your awesome suggestions for making this fleet effective and fun!  I sleep now.

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    • So, Tuesday, I'm planning on running this:

      "Howlrunner" +Targeting Computer + Determination

      "Epsilon Ace" + Shield Upgrade + Sensor Cluster

      "Omega Leader" + Stealth Device + Comm Relay + Juke

      And "Epsilon Leader" + stealth device + Pattern Analyzer

      Unless I did my math wrong, the list is only 97 points, so I have three points to mess around with upgrades, though, it may be good as is, I'll see after I play against my buddy who flies nothing but defenders

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    • No problem, Wazat. 

      OK, going to get a write up of last week's tournament as much as possible, but the details may be on the foggy side.

      So the tournament format was 6 rounds of Swiss over two days, after that 3 day's rounds of Swiss were over there were side events for you to play and maybe get prizes in.

      In addition, you brought 3 lists and chose 1 list to play for each round (you did not get to observe your opponent's lists when choosing); none of the three lists could repeat a unique pilot and the obstacles had to be the same for each game. You get 1 bonus point for utilizing all 3 lists and there was a set of Regional templates for those who used all three lists. In addition, among the prizes was a set of Regionals templates for whomever placed the highest after Swiss and used each list twice. 

      I made my three lists in a squad builder so that I could print them out, so I figure I'll save myself some time and just link them: List 1List 2, and List 3.

      I will say I expected the format to be like the Open System's Hangar Bays, so my plan was to scare people off with triple Jumps and then use a different list, and the Triple Jumps would be used against one opponent only. By the time I found out otherwise, I'd been practicing Triple Jumps so went with it anyways.

      So my round 1 I decided to use Kanan-Thane, and my opponent decided to use Norra Wexley with BB-8Kyle KatarnAlliance Overhaul, and Push the LimitShara Bey with ArtooJan OrsAdaptability, and Alliance Overhaul, and Jess withan Integrated M9-G8.

      We just wound up jousting to start. The first salvo I believe favoured him, as he landed more damage on Thane than I did on Shara. 


      He was a newer player though, borrowing someone else's ships, so the second round he deliberately got a bump on Kanan with Jess, assuming that Jess would be able to fire but Kanan wouldn't, so on the second round of firing I managed to kill Shara while Thane kept truckin'. Jyn Erso was great against formation flying, as it tended to mean she got the full 3 focus tokens. My continued flight path had Thane do a 2 bank to recover a shield and put some distance while Kanan also worked on maneuver through that lane of rocks.I managed to get Jess off the board soon afterwards, and then got rid of Norra with a primary after time had been called (and I still had a TLT shot to use against her). 100-0 for me in the first round.


      Participation prizes were handed out now, you were given the option of 4 of these custom cards, on the top from left to right are Crackshot, Dengar, Jess Pava, and Kylo Ren whereas on the bottom from left to right are Crackshot, Juke, Integrated Astromech, and Autothrusters. All of these are movie stills (Integrated Astromech appears to Artoo getting hit in IV). My personal selection was the Imperial Crackshot, Jess, Juke, and Autothrusters.

      My second round was coincidentally against the exact same Shara, and the exact same Norra, but here Jess had R3-A2 and Primed Thrusters instead of M9-G8, but this time I was using Vessery-Backdraft-Deathfire.

      Round 2

      We placed the rocks in a large cluster in the center (I tend to always try placing rocks in one largish cluster with the rocks all at range 1.5-2 of each other unless I'm placing the last one, in which case I'll put it at range 1) and started on the opposite corners of the board, which was deliberate on my part. He had taken initiative and so when he placed Jess down (and I could infer would place Norra and Shara beside her), I placed Deathfire on the opposite corner so I could drag him into the asteroids (I had one more reposition action than he did, Norra's BB-8 meant she couldn't arc dodge quite as well with initiative, and all mine were barrel rolls, making formation flying easier for me, whereas his two repositions were different which makes them hard to do in conjunction, I had the Ion Cannon to try to muck up his forces in there, and I find I'm generally a better player with obstacles than others are). The first engagement saw Deathfire take heavy damage which put him down to 1 hull, but I had put Shara down to two hull while ionizing her to guarantee she'd land on an asteroid next turn, but Deathfire had his Target Lock and a focus on her and was near death, so I decided to blow the Homing Missiles which ensured Shara's death when I got 3+ results. Now, based on my practice with Deathfire, I may have been satisfied with his results. Holy moly he went above and beyond this match. Jess k-turned and I used the advantage of Jess moving first (and I assumed that worst case scenario, he'd elect to bump Jess) to free up Deathfire's options and had him drop some Cluster Mines right in Norra's path. Norra had done a 1 straight, so she did barrel roll, but she still landed on one Cluster Mine and rolled 2 damage. I spent this turn's engagement whittling Jess down with Backdraft and Vessery, managing to Ionize her to prevent receiving any shots the next turn while also putting her down to one hull after she got rid of R3-A2, Deathfire had no shots, and his didn't really worry me (I think he got 1 damage on Backdraft here?). Again, I would have been happy with Deathfire's performance so far, but here he dropped some cluster mines and did 4 damage to Norra with two tokens. Vessery koigraned and took the third token and took two damage, but seeing as we was full health I was willing to make that exchange. Norra k-turned, and Backdraft managed to squeeze into the space between both Norra and Jess to get shots at both of them. He was at range 1 of Jess with a target lock and managed to kill her. Then he took his shot at Norra, which I did primarily so I could acquire a target lock on her to fuel Vessery's shots. Backdraft exceeded expectations though, rolling a natural crit (and a blank) and adding another crit because of his ability, and three hull Norra did not roll the evade. The first card was a Direct Hit, winning me the game after earning the double kill. 100-0

      Third game I played my aces again because I was feeling it. I faced a Lothal Rebel with EzraHeraFire Control SystemProton TorpedoesAutoblaster Turret, and Extra Munitions with Miranda who had Homing MissilesExtra Munitions, TLTSabineAdvanced SLAM, and Conner Nets.

      All tables were randomly assigned a bounty number from 1-30. Whoever claimed the victory at that table would get to take a prize from the prize table, but the order of who got to choose the prize was based on the number assigned to your table. Our table was given #6, reasonably high.

      First round of engagement I had managed (after barrel rolling) to full avoid the Ghost's primary arc, but Backdraft did take all 5 damage from a Homing Missile after Miranda burned a shield. My gameplan had been to concentrate on the Ghost, but to take shots at Miranda wherever I could. Backdraft did some damage to her, but Vessery, despite his target locks, did 0 damage to her. In the next round, since Miranda was passing through, she dropped a Conner Net, but it barely did not hit me, and I decided to go after the Ghost. The Ghost took down Backdraft with a Proton Torpedo fired from the rear. After that, Deathfire dropped some Cluster Mines at the start of his turn, and Miranda had overcommited herself on the Conner Net, so she had to take a lot of time going the long way around a rock to reengage while avoiding the Cluster Mines whereas Vessery and Deathfire continued to pound away at it with their primaries. I got a single ion token on the Ghost, meaning that he had to do a hard turn to prevent me from ionizing it off the edge, giving me lots of room to avoid range 1 and both of its arcs. After that hard turn I destroyed it, the Ghost having only fired once. During this time, Miranda getting impatient deliberately ran over her own Conner Net. Being certain to get her in arc, I jousted her and managed to ion her for another turn and bringing her to low health while also getting range one on her to prevent the TLT taking effect with her ability. I seem to recall that he may have resigned at this point, seeing that I'd likely ion her again which would put him on the rock. 100-33

      I grabbed the bounty ticket, and when I arrived, #4 had yet to take his turn, #1-3 had taken either custom painted ships or a really cool Luke Skywalker card (of him getting into the X-Wing in IV) that I would have loved because it was used as a menu screen in Rogue Squadron on N64. #5 was a child who was talking to the lady manning the prize table about how much he wanted the custom painted X-Wing (painted with the Toronto Prototype League's colours), so when #4 arrived after his game had gone to time I mentioned to him not to take the X-Wing, and #7 was a local who had ridden down with us who was already pondering buying another TIE/fo, so I gave him the TIE/fo (that was also given a Toronto PTL colour scheme) and chose to take the Regionals acrylic Thermal Detonator token. 

      Standings were posted and I was second, off #1 by 6 points. My ride there was 3rd.

      The rest of the day was casual events, so I joined a Heroes of the Aturi Cluster group for new players. I took an X-Wing and was told I had 5 points to spend on modifications and an astromech, so I chose to roleplay a loose cannon pilot, taking R5-X3 and Engine Upgrade so I could ignore asteroids for a turn and charge into battle. The first mission went well for our group, going over pretty easily, it was just mopping up TIE Fighters until some PS1 Interceptors arrived. The guy running it said he had never seen the tutorial go over so well, and I forget how it was worked in but one of our players said that it was "a bit like a *Fantasy Flight*" so we nominated him to be MVP to get a card from the prize table. Mind you, I never managed a kill, whiffing the kill shots. We were advised that splitting experience worked best, and the gentleman running it for us told us we didn't need to divide it 4 ways, saying it was more fun this way. I was told that to upgrade to a HWK I needed to be pilot skill 4, so I spend 6 of my 11 experience to level up to PS3 (PS upgrade cost is double the PS you're getting) which earned me an EPT slot, and another 4 to get me Lone Wolf (EPT's cost double what they normally do, unlike astromechs, modifications, torpedoes, bombs, and missiles which cost the regular amount) so I could boost into battle.

      Our next mission we had to defend a HWK that had damaged sensor array, and he was right in the middle of two formations of 4 TIEs each. To our benefit, the HWK did start with extra shields. We rushed for the HWK as quickly as possible, and on the second turn we were debating whether I should boost, which would put me closer of the TIES and therefore take the heat while having obstruction (whereas the HWK didn't) or using the Protect action, which would give the HWK an evade token. I boosted, which didn't actually put me closer to the HWK, and it turns out that the HWK would have survived had he had the one evade token. So with the HWK dead on turn 2, we just decided to mop up TIEs to the best of our ability, although things slowly got much tougher when some PS4 Interceptors arrived. Eventually the game went to time since it had been 6 rounds, but we got half experience for what we had managed, but I decided to save that since I was still 1 experience short of PS4.

      I'll continue relaying the tournament later, likely either tomorrow or Tuesday since I have those days off.

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    • Silversun, personally I thing that while Stealth Device is good on Omega Leader since she can really make it hard to strip off of her, it'll be too easy to strip it off of Epsilon Leader, so I'd be tempted to make that a Shield or Hull Upgrade on Epsilon Leader. Because Epsilon Ace has Sensor Cluster, he should generally take a focus, which will be even stronger if he's rolling 4 dice, so I'd give him a Stealth Device instead. That way when you roll 4 dice, you'll have more options with your focus, you can either turn multiple focus results into evades or 1 blank into a focus token. Lastly, Howlrunner is really important to the squad, so I'd give her a Shield or Hull Upgrade rather than Targeting Computer, since your squad gains higher offense by her surviving (I'd almost always take an evade on her, rather than ever acquiring Target Locks anyways) longer than by getting target locks.

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    • Alright

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    • DragoonKainKatarn
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    • So day two of the Toronto PTL Open. I still had yet to play my Jumpmaster list, which I had resolved to doing first thing in the morning.

      I faced Fenn Rau with the titleAutothrusters, and PTL with Dengar, whom I recall had Advanced Proton Torpedoes, no Extra Munitions, the Punishing One title, K-4 Security Droid, and Unhinged Astromech, but I'm a little fuzzy on what EPT it had.

      I still consider myself on the weaker end of flying large base ships, let alone 3 together and decided to risk to see if on the first engagement against Fenn I could three bank one of the Scouts over a rock without ending on it. I did not clear it unfortunately, so my first round against Fenn didn't go that great. However in subsequent turns I managed to block Fenn on multiple occasions and finally kill him. Unfortunately, I had sustained damage to one torpedo boat and lost the other. It was mostly me trying to block his sloops, and while trading damage we eventually came to a corner around a debris, both of our ships having 2 hull left. He didn't think I had the space, but I managed to do a hard one without hitting the debris, and then was still able to barrel roll so my front would be in front of the debris, blocking him. At this point, it all came down to the 50/50 roll of Anti-Pursuit Lasers, which if it hit I could then use Feedback Array to kill Dengar. If it didn't happen, I was going to have to hit a debris the next turn and Dengar would probably be able to kill me. Unfortunately I rolled a blank. The next round Dengar killed me. This game we also had the randomly assigned bounties that the winner could use to collect at the prize table, but I think it was halfway down. 67-100

      My next round I decided to use Kanan-Thane, and my opponent used the Inquisitor with Proton Rockets, Autothrusters, TIE/v1, and PTL, Omega Leader with Comm Relay and Juke, and Quickdraw with Expertise, FCS, Sensor Cluster, title, and Lightweight Frame. I knew this one would be difficult, since Kanan-Thane tends to struggle against Imperial tri-aces. I wasn't given much opportunity to slow roll, and I tended to try to split my fire between Omega Leader and the Inquisitor, but Omega Leader had Kanan locked so shooting at Omega Leader was a pain that I tended to only do if she was in either arc. Thane took damage quickly, slowly clinging on to little health, and Jyn was not managing as much because he kept his forces well split up. I managed to get the Inquisitor in range 2 in arc and he only had a focus token (I had no focus, having spent it to keep Thane alive by reducing an attack but I had a target lock). I rolled my 4 die primary...and wound up with 3 blanks and a focus. I spent the target lock to reroll all of them...only to wind up with the same result. With the TLTs I did manage to reduce the Inquisitor to one hull. Thane meanwhile had to split, but he managed to survive incredibly long. There were 4 defense rolls in 4 rounds where he was chased by the Inquisitor, the first 2 he had to roll an evade so that even with an evade token he wouldn't die, and 2 afterwards where he was out of range 3 of Kanan (and therefore Jan Ors) so he needed a focus result or an evade to live, but he managed to live out all four of those turns. As a result, my opponent turned his attention to Kanan, who started going down like a brick. Once Kanan went down, Thane went down the turn afterwards. At this point, I decided to do something I never do in tournament games, which was concede because Zeb, who was all alone at 1 hull (I had been using Chopper to try to just get an attack through), would be facing attacks from all three ships who were higher PS. I asked my opponent whether or not he watched Rebels, which he claimed he did. After he placed all his dials, I did a white maneuver with a stressed Zeb, and then had Chopper kill Zeb, which I thought was thematic. Chopper's a psychopath. My opponent then revealed he was a bountied player since he was one of the Prototype League's big players, and gave me an alternate art Darth Vader card, that still from Rebels posted. I think I was only supposed to get the card if I beat him, but I'm guessing that since I clearly liked Rebels and conceded in a way thematic to Rebels, he gave me the card anyways. There were also some alternate art cards from the prize table and participation cards leftover, so an Integrated Astromech and Carnor Jax were placed on our table, the winner getting both, but I asked at the time if there was one he preferred, and he said he really wanted the Integrated Astromech, so we just agreed when they were placed that regardless of the match's outcome he could have the Integrated Astromech and I'd have the Carnor Jax. 0-100

      Because of how badly I lost with Kanan-Thane, I chose to use my tri-aces, and I was against Rey with Kanan Jarrus, Finn, HOR Falcon, Engine Upgrade, and Expertise with Jan Ors in the Moldy Crow, Trick Shot, Chewbacca, and TLT.

      Now, I have a friend who liked to play the same list, and I knew that the number one rule was to not joust it...but I looked at my list and thought, you know what, I can joust it. We both charged at each other, with Backdraft taking heavy damage early on, as well as sustaining a console fire. I did get to roll 4 dice with him on defense though, because he'd get an extra from range 3 and then Finn would grant a 4th attack die to Rey, granting me a 4 defense die. Rey took a fair bit of damage too though, taking a Homing Missile. I used Backdraft to block Rey, expecting to survive the Console Fire despite having one hull more than I expected to survive another attack from Rey. I rolled a crit, which my opponent was happy about until I pointed out that only hits counted. Vessery and Deathfire koigraned (Vessery through an asteroid) and Deathfire managed to get a crit through on Rey with his Homing Missiles, which happened to be a blinded pilot. Rey tried running away, but Vessery anticipated this and ran after her and killed her. Coincidentally, he actually managed to put another Blinded Pilot on her even though she was dead. Deathfire on the other hand didn't go at Rey, rather he was well placed to drop some Clusters after a maneuver and then barrel roll. While he didn't get Jan initially, Jan did a 1 bank (which I expected her to do as she was stressed) into two of the Cluster Mines, and she sustained two hits. Now because of Deathfire's ability, he was actually able to drop the Cluster Mines upon revealing his dial, so he could drop them in exactly the same location, so Jan took two more damage (although she got rid of 1 with Chewbacca). Vessery koigraned and tried rejoining the fight, and then the next turn Deathfire also tried putting distance between himself and Jan so he could target lock her to feed Vessery. Vessery was down to 2 hull though, so a TLT could hurt. Thankfully, we both fast played, I suppose he didn't expect me to, and I wound up in range 1 of Jan with a target lock feeding and a focus. I rolled maximum damage on both attacks, managing to get her off the table. 100-33, albeit much closer than the scoreline suggested.

      The standings were announced, and I got the Biggs Darklighter award, so close to glory and the cut, only to fall short in 9th. The only 4-2 list to make it was my 5th round opponent, and he was 49 MOV ahead of me, so had I managed to get rid of that Inquisitor (notably by rolling better on my primary when he was at range 2 in arc) I would have made the cut. For being part of the top 16, I also got 3 acrylic crit tokens and an Aurebesh "C" Target Lock set, all Toronto Prototype League customs.

      Afterwards I played another Heroes of the Aturi Cluster mission. This time we were supposed to disable a shuttle (by reducing it from 1-3 hull remaining, it started with a ton of shields). While we were doing reasonably well at mopping up the TIEs early on, an elite PS6 TIE Advanced showed up, I volunteered to deal with it, but rolled poorly, and then aggroed a bunch of TIE Fighters away from the action. I had to jump to Hyperspace when I had 1 hull left. Soon afterwards our leader had to jump to hyperspace as well. Our Y-Wings did disable the Shuttle, but came nowhere close to killing its escorts (required to win the scenario), two of them made the jump to hyperspace and two had to eject, one of them getting half experience points (which were already halved for failing the misison) and the other had to lose "their most expensive upgrade" but they had BB-8, Extra Munitions, and two Seismics, so he just tossed his seismics away. Even though I jumped to hyperspace I got half experience though, so I upgraded to PS4, and with my 2 leftover experience points and new modification slot, I got Autothrusters because I already had Engine Upgrade. 5 more experience for a HWK! I'm sorta wondering what turret I should take however. Being a boosting Lone Wolf, I'm tempted to take an Autoblaster Turret. 

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    • Autoblaster could be funny.  I generally feel TLT or Ion plays to the HWK's dial a bit better, but autoblaster could make aces nervous about crowding you.

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    • I'm thinking fun and silly builds fit Heroes of the Aturi Cluster better, so I'm a bit wary of going with TLT, even though I'll have autothrusters so I kinda really want to.

      I'm also thinking Autoblaster (bare in mind, enemies will be going along programmed routes based on dice rolls, so they won't be afraid of coming up to me) will help with Engine Upgrade. It's also the cheapest. 

      I've been having fun with the Ion Cannon lately though, so Ion Turret may help, but on the other hand, there's generally so many enemies I wonder how effecitve ioning a single enemy is.

      I could always go Dorsal of course. 

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    • So I did the four TIEs list against

      Chewbacca (HOR) with C-3PO, Countermeasures, Smuggling Compartment, Scavenger Crane, Expertise, and Millennium Falcon

      Prototype Pilot with Chardaan Refit x3

      I lost epsilon leader quickly, focusing down the Wookiee, epsilon ace fell soon after his epsilon brother, and I thought the writing was on the wall, but omega leader and howlrunner went the whole game without being hit by a single attack, the dice giveth, the dice taketh away, and omega leader killed all four ships, only losing a shield to an unfortunate debris cloud incident

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    • Nice!

      Sometimes the millennium falcon doesn't make it through the asteroid belt.  ;)

      Dragoon: Dorsal is a good fallback if you're feeling twitchy about the autoblaster's range.  If it were a Y-Wing I'd be less concerned by the range issue, but the HWK's primary is completely terrible, particularly against most Empire and Scum ships.  Might still be fun to take on the challenge though, particularly since your enemies are on autopilot.

      You never know... maybe Autoblaster HWK carries the team!

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    • Wazat wrote: Nice!

      Sometimes the millennium falcon doesn't make it through the asteroid belt

      The funniest part was the person playing on the table next to me was wondering why I went after chewie first, and I was like "you think I want a mad Wookiee on my hands? I've already got enough issues pushing damage through his evade + threepio, I don't need fodder a-wings dodging shots that could have went to the Wookiee instead"

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    • And bear in mind, most of my shots will be taken against some sort of TIE variant, so theoretically I should be good with the Autoblaster.

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    • I'd say Autoblaster then.  Even if it doesn't do well, it'll be fun to try.  And when it performs, it ought to be really effective.

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    • Thinking of flying this tonight, because it's dumb and I've enjoyed flying the Jan + APT Nera combo for the same reason.  :D

      Miranda Doni + Extra Munitions , Concussion Missiles , "Chopper" , Guidance Chips (35)

      Jan Ors + Squad Leader , TLT , Recon Specialist , Moldy Crow (39)

      Biggs Darklighter + R2 Astromech , Integrated Astromech (26)

      A six-die concussion missile with guidance chips and a focus token sounds fun.  Though it hurts not having a TLT and good crew on Miranda for when her ordnance is exhausted.  Perhaps Biggs' presence isn't needed, and a cheap blocker would do...?  I'm just used to Nera and Jan dying as soon as a foe so much as looks at them, so I'm used to depending on Biggs to protect the team (which may not be a good habit).

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    • Not only should it be really effective, but I'm kind of relishing the moment I get to boost out of arc of an enemy ship, outside of range 2 of a friendly ships, and then Autoblaster a TIE with a Lone Wolf reroll.

      Miranda I feel doesn't really need Biggs protection quite as much. You may benefit from Captain Rex instead, freeing up 12 points in your squad. Jan should be able to survive a turn at least for Captain Rex to take effect, and it'd give Miranda a TLT, a 3 point crew, Advanced Slam, and a point leftover to spend elsewhere (maybe upgrading Concussions to Homing Missiles, gaining the ability to spend a Target lock on 6 dice is quite powerful). Squad Leader could also make Rex tankier since Rex could sit behind both an evade and a focus token, and Squad Leader can give Miranda a focus to really make her attack hit home. If you don't like Advanced Slam, you could spend some points on Thermal Detonators or give Rex a 2 point crew in Sabine's Masterpiece...Tactician can really annoy some people, Rey or Jyn Erso may help him defensively.

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    • I had fun with the Jan+Miranda fleet. Only got to play once though -- I spent some time teaching a new player, and it was time well spent.  ^_^

      I fought a TIE Punisher & TIE Bomber loaded with cluster mines, and Darth Vader.  Miranda's missile hit like a truck on the first shot, and then hit moderately hard on the second one.  First shot killed the TIE Bomber instantly, before it got to do anything.  Pure savage.  Second one off'd Darth Vader, who had just lost both shields to Jan's TLT.  Biggs contributed damage too, particularly near the end, but I do feel his protection isn't as necessary, as you said, and Miranda could sure use a TLT.

      I forgot how fun it is to fly a K-Wing, BTW.  They're delightful ships!

      I'll probably take your advice and adjust the fleet to use either Captian Rex or Ahsoka (who could be useful as a spare way to gift actions to Miranda, though I've found Jan is enough).  Homing missile isn't a bad idea at all!  Sounds crazy-brutal, actually, probably similar accuracy to the APT but with a lot more range.  Thanks for the advice!

      Since I'm kinda taking a tour of ridiculous 6-dice fleets, sometime soon I might fly Fenn with APTs and fearlessness, a bodyguard Old Teroch, and maybe something that can donate locks or focus tokens.  But I also need to fly my Quadjumper and give it a try... maybe it'd make a good addition to that same fleet.

      I've also heard fun things about Major Rhymer with APTs (and expose/opportunist?) and a buddy supporting with free locks/focus.  I love these silly 5- & 6-dice hammer fleets.  I doubt they're viable in tournaments, but for casual games it's so fun to deliver that catastrophic blow when they perform.

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    • Yeah, I've been appreciating how great the Homing Missiles are on Deathfire, since he can acquire the Target Lock early on and still gets good damage output even if doesn't have Guidance Chips (I have Long Range Scanners to help him pick up the target lock at PS3, which also helps Vessery out, getting the target lock out of the way early lets him focus to try to survive the first engagement since he frequently gets targeted earlier, and allows him to strive to bomb more) and even if he doesn't have a focus (again, often used defensively). 

      Throughout the Prototype Toronto League, he delivered the killing blows to Shara Bey and a Lothal Rebel and really hammered damage home on Rey with those Homing Missiles.

      Wazat, have you tried a Jan-Rey list? They're not super competitive, but they are quite good.

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    • Cool, I'll add Jan-Rey to my bucket list (fleets I want to play before the current meta kicks the bucket).  ^_^

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