• This is a thread for all ideas for Modifications. Please be serious, i.e try to keep your suggested cards viable and not hilariously under/overpowered. Thanks. Note: I just copy/pasted this from 901tacocat109's intro.

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    • Poor Maintenance (-4 points)

      Whenever a faceup damage card is dealt, the ship also receives an additional facedown damage card.

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    • External Missile Rack (2 points)

      Add one [missile] to the ship's upgrade bar. If this ship receives faceup damage before an equipped missile has been fired, discard the missile.

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    • Turbocharged Laser Cannons (4 points, S&V or Rebel only)

      Increase the attack value of the ship by 1. If 2 or more unmodified [critical hits] are rolled, discard this card & treat the ship's attack value as 0 for the remainder of the game.

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    • Note that Poor Maintenance spells instant death, no matter your hull value, if you ever draw Major Hull Breach and take another damage.  ;)

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    • Yup. That's why it's -4. It's for those ships that you either expect to be one-hit wonders anyway or have such good damage avoidance skills that taking the faceup in the first place is a rare occurrence.

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    • Turbocharged Laser Cannons looks good, though should maybe be increased to 6 points. External Missile Rack should be decreased to 1 point. Poor Mainenance be reworded as follows: Whenever you recieve at least one damage card, roll an attack die. On a hit, suffer one additional damage. Poor Mainenence should also be increased to -3-2 squad points. On a ship-to ship basis, Critical hits aren't really that common, even with ships rolling 3 attack dice. As such, I felt these point values should be modified accordingly, with the exception of external missile rack, for which I think 2 pointns + the value of the missile was really a little too much for a one-hit attack.

      Also: A thanks to Darth Tall for the citation!

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    • EDIT: if you follow my fix for Poor Mainenence, leave it's value as is.

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    • Detonator bomb (Modification, 0 point)

      When you drop a bomb, you may assign a detonator token on that bomb token. Action : you can remove a detonator token from a friendly bomb token at range 1-3. You can equip this card only if you have a Bomb in your upgrade bar.

      Detonator token effect: When a bomb token has a detonator token, that bomb token cannot detonates. When a detonator token is removed from a bomb token, if that bomb token should explodes at the end of a phase, it detonates at the end of the current phase.   

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    • Trans-spectral targeting (1 point)

      When firing on a target locked target, ignore the effects of cloaks & stealth devices.

      Limited utility unless you know for a fact that your opponent will be fielding a cloaking or stealthy ship, hence the low point-cost. Very handy when it is relevant, otherwise it fills the slot & takes up a point for no purpose.

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    • Heavy plating (6) 

      huge ship only

      Whenever you're assign a faceup damage card, you may roll two attack dice. On a critical hit result, discard the faceup damage card without resolving it's effect.

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    • I like the thematic idea.  BTW that's just about a 24% chance to discard each crit card, regardless of type.  It's similar to Determination in overall odds but much more expensive, doesn't take up the Elite slot, covers Direct Hit and other Ship cards, and thematically fits the Modification slot.  6 feels too expensive though, given how little play Determination sees at only 1 point -- so maybe 3 or 4 points, or less?  I'm really not sure.  The fact that they occupy different upgrade slots makes a 1:1 comparison difficult, moreso because you could dodge a dreaded Direct Hit with a 1 in 4 chance.

      Note that you could combine it with Determination to further boost your odds.  I think that would take your odds to 42% overall of tossing the crit?  Even better for "Leebo" (56%? Don't put too much faith in these odds; I've been sick lately and my head is still very fuzzy).  Given that, maybe it does need to be a touch pricey.  Not sure, might not actually be a problem.

      I should note that these dice could be modified by Emperor Palpatine too, guaranteeing you shed one crit per round... if you can afford the investment and Palps doesn't have more important uses for his ability.  I imagine Palps on a Decimator with Kenkirk, Ysanne and Heavy Plating would be reasonably durable in today's crit-heavy world.  If you want to prevent this, simply say "these dice cannot be modified".

      If you want to tinker with the overall idea, you could increase the odds a bit, lower the cost, but just turn the crit face-down on success.  That's not nearly as thrilling, but it's possibly easier to balance.  Not sure if that's the right way to go.

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    • you haven't seen the "huge ship only" ^^

      it's a card design to epic or cinematic games, and huge ships don't have ETP

      i think palpatine deflecting a bolt into the plating seems realistic, if he focuses to.

      but yeah, we can build kinda card to be "large ship only", only roll one die that can't de modified, and still cost 5 (shield upgrade is 4, and hull is 3 as a reminder) 

      the overall idea is to have an occasionnaly barely escaped damage card. Plus it combine well with Draw Their Fire EPT for more theme (a big ship covering his little friend)

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    • Hah, you're right I did blast right past the "Huge Ship Only" restriction.  Sorry about that.

      And yea, Palp manipulating it in Epic seems about right.

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    • what about the large ship's one?

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    • Oh hmm... I blew by that too.  I'd say it's gonna be hard to know for sure.  You have to take combinations of Determination and "Leebo" into account.  If you're okay with the resulting odds, and it doesn't feel overly expensive or cheap, and doesn't combo dangerously with anything else, you're probably on solid ground.

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    • i'm going to be game designer, that's part of my job ^^

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    • Heavy-plating-Face-de-la-Carte
      here's the card.

      it is a good counterpart to optimized generator, which help the ship to maintain energy

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    • for x-wing only (T65 and T70): when defending, if you have the boost action you may change one die result to evade. If you don't have the boost action you may change one die result to focus.

      Maybe at 2 points cost.

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    • Could be called enhanced maneovering thrusters perhaps?

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    • Primed hyperdrive (3 points)

      During setup, you may place one micro jump token on the play area. If your ship would be destroyed from fleeing the play area, you may discard this card to instead set it up on the micro jump token.

      Point values are approximate, I don't think this would synergise dangerously as nothing like this has been released before.

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    • it's too strong. it nearly kill all the arc dodger ship tactic...

      just ram yoursel in the void to arc dodge soontir fel with a VCX-100

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    • At a minimum it needs to be single-use (or roll a die for it to collapse after every use).  Also probably deal hull damage to the ship from the force of the awkward jump, e.g. half their hull rounded up (so it might destroy a damaged ship).

      To explain the reason why: as written it's trivially abusable.  Just start your ships facing the table edge, and by the first combat phase of the game you could teleport across the map and focus-fire one enemy ship.  And for 3 points you can fly extremely recklessly near the table edge because you face almost no penalty for doing so (while normally the obstacle-light table edge is one of the most dangerous places).

      The first rule of homebrew is "limit it good".  :)  Things that are not limited enough become insanely powerful, but with the right restrictions and limits to their power, they can become very appropriate.  Think in terms of Stealth Device or Cloaking Device , which you can lose fairly trivially; without that limit, they're ridiculously powerful.

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    • (unique) Pre-setuped micro hyperdrive jump (5):

      During setup, you may place one micro jump token on the play area.

      if you have more than two stress token, place your ship onto the micro jump token and remove it

      If your ship would be destroyed from fleeing the play area, you may set it up on the micro jump token and remove it.

      when you remove the micro jump token, assign to your ship three facedown card

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    • Enhanced Lateral Thrusters (2 point)

      At the end of any maneuver, you may position this ship so the template aligns with the outside of the base guides.

      Like a poor-man's Vectored Thrusters card in that the distance traversed left-right is far less, but it doesn't take an action. Power-slides in space!

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    • Stutter-fire Refit (5 points)

      Reduce your primary attack by 1. After making primary weapon attack, you may make another primary attack against a target within range 1 of the initial target.

      With the advantages certain pilots/cards grant to primary weapon attacks (bonus dice, re-roles, etc.), even though it reduces the base firepower of a ship, the overall damage output could be significantly higher, particularly against very low evasion targets, hence the price. Even at 5, I might be low-balling.

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    • Superior Etheric Rudder (2 points)

      When making a Boost action, you may use the right/left turn template.

      This could be scary on a TIE Striker with the title & Engine Upgrade - the ability to make a 225 degree turn in a single round without incurring stress is potentially potent, but at the end of the day, such vessels can already do 180 degrees, so it's more of an edge than a game-changer & will work best with those who have an excellent eye for where their ships are going in advance; rewarding tactical skill by the player instead of just throwing more dice at the enemy.

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    • Darth Tall wrote:
      Superior Etheric Rudder (2 points)

      When making a Boost action, you may use the right/left turn template.

      This could be scary on a TIE Striker with the title & Engine Upgrade - the ability to make a 225 degree turn in a single round without incurring stress is potentially potent, but at the end of the day, such vessels can already do 180 degrees, so it's more of an edge than a game-changer & will work best with those who have an excellent eye for where their ships are going in advance; rewarding tactical skill by the player instead of just throwing more dice at the enemy.

      Don't take "Blue Ace"'s pilot ability away, then he has nothing going for him.

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    • Green Squadron wrote:

      Don't take "Blue Ace"'s pilot ability away, then he has nothing going for him.

      Ah, I generally play Imperials, so wasn't aware that it was already a pilot ability. I should probably read up on the specifics of the dirty rebels more.

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    • All neat ideas, but their power level is over 9000!  (crushes sensor)  Definitely need adjustment, but I like some of the ideas.

      Enhanced Lateral Thrusters is more of a rich man's Vectored Thrusters priced for a poor man's budget, and to explain why, it helps to explore the various cases where it can be used.  Not having to spend an action and not having to live by the restrictions of a barrel roll is really powerful.  Even with a lower adjustment range than a barrel roll, you get free repositioning at the end of every maneuver, no matter what that maneuver was (bank/turn/stationary/reverse/straight/etc), no matter your size (think of large ships using this) or current status (bumped, stressed, unable to take actions due to crits, etc).  For free you get to slightly adjust yourself in or out of arcs, or in or out of range 1, off of obstacles after clipping one, etc.  You can do it while ionized, stacked with 12 stress tokens, and/or even after plowing through an asteroid.  If you're still able to take actions, you can barrel roll or boost after the adjustment, amplifying their adjustment distance.  You can do it a 2nd time in a round after non-dial maneuvers like Adaptive Ailerons, SLAM, and Daredevil.

      There's no downside or limitation on its use.  2 points isn't just a steal, it's an armed bank robbery.  ;)

      Stutter-fire Retrofit: Neat idea, but you should probably add "You may only attack any given ship once per round.", otherwise you can alternate between 2 targets infinitely in a single round until one or both die (you can keep attacking, and they can't roll perfect evasion forever).  Even with that fixed... it's potentially very dangerous on some ships when they're fighting swarms, and swarms have it rough already.  Imagine a 4-dice ship like the Upsilon Shuttle, or a dangerous pilot ability like Bossk, or any imperial ship with Ruthlessness.  Bonus attacks like Snap Shot, Gunner, TIE/D, etc are very limited for this reason.

      Superior Etheric Rudder is actually a cheaper Daredevil with no stress penalty and way more abuse potential, and taking the modification slot instead of Elite (freeing up the very contested elite slot).  The only other minor difference is it's not a maneuver and Daredevil is, but that has limited importance (only a few cards can key off of that, like Captain Oicunn).  Imagine this on a ship like an Aggressor or TIE Interceptor.  As a first step, I recommend comparing it to Daredevil and tinkering it to a more balanced level.

      "Limit 'em good" is the phrase that's so critically important, but so hard to apply to one's own work.  :)  These all need to have extra costs, downsides, or limits placed on them... and by costs I don't necessarily mean squad points.  Trying to balance everything with a heavy squad point cost is a very flawed method, and often fails.

      Taking stress or damage or ion tokens, giving up actions or some ship stats (lowering the primary weapon value is a good start), and giving up on the attack this round are all example costs or downsides that can help bring a card back into balance.  Explore around the various upgrades and you'll get a good idea of what FFG does to address such problems.

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    • Ok, so some changes

      Enhanced Lateral Thrusters (4 points, small & large ships only)

      At the end of this ship's planned maneuver, if you are not stressed & are able to take an action, you may position this ship so the template aligns with the outside of the base guides.

      This limits it to dialed-in movement, rather than boosts, adaptive ailerons & SLAMs & requires no stress. I don't see how the size of a ship is an issue; I know that huge vessels use a different template for moving, which makes shifting their position perpendicular to their line-of-flight problematic, so I've dropped them off the list. Large ones are still only drifting by half a small ship's size sideways which shouldn't be that great an issue - the guides are still the same size, it's not like they are moving proportionately further than small ships as in the case of boosts & suchlike.

      For the Stutter-Fire, the main issue seems to be my phrasing - I only intended it to be a single extra shot, not as many as you want! You can fire at 2 targets or the same target twice (since a ship is within range 1 of itself), with slightly lower firepower per-shot. Maybe change it to be a -1 to primary weapons & ignore critical hits (lower power shots are less likely to cause massive damage, after-all)

      The rudder is abandoned - I didn't realize it was already a pilot ability & there's not many other ways to represent such an upgrade in game-terms.

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    • I should note first that Huge Ships cannot equip modifications meant for Small/Large ships.  It's one of their properties -- Huge Ships cannot equip modifications that are not "huge ship only", so stuff like Guidance Chips doesn't have to say "small/large ship only".  Thus huge boats are already not a problem.

      However, a large ship gets quite a bit of benefit from your lateral thrusters, so keep that in mind.  Even though the movement of the center will be identical for large and small ships, the large ship gets more coverage from its already large obstructive base.  Spend some time doing maneuvers on the table with this ability, you'll notice large ships will be better blockers and will have an easier time just barely nudging into or out of range.  A blocking low-PS Jumpmaster can adjust just enough to put its large mass in the way of another ship (then roll if it needed further adjustment).  This would benefit a Lancer that wants to get the target into range for the pilot ability (Asajj Ventress or Ketsu Onyo).  Spend some time looking for ways to abuse that; it's worth digging because edge cases can be what kill an ability.  In game design you have to look in the places you don't want to look, because an abusable ability is worse than not getting the ability in the first place.

      As for wording: A typical FFG way to word the limitation is "after you have performed a maneuver from your dial, if you are not stressed and you did not overlap an obstacle or ship..".  This prevents using the ability after landing on or plowing through an asteroid, bumping a ship, or being stressed or ionized.

      Stutter-Fire... its phrasing could work a couple of ways to represent what you want.  First, you could use "Once per round after making a primary attack, you may...".  Once per round limits the use of this ability so you can't just spam infinite shots until you're out of targets.  The second and probably better way, is to solve this the way similar Bonus Shot effects work: "You cannot attack again this round".  Think of Gunner and Snap Shot.

      There's one final problem with offering these free attacks, and that's added effects.  For example, Tactician could turn a cheap boat into a non-damaging stress bot.  A HWK or TIE Shuttle could include Baze Malbus to get 3 attacks per round (depending on how you word the limit), stressing enemies 3 times per round.  For this reason, effects like Gunner only work on a miss, and effects like TIE/D can't be combined with a crew or astromech for stress shenanigans.  Modifications can be taken by anyone, so that's very much a concern.  Usually an ability this potentially combinable this would be restricted to a specific ship, or be a pilot ability, if offered at all.

      I hope that helps!

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    • Synced Fire Mode (0p)

      When attacking, you may roll twice the number of attack dice (up to 4). After modification and reroll, cancel all hits (keep only criticals).

      Background: if you shoot at a large heavily armored ship, any weak weapon will do. In particular, a swarm of TIEs or Headhunters will do just fine. More heavy weapons are not needed. On the other hand, when firing against something really hard to hit (A-wing or TIE interceptor with autothruster/stealthdevice) you need a heavy weapon to hit at all. This is a bit strange and wrong. It should not be easier to hit you target (Interceptor) with a heavy weapon - it should cause more damage when you hit. Usually this balances out anyway. But particularly 2 dice against autothrusters is ridiculous. This modification would give "long shots" a little but fair chance.

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    • Joke Modification

      Jury-Rigged Repairs

      Modification. Rebel and Scum Only.

      Select one non-crew upgrade slot on your ship and equipped an appropriate upgrade card, treat the upgrade as having a negative point cost equal to it's point cost. You cannot use the equipped upgrade card's ability.

      Point Cost: 0

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    • This modification is intended to boost the TIE Interceptor and StarViper. I can't however stop it from helping the Protectorate Starfighter

      Energy boost

      Reduuce your sheild value to one. After you execute a speed 2 or 3 manuever, you may reform a free boost action. Your agility value cannot be less then 3.

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    • Temporal Warp Drive
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    • Hahahaha!  I'm loving the Star Trek theme.  In a world where some people treat Star Trek or Star Wars as sacred and hate the other side, I have a soft spot for blasphemy.  ^_^  I wear my Star Trek shirts to X-Wing games often, especially the Red Shirts that predict my doom.

      I wonder if you could boost enough times to get a foe in range of Spacetug Tractor Array and ram them into asteroids etc.  :D  Might be really tough though.

      Or put it on a HWK with Recon Specialist and Moldy Crow, for 12 starting focus tokens.  Probably way OP that way.

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    • Initially designed to charge "Gonk" (Crew) at the start of the game. Unfortunately, Quadjumper has no boost and Engine Upgrade takes the Modification slot, as well as Spacetug Tractor Array. And Moldy Crow with 12 focuses will be afraid to meet the Genesis Red + Old Teroch duet :)

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    • Breaching Wedge

      A-Wing only modification

      When you overlap a large or huge enemy ship during a maneuver, you may perform this attack against that ship.

      Attack: 1 dice, Range: -

      This attack can only target a large ship you are touching.  Roll additional attack dice equal to the speed of your manuever, up to a max of 3 additional dice, and you may discard a missile upgrade card that costs at least 3 squad points to roll 2 additional dice.  You cannot roll additional attack dice by any other effect.  You may change all Focus and Hit results to Crit results.

      After performing this attack, you are destroyed.

      Cost: 2

      I've been rolling this around in my head since reading that A-Wings would sometimes kamikazi enemy ships out of desperation, using their wedge-shaped heat shield to breach the hull and deal massive damage.  This card grants an attack which could roll up to 6 dice if you use a 3-speed or faster maneuver and have an unspent missile (procket or cruise missile, not tracers).  Up to 6 crits against whatever agility and tokens your opponent has managed by then in the activation phase.

      I limited the number of attack dice that can be added to just those two sources, since Swarm Leader + Jan Ors would take it up to 9 crits.  Without the cost limit on missiles, for 100 points you could field 5 prototype pilots equipped with this and tracers.  5 attacks of 6 dice would deal massive damage to large/huge ships simply by ramming them.  3 points felt about right, since most a-wings are fielded with prockets or cruise missiles (or refit).

      The attack flat out kills you, no way around that, so it's still not a trivial way to get the 6 dice off.  I still worry about it being stupidly overpowered, though.  Would like other opinions than the voices in my head.  :)

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    • A prototype pilot with the Title + Thread Tracers comes out to 20 points exactly.

      That's 5 A-wings that can throw 6 dice with a good chance of the majority to be crits and they can get the attack off in the movement phase.

      Sure you'd lose most of your squad but as long as you hung onto at least one until the end 4 suicide A-wings could burn through the current meta of 3 small ships or 1 small/1 big.

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    • A/SF-01 Starfighter B-Wing only Title

      Your upgrade bar gains the bomb icon.

      When defending against an attack in range 1-2 roll one additional defence die.

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    • Green Squadron: Actually only 4 a-wings, since Thread Tracers don't meet the requirements (must cost at least 3 squad points to get the bonus dice).  I knew Thread Tracers and Refit were bad to allow for the discard so the min cost is there to handle it.  I could actually raise that to 4 or 5 if needed, though cost may not be the right way to balance it if there are still problems.

      I'm not super-worried about lists made of 4 a-wings.  You could suicide your team but they don't do anything special against shields, and most lists would absorb the abuse and then laugh at the one remaining a-wing.  Plus the ability is useless against fellow small ships.

      I'm more concerned about 1 or 2 of these in a fleet.  The team gets a large/huge ship's shields down, and then an a-wing plows into it, suiciding gloriously for severe hull damage.  That's... actually nicely in line with the lore, but it may be mechanically too powerful/abusable.  Maybe not though.

      A/SF-01 Starfighter: I like giving the B-Wing a bomb slot (which it can Extra Munition into 2 bombs).  The bonus defense die makes it more survivable too.

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