• Welcome to the Homebrew Forum, the center for exploring for all the customizations you'd like to make to the game.  This ranges from new ships and upgrades, to rebalancing ideas, to custom scenarios or campaigns.

    Please keep *all* homebrew discussion in this board.  The other pages on this wiki are for discussing the official FFG products.  We don't want to mix the two, as that's very confusing for visitors who are looking for official information and help playing the game.  Some speculation on possible future expansions is still okay in the other forums (e.g. General Discussion), but any active homebrewing or hashing out speculative details is best kept here.  It's sometimes a soft line... use your best judgement.

    For card-creation tools, Strange Eons has a plug-in for X-Wing.  If anyone knows about additional resources to make custom art or cards, this thread is a great place to post them so people know where to find them.

    Remember to try to balance your ideas with existing official ships and rules.  In my experience, homebrewing and testing out your ideas is a great way to come to understand why the game is balanced the way it is, as most ideas are wildly out of balance when they're first conceived (even FFG's developers have to go through this process when developing new materials).  Understanding why they're unbalanced and how to correct that delves deeply into the complexities of the game, and that to me is one of the most fun places to be.

    But on a simpler level, take a hard look at your idea and consider whether it's wildly out of balance with what FFG already has out there.  Creating the ultimate victory ship might be fun on the surface, but no one's going to take it seriously or play with/against it until it's brought back into balance with the rest of the game.  You show the most respect to your ideas and to others when you keep things reasonably balanced.

    Overall: Have fun, post ideas, give feedback, be nice, and may the (creative) force be with you.

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