• Do you love dropping bombs?

    Do you wish you could drop more bombs?

    Or maybe you just love area denial and want to deny your opponent half of the field, if not more!

    If you answered yes to any of those questions then I think I have a build for you. Of course feel free to use it and send your feedback to this post if you do I'd love to hear the hilarity that ensues.

    Heads Up! You'll Probably Need To Buy A Few Extra Tokens For This Build.

    First up we've got the U-wing, yes that's right this bomber squad includes a ship with no native bomb slot, why? Because this isn't just about bombs, this is about area denial too and the U-wing is just begging to be a good blocker, it's big, it can stop in place, and one of it's pilots loves being bumped.

    Heff Tobber + Advanced Sensors + Extra Munitions + Sabine Wren (Crew) + Hera Syndulla (Crew) + Pivot Wing + Anti-Pursuit Lasers + Cluster Mines

    At only 38 points Heff proves to be quite cheap considering the full kit given to him! Riding back seat is everyone's favorite ladies from the Ghost, Sabine and Hera. Of course now you see why the U-wing is in this bomb squad, Sabine lets Heff load up a set of cluster mines in the trunk and the U-wing's native torpedo slot gives him a double use. Fitted with advanced sensors give Heff maximum flexibility when dropping his bombs letting him drop them before or after his maneuver in addition to being able to drop them on any large ship unlucky enough to bump him from behind. "But why Hera? The U-wing only has one red maneuver." you say, Hera is here to synergize with the title, I know we've all huffed at least once that the title forces us to telegraph our intent to spin the U-wing around 180 on the next turn and this doesn't exactly fix that but inevitably as the field gets more and more clustered (pun intended) with bombs the large-based U-wing will end up on a collision course either with your own bombs, some rocks, or if your opponent unfortunately decided to field a bomber as well, some of their bombs. Hera gives Heff enough time to pull a stop, flip his card, and remained stopped two turns in around allowing him to take as much time as he needs to spin around and avoid hitting something. You'll be able to breath easier knowing you won't have to anticipate (as much) when you need to give up the U-wing's 2nd agility dice to spin Heff around. Since Heff loves getting bumped so much, you might as well let him pack a little punch for the effort with anti-pursuit lasers, it'll give him a good reason to keep bumping even after exausting all his bombs and migitates the fact that he might end up having a hard time getting the enemy into his firing arc.

    Second up! The K-wing, a staple of many a rebel squads the K-wing is the rebellion's de-facto bomber (sorry Y-wing) so its no surprise as to why the second half of this team is the deceptively speedy and heavily armed fighter.

    Miranda Doni + Twin Laser Turret + Extra Munitions + Seismic Torpedo + Assault Missiles + Recon Specialist + Cluster Mines (x2) + Advanced SLAM

    At 57 points Miranda is half a squad worth of ship and built for the long haul. Extra Munitions and two Cluster Mine cards give her a whopping 4 bombs to drop and since cluster mines last until they are ran into she can do so with reckless abandon. Once Miranda has deposited her literal mine-field worth of bombs across the map using her advanced SLAM to get them where she wants them she can shift gears and revert to her standard role of shield regen and TLT. Recon spec is there to make the most out of her double attack even when she gives up a dice to get a shield back. With two uses of seismic torpedo Miranda can make the rocks scattered around the field as dangerous as her bombs, enemies will certainly be hesitant to fly near any rocks and in a pinch she can clear up the field to give Heff some breathing space. Assault Missiles? Well I'll admit, you've got me here, with 12 points left to spend it was either fill out Miranda's last open upgrade slot or drop a Bandit Squadron pilot somewhere and let him distract the enemy or plink at them from odd angles. The missile seemed more fitting for area of denial, target lock your enemy when you've got the chance and they'll scramble to break away from their friends lest they suffer the consequences (assuming they aren't already scattered across the map desperately avoiding all the bombs and rocks) and with 5 unspent points you're almost garenteed to have the initative where it matters.

    I certainly don't think FFG ever expected such a terrible bomb-related squad to crop up, even if you own the Punisher, Ghost, and Imperial Veterns you'll still need to buy or borrow Three more cluster mine sets for a whopping SIX set of cluster mines in the unfortunate event you manage to drop all of your bombs before any of them completely detonate.

    Remember, Sabine's ability affects all your bombs, not just the ones dropped by the ship she is riding in, all those cluster mines suddenly become range 1 denial areas.

    Think you can do without Heff taking pot shots at everyone bumping him? Replace anti-pursuit lasers with a ion projector, for added fun everytime you ionize something for bumping into you use Hera to pull those unlimited 0 speed maenuvers and trap them, psychological warfare!

    If you see any way to improve, make more terrifying, or cause the build to require even more cluster bomb tokens feel free to post them here, I'd really love to see feedback on this admittedly half-serious joke squad.

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    • This is nasty especially against big base ships

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    • In previous experience, don't go around chocking 57 points into a ship. Even if it has 9 hull. Via focus fire I killed a K-Wing after about 3 turns. I will be back with an idea that fixes this. (Maybe)

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    • Alright I am back. I split Miranda into two smaller (Load wise) K-Wings.

      I kept Hoff intact, as the ~60 K-Wing is what bothered me.

      Here's the fleet:


      Warden Squadron Pilot #2 is the regular pilot.

      Warden Squadron Pilot #1 is a kind of experimental idea. You use Conner Net to Ion the enemy then move in with Autoblaster. You mentioned having Hera pile stress up to keep ionizing the foe, this could work well because you entrap their ship and then fly your k-wing up with autoblaster and blow em up. If you don't like this replace this guy with a duplicate of Warden Squadron pilot #2.

      The low PS of the Warden squad pilots allow you to move you ships into the perfect position to cause the enemy to fly directly into all 3 cluster missile tokens, and then shoot them with the turret primary.

      Bombardier on the K-Wings is a point filler that gives some more wiggle room with the bombs. I ran out of ideas for the last few points. Dropping Autoblaster will add another 2 points, maybe for initiative to garuntee those K-Wings go first so the can drop their bombs in the way.

      This is what I would fly.

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    • RedShield you've made a interesting modification by splitting Miranda into two generic K-wings but I've noticed you left the Advanced SLAM modification off both of them which implies you wouldn't be using it so in turn I've reworked your own design a bit to squeeze even more in.

      Again Heff remains untouched though now at this point I think Ion Projector would be his default modification.

      In place of the two Warden pilots I suggest a pair of Gold Squadron Pilot Y-wings. If you don't plan on using the K-wing's Advance SLAM to drop bombs with the Y-wings comes with a 3-turn, a 4-forward, and a K-turn, granted these are all red but they give the Y-wing extra manueverabilty in a pinch.

      Of course the Y-wings lack a crew slot so no bombadier but with Bomb Loadout and Extra Munitions they can still carry a pair of Cluster Mines/Conner Nets.

      Since the base Gold Squadron pilot is cheaper than a Warden Squadron pilot you're able to safely fit a 4-point bomb and Autoblaster Turret onto both of them allowing either one to prey upon any ship entrapped by Heff's Ion field. With one less shield than the K-wing I boosted the Y-wing's surviability by giving one R5-P9 and the other R5-D8. At this point you can either leave the squad with 96 points for a almost surefire initative or do what I did and give them both Vectored Thrusters, ultimately just a point filler but could be used to roll one of them out of danger or into a favorable spot to unleash their autoblaster.

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    • I have actually never flown K-Wings before as I am a mostly Imperial player, so this thread is where I step out of my comfort zone. All prior knowledge of bombers I have is from the continual Trial and Error I get every time I fly a Tie Bomber. Regardless, I looked into Slam, and I adjusted to include the Advanced Slam. Its actually better than I thought. ( I thought it was after you slam you can slam)

      To make this work, the experemental Warden Squadron has to go. Replaced with a duplicate of the other WS. Heff also lost Advanced Sensors, but if Heff is going to rack up stress spinning madly, there are good chances he will never action again.

      Pairing Bombardier with Advanced Slam could be fun, as you slam, and throw a bomb speed 2 to where you just slammed from.

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    • Advanced SLAM makes laying mines a lot more effective.  I've found I can 3-Turn/Bank toward an enemy, then 3-Turn away an have my rear pointed right at them.

      Though the TIE Punisher and Quadjumper have their own fun minelaying tricks.

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    • A FANDOM user
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