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    I've seen some articles floating around about a new first order tie fighter being revealed, some say it's Kylo's personal starfighter while others are calling it a interceptor. This was the only pic I could find.
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    • I've seen that picture once before but haven't verified it.  That doesn't look like an X-Wing stand so it's probably just for show, and could even be 3D-Printed and unofficial.  But who knows, it could find its way into X-Wing.

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    • I didn't get the picture from any site related to X-Wing I think these are more like regular toys or maybe just collectable models. If the ship is confirmed to appear in the movie then it's now doubt what the next imperial ship to come out is gonna be.

      It does make sense if you think about it, if the Resistance is getting their own A-wing the First Order will probably get their own Interceptor.

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    • Throwback to when I half-guessed the new imperial ship would be Kylo's Tie.

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    • Good guess'n!

      But no resistance A-Wing as of yet.  :(

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    • The shape isn´t exactly like Kylos Tie, the back is different.

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