• Hey guys, this is just a continuation of the Weekly tournament and list chat thread since that one was quite long after 6 months.

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    • After missing a week at my gamestore I had a lot of built up ideas for squads but eventually settled on what I think is a pretty viable triple T-70 build.

      "Snap" Wexley + Targeting Astromech + Stay on Target + Pattern Analyzer + Integrated Astromech

      Nien Nunb + R3-A2 + Stay on Target + Pattern Analyzer + Integrated Astromech

      Jess Pava + R2-D6 + Predator + Pattern Analyzer + Integrated Astromech

      My first battle was without a doubt my biggest success and against a very rare opponent. Krassis Trelix flanked by "Omega Leader" and a Delta Squadron Pilot. The odds were stacked somewhat in my favor, Krassis was carrying a Rebel Captive which Nien was more than happy to ignore and Snap was able to use Stay on Target to avoid both the Firespray and the Defender and I was fortunate that the fighting remained relatively close knit giving Jess a extra re-roll. Krassis got desperate and attempted to escape using a white maneuver but Nien stayed on his tail and continued to double stress him, though Omega leader hadthe initative on shots and moved last his action often went to waste as he had to keep reacquiring his target lock on a ship in his arc while the X-wings circled him. His damage wasn't enough after Krassis was shot down and once I destroyed Omega leader my opponent gave the game, his PS1 defender couldn't hope to outmaenuver three X-wings that had only lost their shields and still had their astromechs to sacrifice. I won with no losses.

      Afterwards it went down from there, I fought a Vessery, Tomax, and another Omega Leader. The Tie Bomber was relatively easy to pick off and I focused it pretty hard, Nien even kept it double stressed so it never had a chance to acquire another target lock after spending it's first missile. Unfortunately Vessery was sporting the Tie/D title with a tractor beam and had Veteran Instincts giving her first shot, that combined with a much more skillfully flown Omega Leader left me unable to defend and get proper shots off. The third battle pitted me against a bomber Miranda and Leebo of all pilots. I flew well enough and managed to avoid Miranda's bombs but my lack of autothrusters spelt doom with her TLT. Snap was able to quite hilariously stay inside the Outrider's heavy laser cannon bubble, enough to wear the Outrider down to half health and net me some partial points so I didn't end up with a total defeat.

      All in all I think the build works quite nicely, though I was recommended that I swap out R2-D6 and Predator on Jess for M9-G8, freeing me up 1 point which would allow me to put Black One on Nien if I wished, or keep the 99 point squad for initative.

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    • I rather like that Snap build.

      That said, yeah, Predator may be a bit redundant on Jess. M9-G8 may indeed be a good pick.

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    • I am proud of my Snap build, one of my opponents even asked to take a picture of it so they could remember it for later use. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of it but it's synergy is flawless. He's absolutely lethal to any ship with a lower PS. I'm thinking Intelligence Agent on a friendly ship could help him counter higher PS aces.

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    • The Salt Lake Gaming Con is coming up and I'll be playing in the tournament on Saturday.  I still haven't decided on the ships I'll bring.  Even though I'd lose hard against the serious top-meta fleets people will bring, I'm really tempted to play this one:

      Wes + Adaptability + R2 Astromech + IA

      Wedge + Expertise + R4-D6 + IA

      Horton + TLT + M9-G8 + Vectored Thrusters

      ...just to see how far I'd get.  :D

      Sadly I can feel the X-Wing's underpowered role in the meta; it just lacks the maneuvering options or cost balancing etc that other newer ships have enjoyed.  And yet... I still love them.  I played it twice today but against relatively new opponents, so my victories may not be a great test of its abilities.  I am doing better at remembering Horton's pilot ability though.

      And I just found two Y-Wings on sale at the local game store.  The stores in my area didn't have them before but there they were... for a ship that's impossible to find, they were a surprising find.  I snatched them up and now I have 3 R2 Astromechs total, when I was previously having to make do with one during tournaments.  And now I can fly some rebel Y-Wing Munitions jank just for fun.  :D

      In the fleet above I may replace R4-D6, since I seem to get more use out of R2 Astro's wide green range (e.g. green 2 turns); it's been rare to have 3+ uncancelled hits (not crits).  Though perhaps I'll be hit with 5 hits on the very day I replace R4.  :D  I benefitted a lot today from Wes' ability to strip locks and deny munitions ships their good attack.  And stripping defensive tokens lines up the foe for Wedge's violence.  So it's fun to play... which may be more important in the end than playing something that competes with the big dogs.

      The other fleets I'm considering are Dragoon's Vessery + Deathfire + Backdraft combo (which is pretty solid), my Jan + Nera + Biggs fleet (also solid, though it struggles a lot against certain top meta evils), and maybe this one:

      NorraAlliance Overhaul  PTL + R2-D2 + C-3PO + Vectored Thrusters  + maybe Plasma Torps

      Dash + Expertise + HLC + Outrider + Smuggling Compartment + Rigged Cargo Chute + "Leebo"

      Though I haven't flown this Dash + Norra nonsense so I'd be going into a tournament kinda blind.  That may be a bad idea; it takes me a game or two to learn the ropes of a fleet unless I've played it recently.

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    • Leebo with an HLC's a bold move. 

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    • I figure it gives him some options between boost and roll, and he can take that 2nd ion if he really needs it to get a shot in.  Finishing a foe can put you ahead a lot, enough that telegraphing your next maneuver might be worth it.

      That said, Intelligence Agent may be a good alternative, to help him better plan his roll vs aces to position for shots or bumps.

      BTW later on Saturday (after the tournament) I may try out my derpy X-Wing Derby mode, and see how many players I can get on the board together.  A proper Mario Kart mode needs at least 4, maybe 8+, to maximize the madness.  :D  Hopefully it works well.

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    • Yeah, I'm thinking that that doughtnut hole is so crucial that any form of telegraphing might hinder the list severely. That said, if it works out it gets bonus points for theme :p

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    • I played Horton Hears A Who (my Wes + Wedge + Horton list) today for a 5-round tournament at the Salt Lake Gaming Con.  I won't give a play-by-play, but my results were:

      100-66: Jess fleet with Biggs and VI Wes; gave me trouble but I managed to eventually kill all his ships, surviving only barely with Wedge

      79-100: daaamnnnn Jumpmasters!!!  I killed Dengar and was so close to killing Tel... killed him once, just needed one more tap to finish him for real, but he kept getting into range 1 of the TLT because of the jumpmaster's stupid easy-mode dial + roll, and then I had bad dice luck right at the critical moment gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

      100-30: Mindlinked Denger + Asajj + N'dru or Kaa'to Leeachos, I forget which; I killed Asajj as fast as possible, gradually burned through Dengar, and I was surprised I'd survived with only losing Wes; this fleet really worried me

      70-100: Expertise Rey + non-regen Poe; came so close to killing Rey but had bad dice & range luck right at the end

      100-0: Jess and 3 basic T-70 buddies; I pretended to charge him, then turned away to lead him through the asteroids and break up his formation; worked pretty well despite some bumps in the road

      I got 9th place out of... 18 or 20 players?  So not terrible, but I've done better.  Also they raffled off a bunch of prizes, and true to my raffle losing streak (going on many years now), I didn't get any.  Probably deserved for some past misdeed or other.  :)

      • I actually had the option to keep playing in the elimination round (8th place had bowed out so I was next up), but that could go on for a *very* long time and I was so tired.  That last player had actually started to really get on my nerves and wear me down... he took forever not only choosing his maneuvers, but also performing them, and I'm absolutely certain he was deliberately fudging the sloppy angle of his template placement to avoid landing on asteroids (which would have given me the advantage I was looking for when leading him into the asteroids).  After that battle ended, I was just tired and ready to pack up and enjoy the rest of the gaming convention.

      Several players told me my list is terrifying, because each pilot ability is equally devastating and they didn't know who to target first, and they hit so hard together.  But I counter that they're still just two T-65s and a Y-Wing.  Despite cool pilot abilities they're not powerful ships in the current meta, thanks to really lackluster dials and action bars and/or being a bit too delicate.  It still frustrates me that FFG shows so little interest in this game's namesake ship, and the new TIE Aggressor's dial puts the Y-Wing to shame (though the Y-Wing can still play the bomber roll pretty well).

      That said... that's kind of why I picked this fleet.  I'd feel really dirty taking a top meta fleet to a tournament that isn't Worlds... if I won with a net deck (or a jumpmaster), it'd feel like someone else won the game for me.  So I went the entirely other direction, picking ships I knew would challenge me and be fun to play.  I enjoyed the tournament and it was an interesting challenge, and any bitching from me is kind of just bad sportsmanship.  I'm glad I took Wes, Wedge, and Horton out for a ride.

      But %$*& jumpmasters, they're just easy mode for baby's first X-Wing game.  Yea I said it!  FIGHT ME!  ;)

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    • I agree on the netdecks, it's really enjoyable to find what you enjoy and to make a solid list out of that. Even when it isn't technically the best list, if you can fly it well and people are unfamiliar with it, it can count for a lot more than a meta list.

      The problem is FFG's development cycle though. It basically takes a year and a half to put something from start to finish out. They had Y-Wing dominance for a litttle while (and it recently made a resurgence after the nerf and did well at the Systems Opens) after the TLT was released, so from their perspective the Y-Wing likely needs no fixes. The X-Wing they did put out a fix for back in December of 2015, but they would have wanted to watch how it'd perform first before immediately putting out the fix, and they'd probably wait *at least* 6 months before deciding the X-Wing needed more help.They've also put out a couple of Astromechs and Vectored Thrusters, although none of those have really stuck obviously.

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    • True.  Curse you and your... logic!  :P

      I am encouraged though by Guns for Hire.  They're not just throwing ships away that don't perform.  Real buffs do come out, and nerfs are keeping the meta from becoming a total mess that precludes nearly all options.  I'm actually not sure what the top meta is right now, other than mindlink and jumpmasters.  That's a testament to the effectiveness of the Great Nerf -- it fixed the meta so there's not 2 or 3 ships/fleets that dominate everything.  Other fleets are viable now, and there's a lot of variety, at least at the places where I've been frequenting.

      That said, IMO if a ship is going to be slightly overpowered, it could stand to be the game's namesake.  X-Wings have top billing, so they should also have a top or near-top role in tournaments, IMO.  That's the ship you want to gamble with.  X-Wings and TIE Swarms kind of deserve the honor, given that they're the most iconic...

      Though maybe Jumpmasters, x7, and other recent power explosions have FFG feeling gunshy.  Better to leave X-Wings as underdogs people root for, than as hated, ridiculously overpowered win-machines.  I remember the (IMO legit) hate poured on Paratanni, Dengaroo, and anything with an x7 TIE Defender before the nerf, and I'd like X-Wings to never become the game's villain like that.

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    • Also someone at the tournament had modified their K-Wing and G-1A into the Sea Duck from Tailspin.

      Before someone explained the reference, I called it the Cronenburg K-Wing.

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    • My friend wanted me to run this list by you. Any suggestions for him?


      Contracted Scout (47) - JumpMaster 5000

      Predator (3), "Gonk" (2), Unhinged Astromech (1), Black Market Slicer Tools (1), Punishing One (12), Experimental Interface (3)

      Kath Scarlet (53) - Firespray-31

      Predator (3), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Tail Gunner (2), Hull Upgrade (3)

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    • The one thing I would say is a serious improvement to be made would be that I would add Slave I so that you can add Long Range Scanners. If he does so, he may want to try finding the point to upgrade Predator to Expertise. Maybe by dropping the BMST?

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    • So... everything below is opinion.  Don't take what I say as perfect truth.  :D

      I'd say it's a neat pairing, though a lot of the upgrades are not playing to its strengths.

      I'd drop Hull Upgrade as a start, as it's not an efficient use of points on most ships.  That 3 points could go toward putting K4 Security Droid on the jumpmaster, which is extremely useful given the jumpmaster's amazing dial and action options (you can do a green maneuver, lock, and then barrel roll into a great position or focus for more firepower).  You could also dump Gonk and EI and upgrade the scout to Dengar , gaining a high PS and a deadly counterattack that makes opponents wince.  Gonk is a neat idea, but he's a slow regen source and the Punishing One tends to fare better by killing opponents to eliminate damage sources, rather than trying to heal damage back inefficiently.

      I'd also drop the slicer tools , since you don't have a consistent way to stress foes.  Also the jumpmaster should not be wasting its action on slicer tools anyway.  Instead it should be focusing or barrel rolling to maximize its attack or positioning.  In fact, K4 Security Droid + Expertise makes Dengar incredibly evil, making sure he has focus + lock every round (and empowering his counterattack) unless he's taking on a lot of stress (e.g. from Asajj).  If you don't have Expertise, PTL has its uses as well.

      If you need to free up more points, Kath doesn't necessarily need the Heavy Laser Cannon , though it is useful to make sure her shots are always at least 4 dice.  That said, she mostly likes to overpass enemies, or k-turn in front of them, or hard turn to the side, whatever it takes to use her amazing rear arc.  Tail Gunner + kath's bonus die are terrifying every time you line up the shot, especially at range 1.  Kath also benefits from Expertise or VI , IMO more than she does from Predator (though predator's not necessarily a bad choice).

      Kath also benefits tremendously from Engine Upgrade , as it helps her get a foe in arc when she would otherwise miss out on shooting for a round.  This is the greatest problem the Firespray faces right now: its dial is lackluster and it has no natural roll or boost, so it spends too many rounds not contributing to the fight.  Boost is a worthy investment.

      So consider something like this for a Dengar Kath team:

      100 points

      Dengar (33) + Expertise (4) + K4 Security Droid (3) + Unhinged Astromech (1) + Punishing One (12) (total 53)

      Kath (S&V) (38) + Predator (3) + Tail Gunner (2) + Engine Upgrade (4) (total 47)

      That's a team that gives Wazat a cold sweat; it'd give a lot of my fleets a run for their money.  ;)  That said, if you prefer the HLC + and regen route, that's also something we can explore.  I don't want to stomp your idea and just say "no, go this direction instead".  There's lots of ways to build a team like that.

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    • I went to my first ever X-wing tournament last night. It's the first time I've ever seen things like Jumpmasters and awesome Juke squads.

      I flew my good ol'  Ten Numb + VI + Mangler CannonMangler Cannon  + Advanced Sensors, with Miranda Doni+ TLT, and Biggs with the usual.

      I know you may scoff, and say "B-Wing, over priced, he's getting nowhere..." but Biggs keeps Ten alive long enough for him to do some serious damage with his mangler cannon.  Idealy, I have biggs and Ten flting in formation, and Miranda flying around TLTing, regening, and slaming out of arcs and stuff.

      I actually did resonably well, scoring right in the middle of all the competitors, and winning myself to copies of tactitian and an evade token.

      My brother came first overall (his first tournament too) with no losses, using his standard Vessery+TIE/D+Ryad+PTL+x7+Deathfire+EM+Cluster/connernet.  I still hold the record as only person ever to beat this squad (using my K-Wing/B-Wing/X-Wing), which I have done once.

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    • Awesome, and well done!  I hope you had a good time!

      Yea, Biggs makes B-Wings viable.  I've seen Nera and Norra fly together, running away from foes while lighting them up, but usually Biggs is the B-Wing's wings, so to speak.

      What cannon does your brother's Vessery like to equip?

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    • His exact squad is:

      Vessery+Ion cannon + Vet instincts + Twin ion MKII.

      Ryad+ PTL + x7 + Twin ion MKII

      Deathfire + EM + Cluster/Conner + Long Range Scanners

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    • Sounds pretty similar to a squad I've been using. My Vessery has Crack Shot, Deathfire has Homing Missiles, and rather than Ryad I have Backdraft with Lightweight Frame, Fire Control System, A Score To Settle, and Pattern Analyzer.

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    • So this saturday I'm hosting a small epic tournament (I'm trying to get more of the locals to play more epic, as it's EPIC!), but so far we are at 5 players, so it may just be some cozy afternoon games.

      In case we find a sixth player, we fly 300 points and my list is as follows:

      I like to split my epic fleets into wings and supporting roles and plan a similar tactic for all battles.

      Transport with support:

      GR-75 Rebel Transport - Automated Protocols, Toryn Farr, Tibanna Gas Supplies and Bright Hope

      Poe Dameron - PTL, BB-8, Autothrusters, Primed Thrusters and Black One

      Ahsoka Tano - Veteran Instinct, Captured TIE, Sabine's Masterpiece and Rey

      Ezra Bridger - Rage, TLT and Inspiring Recruit

      These ships are supposed to disrupt the enemies offensive and defensive capabilities by removing tokens from them. Ahsoka hangs around to help Poe remove a target lock from a huge ship and Ezra can easily put a couple of damage into a huge ship and hopefully survive some fire. The transport is super annoying for my opponent, but with Bright Hope, it's a difficult target to choose, as firing upon it will less effective, so it usually survives for quite long.

      Devastator Squadron:

      Lieutenant Blount - XX-23 S-Thread Tracers and Veteran Instincts

      3x Tala Squadron Pilot - Assault Missiles and Guidance Chips

      So basically deal a lot o damage before dying. After delivering their payload, they will function as blockers and general nuisance.

      Blue Squadron:

      "Snap" Wexley - Adaptability, R2 Astromech, Integrated Astromech and Primed Thrusters

      "Blue Ace" -  R2 AstromechIntegrated Astromech and Primed Thrusters

      Jess Pava - R2-D6, Veteran Instincts, Integrated Astromech and Primed Thrusters

      These are my fast-movers and will function as flankers and focus fire on enemy ships. They will have the same PS for simplicity.

      If we go casual and play 400 points, I will add the following:

      2x Blue Squadron Pilot - FCS

      Bodhi Rook - Sensor Jammer, Pivot Wing, Hera Syndulla, Chewbacca and Countermeasures

      The b-wings are just extra firepower, which will slow-roll it until they die. Bodhi have the option of hovering in a corner forever and help his allies aquire target locks from far away. I think it may work great with Ahsoka. He should also have a lot of survivability with Chewie and Sensor jammer.

      I will update you on how it turns out.

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    • Today my Wednesday gaming group did a tri-faction game: 3 small ships only, and each must be a different faction.  And upgrades have to be valid for the ship they're on.  I recently played Fenn Rau + Jan Ors + Omega Leader in a similar game, so I dusted the list off and gave it another try, this time in an actual tournament with prizes.

      Fenn Rau + Fearlessness + APT + Concord Dawn Protector + Guidance Chips

      "Omega Leader" + Targeting Synchronizer + Adaptability + TIE Mk. II

      Jan Ors + Adaptability + TLT + Operations Specialist + Moldy Crow

      Omega provides a lock, Fenn Focuses, and Jan adds a die.  Potential for an 8-dice, hyper-accurate APT nuke, and 7-dice primary weapon attacks, if Fenn is in Fearlessness position.

      Last time it completely devastated every opponent.  This time its overall performance was mediocre, mostly because of suboptimal flying and guesswork on my part.  The nuke went off each time, and consistently produced 8 hits + crits.  Whatever Fenn targeted with torps went out in a single round, every time.  He was also terrifying with his primary weapon attack.  I just lost ships too early in two of my games, and I forgot to use Jan and Operations Specialist too often (which really cost me).  Fenn really needs Autothrusters too... the list just doesn't need Guidance Chips, but Fenn needs survivability.

      First game I got 67 points and my opponent got 100.  I was pretty close to a win but things fell apart near the end.  It was Biggs + Quickdraw + Serissu.  I target locked Backdraft with Omega Leader, then spent that lock to nuke with Fenn's torpedo.  Quickdraw went down immediately and tragically despite rolling high on defense, and he didn't do too much damage on his shot + counterattack.  Unfortunately I then had trouble killing Biggs after a botched joust.  He had R2-D2 for regen, and was supported by Serissu, who had lucky magic dice plus Biggs blocking shots.  I kept bumping or not getting great shots, and I really should have remembered Jan's ability for Fenn's primary... could have ended it so much faster.  Eventually Omega and Jan fell to the HLC; that scyk was really effective.

      Eventually I killed Biggs with a 7-dice Fenn Primary.  Biggs' dice never managed to benefit from Serissu (always rerolled the blank into a blank), but as above, the scyk contributed in a much more powerful way.  In the same round, Serissu's evil Heavy Laser Cannon got just enough damage into Fenn to kill him, plus a bonus damage to showboat.  :)  If I'd been just a millimeter or two closer, he'd be at one less die(range 1 primary instead of HLC) and I'd have +1 defense dice, but it might not have saved me even then.

      Second game I just destroyed.  Foe had Nera with Plasma Torps, Ryad with common gear, and Guri with common gear.    I killed Nera first, who managed to get a plasma torp off and kill Omega Leader.  Then I destroyed Ryad, and finally Guri a few rounds later after some turnaround and near bumps.  Fenn was in top form, and Jan did pretty well at supporting.  At one point I deliberately missed both shots (not focusing) with Jan's TLT to grant a focus token to Fenn with Ops Spec, and it worked like a charm.  ^_^

      Third game was against Soontir, Fenn, and Jake, all at PS 9.  I got to choose initiative and gave it to him.  On the approach, I just barely misjudged his maneuver, and ended up with Fenn surrounded by all three ships, 2 at range 1 and Soontir at range 2.  If only I'd moved 3 instead of 4.  I knew Fenn was doomed, so I unloaded on Jake and took him out of the fight.  But Fenn had taken lethal damage and that was not a good trade.  The following rounds were the dice being cruel to me (against extremely tanky ships), and me staying stressed so Jan wasn't supporting and Omega wasn't locking, which further spelled my doom.  In the end it was over pretty decisively.  I got only 33 points to his 100; this was the battle that really tanked my ranking (down to 9 in the end, just barely below middle of the list).

      I had fun, and I learned that I really need to remember to use Jan's ability every round, and pay attention to Operations Specialist.  Ops helped a lot on the 2nd game, but I forgot it during the first and 3rd games to my peril.  Same with Jan's ability -- using her to empower basic attacks might well have swung that first game in my favor, and maybe given me much better results in the 3rd game.  Oh well.

      I spoke too soon last time when I said I never win drawings/raffles.  It's true, I never do... until today.  Today broke my long raffle losing streak, and I got a pretty cool prize: Die Hard metal X-Wing dice!  (apparently worth about $25)  I also got another copy of Tactician .  If I ever want to do a crew ship swarm, I have enough tacticians to permanently stress a small army and maybe give their droids PTSD.  :)

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    • I scooped up the scurrg this week and I want to use it next week for sure but I can't figure out how to go about it. So far I've got 2 builds, one centers around abusing bombs, and the other is more or less just to show off both the scurrg and intensity.

      Squadron 1: Fat Bombers

      Captain Nym (Rebel) + Expertise + Extra Munitions + Cluster Mines + Experimental Interface + R4-E1 + Synced Turret + Conner Net + Havoc + Minefield Mapper

      Miranda Doni + Twin Laser Turret + Sabine Wren (Crew) + Conner Net + Extra Munitions + Bomblet Generator + Advanced SLAM

      Squadron 2: Dirty Tricks Done Cheap

      Captain Nym (Rebel) + Trick Shot + "Genius" + Autoblaster Turret + Bomblet Generator + Havoc + Accuracy Corrector

      Jake Farrell + Intensity + A-Wing Test Pilot + Lightning Reflexes + Chardaan Refit + Autothrusters

      Miranda Doni + Twin Laser Turret + "Chopper" (Crew)

      A bit preemptive to post, and I'll probably wind up running both builds during seperate tournaments but I wanted to see which one you guys would think works better.

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    • I would likely take the 2nd list.

      As a note, in the second list I'd be tempted to switch Lightning Reflexes with Adaptability to bring Jake to the same PS as Nym and Miranda and give Miranda either Intelligence Agent or Bodhi Rook.

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    • Good call on the adaptability, I would say Bodhi is probably more useful than the Intelligence agent, with a TLT miranda will want to be staying far away so she may not have a lot of chances to use it.

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    • Intelligence Agent can be extremely useful for lower-PS ships to know when to drop their bombs.  But as you said, on a TLT boat it is hard to use it often.

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    • Yesterday I was at the first of three Store Championships that I'm attending and I didn't really know what to play. I had tried Rey+Poe, but it's a very punishing list, if I make even one mistake. So one of the regulars, who always play two firesprays (it's a standing joke, and we all love it) had me promised to bring two firesprays for one of the SCs (I had to borrow one from him, though). So I did just that:

      Boba Fett - VI, Engine Upgrade, Tactician and Glitterstim

      Kath Scarlett - HLC, Expertise and Dengar

      As it turned out, 4 of the 20 players had brought 2 firesprays! Great fun!

      In the first round I met a newer player, who defeated me at a previous tournament, because I screwed up with Rey+Poe. He had a PS3 Ghost with Finn and Baze Malbus and other stuff and Braylen Stramm with Jyn Erso. In the first engagement, Boba only managed to deal two damage in range one to the Ghost and Kath dealt four. My opponents dice where hot. He naturally rolled hits an crits, and Kath was down to four hull. Luckily he hit Boba with one damage, so he couldn't use Baze to kill of Kath. I then focused on Braylen (I should have done that from the beginning) and had him down to three hull and then lost Kath. Boba now had to clean up and luckily my opponent flew his 9 hp Ghost off the table, just after deploying the shuttle. The rest was a test of patience and maneuvering to bring the win home.


      Second round was almost a mirror match. He had the same Kath with BSMT and I can't remember his Boba, but had Fearlessness and Homing Missiles. Long story short: we chipped off of eachother until both Kaths were at 1 hull, facing backwards to eachother and everything else bumbed. He had initiative, and gave my Kath a Blinded Pilot so I couldn't kill his Kath. Boba was on clean-up duty again. In a range one battle between the Bobas, my four hull Boba landed two crits on his three hull Boba, with one being Direct Hit, making up for the Blinded Pilot earlier. My Boba could then easily dispose of his Kath.


      The third was the dreaded Death Sandwich, which is one of the veteran players with his goofy, but effective Decimator and Upsilon list, which makes Oicunn deal two bump damage each turn and then IA and BoShek makes things really difficult for you. I managed to kill Oicunn rahter quickly, but then I screwed up my positioning and took too much damage from the shuttle. I managed to keep both ships alive though.


      Fourth round was against tanky Chewie and Miranda. And my dice where really hot this round. My attacks were potent and besides the first two, when I had to roll for mines, I hit blanks, which totally saved Boba, who could finish off Miranda. Then it was a battle of attrition which my two ships won. Luckily he still managed to reach the top cut with his MOV, but I had to win.


      Semifinal (this was my first top cut) was against two mindlinked u-boats and Fenn. He was really tired and screwed up a lot, which handed me the easiest win. I only lost half Boba.

      Final. This was against Parattanni, which is probably the worst match-up. And it was a patient and veteran player. I screwed up in the second activation and had Boba too close to his ships, where I had to use Glitters to no effect. He won rather quickly, but I had reached top 4, which was more than I had expected from bringing a list, that I had never played before. Range ruler, Kallus token, worlds Rey, AA Engine Upgrade and Anniversary R2-D2+Integrated Astromech was the loot I got to bring home. Good times.

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    • Damn, good job Lasse. 

      It's nice to see that with both the new abilities of Wave 6 and the whole slew of upgrades that you can create good Firespray lists despite the Firespray itself being a little underpar. 

      There's a distributor change happening in Canada where Lion Rampart is losing their FFG distribution license and Asmodee (North?) is getting it, so I'm hoping that after the change they're still distributing kits so I manage to play in some (and there are a few stores that have not managed to get their store kits due to Lion's Rampart causing issues).

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    • So I am going to a tournament in about a week and am thinking about flying this squad

      Bossk-heavy laser cannon,hounds tooth(title) gonk and zuckuss

      Dengar-punishing one(title) r5-p8 boba fett

      Nashtah pup pilot

      So I was thinking with this fleet to have two heavy hitters that can take a lot of hits and defeat the other ships before they could kill me.

      Any thoughts or suggestions that could make my fleet better.

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    • Awesome, I love double Firespray lists.  I've actually flown a Firespray Fiesta fleet with 3 of them and nearly no upgrades, but they're underpowered compared to U-Boats.  I think my next goal is Scum Kath with Expertise + Engine Upgrade and either Tail Gunner or Dengar.

      I don't have the new ships yet, and probably won't for a while.  I order with friends through a store owner who gets us a great deal, but... the order doesn't go out for a while (he has to do it on his schedule for it to work out financially).  Also we presumably have the ships on "preorder", and that helped with the previous wave, but didn't mean much with the C-ROC which I only got last Friday.

      That said, I finally have my C-ROC.  So maybe I can build a neat Scyk list... I'm really happy they got such cool new pilots, and I know they're terrifying with the right equipment (e.g. HLC and Mindlink).  I also want to put my Spacetug quadjumpers to use again, especially in a bomb list.

      Maybe I could fly something like this:

      Kath Scarlet (45): Firespray-31 (38), Attanni Mindlink (1), Tail Gunner (2), Engine Upgrade (4)

      Quinn Jast (28): M3-A "Scyk" Interceptor (18), Attanni Mindlink (1), "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2), Pulsed Ray Shield (2), Homing Missiles (5)

      Inaldra (27): M3-A "Scyk" Interceptor (15), Attanni Mindlink (1), "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2), Pulsed Ray Shield (2), Heavy Laser Cannon (7)

      I like the idea of the Hit & Run Scyks providing mindlink tokens even while they're recovering a shield and/or missile.  And Kath benefits a lot from a free focus, so she can boost to position her cumbersome arcs, or lock for higher damage.

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    • Anon: Bossk + Dengar is a fun combo.  Together they can hit hard and hopefully take down (or heavily injure) a foe in the first engagement, sliding the odds in your favor.

      If you need any points to add something more powerful, I would remove the Hound's Tooth title first.  It's adding a Z-95 to the battlefield with Bossk's pilot ability, but only after the YV-666 dies, and with no good way to generate crits to take advantage of that pilot ability.  It's not a terrible option, but if you're looking to free up points for something more powerful, that's the first upgrade to pluck.

      The other weak card IMO is "Gonk", which is a bit too slow a regen source and doesn't play off of Bossk's attack-focused ability; I'd add something to make the ship more dangerous with its shots.  Since it's Bossk, Mercenary Copilot would let you turn an HLC hit into a crit (after it's turned all its crits into hits), which would allow you to split it into two hits with Bossk's ability.  Then you have a Heavy Laser Cannon that can generate up to 5 hits at range 3, but unfortunately only at range 3.  On the YV-666 that's not overly exciting (bad maneuvering, and eventually a range 3 shot becomes hard to get).  You could accomplish something similar with Calculation, or even better, by swapping your HLC for a "Mangler" Cannon (for Bossk, a mangler does at least as well as the HLC).

      Keep in mind that Zuckuss (Crew) has gotten errata; he no longer works while you're stressed.  That's something to keep in mind, as he can no longer be spammed, and the YV can't easily clear stress when it's trying to keep enemies from sneaking behind it.  The other common Party Bus crew are 4-LOM and Dengar (when he's not a pilot).  Greedo + Boba Fett can be fun too, given the YV's high shield count.  Even without Greedo, Boba does well on the YV here thanks to Bossk's love of generating crits.  So there's some crew ideas.

      The YV also benefits a lot from Inertial Dampeners, to emergency-stop even while stressed and keep target in front of it.  A YV is basically doomed if foes get behind it; it can almost never shake them.  Flying in the center and slow-rolling, or flying near an edge so you can turn inward and protect your rear, are helpful strategies.  Burnout Slam for two 3-turn maneuvers (granting you a turn-around and some distance) is also a neat option.  You might also consider Feedback Array, which can punish foes that get too close behind you (you could choose a stop maneuver to force them to get into range, or ideally bump into you).

      Attanni Mindlink can be very helpful here.  Dengar's dial is covered in an absurd number of green maneuvers, so he can clear stress and then share a focus token.  Also for the same reason, K4 Security Droid is great on Dengar, giving him frequent, free locks to power up his attacks and counterattacks.

      You might also consider Maneuvering Fins or Engine Upgrade on Bossk, to improve his ability to keep enemies in arc.

      Here's an example of these ideas brought together:

      Bossk: Attanni Mindlink, “Mangler” Cannon, 4-LOM, Greedo, Boba Fett, Inertial Dampeners or Burnout Slam, Maneuvering Fins (45)

      Dengar: Attanni Mindlink, K4 Security Droid, R5-P8, Feedback Array (in case of bumps), Punishing One (54)

      I hope that helps!  Hopefully this will give you some fun ideas.

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    • Just flew a Miranda+Nym+generic prototype A-Wing list tonight with devasting results. Bomblet generator was truly nasty (esp. with Sabine to help). I won all three 45min games, Losing only one of my ships each time, while removing all my opponents ships.  Nym's ability is great - at one point I dropped a bomblet token out of range of my opponents, then saved it for next round. The unfortunate Omega Leader decided to brave it for the sake of lining up the perfect shot, then I dropped another one right on him - he never got his perfectly lined up shot.  Phantoms (a surprising amount) and Evade token-reliant builds were easy meat.

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    • Haha!  I love how bombs are turning out.  They used to be so rarely used, but they've steadily built up momentum.  Now the Scurrg hits the meta and they're fantastic.  I wish I had my scurrg, but it's still in backorder.  *sad puppy eyes*

      Sounds like you flew very well and put Nym + Sabine to fantastic use.  Well done!

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    • I played in my first store tourny on Saturday and placed 2nd with a fun, punishing list! I flew: 

      Dash: PTL, HLC, Engine Upgrade, Kanan, and the title.

      Norra : PTL, R2-D2 , Vectored Thrusters , Kyle , and the title .

      I went with Kyle over Rey because it allowed me to sprint out and joust against the other people who had Rey, who were puttsing along, stacking up tokens. Most people would try and sink Norra first, allowing Dash to fly unmolested, sinking 4 hits into a ship every turn. It was super fun to fly.

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    • With the number of reds on the ARC's dial, Kyle's a fun choice.  He does indeed allow for some neat post-joust choices!

      Congrats on your tourney!  Sounds like a brutal list, if flown well.

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    • I flew my Nym + Jake + Miranda fleet that I posted earlier last week and I gotta say that the Scurrg is already on my list of reliable ships right beside the K-wing.

      While the autoblaster + accuracy corrector combo worked well when I had the chance to use it I found that the scurrg is maneuverable enough I often wound up with a range 1 shot with his primaries. In the first round I used the turret's garunteed 2 hits to melt a shield-less inquisitor that had a evade token and later on Nym managed a range 1 4 dice shot on Rexler Brath, I got 3 hits and a crit, he rolled poorly and only evaded 1, i took his last shield, and the crit was a direct hit. Ended up melting him right there though not before Rexler tractor beamed Jake off the field (he was flying along the edge and I got greedy and chased him with Jake).

      Jake Farrell and Intensity were a match made for each other but due to points I couldn't fit him with another talent to give him more punch, in another list I feel like PTL or Juke could give Jake the power he needs to inflict some damage but intensity alone isn't enough to make him a super threat though it does make him a god at arc-dodging. I got lucky in my second fight and came away with all 3 of my ships, Jake crawling along at 1 health after taking a enemy Ghost's autoblaster turret, after that I wised up and kept him at range 2 and it was easy to wear them down after that. (One of them accidentally K-turned off the field after I had already put 6 damage cards on it).

      Genius on Nym was an okay choice but I feel Scum Nym utilizes him far better than Rebel Nym can, still it made my opponents more than wary and caused lots of area denial, I even tricked a few of them by flying Miranda close to the bombs, having them chase her thinking I would keep the bomb from detonating and then letting it go off anyways, then Miranda can regen anything she lost.

      I only lost my third fight in the torunament and it was against a Scum Nym and a Emon. They were both pretty fat and had a lot more bombs than I did, I manage to burn Emon up before he could get more than 1 cluster mine off but at that point his Nym had a TLT and my Nym was helpless to return fire and Miranda couldn't chip him down fast enough and regen herself at the same time.

      I'll definately be bringing him back next week, minus jake and probably make him and Miranda both fat as well as try out Minefield Mapper.

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    • On Wednesday I flew my Expertise Dash + Norra fleet once and got to see how strong it is.  One battle is not enough to properly assess its potential but it seemed to work well.  I never used Leebo though, so I'm thinking I'll replace it with Intelligence Agent or Inspiring Recruit, and replace Rigged Cargo Chute with Feedback Array, to close the donut and give him an option after bumping.  Sometimes the damage and ion is really worth it, and I think Feedback Array will ultimately be better than the Lando ion-to-boost tradeoff.  That night I also bought the Auzituck, Scurrg, and TIE Aggressor, since my membership at the store gave me a reasonable discount.  I'm glad I got to fight one game; work has kept me so busy, and I've been too tired to go to most Friday games.  This Friday though I managed it.

      Today I flew the infamous Lowhhrick + Kanan Jarrus + Biggs fleet.  We only got 4 people to show up for our tournament so it was small, but casual and fun.  After playing with it I like the Auzituck a lot, though it definitely is a mix of pros and cons.  Lowhhrick's ability is really good, BTW, especially when protecting Biggs.  I think I may trade Wookie Commandos for Lightning Reflexes.  The commandos rarely paid off (and even then, by only a little), while a one-time 180 flip could rescue this ship when it gets in a tough spot.  Alternatively Engine Upgrade + Daredevil + Kanan Jarrus (Crew) could be really funny (subverting the normal limit of the ship), though I'm not convinced it'd be ideal given the cost.  :)

      On my first game, my opponent jousted me directly and it cost him big.  I destroyed all his ships and all he got was Biggs.  The fleet was in full form, drastically reducing the damage to Biggs and dishing out decent damage in return.  I killed my opponent's Expertise Maarek Stele (TIE Defender) on the first round of contact, and then picked off his two TLT TIE Aggressors after a few rounds.  He did manage to kill Biggs before going down, though.

      Second game went extremelly poorly, because I piloted Kanan like a drunk.  I'm usually really good at planning risky maneuvers and getting them to pay off, but my choices with Kanan were terrible, maybe because I'm not used to the large ship base.  The whole game hurt after that.  I wish I'd chosen debris instead of big asteroids; game would have been almost entirely in my favor (I chose asteroids expecting jumpmasters and other large ships, hoping I could navigate them better, but it did not turn out that way).

      My opponent flew PS 9 Poe + Intensity + BB-8 + Primed Thrusters + Autothrusters + Black One and it was obscene.  Along side him was Jake Farrell + title + Cruise Missiles + PTL + VI + Autothrusters, and Ahsoka Tano + VI + Sabine's Masterpiece + Captured TIE + Rey.  It's a much more wicked list than it appears at first, and yes, it at first appears very wicked.  Jake and Poe were extremely tough nuts to crack, and Poe could hit hard.  Jake had performed poorly in his previous game, doing only 2 damage with the missiles and then dying, but in this game he was a real problem.

      On only the second round, I barely cliped an asteroid with Kanan and rolled a hit.  I'm also strung out right then, as Jake whips around and fires a max-power cruise missile at him and deals 5 damage.  In a single round, before anyone else has reached me, Kanan is down to naked hull.  This is bad.  Next round I plan a daring k-turn to get right behind or beside Poe and either blast him with my primary or my unavoidable autoblaster.  But once again, I clip an asteroid by a tiny fraction, almost perfectly flush with the token edge.  I'm pretty sure I'd moved my template by accident; my opponent was generous and let me roll a die to detemine if I'd overlapped, but the die said yes.  This bad maneuver is what threw the game for me.  It was a stupid move and I spent the rest of the game paying for it.  Instead of doing tons of damage with Kanan, I took tons of damage.  Dancing Poe was too tough a target for my other ships to easily crack, though they came so, so close.

      After a few more rounds I finally lost kanan despite trying to be very evasive.  The following rounds were a very long grind, as Biggs + Lowhhrick were very defensive, and he had to fly very cautiously to avoid getting Jake or Ahsoka blasted out of the sky in one round.  His ships were very evasive, and it was hard to keep Dancing Poe and Jake in anyone's arc.  Eventually he got both Ahsoka and Jake behind Biggs and Lowhhrick and I had trouble finding a place to k-turn Biggs because the obstacles were so tight there.  Poe was ahead so I just charged forward to try to end him.  Lowhhrick had even more trouble with the terrain; again, debris would have been better.  I continued not taking much damage, and ahsoka even broke stealth to attack finally, but after a long grind I eventually died without having taken down any of his ships.  Jake had 2 hull left, Poe just one.  I really just needed one lucky break but it never happened.

      Sure, the dice screwed me repeatedly (I kept blanking out when I really needed a hit on Poe), but far worse was my terrible Kanan flying.  During the mid- and end-game I kept getting complimented by my opponent on how well I was flying, with really slim margins on the asteroids but not hitting them; I was finally back in form.  But having lost Kanan to previous stupidity, it was already over.

      It was a brutal grind at the end.  My opponent and I were later joking about just how grueling it had been; two highly defensive fleets flown by cagey, cautious players... it was so bad.  I explained that the Rebellion had broken up over that fight.  ;)  Overall I feel good about my later performance, especially since my opponent was one of the best players I know.  It felt good to be doing so well against his brutal fleet.  I do wonder though how it would have gone if I had flown kanan properly.

      Third round was against two TLT Y-Wings and rebel Nym with TLT + Expertise + Bomblet Generator + Havoc + Engine Upgrade + Collision Detector + "Genius".  I put A Debt To Pay on Nym and expected to kill him first for the best points, but on the approach my best shots were easily on the y-wings, so I whittled them down and eventually killed them.  That Autoblaster Turret is great, btw... I would have preferred TLT if I could afford it, but the autoblaster did get some really solid hits in.  His bomblet generator also wasn't very toothy... he bombed me twice (kanan + biggs, then later kanan) but only managed one damage on me all game.

      I really had to hustle to chase down Nym though, after having lost Biggs to TLT spam from first 3 ships, then 2 ships.  Biggs lived a long time, but Kanan had to separate to avoid plowing through all the asteroids, and thus couldn't offer his protection.  Lowhhrick doggedly pursued Nym, but kept getting only good shots on the remaining y-wing (this is where it died; wookie rage finally killed it).  Finally though I got Kanan back into the fight and tried to pinser Nym between him and Lowhhrick, but it didn't pan out.  He just dodged too many hits, and since he's a small ship I couldn't count on half points for the victory.  I spun my ships around and tried to run him down with Kanan, but only got autoblaster shots off on him instead of the full might of 5-dice primary.

      In the final round he rammed Kanan and dropped a Genius Bomblet, dealing 1 damage to himself and none to Kanan.  Lowhhrick fired a final salvo but it wasn't enough to kill Nym.  Time was called, he got Biggs and half Kanan.  We were a mere 1 point apart, in his favor.  Gah!  So Close!

      I got 3rd place out of 4 players, which granted me a gorgeous alt-art Crack Shot.  I love crack shot despite not liking its regular art, so I'm really excited to have this.  I also got $10 in store credit, apparently because one of the players was also the tournament organizer and so couldn't win prizes.  I paid another $3 for a 2nd TIE Aggressor.  It's the ship of the wave that I can most easily imagine wanting in groups of 2 or 3, if only for abusive TLT spam.  :)  Haven't flown it yet though so hopefully I like it, though it's nice to have more Unguided Rockets.

      Good games today, and I'm really happy it's the weekend.  My brain is turning to mush from work.  Thankfully Monday is a holiday in Utah (celebrating the settlers of the state back in the 1800s), so I can enjoy a 3-day weekend and some BBQs.  I need the R&R, and I've been playing Starcrawlers lately (which I kickstarted but only now got around to) and I want some extra time to really delve into it.  I hope everyone enjoys their weekends!

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    • Today was my first time getting dead last place in a tournament, and it's because of enemy autoblaster turrets being hard to avoid, my red dice being skittish, and me being terribly unfamiliar with my fleet and flying poorly.  I got a bye on my first game, then two games of 0 - 100 because I totally flopped and barely failed to finish off a ship for points.  I'm used to feeling bad because I landed somewhere in the middle of the final rankings; today was humbling.

      Wullffwarro with Daredevil , Kanan Jarrus , "Chopper" , Engine Upgrade (40)

      PS9 Poe with Black One , BB-8 , Primed Thrusters , Intensity , Autothrusters (41)

      Ahsoka Tano with VI , Captured TIE (19)

      Wulf did surprisingly well, despite my decision to include him partially as a joke.  Kanan plus Chopper and Daredevil work well together.  For example, I could clip a debris cloud with my maneuver, take a damage to Daredevil, use kanan to clear my stress because it's a white maneuver, and then end with only 1 stress from daredevil, ready to clear it next round and still able to take a shot this round.  Also I like how Wulf gets more powerful as the match goes on and he accumulates damage (some of which might be self-inflicted to make sure he has shots).

      Unfortunately, he couldn't roll for crap.  He'd have a focus token while sitting at range one of his victim, roll 5 or 6 dice, and yet produce only 1 or 2 hits because the rest blanked out.  Easy to dodge, and I was fighting some very tanky enemies.  Then the enemy's Expertise Rey would roll 5 hits and just devastate Poe.  I was flabbergasted.  I think Wulf produced one average attack all day, and everything else was troublingly low.  This did not go well, given the high defense and health of my foes.

      The other problem was Autoblaster Turret.  Both my fights today included Captain Nym with Autoblaster Turret + either VI or Adaptability + Bomblet Generator + Havoc + Accuracy Corrector + "Genius".  He was really difficult to deal with, especially because all my maneuvers would accidentally put me in range 1 and get Poe or Ahsoka punched in the face with 2 unavoidable hits.  This was bad news.

      Granted, this is actually pretty awesome, I'm really happy to see this working so well on Nym.  I just can't believe how often I ended up in range 1 despite my efforts to avoid it, and it really sucked getting completely steamrolled because of autoblasters plus amazing attack dice on Rey/etc.  Ahsoka and Poe got taken off the field frighteningly quickly in both games (partially due to my bad flying), and Wulf's firepower just isn't enough to turn that around, especially with the way his red dice played out.  Both games I got one of my opponent's ships down to 1 HP, but couldn't finish it off before I died.

      Finally, Ahsoka was terrible.  Every game she failed to out-PS her opponents, and died frivolously, even repeatedly blanking out on defense dice when she had to in order to excuse herself from the fight early.  She contributed next to nothing; in retrospect I should have included someone else, even a simple Z-95 with a missile.

      Ahsoka, I hope you find what you're looking for in the next life, so it can be cruelly torn from your fingers just as you've tasted happiness.  Muahahahaa!  >:D

      But let's return to the positive: Wulf was fun, and did fairly well.  If I fly this fleet again, I'll learn how to fly Intensity BB-8 Poe better and probably improve my game.  It was humbling to come in last despite getting a free bye on my first round, but I could use the humility.  And I got another alt art Crack Shot as my consolation prize, so that's nice.

      Plus, my Wednesday game store group has a habit of offering an extra consolation prize for whoever placed last: a spiffy set of new dice.  So I now have 6 new dice to supposedly replace the ones that failed me.  :)  Still, I'm the main reason I lost, and thankfully that's more in my control to fix than the dice rolls.

      Whenever I see those dice, I'll think of failure and blame Ahsoka.  ;)

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    • Today I flew:

      Captain Nym + VI + TLT + Bomblet Generator + Sabine Wren (Crew) + Long Range Scanners

      Lowhhrick + Expertise + "Chopper"

      Biggs + R4-D6 + Integrated Astromech

      First battle was terrible.  I fought an extremely skilled player who has a reputation for simply decimating everyone he fights.  Thankfully he wasn't nasty about it.  But it was a brutal takedown, and his list was extremely well-suited to disassemble mine: Vessery + TIE/D + Tractor Beam + Ruthlessness, and "Double Edge" + TLT + Ruthlessness, and I think a Sienar Specialist with TLT? (I forget).  The Ruthlessness forced me to split up, and ripped me apart any time I came together.  I was flying low-agility ships against TLT and TIE/D and it was just... bad.  And I didn't fly well.  The whole battle just hurt, and I was so relieved when it was over.

      Also my fleet was bad, so after he left I made some adjustments: Trade TLT for Autoblaster Turret, and give Lowhhrick Vectored Thrusters and Tactician.  The next battle I fought against a fun opponent, very casual and friendly demeanor, and fun to talk to.  I also like his lists: usually quite potent (e.g. double jumpmasters), but I usually manage to do fairly well and only barely lose or win.  :)

      He flew Lieutenant Kestal + Lone Wolf + TLT, plus "Quickdraw" + Expertise + FCS + (I think) Primed Thrusters ? + title + LWF, and The Inquisitor + PTL + title.

      Kestal apparently had a bad day, dying first every time.  He thought it was because of the TLT attracting weapons fire, but to be honest, I targeted it first as a target of opportunity.  I started with Biggs & Lowhhrick on the left and Nym in the center, and he started with all three ships in the northeast corner (from my perspective).  He headed south fast with Kestal, and I turned Nym in to intercept, laying in some lucky hits.  Then Kestal turned inward and tried to escape range, but landed on a debris cloud so he couldn't barrel roll out of range.  I turned Nym in and got right where I wanted to be, rolling the one damage I needed to finish him with autoblasters.  Unfortunately, in return Quickdraw got a good shot into Nym.

      All this time, Biggs and Lowhhrick were rushing to join the battle, which had turned East away from them.  They were consistently barely out of range to contribute, except for one round where Quickdraw shot twice and did 0 or maybe 1 damage to Biggs.  Nym landed a bomb right where he needed it to hit Quickdraw, and autoblastered a vulnerable Inquisitor, but blanked out on both.  In fact, out of all his autoblaster and bomb rolls, he only managed to deal one damage from autoblaster and 2 from bombs (and the bomb damage was only ever from Sabine; I consistently blanked out with this fleet against the enemy, but he happily bombed himself for a hit and a crit!).  Next round, he bumped Inquisitor and couldn't autoblaster anyone.  Quickdraw delivered the final killing blow, and Nym died with a whimper, having killed Kestal but proven impotent against everything else.

      Now Biggs and Lowhhrick flew in to try to finish the job, rushing south to make sure the inquisitor was in range.  I overshot and Biggs didn't have arc on him, but Lowhhrick did, and soon finished off the inquisition.  Biggs died next round, against a withering double blast from Quickdraw.

      Now it was an untouched Lowhhrick against a shieldless Quickdraw (he might have had one shield left?  I forget).  The problem was, Quickdraw is well-suited to outmaneuvering Lowhhrick.  The good news was, I'd equipped Vectored Thrusters, and I started consistently surprising my opponent and getting him in arc about half the time.  I was doing really, really well!

      And then... well and then he got a single damage through my shields.  A crit, actually.  Damaged Engine.  We both thought it would be Blinded Pilot, but no, it was much worse.  Protip: Never draw Damaged Engine on an auzituck... they NEED their turns.

      The good news was, I could still take actions if I was willing to take damage, thanks to Chopper.  The bad news is, that would kill me pretty fast.  But... I had to get my foe in arc!  So, I took a damage.  And then another.  I was down to 1 health, and had him in arc.  But Quickdraw got a really good hit in and finished me before I could shoot.

      I was really close... I just needed 1 or 2 damage on quickdraw, and chances were I was going to get it before that crit messed me up.  As is often the case with this opponent, it was down to the wire in a one-on-one battle that one player or the other should have been able to finish easily, but it was so close!  He and I have had several great battles like that.

      What I Learned

      • It's quite possible Ruthlessness could make a mild comeback.  Formation flying is pretty common thanks to Biggs and some other aura fleets, not to mention just to focus fire on a target.  And it's brutal on a Tractor Beam TIE/D.  That's an idea I've wanted to fly for a long time, and seeing it played now, it's brutal.  It'd be neat if we saw a sudden restoration of this card, not quite Mindlink's meteoric rise, but rediscovered and dusted off.  Eh... Time will tell.
      • Nym with Autoblasters needs Accuracy Corrector.  Throw Sabine off the ship and equip a sturdy, reliable computer.  Sabine is actually fantastic with bombs, but another ship needs to carry her.  Give Nym his title +Accuracy Corrector + Autoblasters + Bomblets + "Genius" + VI and he's fantastic.
      • I really like Tactician on an Auzituck.  That stress messed up Quickdraw's ability to deal with me properly, and Vectored Thrusters just barely gave me enough maneuvering to keep getting him in arc or getting out of his.  I might try flying two Auzitucks with Tactician and Breach Specialist, maybe Expertise and Vectored Thrusters, alongside Eaden Vrill (thanks to a helpful suggestion on the FFG Forums).  Someone at the game store once said 3 Auzitucks with Tactician had been proven to be obscenely powerful and "mathematically certain to" something something, but I didn't catch the whole conversation.  I doubt the certainty of 3 of them.  But this is a ship I want to play with a lot.  It's challenging but a lot of fun.
      • Don't start Biggs & Lowhhrick too far from Nym.  They spent half the fight not contributing because they were constantly barely out of range; once in the fray they were pretty effective.  I'd have that battle in the bag if I'd kept them closer instead of sweeping wide trying to flank (and trying to avoid being in Nym's bomb zone).
      • Flying low-agility ships that rely on staying close, against a fleet designed to ravage low-agility ships flying close?  Not fun.  That fight, man.  Couldn't end soon enough.  I knew right from the start that I'd lost, and it just got more and more discouraging turn by turn.  Rebels in general really suffer under those conditions, especially since some ships like B-Wings tend to use Biggs as a crutch to stay alive.  I'm going to have to learn some different strategies for dealing with fleets that murder low agility, because I keep encountering them.
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    • I feel like I'm spamming this thread to death.  :)  Hopefully everyone else is having fun games as well!  We'd love to hear from you!

      Today I played two games of "Reinforcement".  You build a 100 point list and a separate 50 point list, setting the 50 point list aside.  Once your main fleet has lost 50 points from the table (actually removed the ships from the table, not counting half damage on large ships, or discarded cards, etc), you can field your reinforcements the following round on your side of the table before the planning phase.

      I was rushed and work went late tonight, so I had to throw a list together on short notice.  You'll recognize some aspects from my other lists.

      Jan Ors with Squad Leader , TLT (33)

      Nera Dantels with FCS , Extra Munitions , Proton Torpedoes , Deadeye , Guidance Chips (35)

      Wedge Antilles with R2 Astromech , Snap Shot , Integrated Astromech (32)

      Reinforcement squad: Dash Rendar with VI , Heavy Laser Cannon , Outrider (49)

      Dash never saw play.

      In my first game I fought an Intensity Poe Dameron with BB-8Advanced Proton Torps + Black One + Primed Thrusters + Autothrusters ; Garven Dreis with R5 Astromech and IA ; Red Squadron Veteran with no equipment.  For his reserve, Ten Numb was packing Autoblaster , Proton Torps, Advanced proton torps, B-Wing/E2 , and Kanan Jarrus (Crew) .

      I started Nera & Jan in the center, and Wedge a bit to the right.  My opponent lined up his ships along the center and right (my right), and slow-rolled them forward.  As I turned Nera & Jan to the left to put their side-shot abilities to good use, Poe came into range of both.  He did some damage to Jan, but between Wedge and Nera, I did quite a bit of damage back (though actually Jan did nothing thanks to autothrusters and low rolls).  Next round Poe landed in Snap Shot range and took the two damage necessary to bite it.  Wedge is kinda mean with Snap Shot, BTW.  It's derpy to give it to him since other cards are usually better, but it was pretty effective here!

      Next I focused on Garven, slowly scraping him down.  The red squadron vet was still a bit back and turned the wrong way, so I took relatively little damage.  It took a couple turns but I killed Garven first.  The red squadron vet did a good deal of damage to Jan at the end of that round though, killing her and not taking much in return.

      Now he fielded Ten Numb, starting him slightly left of center.  He rushed forward 3 and locked onto Wedge, but Wedge flew barely out of range, hunting the T-70.  Nera did a k-turn and also contributed slightly.  Next round I finished the red squad vet (I think), and Ten managed to get a proton torp into Wedge, but not with a ton of damage.  Next round Wedge and Ten faced each other just barely outside range 1, where Ten did not want to be (he needed to use his adv. protons or autoblaster).  Nera and Wedge finished him off in a couple rounds.

      Cool opponent, fun to talk to, and also knew the danger Nera posed but just barely drifted into the danger zone at a bad time.  If he hadn't lost Poe so soon, that would have been a very different game!

      I'd also like to point out that on the table beside us, a heavily loaded TIE Punisher (Deathrain) was fielded as the reserve, and shortly after, Dash Rendar was fielded as the opposing reserve.  It came down to those two ships, and Deathrain utterly destroyed Dash.  It's partly because the opponent wasn't familiar with Deathrain; he was able to fly forward and land a bunch of cluser mines in Dash's path, and force a bump so Dash landed on two of them.  Then he flew forward and dropped the remaining mines behind him, hitting Dash with 2 more mines.  He also had Ion Bombs and torps/missiles.  It was a sight to behold.  :D  I didn't catch the end of the round, but apparently it was close!

      Second game was against a kid fielding Lowhhrick, a Green Squadron Pilot with VI and Prockets, Ten Numb , PS8 Poe , and HLC Dash in reserve (but without the title; he preferred Lando crew).  I'm not sure of most of the upgrades, as they rarely came into play.

      Poe faced an even quicker death this time, forgetting to focus (favoring a lock) and being in the death range of all 3 ships.  He lasted 1 or maybe 2 rounds of combat.  Next round I put some solid damage into the A-Wing but failed to kill it (1 hull left), much to the chagrin of the player, who wanted to get Dash onto the board.  The a-wing got 4 damage into Wedge with those prockets (I blanked out hard on defense).  Rather than finish the A-Wing and face Dash, I instead focus-fired Lowhhrick hard, doubly so since he had plowed into debris twice and was double-stressed, unable to reinforce.  All this time Ten had been too far back to contribute, but now he got in range and did some damage to Jan.  Nera and Wedge had also taken damage, but Wedge was the most precarious.  I think at this point he was down to 1 hull and no astromech.

      Joking around, he flew the A-Wing into a debris cloud to try to kill it and get Dash on the table.  He had actually been lamenting that I didn't finish it, and I joked that if he wanted it dead, he'd have to do it himself.  :D  This being an entirely casual match, it was hilarious when he tried to do just that.  I'm pretty sure next round he would have launched it off the board, but I finished it off with Nera, while Wedge and Jan off'd the auzituck.

      But this is also the turn where Dash joined us.  I was concerned, but managed to fly Jan into range 1 of him (trying to bump), and next round made her bump.  But Ten finished off Wedge before I could kill him, and near-full-health Dash was staring me down.  I k-turned Nera to make her face the coming Northern threat.  I was hoping to lose Nera not Jan, since Jan's ability was proving extremely effective (Wedge and Nera had done plenty of 5-dice attacks both games), so the goal was to minimize the number of shots Jan took.  I even pointed out to my opponent that they were both at 3 life, but Jan had +1 defense and was at range 2 behind Dash while Nera was at range 1 and vulnerable.  He thought about this, and targeted Jan.

      Good choice!  But the dice weren't with him.  Jan survived, and Nera was still sitting pretty.  And Dash had, at some point, ended up with Stunned Pilot, putting him at PS 0.

      He k-turned, ending up at the far south of the board, outside Jan's range.  Nera was facing the wrong way (I'd needed to clear stress) and at range 1.  Good place to be, actually, since that's 1 less dice than the HLC, but she was still in trouble.  But he didn't roll any hits...

      Next turn Jan curved into range, Nera k-turned, and the killbox finished Dash.

      It was a very entertaining game, and he really shattered Wedge hard, which he was proud of.  Nera and Wedge with Jan's support were terrifying as always, and I was surprised my Dash never hit the table.  I was just lucky, I guess.

      We didn't have enough time for a 3rd game, so I packed up and headed home, hoping to catch up on sleep I've missed out on all week.  I was telling the group that I was surprised I'd done so well, since I had to cobble this fleet together at the last minute.  It's strange... Quite often when I build a list to win, I lose, and when I build a silly list to lose, I win.  Though today was a very casual night, so don't read too far into it.  And the dice played well for me today, giving me a lot of average and above-average rolls to counter the occasional blank out (and my opponents didn't roll amazing too often either, sometimes rolling low right when I needed mercy).

      It was a fun way to round off a stressful week at work.  Many thanks to my Friday Gaming Group!

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    • Today's theme was "You can't fly the highest-PS or lowest-PS pilots".  I foolishly didn't check the invite so I showed up with an illegal list and had to make some sudden adjustments.

      Sol Sixxa + VI + Autoblaster Turret + Bomblet Generator + Long-Range Scanners + Havoc + Accuracy Corrector + "Genius"

      Emon Azzameen + Tractor Beam + Proximity Mines + Proximity Mines + Extra Munitions + Counter-Measures + Cad Bane + Slave I

      Inaldra + Trick Shot + "Light Scyk" Interceptor

      Unfortunately I did terrible on the first match.  I fought Expertise Rey + Finn etc (who is amazing in this format since most of her natural predators are missing) and Lowhhrick.  I kept thinking Sol was able to ignore bombs (because he'd originally been Nym ).  Plowed through a lot of my own bombs that way, and my bomb rolls liked hurting me more than my opponent.  Still a fun game and I was fighting a cool guy who was pretty good natured.  I drew 3 or 4 Direct Hits that game, insta-killing Inaldra and finishing Sol early.  It was a brutal round of learning.

      ~31 or 33 to 100

      Next round I did quite a bit better.  I faced a scum mindlink fleet with cruise missiles on Inaldra and Kaa'to Leeachos.  Plus Palob & Old Teroch.  I actually demolished Old Teroch thanks to bombs and some good shots.  I still don't know how it would have ended because my opponent scooped near the end, because he had to rush home for an appointment.  I kinda feel like I didn't earn those points.  :)  Cool opponent and I would have loved to finish the match and let him pull a reversal.  He figured he'd solidly lost but it's quite possible he could have scored some points.


      Final round I rocked.  I fought Maarek Stele with TIE/x7 and I forget what else (Expertise again?), and Commander Kenkirk with Lone Wolf , Emperor Palps , and Ysanne Isard among other stuff.  Bombs and an autoblaster shot actually finished off Maarek prematurely, including a direct hit as the final damage, killing him way earlier than we expected; man what a gift that was!  This left my team up against a healthy but outnumbered decimator.  After that it was a slow grind, lots of bomb dropping and shooting to slowly whittle him down.  He killed Inaldra pretty quickly, and she never managed to block anything (her main role in the fleet), but I think she got some damage in so it's all good.  Sol started taking heavy damage and had to flee from the decimator's turret, but by then it was too late -- Emon managed a shot that finished off the decimator and handed me the victory.

      That thing was beefy with both Ysanne and Kenkirk defending it, plus Palpatine modifying bomb rolls and blocking Cad from rerolling the die.  It didn't care about bombs like little fighters do; it could take the beating.  It felt pretty good to take it down.


      I got third place, scoring me another alt-art Crack Shot and the strange-looking oval focus tokens.  I'm really pleased with Emon and Sol.  Their abilities are fun and they were fairly effective once I got used to handling them.  That first match was a brutal but critical learning experience.

      Hopefully someone else will have a game to share here.  I'm starting to feel like I've chased everyone away with long paragraphs.  :)

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    • I flew my first imperial squad this week.

      Tomax Bren + Unguided Rockets + Crack Shot + Lightweight Frame

      "Quickdraw" + Fire Control System + Expertise + Special Ops Training + Weapons Guidance + LWF

      Lieutenant Kestal + Synced Turret + Expertise + LWF

      Many of the other players at my tournament are imperial regulars and they were interested to see how effective Tomax was with rockets and crack shot combined while many hadn't bothered to field Kestral at all, preferring Double Edge over her. In the first fight I squared off against Vessery, Ryad, and a generic FO pilot. It was back and forth the entire fight, my opponent flew poorly landing Vessery on a rock early on before the engagement even began and knocked out one of his shields, Tomax didn't roll well but luckily neither did my opponent and crack shot gave me the edge to wear Ryad down but Tomax's lack of shields wound up with him taking two crits one of which lowered weapon value and one which lowered agility, I just didn't have enough time to turn around and get rid of the crits before he got melted. Quickdraw was harsh and blew Vessery out of the water as his first order wingmate continually tried to swap targets to give Vessery a lock but always managed to fail and lock a ship that Vessery didn't have a shot on, ultimately Quickdraw and Vess took each other down and it was left with Kestral dogging the generic FO trying to get into range 1-2 to get an attack in which I did eventually manage to do.

      The second battle I am incredibly proud of. I went up against Rebel Nym flanked by a pair of generic A-wings using deadeye and cruise missiles. I manage to beat the A-wings to the middle of the field and Tomax got a good shot in and nearly 1 shot one of the A-wings thanks to crack shot, Kestral finished it off. The Nym had adaptability and had takeb the initative to move first shoot first and made the mistake of going for Quickdraw who was at range 1 of the other A-wing, I used quickdraws free return fire from Nym's shot to throw 4 dice at the A-wing and finished it off with Quickdraw's normal shot. After than Nym fumbled and swapped to Tomax who unfortunately only got to take his single shot at the A-wing, he spent the rest of the round trying to get turned around and manage to survive with 1 hull left after hobbling away from Nym's autoblaster attacks while Kestral cricled around and tried to stay at range 2. With Quickdraw at range 1 again (this time with QD's rear facing Nym) as the only viable shot he took it and manage to melt what was left of Nym's health with the two attacks he was given, Kestral made it through the battle entirely unscathed and Quickdraw only had 1 damage card.

      My final battle didn't go so well, this time I was up against another Nym with Dash in the Outrider, Nym had accuracy corrector with his autoturret and I got too close with Kestral, Dash also had the initiative on me thanks to VI, I felt like I lost mostly due to poor attack rolls and not having the initative which gave me a pretty good advantage in the other fights.

      The things I learned from my first imperial fight.

      1. You really need to win the PS war with unshielded ships, Tomax did a good job with his natural PS 8 but a lot of people in my local area love to give Nym VI and adaptability.

      2. Tomax can be terrifying with rockets/crack shot but he has to be fighting something about as manuverable as he is or else he's going to spend a lot of the time flying circles to get back around for another shot.

      3. Even with Expertise I didn't get many chances to use Kestral's ability either because I was taking new TL's to use with synced turret or because I was fighting enemies that had no way of modifying their blank/focus results, her PS was the most useful thing about her.

      4. Quickdraw is good, bombs are bad.

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    • At my third Store Championship this season I brought a (now) prototype list of:

      Captain Nym - VI, Autoblaster Turret, Extra Munitions, Cruise Missiles, Bomblet GeneratorHavoc, Advanced Sensors, Guidance Chips  and Genius.

      Fenn Rau - PTL, Concord Dawn Protector and Autothrusters

      N'dru Suhlak - Trick Shot, Cruise Missiles, Guidance Chips and Glitterstim.

      I played five matches, losing two. One against Fair Ship Rebels 2 and another against Whisper, Wampa and Kylo Ren with Palpy, which I lost firstly because I forgot the "I'll Show You the Dark Side" penetrates shields, putting Nym at ps0 and because the other player got extremely lucky with the dice, positioning and crit cards. I actually outplayed him and caught Whisper in a bomb in range 1 of Nym. Had he rolled two hits, I would've won. She then shot at N'dru, who was waiting with a five dice attack rolled a natural hit, hit, crit and the crit went through and flipped to a Direct Hit - no N'dru kill shot. Then Nym gave him to unavoidable hits from his turret. Whisper was at one hull. Then a couple og rounds later, my two hull Fenn was a millimeter from having Whisper in arc at range 1, and he rolled perfectly, so that was dead Fenn. Then when ps0, one hull Nym was having a five dice cruise shot, Whisper shot first with naked dice and rolled just what she needed to kill Nym. That probably kept me out of top 4. In another match, I killed Emon Azzameen in one firing round with a total of 15 dice. It was glorious. Advanced Sensors gave me an edge against other ps 10 Nyms, as I could take a target lock and then tallon roll behind them and fire a cruise missiles with re-rolls and GC. It also made him much more versatile with his bombs.

      Anyways, the reason I call it a prototype list, is that I have 22-24 points, that I can play around with. If I remove Extra Munitions from Nym, I can get N'dru at ps9, making his missile so much easier to get off. Trick Shot is very circumstantial, and very diffecult to trigger and N'dru often died before shooting. With ps9 I can at least ps kill Miranda. I could also switch him with Serissu with Heavy Scyk, VI and Tractor Beam to place an enemy Nym at a rock or targetless to deny his shots. It can also help deny actions on other ships, by forcing them to fly through an obstacle in the following round.

      Then I could also use Captain Jostero with Crack Shot, XX-23 S-Thread Tracers, Munitions Failsafe, Guidance Chips and Vaksai at 24 points.

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    • If Veteran Instincts are so needed, would you consider dropping Glitterstim for it? I get Glitterstim's some important dice modification, but something to consider.

      You could also pick up Inertial Dampeners which would help at PS9.

      You could also use a TLT Thug. He'll be astromechless and people love to rail on TLT being unfun, but adding one can possibly help take down some tougher lists for you.

      Silly suggestion, you could fly a Thug with R4-E1, Bomb Loadout, Extra Munitions, and Proximity Mines.

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    • Hehe, yeah a TLT y-wing is also an option. 

      As for dropping Glitterstim over Extra Munitions, I really don't need that extra missile. In the games where I got both of Nym's off, N'dru didn't. In those where N'dru did get to fire, I never got to use Nym's second missile. So I'm not really missing out and Nym has so many options to deal damage, so it's not a big deal.

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    • Green Squadron: I really like the fleet you built.  Great flying!  It's well-designed and I love the mix of old and new to create some really cool ships.  You did pretty well given Tomax's limited dial and all the autoblasters and bombs you faced.  Do you feel like Kestal would have been better with a different turret that wasn't taking up your action, e.g. TLT or Ion?  I've considered Ion on Kestal, hoping it would be a mean way to walk some ships off the board (or at least keep them pinned).

      LasseKaa: I agree that Glitterstim is probably more potent than a 2nd cruise missile on Nym.  Glitterstim lets N'dru gamble with a k-turn or plow through an asteroid to get himself positioned, and still have a focus for his attack/defense.  Nym in contrast prefers to move slowly once engaged, so he really only has one reliable chance to put that cruise missile to use (initial approach).  At least in my experience.

      I'm surprised to see a Nym without Accuracy Corrector, which I feel is what makes him so terrifying (along with his bombs that he lays with impunity).  But that may not be as important as the benefit you were getting from Advanced Sensors.

      IMO Dragoon's TLT Thug might round out the fleet a lot.  It could stay out of Nym's danger zone while harassing and finishing off foes.  Also with the way people hate and actively seek to murder TLT boats, it could take some heat off of Nym and Fenn.

      Really happy to hear from you both!  I love reading people's battle reports.  ^_^

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    • Nym can actually get the missiles off pretty easily later in the game, especially with Advanced Sensors and tallon rolling. That's what makes him a little more dangerous as people tends to forget his missiles, when they are not passed during first pass. 

      I can see the practicality of a tlt y-wing, but Serissu with tractor beam is just so much fun. And Jostero along with Nyms bombs might prove very potent. And he can provide target locks to his buddies, easierly set up Fenn's attacks.

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    • Honestly the only drawback of the Synced Turret I found was it's 1-2 range, I'm so use to TLTs but with some more use I think I could get use to them, always having  a re-roll (either from the TL or having them in arc) made it a great reliable hitter and the fact that I could deal crits instead of just 2 facedown damage worked out well (there was more than once I got in a crit with the turret) it pairs massively well with Expertise.

      Kestral's ability herself I feel is a lot more situational than at first glance, you don't realize how many ships can't really do much with their blank rolls when they don't have autothrusters but I'm sure in some situations it would prove invaluable. Overall her biggest advantage was her PS, a TLT + VI kestral would probably be very effective but I was strapped for points and didn't want to give up LWF on anyone so I think her build was as good as you could ask for while also managing to cram in two other high end aces, if I fly it again I'll probably retire Tomax, the rockets/crack shot combo is fun but too unreliable to make him a true jouster.

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    • On Wednesday I flew 3 TIE Aggressors.  By fluke I ended up with 3 (forgot I had one on order) so I decided to put them to use in a fleet.  I don't remember my opponents' fleets, but I remember mine pretty well.

      "Pure Sabacc" with VI + title + Lightweight Frame

      3x Sienar Specialist + Unguided Rockets + Synced Turret + Lightweight Frame

      The first battle went pretty well, but I suspect I was just lucky.  Focus + Lock on the Sync'd Turret is quite strong and reliable, and I kept being really lucky with my maneuvers and sometimes dice.  I didn't use Unguided Rockets basically at all; one shot at range 3 and that was it.  It was always better to line up the turrets and stay in the fray, and when the enemy was out of range 2, by chance I just didn't have a focus token.

      Second battle I decided to shift things around, and settled on this:

      "Pure Sabacc" with VI + title + LWF

      "Double Edge" with Unguided Rockets + Synced Turret + LWF + Intensity

      2x Sienar Specialist + Synced Turret + Lightweight Frame

      I realized midway in the fight that Double Edge really should have Deadeye instead of Intensity (I wasn't thinking straight when I made the adjustments).  Since these were super-causal matches to learn new ships, my opponent encouraged me to just swap out the card.  I did so, and it worked a lot better.  I lost this match, but not by a lot.  Had I flown better I think I could have had much better results.

      For future Aggressor fun, I'm considering flying Captain Jonus alongside some TLT aggressors and/or TIE Defenders.  Maybe something like this:

      Captain Jonus with Trick Shot + Unguided Rockets + LWF

      Lieutenant Kestal with Expertise + TLT + LWF

      Colonel Vessery + Expertise  + TIE/D + Tractor Beam

      TLT and Tractor Beam with Expertise and Jonus' free reroll are pretty powerful, but it occurs to me that Horton can do almost the same thing (or better) without needing support.  But I do think this fleet could do pretty well, probably.  I may want to downgrade Kestal to Double Edge, just to let Vessery's Tractor Beam soften up the target's defenses before using the TLT.

      Today I flew two Auzitucks and Eaden Vrill.  You read that right, Eaden.  You know, the YT-2400 pilot?  Okay just trust me, he's a real pilot in the game.  No not Dash Rendar.  Yes I'm sure.  ;)

      2x Wookiee Liberator with Expertise + Tactician + Breach Specialist

      Eaden Vrill with Rey

      It's a really simple fleet that soaks damage really well, and the stress greatly hampers many enemy ships.  It came as a recommendation on the FFG forums where I was asking if anyone had flown 2 or 3 tactician auzitucks, and whether they liked the fleet.  I got some fun ideas in there.  I played 3 games tonight with this fleet, and won the first two but those were against relatively new players.  I only barely lost the third game, and I know what I did wrong.

      First game was against a fairly new player.  He fielded Captain Oicunn with Dauntless + Proton Bombs + Moff Jerjerrod + Fleet Officer + Ysanne Isard (and I forget what else) and Onyx Squadron Pilot with upgrades I've forgotten (possibly a missile?).  I focused a wookie and Eaden on the decimator, while another wookie stressed the TIE Defender.  Eaden was the primary target and took a few hits, eventually losing most shields (or all?  I don't remember).  But I poured damage into that Decimator and kept it stressed.  That stress was a problem for him, since it made two of his crew useless (Ysanne & Fleet Officer), so he used them to flip down two crits (Direct Hit and Damaged Engine).  The Decimator soaked a ton of damage, but in the end I had enough firepower to knock it out.  My wookies both turned in opposite directions and gracefully passed each other, trading targets, and I think Eaden made the killing blow on the Decimator.

      Once it was down to the TIE Defender things slowed down briefly because he was able to shed some hits with 4-dice defense rolls (obstructed or range 3).  But once I closed in there was little he could do.  We talked after the game and he was open to proxying cards, so I gave him a bunch of advice on what to add to Oicunn, and pointed him to some online Squad Builders.  He was a cool opponent and I hope he enjoyed the night, even though he lost a lot.  He seemed pretty good natured about it and I think he had fun.

      Next round I fought his brother, who fielded two Red Squadron Pilots each with a Proton Torpedo; and Keyan Farlander with Deadeye + Proton Torpedoes + Advanced Proton Torpedoes + Advanced Sensors + Flechette Cannon.  I wasn't too worried about the X-Wings, and figured Keyan wouldn't be too terrible.  But Keyan turned out to be a real threat and he flew him very well.  The only reason I didn't take terrifying, possibly lethal damage is because I barely escaped being in range 1 at a critical moment.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  :D

      We both lined up our ships covering a wide area of our respective sides.  I figured my Auzitucks would do well to swoop in from either side, and I knew Eaden was a big target so I didn't want him absorbing too much damage.  On the approach he neglected to target lock and fire his x-wing missiles.  I think that hurt him a bit; one x-wing didn't have a chance to fire them (first out of range, then range 1), but the other could have landed some solid damage on me.  I quickly destroyed the x-wings with withering fire and stress, while Keyan approached from the northeast and fired a Proton Torpedo into Eaden's flank.  An x-wing also got some damage in.

      He didn't have Guidance Chips equipped, so I suggested we pretend he did since that would allow him to turn hit + crit into hit + 2 crits.  He accepted, and Eaden rolled blanks on defense.  So he was already off to a good start on granting half points.  :)

      More serious was the threat that Eaden would be at range 1 next round.  I pondered the danger for a while, and finally decided to barrel roll away.  Turns out it was a good call; Keyan revealed a 1 hard turn, stressing himself but first getting a focus token with Adv. Sensors.  He ended up a few millimeters away from being in range 1 with a focus + stress, and that Adv. Proton Torpedo would have been devastating to Eaden.  Instead he fired only 3 dice and didn't deal too serious a blow.  I continued chipping away at his shields.

      Next round I positioned for a bump, but Keyan Adv. Sensored a barrel roll and got to do his k-turn without trouble.  However, the only target he had in arc was my unharmed Auzituck, who also had him in arc.  Between him and Eaden I finished Keyan off.

      This opponent said he is less okay with proxying cards.  We discussed what to do with Keyan, and he figured PTL would be more powerful than Deadeye.  I'm inclined to agree... several times a barrel roll + lock would have been amazingly potent for Keyan (range 1 + lock + stress for an amazing primary or adv. proton shot).  We also felt he should ditch the proton torps on the x-wings and give them astromechs, or field a different ship.  Though I still think those torps would have hurt me if used.

      My final opponent was a regular who is more experienced.  He fielded Crit-free Chewie + Expertise + Dash Rendar (Crew)  + Hull Upgrade; and 2x Gold Squadron Pilot + TLT.  That hull upgrade ended up mattering a lot...

      We both deployed on the right side of the board (my right).  I put my Auzitucks against the right edge, one in front of the other so their rears would face the edge when they eventually turned inward.  Chewie was in the center.  I decided to be aggressive (even though banking some focuses would have been a good idea), since I wanted to put some damage into those Y-Wings before Chewie got up close.  I got one down to 3 or 4 health on the first engagement, and stressed the snot out of it.  Unfortunately he put a lot of damage into Eaden, who refused to dodge any shots all game (and he was against TLTs that were rolling amazingly).  The Auzitucks stayed out of Y-Wing TLT range pretty well, and turned inward to swoop in behind them.

      I killed one Y-Wing, but the trade was losing Eaden shortly after.  The Y-Wings had softened him up a lot, and Chewie swooped in and just wrecked him.  I put some solid damage into the second Y-Wing but it took me a bit too long to kill.  Then I started focusing on Chewie.  This took a while, but the real problem was that we kept bumping, which always favored Chewie because he had a shot and I didn't.  Eventually I figured out my positioning and started getting shots again, but not before losing one of my wookies.  Turns out Chewie kills his own people rather readily... (cue sinister shot of Chewie's face lit from below grinning wickedly)

      The good thing about killing that Y-Wing though was that crits stopped being dangerous as long as I got my action; with only one foe, there was no disadvantage to activating Breach Specialist.  And that Y-Wing's TLT was no longer a problem, though the damage was done (losing Eaden so early hurt).

      So now it was a stressed Auzituck against Chewie, and I had to struggle to get him into arc because of the positions of debris clouds.  I had already put a lot of damage into Chewie, and I was so close, but now I blanked out with 4 dice (while taking a lot of damage in return) and rolled poorly in future rounds too.  I stayed stressed because of obstacles, and even took a crit from them.  But I did get lined up for one final shot.  The problem was, Chewie was higher PS.

      Chewie fired at range 1 and got 2 hits, exactly enough to kill me.  I rolled evade and blanked out... gah!  I rolled my attack and he rolled defense just to see, and I would have finished him that round.  So close!  Chewie lived by the single hull of his Hull Upgrade.  Such a narrow victory.

      I know what I did wrong too.  Instead of constantly bumping chewie for 3 rounds when I had both Auzitucks, I should have swung one or both Auzitucks out wide to get them turned around.  But I doggedly kept bumping him hoping to gain an advantage, and that let him pour damage into me with no reprisal.  I'm a bit too used to Auzitucks with Vectored Thrusters equipped, and that was messing me up a bit.  And I was being a bit too conservative in my movements, when I really should have turned wildly and spread out.  I wasn't thinking ahead far enough, and you really have to with those ships.  Had I spread out I would haven handily defeated that wookie... and promptly gone on trial for murdering a hero of the rebellion, but ya know.

      Overall I really like this fleet.  I do think Eaden is the weakpoint though.  He's too eager to give the opponent half points, if not all of them, and his shots lack bite without the Tacticians giving him bonus dice.  I'm considering getting a third Auzituck, and flying this:

      2x Wookie Liberator with Expertise + Tactician + Breach Specialist

      Wookie Liberator with Expertise + C-3PO + Breach Specialist

      It lacks Eaden's turret, but it's also a lot tankier and less likely to give away points to bad rolls.  It's really tempting to pick up that 3rd auzituck just because they're so fun to fly... I'll have to ponder on how often I'll use 3 of them.

      I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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    • For your imperial list, you might as well go with a Glaive Squadron Pilot to save one point, as Vessery doesn't need his ability with Jonus arround. And Kestal and Jonus will both be taking focus anyways. Then you could upgrade Jonus' EPT as trick shot is hard to trigger. And consider Ruthlessness on the Defender, just because it's fun.

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    • Eaden Vrill's main problem is the ship is advertised as a ship that can have a 360 degree canon equipped and if Eaden wants to use his ability he cannot use the cool unique feature of the ship.

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    • I just tried out my prototype list with Captain Jostero with A Dept yo Pay and BSMT and he's really potent. If BSMT goes off against a stressed ship, he is often at range one, sometimes with a soft focus. Or Nym's bombs might offer him a shot with target lock (against A Dept to Pay opponent) or focus. Effectively he's shooting as ps 15. I almost felt dirty flying him :-D 

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    • LasseKaa: Good point!  Maybe I'll downgrade Vess to a Glaive, or even Ryad with Adaptability.  Though sometimes redundancy isn't bad... Jonus will likely die very fast, and Vessery still enjoys the lock on his primary.  And since I'm downgrading Kestal to Double Edge so he fires after the Tractor Beam, and he has Expertise, the Aggressor won't necessarily be focusing (so he could provide locks to Vess).  Hmm... choices.

      I'll consider Ruthlessness -- I've seen how terrifying it is in the current meta.  But it's also dangerous to use in a fleet that needs to fly in formation around Jonus.  I'll have to keep him in the back or something.  Here's an idea:

      Vessery + Tractor Beam + Ruthlessness + TIE/D + TIE mk II

      Jonus + Unguided Rockets + Swarm Tactics (ehh... not sure on this one) + LWF

      "Double Edge" + Expertise + TLT + LWF

      If only Jonus could carry XX-23 S-Thread Tracers.  He's perfect for them, but the rockets take his slots.

      Dragoon: Yea, I always thought that was a really weird decision.  It was neat to fly a fleet that actually give him a chance and runs a YT-2400 on the cheap, but HLC Outrider is objectively better.  Dash Rendar is just so effective, it's better to build a fleet around him than try to make Eaden work.

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    • Ruthlessness triggers after tractor beam relocation, so that can give you some flexibility.

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    • I long while back I flew a Keyan Farlander, PS4 stresshog, and Eaden Vrill list and beat an experienced ARC player with it, his comment being that ARCs just die without actions.

      My crew was Inspiring Recruit so Keyan could remove double stress and I could get the stresshog back in the fight quicker. It was generally fun.

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    • Nice!  ARCs are tough buggers, but I can see how heavy stress would cause them a lot of trouble.  It's always fun to take down an experienced player or strong fleet with something strange or unknown you built yourself.  They don't quite expect it, and often I don't either even though I built the list.  :D

      I really like Keyan, and that list I fought was a fantastic example of how to build him well (if he'd had more cards he could have done Extra Munitions and Guidance Chips, etc, but he absolutely had the right idea for the tools available to him).  I'm really pleased with it.  I just wish B-Wings weren't so easy to toss aside.  Their cost, dial, and low agility make them really easy to out-play in the current meta.  :(

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    • Yeah, the real eye shiner for me was on the store championship of Wave VIII release and 4-LOM and a Bumpmaster (and a TLT Thug just to round things out) were just demolishing Keyan and Nera. Keyan just melted and Nera was using Deadeye. 4-LOM threw her into the debris clouds over and over and over again so she stayed stress and couldn't keep arc or fire her torps and then got sniped at range 3.

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    • So I'm still not managing many games, but I did just manage a game on an online program called Vassal.

      I ran Messery Backfire (credit to Wazat for the name), which I'm thinking of bringing to Canadian Nationals, but if Guns for Hires is tournament legal at the time, then there'll be a minor change which I used.

      The list is:

      Deathfire with Extra Munitions, Harpoon Missiles, Cluster Mines, and Long-Range Scanners

      Colonel Vessery with Crack Shot, TIE/D, and Ion Cannon

      Backdraft with A Score To Settle, XX-23 S-Thread Tracers, Special Ops Training, Lightweight Frame, Fire Control System, and Pattern Analyzer

      I played against Miranda with Sabine, Long Range Scanners, Extra Munitions, Proximity Mines, Ion Bombs (I think), TLT, and Plasma Torpedoes and Captain Nym with Bomblet Generator, Genius, Havoc, Guidance Chips, Homing Missiles, Veteran Instincts, and Advanced Sensors, and TLT

      We set up a spread out asteroid field in the center of the table, and he both of us facing towards each other, range 2 away from the side of the left table edge. He snaked left and I snaked right, going alongside the board edge. I managed to lure him into the asteroid field...where he blundered badly twice and set both of his ships on rocks. With Miranda, the more dangerous of the two IMO within range of all my ships where she got Ioned and took some hull damage. My opponent conceded there and we started a new game, but they chose to drop Nym's Homing Missiles to Cruise Missiles and upgrade Miranda's Long Range Scanners for Advanced SLAM.

      This match we set up another spread out asteroid field similar to the last time, but he went directly through the asteroids whereas I snaked right and hugged my board edge.

      I buggered up the opening engagement however, with Nym and Backdraft the only ones squaring off agaisnt each other, and his 4 dice Cruise Missiles went off, stripping two shields from Backdraft. 

      The next turn Nym disengaged but dropped a bomb to hassle Vessery the turn afterwards. Meanwhile Miranda faced off against Backdraft and Deathfire. Nym took a shield from Vessery with his TLT and Miranda used her Plasmas to take Backdraft to 1 hull. Backdraft and Deathfire managed to take away all of Miranda's shields however and Vessery Ionized Nym and took away 4 of his shields, taking him out of the match for another turn.

      Vessery koigraned and then barrel rolled away from the suspended bomb to try to get Miranda in arc whereas Deathfire and Backdraft tried to set up a bump trap for Miranda. Unfortunately Miranda saw it coming and managed to Proximity Mine Deathfire who took two damage and 1 was added to Backdraft, killing him. Miranda tried to PS kill Deathfire so didn't regen a shield, but Deathfire managed to hold on. Vessery and Deathfire laid on the damage to Miranda, Ionising her, but she survived with a single hull point. 

      Deathfire then just bombed her, killing her with his Cluster Mines. Deathfire and Vessery and Nym then set off for another jousting run against each other. Deathfire managed to create a bump, forcing Nym to fire at the mostly healthy Vessery, and in exchange Vessery laid in some more damage and Ionised Nym. Deathfire then set up his easiest bombing run ever and hit Nym with two Clusters, the last one being right in Nym's way, and it took all 3 Mines to kill Nym off. Once Nym moved forward.

      I forgot to take screenshots until the very end, but here it is:

      Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures GameMap

      Toronto, which is going to be the main source of players for the nationals, tends to buck the meta a fair bit, so I'm not expecting too many Jumps (although nerf would still be great), but I am expecting a ton of the little Scurrgs in there, if not Nym's, and this match seems to be promising that Nym's not too hard to get in arc and *will* melt to pressure, in addition to Ion mucking with the Bomblet Generator, forcing Genius drops without getting to pre-maneuver barrel roll. Either way, I'm basically committed to this list, the only question being if Harpoons are involved or not. 

      Also, Deathfire is love, as pictured

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    • Today I raised some eyebrows by taking 3 auzitucks to a store tournament.  I managed to take first place!

      Wookiee Liberator with Expertise + C-3PO + Breach Specialist (34)

      2x Wookiee Liberator with Expertise + Tactician + Breach Specialist (33)

      This fleet comes as a recommendation from the FFG community in this thread, where I asked if anyone had flown 3 tactician auzitucks and whether they liked them.  I'm really pleased with the suggestions I got (including the 2 auzituck + yt-2400 fleet I flew casually last week).  It's a durable fleet, and Tactician is brutal on such a wide arc.  A lot of ships respond very poorly to being chronically stressed.  Including mine, as I found out.  ^_^

      First battle was against Ketsu Onyo with Shadow Caster Rigged Cargo Chute and I forget what else.  He was escourted by a Heavy Quinn Jast with some sort of missile or torp (I forget which; I think she never got it off) and a Heavy Genesis Red with a Mangler Cannon.  I forgot everyone's elites... could have been Expertise on Ketsu?  Sorry, that first battle is a blur.

      I managed to win solidly.  I closed the distance on Quinn and shut her down, then turned around and finished her off.  Then I ignored Genesis and focused on Ketsu, since his tractor beams were such a problem (actually this was a taste of what was to come).  He went down reasonably quick.  His cargo token did cause me some grief momentarily, but my team still shattered him.

      As an aside, I rolled a lot of crits on debris clouds today!  Just my luck.  ;)

      After that it was a question of whether Genesis would kill someone before dying, and he didn't quite manage it.

      100 - 0

      This opponent let me use his Expertise (I bought another U-Wing after this match so I could provide all three of my own cards, but it was really awesome of him to help me out like that).  He also was very patient with me setting up my fleet after arriving at the tournament with not quite enough time to get everything ready (work kept me late), and he reminded me of Tactician, was patient with my being flustered and kind of stupid at first, and played a very friendly and clean game.  Top-notch fellow!  I really hope I was equally respectful to him; he set the tone for the whole night and everyone was just awesome today.

      Next fight was 2x Bounty Hunter + Tractor Beam, and Lieutenant Dormitz + Hyperwave Comm Scanner.  This was a surprisingly effective strategy, since the two firesprays could be placed very far forward thanks to Dormitz, given a focus thanks to Hyperwave, and then jump forward and engage in combat with both locks and focuses on the first round.  Then next round they could move past their victims and continue ravaging with their rear arcs.  However, I did quite well against this fleet.

      Initial combat did me some harm, but I focused down his galaxy-painted firespray and eventually managed to kill it.  There was a lot of tussling and bumping in the following rounds, and sometimes I'd fail to have a ship positioned to get any shots.  Also it's really hard to decide whether to reinforce the front or back... will they be in my arc or not?  He made some good bumping decisions, deliberately keeping himself behind my ships when he could, and eventually claimed a wookie life.

      However, I managed to off his 2nd firespray, and had half points on Dormitz.  Now it was 2 auzitucks vs a double-stressed, damaged, and not very mobile Upsilon Shuttle, and the advantage was all mine.  It was a matter though of how many points he'd score.  My ships were both heavily damaged, and the remaining tactician ship was ahead of Dormitz.  I shot it away with a 3 bank and got behind a debris cloud to maximize its survival chances, reinforcing the back and hoping I'd be obstructed at range 3.  It had only two life left, and that wasn't good odds against Dormitz's 4 attack power!  The other ship (I think the C-3PO boat?) was to the northeast of the upsilon, and behind it, comfortably confident it wouldn't take fire.  I turned it inward and prepared for a killer shot.  Dormitz moved forward a smidge, and fired on the hiding auzituck, but range and obstruction and reinforcement all consipired to reduce his damage to just 1, not enough to kill it!  Then the rear auzituck fired and finished the match.

      100 - 33

      I liked his fleet.  It's a cool idea to come rushing in with locks and focuses, especially if your opponent wants to slow-roll to build up tokens on Rey or to line up his ships.  He apparently did quite well on other matches.  Plus I love Upsilons and Dual Firespray fleets.  ^_^  Cool and friendly opponent, and my gods, his galaxy firespray is gorgeous!  I will attemp to attach pictures, but they're too beautiful... I fear they may damage wikia's webservers.  Standby...

      20170823 194937
      20170823 194941

      20170823 194950

      The camera does not do this ship justice... it's just so beautiful... it felt wrong to fire at it!

      Final round was against Inaldra with Light Scyk; and A Score To Settle, and 2x Jakku Gunrunner with Intelligence Agent + Pattern Analyzer + Spacetug Tractor Array; and Asajj Ventress + Expertise + Shadow Caster + Dengar.  This fleet scared me when I first saw it, and for good reason.  As luck would have it, I ended up fighting it, and the combo of tractor beams and stress was amazingly threatening.  It's an excellently-constructed fleet, and it was flown by a really effective player.

      He figured Asajj would have a hard time against my tacticians since she needed her actions and expertise modifications, so he started her out in the northwest corner, away from my ships deployed in the southeast corner.  I made a mistake and charged toward the quadjumpers and inaldra, who where in the middle of the map.  I should have turned left instead and met with Asajj early on.  The tiny ships were not the best target; asajj was!  She was worth the most points, and was the easiest target to score points off of (half points, poor agility, large base).  And she was the greatest threat due to her title and pilot ability, nevermind the shenanigans the quadjumpers would pull (to great effect).  So my first round of combat was spent inconveniencing them, in return for more damange than I would have happily accepted.  I then turned southward toward Asajj, who was sweeping into the center of the map, putting the quadjumpers at my back.

      Thankfully I'd stressed a jumper so it couldn't tractor me, and the other didn't do too much harm (at least at first).  But I spent a lot of time on asteroids during this match.  Those spacetugs and Shadow Caster are just brutal to small ships.

      Since quadjumpers and Shadow Caster kept throwing my ships onto asteroids, I frequently only got one or two shots off in a round.  Worse was the stress, which was constantly disabling my Expertise and Reinforce tokens.  But I kept pouring damage into asajj and occasionally stressing her.

      At one point I drew Damaged Engine on a ship that had just managed to clear stress and reinforce itself; thank heaven, I was able to Breach Specialist that devastating crit away.  That wookiee took other shots that round and missed having that reinforce token, but it was worth it!  Damage is better than red turns on an auzituck!

      At one point close to the end, I had the choice between trying to kill asajj, who had 4 hull left, or trying to kill a quadjumper that had landed on an asteroid and had its agility reduced by a crit.  I agonized over it, and then realized the quadjumpers are 20 points a pop and very vulnerable; I just needed 4 damage, and he was at range 1.  I took the shot and got the damage in!  But I did lose one auzituck (one of the Tactician wookiees), granting him 33 points.

      Right at the end when time had been called (we had to finish the round), he laid in a barely lethal hit into one of my quadjumpers.  I was resigned to losing the match, but then I realized it was obstructed!  I rolled the extra die and got the crucial evade!  Saved by the dice!

      Time was called and I got 44 points, while he got 33.  *SUCH* slim margins!  I will say I owe this victory to luck.  He fought a fantastic battle and really gave me a run for my money, and the win hinged entirely on that last shot that I evaded by obstruction.  This tiny MOV was apparently enough to put me into first place in the tourney!

      44 - 33


      I got a very pretty premium Crack Shot and an equally pretty "Omega Leader", and I could choose one ship as my prize.  I chose the auzituck (of which I have 3 already) but then tried to trade it up to a Imperial Aces (hoping to pay the $12 difference, which most game stores allow).  Unfortunately their computer apparently can't do that, so I had to put that back.  I was hoping to add to my TIE Interceptor collection, since they're so fun in Epic.  :(  Instead I traded it for a T-70 X-Wing to get another copy of Integrated Astromech, and hey, another T-70.  ^_^

      I also spent a lot of money at the store today ($36), buying the third Auzituck I needed for the tournament, and also a 2nd U-Wing for the 2x Inspiring Recruit and 2x Expertise... I panicked when I realized I didn't have enough Expertise, and figured I'd need them in future tournies.  I usually don't buy new for a game, instead building fleets around what I have.  And my first opponent very kindly offered to let me borrow an Expertise.  But I guess I wanted the extra copies so I wouldn't run into this again in the future.  And also I love the U-Wing... I really hope Rebels get some good crew options in the future, cuz now I have 2 U-Wings.  :)

      What I Learned:

      I'd say the greatest weakness of the fleet is it kinda falls apart if it keeps bumping or stays stressed.  As long as you're not down to one Auzituck you can scatter and reposition to have at least one arc on targets, eventually closing in to have all 3 arcs trained on victims.  But stress denies both Reinforce and Expertise, and the threat of Damaged Engine is very, very real!  Bumps can mess it up a lot too, denying Reinforce and also putting the ships in a bad spot, so you've gotta scatter and plan ahead 2 or more turns (and scatter, don't just sit and hope for your opponent to pass you).

      With only one agility die, at 9 health can disappear fast.  You have to keep reinforcing, and don't get tractor beamed!

      How I would improve the fleet:

      This fleet is really solid, props to Wampa948 for suggesting it.  I do think I would put Tactician on all three auzitucks though; it's just too useful to give up, and stacking stress is terrifying for some ships.  C-3PO is possibly worth keeping, maybe replacing Breach Specialist?  Though Breach Specialist helped me out a lot too.  Tough choice... I'll have to give it some thought.

      Good night everybody!

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    • Good job! I've faced three auzitucks as well, two with Tactician, Inspiring Recruit and Rage and Wullffwarro with Inspiring Recruit, Finn and Rage and they hit like a mule and those stress arcs are fearsome. I played the local troll-but-effective-lists player, Bugge, who is always a challenge and defeated him three times in a row and only got stressed once or twice. I used my prototype list above, which helped me a lot.

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    • Congrats Wazat!

      Always good to see generics do well too. Well, non Scout generics.

      Rey seems like she'd be solid on the Auzitucks as well.

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    • Played another Vassal match today with Backfire Messery.

      My opponent played two Karthakk Pirates with Twin Laser Turret; one had Greedo and the other had Cad Bane and Bomblet Generator. To round out the list he took Fenn Rau with Push The Limit, Autothrusters, and Concord Dawn Protector.

      I forgot to take screenshots though.

      I placed my forces on the bottom right of my side whereas he took the center of the right for his forces.

      I took the outside the rocks path and he went in a straight line through the asteroids. Fenn did a damage to Deathfire, but forced Deathfire to spend his focus token. My squad then laid into the Greedo Pirate, Ionizing it and bringing it down to one shield. The Pirates TLT then reduced Deathfire to one hull, with Greedo giving Deathfire a Thrust Control Fire, stressing him.

      My plan for the next round had been to three bank and then Cluster the Ioned Pirate, but because of the stress I thought a 2 bank would still work. Unfortunately it didn't and only got one cluster on the Pirate, and Vessery and Backdraft had to barrel roll out of the way. Fenn did bump the Ioned Karthakk Pirate though, preventing a focus token. Fenn then blew Deathfire out of the sky at range 1. Backdraft then attacked Fenn to get a TL despite missing. Vessery then Ion Cannoned Fenn Rau and managed to slip a hit through thanks to Crackshot, which would force Fenn Rau into the Clusters. The TLTs plinked off one of Vessery's shields

      The Bomblet Karthakk then dropped a Bomblet, although Vessery still chose to koigran into it to keep the pressure on Fenn, and Backdraft managed to thread the needle to get range 1 on both pirates, one in each arc and out of the arcs. Fenn took a damage from the Cluster and then tried to barrel roll away from taking the next, knowing he'd take the Bomblet and hoping he could get Backdraft in arc. The Bomblet killed him though while only dealing one damage to Vessery. Backdraft then took his double shot, dealing two damage to the Bomblet Karthakk and killing the Greedo Karthakk.

      My opponent conceded here.

      I'm sorta happy with how the list is taking down aces albeit a little worried about Deathfire melting there.

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    • Victory!  Well-done, sounds like Fenn and Greedo didn't get paid that day.  ^_^

      Yea Deathfire is a big target, and it's really tempting to switch from his missile to Lightweight Frame.  But as long as he gets his bombs off, that can really mess up your opponent's plans.  I'd say he served his purpose despite burning so fast.

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    • He did a fair bit and if it takes focus away from Vessery, I'm happy, which is what happened and brought victory. He still carried his weight, just not quite as much as he typically does. LWF is very tempting sometimes, but I think he just needs LRS to get a missile off and it helps fuel Vessery in the first engagement and once they separate for long enough. As far as my plans go, I don't think it's up for debate, it's just tempting sometimes.

      There's some American heavyweights coming in, so I'm gonna have to put on my A-game.

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    • I'm tired and brain no workie, but I should report that I played Horton Hears a Who again today and did well with it, though as much thanks to luck as anything else IMO, particularly in that first game.

      It's casual night and next Wednesday will be a Original Trilogy Only tournament, so I wanted to refamiliarize myself with the fleet.  I have to say, it works very well for what it is; I think it will do fine in an original trilogy tourney (where there's a very limited subset of ships it can face).  I struggled a bit today and pulled the win off mainly by luck, partially because my brain was foggy, partially because my attack dice took a vacation, and partially because my opponents were just very very good.  ^_^

      Wes + Adaptability + R2 Astromech + IA

      Wedge + Expertise + R4-D6 + IA

      Horton + TLT + M9-G8 + Vectored Thrusters

      My first fight was against a mess of ships, Jess with Swarm Leader + R2-D6 + Primed Thrusters + IA; Sabine Wren (TIE) with A Score To Settle; Captain Rex all by himself; a lone Prototype Pilot with Refit ; and Biggs Darklighter with all the usual stuff.  He put the Score To Settle condition on Wedge.

      I didn't want to face the range 1 6-dice nuke being toted around on Jess, so I led his fleet into the asteroids (hoping to break up his Biggs Bubble formation), and then hit punched it with a 3 bank to the left with wedge and right with wes.  Wedge ended up in a bad spot, in arc at range 1 of Sabine and Prototype.  However, Jess bumped Wes according to plan and failed to get her full-reroll Swarm Leader nuke off.  She would in fact get to use Swarm Leader only once or twice this match, and only with moderate shots with 1 evade token.  Wes in turn got to fire at Rex, and Wedge didn't take serious damage.  Horton was slightly too far East to contribute, but he had Wes locked just in case he needed a reroll.

      After this initial exchange, there was a lot of scuffling where I lost HP and didn't give much damage back.  I went a while without being able to nail down any decent damage, and he killed Wedge with Sabine and the Prototype.  No matter my rolls, he always managed to dodge the damage, so Wedge contributed basically nothing but damage soaking all game.

      This was a bad situation for me because I was down points & a valuable ship, and I hadn't managed to do more than scratch his ships.  However, a round or two later I finally killed Rex and this helped a lot.  A few rounds later I managed to kill Jess (with a lot of effort), and then we danced around a while before I managed to kill Biggs.  I kept bumping with Wes and not getting actions and sometimes not shots, but in the end I started to gain a foothold.

      My secret weapon that I was somehow rolling ridiculously, unfairly good with Wes' green dice.  My red dice were well under average and my opponent's green dice were hot, but my defense rolls with Wes were amazing.  It took until the late stages of the game for him to lay a single damage on Wes, and it was the A-Wing that did it.  Because of course it was the A-Wing... Wes dodged a moderate Swarm Leader blast (4 or 5 dice?) and numerous Range 1 shots, but finally took damage at range 2 or 3 from the rookie A-Wing.  It's the dull knives that end up cutting you, I tells ya.  ;)  Things went downhill from there and Wes was taken to 1 HP + IA before my opponent broke off pursuit (due to positioning more than anything) and tried to bring down Horton instead.  This was very fortunate for me... had he managed to keep the pressure on Wes he could have killed him easily, but that's not how it worked out.

      The other secret defensive weapon I had was M9-G8, a droid that must be worth its volume in uhh... space-gold (gold-pressed latinum?).   It saved my bacon so many times.  It not only saved me from numerous hits, but also at least 2 crits that would have cooked me.  I'm glad I switched my lock over from Wes to opponents.  Poor Sabine and Jess really got cheated by it; their shots would have chipped down or simply killed Wes outright, but then he rerolled that hit/crit into a blank and I rolled just enough evades to avoid damage.

      So back to the narrative... With Wes behind Sabine and the A-Wing and Horton running away while firing, it was basically over.  That layout favored me completely...  I managed to kill Sabine within a couple rounds, and the A-Wing followed quickly after.

      We forgot to time the game, and I'm not sure who would have won if we'd cut it off at an hour like usual.  That cutoff point is vaguely somewhere close to the turning point for me where I swung from losing badly (dead Wedge and not being able to land a hit on much of anything), to feeling optimistic, to finally starting to dominate.

      That Jess swarm is a brutal fleet, hard to kill anything in it and he flew it really well.  I won due to Wes apparently cheating with weighted green dice, or something like that, because it was his amazing defense rolls that turned around that disaster for me.  Maybe he had a Jedi stuffed into the droid slot with R2 Astromech, or something.

      My next game was against a very interesting fleet...  RAC with A Score To Settle + Agent Kallus + Rebel Captive + BoShek + Engine Upgrade; and Kylo Ren with Expert Handling + FCS + Inspiring Recruit + Intelligence Agent + Pattern Analyzer .  Might have been one other 1-cost upgrade to put him at an even 100 points?

      So he says this is a fleet that fans voted for and built for him to fly for the Sept 16th Intermountain Cup tournament, so he's flying it today to learn it.  It's a good thing he's practicing, as there were some kinks to work out and I won only because of mistakes he made due to unfamiliarity and/or mistakes in planning.  If not for those mistakes, he could have cleaned me off the table, as he's a very competent pilot and this fleet is mean.  Kylo's condition, RAC's crits, and the Rebel Captive stress are very disruptive, and the fleet can put out a terrifying amount of crippling damage in the first couple of rounds if things align right.  It will be scary to face him on the 16th...!

      He put A Score To Settle's condition on Wedge (Wedge apparently has a lot of people mad at him).  We had both brought all asteroids, which was brutal for him this game since he's flying large ships and I'm not.  But I'm jump'n ahead again, I apologize.

      I started in the bottom-left corner, hoping he'd enter the asteroids.  He started out in the upper-right corner with Kylo near the center, and then performed a stationary maneuver with Kylo, pattern-analyzer-barrel-rolled over toward kylo, and forced a bump to slow down his fleet and watch what I was doing.  Next round he cleared that stress, and then barrel rolled again.  This time though he'd made a mistake; his goal was to Coordinate a boost but Kylo was blocking that (hence the extra roll instead).  This meant RAC ended up launching 4 forward, just a centimeter from an asteroid (which he'd have to plow through next round).

      During this time I'm ponderously moving north, looking for the right time to curve into the asteroid field.  I picked this round to curve in, but no one was quite in range yet, sadly.  Next round he curved Kylo into the asteroid field, and RAC also turned into the fight.  I turned both X-Wings in to look at RAC, who I absolutely wanted to kill first (Kylo didn't scare me if I could get RAC off the table, but together they were a serious threat).  Unfortunately Horton turned northward and ended up right in Kylo's face at range 1, and had a bad day.  Thankfully it wasn't anything serious (lost 2 shields due to a lot of luck), but it was a mistake for me and it was kind of a wake-up that I needed to be more careful.

      In the mean time, RAC was picking on Wedge, doing a solid amount of damage to him.  He stressed Wes when I attacked, which meant the k-turn killbox I'd like to do next round wasn't going to work.  But I did put solid damage into him.

      Next round I k-turned Wedge east, lining him up for a good shot.  Wes had to scoot forward to clear stress and force Kylo to bump.  This helped lower RAC damage, but it was trouble for next round because of BoShek.  Kylo deliberately bumped and stayed in place, clearing stress, which meant Horton also stayed in place.  RAC plowed some mean damage into Wedge, putting him on Death's Door  Wes wasn't much help, not having arc on anything.

      Now I had to pick my maneuver with BoShek in mind.  I decided on a 1 bank, since I could choose K-Turn if he BoShek'd me.  Unfortunately I'd forgotten he had me in Intel Agent range, and so he didn't fall for that.  Instead, Kylo did a stationary maneuver, and used Pattern Analyzer to Coordinate a boost onto RAC to see if he could pull off threading the needle betwen Kylo's butt and a large asteroid... and wouldn't you know it, he succeeded.  Wes tried to get turned northward but didn't get anything in arc, while Wedge turned slightly northward and Horton bumped.

      Once RAC revealed his dial, my opponent lamented that the boost had been a mistake.  His maneuver put him on an asteroid... Holy cats!  What luck!  I unloaded Horton into RAC for 2 damage and I got him down to needing only 4 more damage.  Wedge shot Kylo in the rear and got a condition in return (attached to Blinded Pilot).  Wes wasn't getting anything into arc that round, but Wedge and Horton did some damage.

      Next round Wedge turned west (avoiding an asteroid) and had a shot on Kylo, and Wes turned north and expected to get a shot on RAC if he moved like I expected.  Kylo stayed put, bumping and clearing stress.  Horton bumped again and stayed put, still being in range as needed.  RAC got off the asteroid and promptly murdered Wedge, rolling two focuses and a hit, and using RAC and Kallus to turn that into 2 crits and a hit.  Wedge blanked out and died violently, taking a facedown damage card followed by Direct Hit and also Blinded Pilot for what it was worth.  What a painful way to go...  But Wes avenged his death, finishing off RAC.

      At this point, my opponent called the match.  Kylo wasn't going to be able to outfly Wes and Horton, and he was extremely vulnerable.  Horton was positioned to fly past him and then stay behind him indefinitely, and Wes wouldn't have too much trouble getting behind him as well.

      Had he not made those two mistakes that kept him from killing Wedge a round earlier, it'd be over for me very fast after that.  Instead, losing RAC was crippling.  I'd say that's going to be a massive vulnerability during the tournament.  He has to kill high-threat ships and make a sizeable impact before losing RAC, or it's over.  Kylo just struggles to finish matches because of his shuttle dial... though with pattern analyzer and expert handling, I honestly think he could have done better than my opponent was expecting.  In a tournament it's worth a shot... all Kylo needs is one mistake from his opponent, or to pull of one successful bluff, and he could get off a terrifying 4- or 5-dice shot that cripples or kills a foe.  Being down to Kylo isn't hopeless... at least that's what I hope.  :)

      Today I fought some really cool fleets and got to hang out with great people.  Today was a ton of stress at work, frankly the last two weeks have been, and today left me drained and mentally numb.  It actually took me a while to gather my ships & components together, and get into the mode of playing rounds... my first couple of rounds today I was kinda blank-minded, and I kept having trouble finding my dials and maneuver templates, or remembering what was next.  But I'm really glad I was able to break away from work and come play X-Wing tonight... once I woke up from my dazed state, relaxed a bit, and started to enjoy the game and the people around me, it was very rejuvenating!

      Here's hoping you all have a great week.

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    • Hey Wazat, some Original Trilogy tournaments have you bring both an Empire and a Rebels list and players choose amicably which list to play when they're paired up together. Will this be one of those, or do you just bring one list?

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    • Nope, looks like just the one list.  I can suggest the list pairs mode to the organizers for future tournaments, though!

      Also I should note that you can play Scum in this tournament, if you're willing to fly double Firesprays.  ^_^

      Format: 100pt Custom (Original Trilogy) Registration: 6:00pm Cost: $5.00

      Event Details

      Games will begin promptly at 6:30pm. The tournament will feature three rounds of swiss play timed at 60 minutes per game. Final standings will be determined using win/loss records with MoV to break ties as needed.

      Prize support will come from the standard tournament kit. Additional prizes dependent on participation.

      Custom Squadron Construction Rules

      This tournament will feature a custom format for squadron construction. Please be sure to read the details below carefully so that you bring a squadron appropriate to the format.

      ·         Only ships seen in the Original Trilogy films are allowed.

      ·         Allowed Rebel Ships: T-65 X-Wing, A-Wing, B-Wing, Y-Wing, and YT-1300.

      ·         Allowed Imperial Ships: TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, TIE Advanced, TIE Bomber, Lambda Shuttle, and Firespray-31.

      ·         Allowed Scum Ships: Firespray-31

      ·         Emperor Palpatine crew is banned.

      ·         Twin Laser Turret upgrade is considered unique (only one per squadron).

      ·         YT-2400 is not allowed.

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    • Anyone who argues that the YT-2400 should be included needs to be reminded about what "Original" means :p

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    • So tonight I fly Horton Smears A Who in the original trilogy tournament, and I'm trying to decide between Integrated Astromech (plus initiative bid), or Vectored Thrusters on Wedge.  Thoughts?

      Wes + Adaptability + R2 Astromech + IA

      Wedge + Expertise + R4-D6 + IA or VT?

      Horton + TLT + M9-G8 + Vectored Thrusters

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    • I would pick the Initiative bid and Integrated Astromech of the two options.

      If I had my way with the squad though, I'd add R3-A2 to Wes and R2 Astromech (better stress clearing for Wedge's Expertise) to Wedge, and then go with an initiative bid of 1 which would really help bother Soontirs or Vaders

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    • I would also argue BB-8 on Wedge for list purposes, but I imagine you'll reject that since it flies in the face of the theme of the tournament.

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    • Actually pilots and upgrades are not restricted, just ships.  Rey will be all over this tournament, I can tell you that.  :)  So I could go with BB-8... though R2 Astromech might be better for the stress clearing for Expertise.  I went with R4-D6 because consistently, wedge is the first to be targeted and focus-fired to death.  I figured I'd prolong that a bit longer, but better maneuvering might be a much better deal.

      I've considered R3-A2 on Wes.  It makes him mean... and draws aggro from Wedge.  He has trouble re-engaging after the joust, but so does his target.  It will squeeze me on points though.  This is 100 even, so I won't have any initiative bid:

      Wes (29) + Adaptability (0) + R3-A2 (2) + IA (0)

      Wedge (29) + Expertise (4) + BB-8 (2) + IA (0)

      Horton (25) + TLT (6) + M9-G8 (3)

      Thoughts?  Maybe loot M9-G8 from Horton and give him someone else, like R2-D6 + Adaptability (to put him at PS 9 with the rest of the squad)?  That's only a 1 point bid, but it's something.  That said, M9-G8 has been potent in the past.

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    • Haha, Horton Smears a Who! I got that reference.

      I agree with R2 Astromech on Wedge and IA. R3-A2 is also a great option, just to mess with your opponents.

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    • Yea, I get a lot of laughs at the name.  ^_^

      So here are a couple of options:

      99 points:

      Wes (29) + Adaptability (0) + R3-A2 (2) + IA (0)

      Wedge (29) + Expertise (4) + R2 Astromech (1) + IA (0)

      Horton (25) + TLT (6) + M9-G8 (3)

      98 points:

      Wes (29) + Adaptability (0) + R3-A2 (2) + IA (0)

      Wedge (29) + Expertise (4) + BB-8 (2) + IA (0)

      Horton (25) + TLT (6) + R2-D6 (1) + Adaptability (0)

      My first impression is the 98 point one is best since Wedge gains a lot of mobility and the whole team is at PS9 with a 2-point initiative bid, but I'm giving up M9-G8's ability and easier stress clearing for Wedge to do it.  What are everyone's thoughts?

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    • M9-G8 never works anyway, he just makes matters worse. At least for me. I used to fly him on Jess Pava with Targeting Synchronizer and it almost always re-rolled a hit to a hit or worse. It's probably better as a support option.

      R2 and BB-2 is an easier swap. You trade more green maneuvers for greater maneaverability and you will almost always do greens anyway. 

      I think version 98 is more fun to fly.

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    • Woo, I got first place in the tournament!  Though today's tournament was strange.  A couple people had to leave early because of kids etc, several people were sick and couldn't come, and then several people had to leave to go to some event that was happening this evening (I think a concert or band).  The TO actually had to throw together a list and play one of the matches to make sure players weren't stranded by early ditchers (and he wasn't in the mood to play -- he wanted to just hang out and paint ships tonight).  And finally, two of my 3 opponents conceded early because things weren't going well, though that was understandable.

      We only had ~8 people left at the end, so they didn't give ships to the winners but instead raffled them away (and I have a tough history with raffles -- with one notable exception, I never win anything).  So it was a strange night.

      That said, Horton Smears A Who did fantastically well.  Here's the build I went with:

      Wes with Adaptability + R3-A2 + IA

      Wedge with Expertise + BB-8 + IA

      Horton with TLT + R2 Astromech

      98 points total

      Funnily enough, Horton never used nor needed R2 Astromech.  Red maneuvers just weren't in the cards for him (and usually aren't), and he flew well and never had any problems with obstacles.  I'm a little iffy on R3-A2 on Wes.  He really needs to be able to K-Turn sometimes (getting an attack in to strip tokens and chip at health every round really matters), and that made me gunshy about stressing him during jousts.  And later I forgot to use R3 when I really did want it (to stress Vader), which was unfortunate.  Also my initiative bid never came into play (it might have mattered with Howlrunner vs Horton, but Howlrunner died before it mattered).  So meh.  :)

      But the fleet was terrifying today, and above average rolls helped me a good deal too.

      First opponent was a Cruise Missile swarm.  2x Gamma Squadron Pilot with Cruise Missiles + Cruise Missiles + Guidance Chips .  And 2x Storm Squadron Pilot with Cruise Missiles + Guidance Chips + TIE/x1 + FCS .

      He deployed in the NorthEast, I took SouthWest and slow-rolled at first.  I needed him to enter the asteroid field where cruise missiles would be awkward, and he decided to turn in to meet me.  He later lamented the decision, feeling he should have gone with his gut and continued south.  Long story short, he never got off a single cruise missile -- either he didn't have locks when he needed them, or he was at range 1 of the locked ship, or I'd strip the lock with Worldender Wes, or I'd simply kill the ship before it could fire.  The match went well for me right from the start... I killed a bomber early on, and just steamrolled from there.  This game went to time and one TIE Bomber was left.  I'd taken some shield damage and maybe a bit of hull on Wes, but otherwise I was plenty healthy.

      76 to 0

      Such is too often the fate of low-PS ordnance ships.  In retrospect, what he really really needed was thread tracers on his TIE Bombers, which would let him fire first with one bomber to set up the whole fleet to unload on the target.  I wish I'd thought to suggest that to him at the time.  It's a neat fleet and it probably would have been terrifying if his ordnance had landed; precisely why I needed to deny his locks and range.  I actually plowed Wes straight through an asteroid to make sure he'd be at range 1, and able to fire on the ship that had him locked just in case I flubbed the range; better to gamble with relatively friendly asteroids than with cruise missiles!

      Second battle was against Darth Vader with Engine Upgrade + TIE/x1 + Advanced Targeting Computer + VI; "Howlrunner" with Crack Shot ; and 3x Black Squadron Pilot + Crack Shot.  Vader with Howlrunner and 3 Crack Blacks actually really worried me, but it turns out I did quite well.

      I started out in the SouthEast corner, the fighters in the NorthWest, and Vader in the NorthEast corner facing West.  I charged forward to try to lure his fighters into the asteroids, but he didn't fall for it, and continued racing south.  Next round I turned into the asteroids and lined up to engage the fighters in the following round, and my opponent lamented that this was not what he wanted me to do.  I suspect Vader was bait, and by not falling for it I did better than I would have by chasing him.

      I was in the middle and south-ish end of the asteroids on first engagement, and I started toasting his TIEs one by one.  Vader had turned south and boosted into range to pick on poor, innocent Wes, but Wes survived the abuse.  He lost his shields and either this turn or next got Major Hull Breach, but never took more damage so it was fine.  Though I wish I'd thought to ditch my astromech with IA to avoid that crit just in case (foolish me).  I continued to push my X-Wings right into smooching distance of his TIE swarm and burned them.

      Often my defense rolls would beat his attacks by just enough that Crack Shot was useless (these lucky defense rolls were really helpful in this fight).  Once or twice he forgot to use Crack Shot when he could have though, and looking back, we realized that could have swung the game a lot (e.g. if he'd managed to kill Wes).  Not sure what those rolls would have been though, and I still had my astromech.

      Once I had killed his final TIE Fighter, Vader was retreating North and his hull was exposed (shields were gone).  I had lost Wes' shields and gotten 1 crit, and lost all shields on Horton from Vader unloading at range 1.  So basically I was only slightly singed.  I had forgotten to stress Vader with R3-A2 last round, but it didn't matter...  At this point he called it, which surprised me.  I figured he could try to get some points by finishing off Wes, but he'd decided the odds weren't good for him since I had 3 relatively healthy ships against his lone and shieldless TIE Advance.

      100 to 0

      On the third battle, some of the remaining people were messing around, joking about skipping the fight and just going straight to the roll-off.  They even (non-seriously) did so before actually starting battles.  A few people had to shuffle around because their opponents had left for an event.  This was my first indication that a lot more people had left than I'd been aware of earlier.

      My final battle was 3 firesprays.  Just bare Bounty Hunters, one of which had Tractor Beam.  These are the gorgeously painted firesprays I mentioned on a previous day in this thread (e.g. the Galaxy Firespray, of which I'm immensely envious!).

      He started at the NorthEast and I started in the SouthWest, and I curved into the asteroids.  He moved in to meet me, but he wasn't quite in the asteroids yet (just at the edge; I figured he'd struggle with arcs once inside though, which would help my joust).  I plowed massive damage into one and got him down to 4 life, and stressed it with Wes.  Next round I jousted with Wedge and finished it off (Wedge + Horton), and removed shields from another ship with Wes rolling amazingly against a poor defense roll.

      The following round that same firespray landed on a debris cloud and rolled a crit, and he called the game.  He explained that he'd been rolling horribly all day (and other people in the room could attest to this), and he just couldn't bear to see one more crit land on his ships.  It had been a brutal day for him, and he was exhausted anyway.  He went off to buy more dice, and I got an easy but unsatisfying win.  It sucks when the random rolls just thrash you and undo all your great flying & tactics.  I've been there, I have a lot of empathy for him.  It was a rotten day and that's not fair.

      I was also a bit glad for the battle ending early.  I was starting to slow down and really feel how tired I was (earlier I was alert and fine, but now it was catching up with me).  I worked a 13 hour day yesterday (writing code for that long really wears me down) and I don't know what the rest of my week will look like, so I sat back and enjoyed the rest of the night, watching the remaining match unfold.  Unfortunately, I really wanted to go home and get extra sleep, but to get any prizes I'd have to stay another half hour.

      100 to 0

      I got first place, though I didn't check the point spread so I don't know how close or far it was.  Unfortunately because so many people left, they just raffled off the 2 small ships that would normally have gone to first & second place, which saddened me greatly.  Instead the prizes were alt-art Crack Shots for everyone, and 3 alt-art Ketsus and 2 bags of acrylic tractor beam tokens for the winners (it was an old prize kit).  First place got a crack shot and a pick of ketsu or tokens.  If I'd known that would happen, I might have just gone home right after my 3rd game and let someone else get the prizes; I need the rest, and no prize ships was disappointing.  But I did get some acrylic tokens and another fancy Crack Shot, so it's not too bad.... I just would have preferred either the ship or an early return home.

      I think to improve the fleet, I might give Wes R3 Astromech since his shots often don't connect anyway (and don't need to for him to serve his role), and he'd enjoy some defense. (funnily enough, everyone left Wedge alone and focused on Wes).  Or R2 Astromech for better greens.  That said though, R3-A2 really wasn't bad, and there were a few times where I was perfectly safe using it and I wasn't hurt by it.  I don't think it's a bad choice, and sometimes it can really mess up an opponent to stress 'em.  Plus... the very fact that R3-A2 bothered people enough to take the heat off Wedge... that aggro factor has a lot of value on its own.  The fleet may not need any changes.  Thanks for your suggestions, everyone!  You helped make this fleet really effective, and fun to fly.

      I'm entering real crunch time at work, so I don't know how much time I'll have for X-Wing for the next month or month and a half.  I might miss out on Wednesdays & Fridays for the next while.  I do have an assurance from my boss that I'll probably get to still attend the tournament on the 16th, so I'll be good to go there, assuming I'm not collapsing from exhaustion by that time.  ;)

      So I should start planning for which fleet I want to bring on the 16th...

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    • Congrats Wazat!

      I would expect to see a lot of Vaders and Interceptors were I to do one of these tournaments, hence my suggestion for R3-A2.

      I've heard of people trying R3 Astromech on Wes as the best idea they have for it and still not liking it, but to each their own, no shame in trying it out.

      The OT tournaments seem to be catching on though, so hopefully I get to play in one. Of course, I would probably bring that lovable rascal Deathfire :p

      There was also someone at a local place saying we could do any kind of era, so early Empire, OT, Post-Jedi New Republic, New Trilogy, where they'd compile a list of all the pilots eligible. I hear a number of suggestions to play an "up to wave __" tournament (even the upgrades must be from that wave), which frankly doesn't interest me since often I played during those waves and know what the issues were and am generally happy to be past that stage, but an era format would nicely allow for creativity.

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    • My regionals last year I tried using Luke, Wedge, and Wes, at PS 10 with Vector on all but Luke. Wedge and Wes had R3 Astromech. The goal was to only use it when I couldn't reposition completely out of arc. In those cases it never crocked. I did not do well at all. This doesn't mean it can't be good, but I didn't fly well enough to make it work. I think I would need months of practice with that list in order to be successful, and I have maybe 6 games with it prior to the tournament.  I think I went 2-4. 

      But I have never quite understood Stress Wes, other than having a fun name. I like the k-turn too much, and I don't care if his shot hits, I just want to set him up so Wedge can do more damage.

      If you try it out, I'd be interested in hearing if you have more success than I did.

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    • Yea, R3 Astromech was just an idea my tired brain came up with.  In retrospect it's probably not a great idea.

      I'm a ball of nerves this morning... my neighbor's dog barks and whines constantly, even early in the morning and late at night, and lately this has been cutting into my sleep right when I need it most for work.  I'll brainstorm some lists maybe later this week when I'm able to think.

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    • I had an idea for a fleet and am wanting some input

      Captain Nym(scum) with deadeye, synced turret, bomblet genorator, Havoc, enhanced scopes,  and "genius"

      Captian Jostero with oppertunist, Vaksai, ray pulsed shield, and vectored thrusters

      4-lom with wingman, ketsu onyo, black market slicer tools, Mist Hunter, and tractor beam

      It costs 100

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    • Synced Turret works pretty well with Deadeye.  Bomblet Generator is great on Scum Nym, especially with "Genius" letting you choose the start or end of your maneuver as the bomb location.  I wouldn't recommend Enhanced Scopes though; they're best for contact mines like Cluster Mines (so you can move and drop them on or in front of a foe before they can activate and escape).  Timed bombs like Bomblets don't explode on contact, and so are best with high Pilot Skill.  You'd get more effect out of Advanced Sensors (barrel roll before maneuver to position your bombs better, or focus before a bump).

      Opportunist is pretty hard to make work.  If Nym were dropping mines then you could trigger Jostero's attack before the foe gets a chance to token up, but since it's a timed mine, they'll be ready for your attack.  You might have better success with Predator , Expertise , etc.

      4-LOM is interesting, but he'll have to perform red maneuvers to gain stress usually, and that will prevent taking actions like BMST .  Might be tricky to make him work well.

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    • Hmm... strange, I deleted a page that was created for the wrong reason (someone who should have gone to the forum instead created a new article), and my comment on that page shows in this thread's preview.  But it's not actually in the thread.

      Wikia, you crazy!

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    • I was thinking to have it be more like if it is a small ship i tractor beam to follow the bombs that captain nym is dropping and also to keep the tractor beam tokens there for the reduced agility attacks for jostero and if i can throw stress unto them that can cause them to not take an action which will be able for oppertunist to activate with wingman i can do that in both activtion and combat phase 

      it wouoldnt always work but it would be interesting when it would. and the BLST is to maybe cause for damage when they are stressed and just in case they are out of the way of the bombs or get a good roll 

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    • I also have enhanced scopes so i can cut off there movement which is guessing but i think it is better to move first for a bomb rather then later especailly with a PS of 8

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    • There's two main categories of bombs. There's the action bombs that you drop behind you after a maneuver, and then there's the drop pre-maneuver bombs.

      The action bombs are best on low PS pilots since they can drop them and they detonate as soon as someone hits them. This category includes Cluster Mines, Proximity Mines, and Conner Nets.

      The pre-maneuver bombs are best on higher pilot skill because you can drop them with knowledge of what other ships have done. Bomblet Generator is in this category, so you'll want the higher pilot skill that Enhanced Scopes negates.

      I also think adding Veteran Instincts may help 4-LOM because he can fire his Tractor Beam before Nym shoots, making it more effective if you don't go the Opportunist route (which I would recommend not doing). You may also want to consider upgrading 4-LOM to Zuckuss who hits harder especially with Fire Control System if you find the points.

      Lastly, another possibility if you find the points would be to add a missile of some sort to Jostero and then he can really dish out the pain.

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    • Side note, I've been busy because of moving, but I have a truckload of match reports to post when I have the time!

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    • well ether way i have to guess where they are going becasue if i do a wrong move then i can't do anything unless i had advanced sencors that is why i think that enhanced scopes can work well becasue if you guess right and they run into you(how i like to drop bombs) then it is harder to get away from the bomb path and even if you guess wrong then you can shoot at them 4-lom can throw them back on the path of the bombs. and with ketsu onyo i can keep the traktor beam tokens there for future attacks to cause more damage with there lowered agility especially with oppertunist on jostero who can maye take the 2 attacks 

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    • There is virtue to blocking them and dropping a bomb in their path.  Blocking is generally useful for denying tokens and leaving them in an unexpected position, and Genius + Scum Nym lets you plop a bomb on top of yourself safely, right where the enemy will be if they bump.  That's not necessarily a bad stategy.

      In that case, dump Ketsu and take Intelligence Agent, then maybe give Nym Advanced Sensors.  This will help you sucessfully position that bump much more frequently.  Advanced Sensors won't let you move first except against Aces, but aces will suffer terribly.  But Enhanced Scopes works well for just guaranteeing you go first.

      If you want to focus more on Jostero, maybe give your mist hunter Tactician instead, so you can force them to either clear their stress (increasing the likelihood that you guess their maneuver correctly and block and/or bomb their position), or risk a Black Market Slicer Tools + Jostero one-two punch.

      It's too bad you can't fit Asajj in your fleet instead.  She's fantastic at feeding stress to a BMST + Jostero combo.  But that would quickly squeeze Nym out points-wise.

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    • thanks for all the suggestions you guys have really helpped with reviewing this squad you have given me a lot to think about and lots of upgrades to swithout 

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    • If you get bumped by the enemy, you can actually still use Genius to drop the bomb, and then you won't get hurt by it but the enemy will.

      I wouldn't call that nothing :p

      Question though...does Black Market Slicer Tools actually work with Captain Jostero? Black Market Slicer Tooks gives a facedown damage card, which is technically different from taking damage.

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    • Ah you're right!  BMST isn't causing them to suffer damage and wouldn't trigger Jostero.

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    • I feel a tad bad, so much planning around Captain Jostero and BMST and I have to burst that bubble.

      Anyways, I have a few match reports to dump here.

      I've mostly been practicing Messery Backfire.

      I had a game against a rando on Vassal who was flying Dash Rendar with Kyle Katarn flying in the Outrider equipped with a Heavy Laser Cannon, PTL, and Engine Upgrade alongside Wuullffwwarro who had Lone Wolf, Finn, Kanan Jarrus, and a Targeting Computer.

      This was a horrid 100-0 loss. My opponent noted I rolled poorly which didn't help, but the main issue was I got bamboozled by Dash who took apart most of my list without me putting in much, if any return fire and Wfdshkdsfds hanging back and doing little work until the end.

      I signed up for an online league to get some practice in. The only difference of that list from my regular Messery Backfire was that we were allowed Guns for Hire material in our lists, so I replaced Deathfire's Homing Missiles for Harpoon Missiles and added XX-31 S-Thread Tracers to Deathfire in case I ever needed to help Deathfire subtly switch targets. 

      My first round opponent flew a rebel junkyard composed of Biggs Darklighter with an Integrated R4-D6, Captain Rex with Jan Ors crew and BMST in Sabine's Masterpiece, Jess with Adaptability , Pattern Analyzer , and an integrated R2-D6, and Thane Kyrell with R3-A2, Jyn Erso, and the title.

      Rebel jousting lists like this are worry me when I fly this list.

      TC Open 1
      As a result, I tried luring him into the asteroids to try to break up formation and capitalize on my superior maneuverability.
      TC Open 2
      He refused to play my game and circled the asteroids with me.
      TC Open 3

      By the time we decided to engage on turn 10, I did manage to get him to maneuver Jess onto the asteroid, but I had failed to get any shots with Backdraft. Sadly, Biggs fared rather well, only taking a single damage thanks to Jan and Jyn. Deathfire got the unfortunate stress dealing crit, which hampered his upcoming bombing run and was reduced to halfhealth in contrast.

      TC Open 4

      He still managed his bombing run, but unfortunately couldn't direct it as well as he'd like with Jess taking all the damage rather than Biggs, although I did get a damage into Rex. Deathfire got blown out of the sky however.

      TC Open 5

      I tried cheekily to get a double shot on Rex and Jess, but sadly failed to kill Jess, but the combined efforts took down Rex, but Backdraft took a beating.

      TC Open 6

      Backdraft eventually succumbed, and time was called by my opponent, so he took the victory 61-18, although the match was rather close since I had both Jess and Biggs down to one hull, I believe I could have started winning the next turn thanks to the double shots even though Vessery was down to 3 Hull and I believe Vessery would have an advantage against Thane.

      All in all though, good game and good practice, although it confirmed my fears for nationals. The list is good at Jousting but not as good as a Rebel junkyard, and while my forte is hiding in the asteroids, a good opponent isn't likely to join me in those asteroids. Unfortunately, playing for time and rolling for final salvo at the end suits the Rebel junkyard, my final salvo is only 7 whereas a Rebel junkyard will generally be 9 at the minimum and you can expect it to be even higher than that, in my opponents and average cases, it's probably 10.

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    • Rebel Junkyard and especially Fair Ship Rebels are the bane of a lot of lists, not just yours.  :/

      I'd say Deathfire is the strongest threat you have against it, since bombs ignore defense rolls, Biggs Bubble, etc, and your missile is a lock so it can bypass Biggs and maybe early-kill Rex.  You did quite well, considering the brutality of that list!

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    • Honestly, I still have 6 battle reports to post, just ran out of time so stopped with the two posted. I am liking the picturesque aspect of being able to post the pictures from Vassal though!

      One of those matches I have yet to report I actually played Fair Ship Rebels in fact, but I don't think my opponent was as strong with the list as my opponent here and I was able to lead into the asteroids and bumps and that enabled me to finish Biggs off and Rex with remarkably less firepower coming back at me. It makes me confident that I can beat someone who's not as familiar with the list netlisting it, it's the people who know those kinds of lists really well and have the patience to handle my baiting that I worry about. 

      Yeah, Deathfire I am hoping will help a lot. The trouble is it depends a tad bit on positioning for the Missile lock to be worth it, although for note at the tournament, the Homings will bypass any evades, and again, that stress crit really hampered Deathfire since it locked me into a green maneuver.

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    • Last night I played 3 Auzitucks with Tactician again, and did very well.  I do think dice luck played a big role, though thankfully I flew quite well too.

      I love when I guess my maneuvers just perfectly and curve around an asteroid or power through it, and end up just off the asteroid so I can light up an opponent from an unexpected position.  If I can keep that flying up on Saturday, I'm very optimistic about ranking high in the Utah Cup tournament.  :D

      2x Wookie Liberator with Tactician + Breach Specialist + Expertise

      1x Wookie Liberator with C-3PO + Breach Specialist + Expertise

      First fight was against the fleet that totally destroyed my Biggs list a few games back:

      Colonel Vessery with Tractor beam , Ruthlessness , TIE/D (39)

      The Inquisitor with Push the Limit , TIE/v1 , Autothrusters (31)

      "Double Edge" with Ruthlessness, Twin Laser Turret (28)

      This time around I did a good job of keeping my ships apart so Ruthlessness couldn't tear me apart, and I was lucky enough to dodge tractor beam once when it would have put me on a rock.  My memory is fuzzy on details (I should have written this down last night).  I think I put a lot of damage into the aggressor, but I piled damage into Vessery first chance I got and killed him (I had forced a bump and was vulnerable), then I cleaned up the aggressor.  Inquisitor died soon after.

      I had taken minimal damage... a few shields and maybe 1 damage card.

      After this my opponent offered to have me pick a list, since he figured I'd want to practice for Saturday (this is the list I plan to bring to the tournament).

      I picked a list with two ion stressbots, and Intensity Poe.  I figured that was the closest approximation to the threats that would worry me on the battlefield (other than tractor beams) because I have small ships that depend on Expertise.  This is approximately what he fielded.

      Blue Squadron Pilot with Ion Cannon , B-Wing/E2 , Tactician ] (28)

      Gold Squadron Pilot with R3-A2 , Ion Cannon Turret , Bomb Loadout , Ion Bomb (27)

      Poe Dameron (PS9) with Black One , R2-D2 , Primed Thrusters , Intensity , Autothrusters ] (43)

      Poe is a dodgy regenerating monster, so I ignored him and focused on the ion threats.  On my westward approach through the asteroids, he was sticking to the clear zone on the west side.  But he barrel rolled his B-Wing oddly and put it in range of two of my guys at range 3 (a mistake he later lamaented), and they lit it up.  One round after that and it was toast.  Then I chased down the Y-Wing and pumped it with damage.  In return it ionized a wookie, who was approaching an asteroid but not close enough to be worried.  Next I had Poe at range 1 of two guys, but decided to still ignore him since he could potentially trivialize the attacks and just regen later.  Instead I kept attacking the Y-Wing.  It limped to the south of me, and I turned in to finish it.  It had dropped an ion bomb, and the bump fest that followed left everyone ionized.  I finished off the y-wing, and then next round's planning phase was easy since no one got to choose a dial.

      Poe bumped into one of my tucks, and the other two had him in arc.  His attack amounted to nothing because of my reinforcements (a common theme in both games).  I opened fire and got a ton of damage into him, and he rolled poorly and had no tokens.  Single-turn toast against a ship that would normally be really hard to finish off.  ^_^

      He had put a couple damage cards into one of my tucks, but no worries, tucks are tough.  Another received Console Fire but I flipped it facedown with the breach specialist. Overall, they fared very well.

      As encouraging as these battles would be, I'll be facing tougher lists on Saturday (like Dengar + Nym), and... I got some really strong dice luck today.  So my clean victories were at least as much dice luck as strategy.

      All the same, here's hoping I clean house on Saturday!  They have some cool prizes, including beautifully painted ships.  They also commissioned a custom Quickdraw or Backdraft card (I forget which), showing the TIE/sf flying over some local Utah mountains.  It's gorgeous.  That prize is going to everyone who buys in, so when I get mine I'll try to post a picture.  ^_^

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    • DragoonKainKatarn
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      18:58, September 14, 2017
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    • Good lucky on Saturday!

      There's a player here considering 3 Auzitucks for nationals, so I may send your list his way if that's OK. I think he's more comitted to Wullffwarro and two Liberators, all with Crack Shot however.

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    • My list was actually suggested by someone on the FFG Forums.  I wanted to fly 3 Tactician Auzitucks and had an idea of how to do it (my first list involved Expertise, Wookiee Commandos, and Vectored Thrusters), but he introduced me to his list and it's been really strong.

      I still want to figure out an optimal way to put a Daredevil Wullffwarro to good use though.  Just haven't gotten around to tinkering yet.  The problem is he ends up pricey.

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    • 21559036 10103788574104099 946740764581798543 n

      Utah Cup 2017 Participation Prizes

      21271070 10103766769151399 5862667194001400686 n

      Prize for the top 4 champions (someone painted 4 of these!)

      21192651 10103766769156389 5752551423706453068 n

      Asajj Ventress alt-art card (I believe this is an unofficial custom card they commissioned)

      Found a photo of the participation prizes.  Isn't that Quickdraw gorgeous?!

      Edit: found more.  Asajj is for the top 16, and the top 4 go home with a custom-painted Scurrg.

      Oh, I really hope I place highly in this tournament!  ^_^  Just gotta beat the 44 other participants' rank & MOV, no biggie!

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    • This Firespray is apparently a prize too (probably a raffle prize): 

      21270884 10155628928694785 3694307333079571930 n
      21271226 10155628928699785 5130062947740408183 n
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    • Damn, those are nice. I'd probably be happy with just the participating prizes!

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    • I got this idea for a fleet with the new scum ships coming out

      Torani Kulda: Opportunist, Harpoon Missiles, R5-P8, Enforcer, Guidence chips

      Captain Jostero: Opportunist, Harpoon Missiles, Vaksai, Guidence chips

      Palob Godalhi: Wingman, TLT, Tacticain 

      Has a total of 99 points. Thanks

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    • So last Thursday I practiced Messery Backfire.

      I faced 3 Auzitucks, one Wfdshjswarro, one Lfdshjfkdsrick, and a Wookiee Liberator. I forget exactly what were on which ones, but two had Breach Specialists, Tacticians, Hull Upgrades, and one had Wookiee Commandos.

      This game was relatively unspectacular, he was lacking in offensive mods so couldn't do much to me. I got Lfdsjrick out of the way quickly and then the Wookiee Liberator. Deathfire ended the game by dropping bombs onto Wdsfhjdwarro after taking an action and then dropped them premaneuver to end the game.

      My opponent wasn't incredibly impressed with the Breach Specialists, they never came into play and was regretting the lack of offensive modifications. The next game he used Crack Shots on all three, Rey on Wfdsjwarro, and I forget what else, but he apparently enjoyed it a lot more.

      My next opponent was also practicing a nationals list, still trying to figure out how he wanted to load out his Nym Dash list.

      With some help from me, he decided to try out Rainbow Dash with Engine Upgrade , Heavy Laser Cannon, Outrider, and Kanan Jarrus and PTL with Nym in the Havoc with "Genius", Advanced Sensors, TLT, Bomblet Generator, and Adaptability.

      This was the second time I got bamboozled by Dash. I did manage to get Dash down to half health, but he repeatedly arc-dodged me and essentially soloed my list with Nym putting in good control with the bomblets. 

      At the end though we did a furball, where every time you damaged a ship you got a point and you got another point every time you killed a ship and you were allowed a 35 point small base ship. Ships that die are respawned during their activation in the maneuver phase but cannot take actions and munitions are reloaded.

      I decided to take a very bloated Deathfire with Cluster Mines, Harpoon MissilesLightweight Frame and Seismic Torpedoes.

      I hadn't actually realized how good it would be, but it turns out that bombs are really good in this format since it gave me several opportunities to get 2 points a round by dropping and shooting. I wound up beating out everyone else with 7 points whereas second place was Lieutenant Kestal with a Twin Laser Turret and Lightweight Frame with 5 points. I had actually forgotten the Seismics I had. There was a brief suggestion that maybe we shouldn't have munitions reload in the future. 

      I also played my second match for the online league, and I came up against Fair Ship Rebels, which consists of Biggs Darklighter with Integrated R4-D6, Lfsdjsrick with Selflessness and Wookiee Commandos, Jess Pava with Integrated R2-D6Draw Their Fire, and Primed Thrusters, and Captain Rex.

      Team Cov Round 2
      Team Cov Round 2 2

      So I worked on my traditional luring into the asteroids, my opponent was very deliberate with placing his three asteroids into the corners, so it was up to me to ensure that they were spaced out the way I like them to.

      Team Cov Round 2 3
      I did manage a sneak attack on Biggs briefly where Deathfire got to loose a shot into him at range 3 while taking no return fire, but through symbol rolling and focus and Lfdsfrick, he managed to shrug off all but one hit even though I rolled 4 damage.
      Team Cov Round 2 4

      A combination of issues creeped up for my opponent though, Jess failed to move far enough and landed her on the asteroid, Rex was further ahead but the pinwheel formation wasn't set up quite right and a nub bump had Rex bump her and she also wound up on the asteroid. The pinwheel also meant Lfdsjrick bumped and didn't get his Reinforce, so I was able to take Biggs down that turn when he was only protected by his focus. After getting rid of Biggs, I bombed Lfdsrick, had Backdraft put some hurt into Lfdsrick, and Vessery killed Rex who had lost two hull from asteroids. Deathfire used his premaneuver Clusters to kill Lfsdkjrick before koigraning and my opponent conceded.

      Team Cov Round 2 5

      While I was fortunate with the pinwheel failing, the match does make me confident that I can beat the people who are just picking up Fair Ship Rebels for nationals.

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    • Sweet victory against Fair Ship Rebels!

      Yea, IMO the triple tucks lists require some solid form of dice modification so they're not wasting their action on something other than reinforce.  Expertise or Predator helps a ton because they're passive bonuses. Those hull upgrades were nowhere near as valuable for their points as Expertise or Predator or Engine Upgrade or Vectored Thrusters.  Tucks are already so tough, one more hull isn't nearly as valuable as more attack power or more maneuverability.  Crack Shot is an interesting idea, but I've found my tuck games last long enough that Crack Shot probably isn't the best use of their elite.

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    • Xwingflyer wrote:
      I got this idea for a fleet with the new scum ships coming out

      Torani Kulda: Opportunist, Harpoon Missiles, R5-P8, Enforcer, Guidence chips

      Captain Jostero: Opportunist, Harpoon Missiles, Vaksai, Guidence chips

      Palob Godalhi: Wingman, TLT, Tacticain 

      Has a total of 99 points. Thanks

      Sorry, almost forgot to respond to your post (it's been a long day).

      I don't know that Opportunist is ideal on Torani, as he's what strips the tokens and not necessarily what exploits the tokenless ship (his attack is over by the time the enemy tokens are gone).  However Jostero's Opportunist might work reasonably with Torani's help.

      I like R5-P8 enabling Jostero, that's a neat idea.  Harpoon missiles are also a solid trigger, and a strong deterrent against formation fliers like Biggs.

      I was going to advise trying to fit Dace Bonearm with an Ion Cannon Turret into the fleet as a 2nd Jostero trigger, but I'm unsure Dace's timing will allow triggering Jostero (I think it actually happens during the attack).  And Palob with Wingman isn't a bad way to clear the opportunist stress if Jostero fires during activation, and TLT is a decent way to round out the fleet.  A bomb ship is another good rounding-out choice, and would help trigger Jostero too; so something to consider.

      My best advice is, perhaps give Torani a different elite such as VI (so he moves last and shoots first, stripping tokens before the enemy can attack and spend them).  He's likely to get more use from that than from Opportunist, and it's cheaper.  The extra points could be spent giving Jostero an illicit or another modification, or to give Palob Pulsed Ray Shield so he can shed some damage while running away and pinging with his TLT.

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    • I have Palob in there to strip tockens so then Torani can cause them to suffer one damage whcih would trigger jostero which is why i had oppertunist in him just so he is doing that extra damage. R5-P8 is there to make Torani a more of an annoying target and if they did have mutiple tockens to cause another way to trigger jostero. I hadn't thought about Dace but he is a good idea to try and get in there 

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    • Hmm... I like that strategy with Palob.  Unfortunately that means getting him close enough to the action that his TLT is tricky to pull off reliably.  You might consider Ion Cannon Turret or Autoblaster Turret.  But TLT may work fine.

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    • i will just have to get him within range 2 and then he can also tactition so they are also stressed

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    • It's Wazat. I'm on my phone so I'll keep this brief. I swept my first two rounds and I'm sitting at 400 MOV.

      Guns for hire isn't out yet but is a prize!

      That gorgeous Firespray goes to last place, so I'm out of the running.  :) Maybe I can trade for it.

      First round was PTL Corran, plus Dash. Both pretty standard. I managed to kill Corran fast, and Dash soon after. Only a 15 minute game, and all I lost was shields.

      2nd round was 30 minutes and more dicey. Intensity Poe plus Expertise Rey,Kanan,Finn,etc. I poured fire on Rey until she broke, and then started taking shots at Poe. Tuck#2 took 4 dmg cards, others lost some shields.

      Lunch break right now. 3 more Swiss rounds, then raffle prizes are distributed. Winners playoff for 3 more matches after that. Wish Wazat Wild Victory!

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    • 20170916 093849
      20170916 103344
      20170916 103407

      Who's this goofball?

      20170916 120413

      Guy who painted the prize Firespray also made these beauties

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    • I might wait until tomorrow to give the full rundown, but I won the Intermountain Cup/Utah Cup. In 8 games I only lost 67 MOV total, which is unheard of. My list may be slightly OP. Maybe severely. Some people are up in arms about how efficient it is.  :)

      I won the Guns for Hire. I've got a picture of its cards in case we're missing any info. Beyond that, I'm tired but I had a lot of fun!

      20170916 220559
      20170916 210847


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    • Continuing the narrative from a few posts back:

      Match 3 had me up against a PS1 TIE Striker + title , Maarek Steele with Ion Cannon + Stealth Device + TIE/D and maybe more; plus Backdraft with standard equipment.  This took about an hour.  I think I killed Backdraft first, then danced a bit with Maarek and the striker.  Maarek landed on an asteroid early on and this really hurt his chances, since he missed out on a round of damge.  I eventually killed him, and then finished off the striker.

      I ended with 4 damage cards on Tuck #2.  I lost 1 shield from #1 (the 3PO tuck), and all shields from #3.

      Match 4 was Expertise Dengar and Bomblet Nym, both with very common equipment except that Nym had Advanced Sensors instead of Accuracy Corrector, to allow him to land bombs and maneuver better.  This took about 40 minutes.  Nym raced into my auzitucks and got behind one, but the other two finished him off after he got only one bomblet off (dealing 1 damage to the front ship and 2 to the middle one, and autoblastering the middle one for one damage).  I then struggled for a while against Dengar's arc-dodging but eventually got him.

      2 shields left on #1, no shields left on #3, and 3 or 4 damage cards on #2.  I'll note now that #2 took an inordinate amount of damage today, usually it was the only one with damage cards.  But that's probably the result of how I flew my formations.

      At this point I'd scored 4 perfect victories, and my place in the top 8 was secure no matter what happened next round.

      Match 5 was against Expertise Dengar and PTL Fenn.  This player moved Fenn down to the center-east of the map, while Dengar wiggled back and forth (1 turn and barrel roll) in the north-west.  He was basically waiting to lunge forward with either ship and tear into me.  Very dangerous, and I knew that it'd hurt whichever way I was facing for the first engagement.  By round 3 or 4 I had to choose, so i turned North to Dengar, and this worked very well for me.  I plowed damage into Dengar and eventually brought him down.  Fenn was wicked though and between the two of them he did managed to finally kill Tuck #2.  After some dogfighting and I think some solid bumps, I finished Fenn.

      Lost Tuck #2, #3 had one damage card, and #1 was untouched.

      After this we all got our regular prizes distributed, including some pretty acrylic bomb tokens for the top 8 players.  I'll try to remember to post a picture.  They also had small ships available, and lego star wars ship kits.  The gorgeous blue firespray was given the the player in last place, and one of the two Guns for Hire were raffled off.  We also got a much-needed dinner break.  I think it was sometime after 5 pm and we'd last eaten 3 matches ago.

      After food, we had more matches to play to narrow down the top 8 to top 4 etc.  The player who killed a tuck on Match #5 actually had to bow out to get home, and the person who stepped up to take his place was my next opponent.

      Match 6 was against Lowhhrick with Selflessness + Draw Their Fire, Kanan Jarrus + Rey and Recon Specialist + Doral Turret, and Ezra with Adaptability and "Chopper".  All PS 5s.  This fleet was potentially trouble because Lowhhrick and Kanan were amazing at defending each other, and Rey + Recon Specialist could reduce my attack power by 1 on all 3 shots I made each round (until he used up his Rey tokens, or missed an opportunity to focus because of stress).  I knew Kanan had to die first.  It took a while but I poured damage into him, stressing him a couple times but not to a ton of effect.

      Lowhhrick didn't do a lot of damage, instead having to focus on defending Kanan, and having trouble getting turned around.  I stressed him at one point and it shut him down a lot, since he didn't have the liberty of doing green for a while.

      The turn Kanan was going to die, he decided to deploy Ezra, who I'd honestly for gotten was there.  She did a bit of damage but wasn't a huge threat.  I put a bunch of damage into Lowhhrick and killed him surprisingly fast, then popped Ezra a couple turns later.

      Tuck #3 had 4 damage cards, #1 lost 2 shields, and #2 was untouched for a change.

      I should point out that now we were in the top 4, and it was down to 3 Decimator fleets (all RAC) and my Auzitucks.  This weird arrangement was apparently because all the bombs, autoblaster nyms, and other shenanigans had favored the huge HP of the Decimator.  Plus the decimator players were very skilled pilots, and had some devious tricks up their sleeves that were really screwing up other players, as you'll soon see in the two I fought.

      Match 7 was brutal.  He had RAC with Ysanne + Rebel Captive + VI + Engine Upgrade + Gunner, and Rexler with TIE/x7 + VI.  Rebel Captive's stress hits before Expertise, so this took a lot of bite out of my tucks.  Also clearing that stress was often difficult, since a boosting decimator is a fast-moving target and I had to really scramble to keep up.  Rexler was a threat too because his ability bypasses Breach Specialist and gets crits through.  However, he died so fast it didn't matter, so that went well.

      However, hunting down and finishing that Decimator was a long, brutal war with a tragic casulty near the end.  I don't remember the blow-by-blow, but there's a reason this player got so far; he's an excellent flyer and the fleet is extremely well-constructed.  Gunner was a real problem for all the chip damage it forced through, Ysanne was a problem for constantly shedding damage, stress was a massive problem, the hyper-mobile large ship awas a problem... it was a tough fight.

      I got a reprieve near the end when he took Loose Stabilizer and Weapons Failure together and it took him a while to shake them; he ran away for a while trying to get rid of the loss of damage potential, and I had to chase him down with my remaining two tucks to try to end it all.  Finally I got him in range, survived his attacks, and fired back with the lethal blow.  What a relief!

      By the end of the match, I'd lost #1 (both a war hero wookie and C-3PO), taken 4 damage cards on #3, and had one shield left on #2.

      Finally Match 8.  This one was recorded and I can try to track down where they're posting it if anyone is interested.  I kept screwing up and rolling the dice on the table instead of into the container where the dice camera was watching it (I've never played on camera before).

      This player's fleet was brutal too, but not as bad for my fleet as the last RAC had been.  RAC with Palpatine + Kylo Ren (Crew) + Engine Upgrade etc; and Quickdraw with all the quickdraw stuff (I don't remember exactly what).

      So this fleet likes to give you Blinded Pilot or something else horrible, then guarantee you take a crit with either RAC or Palpatine's abilities.  This was ruinous for so many other fleets.  There's just one problem with that: Breach Specialist laughs at Kylo.  It's just normal damage to an Auzituck!  Especially once I get the foe down to one ship, Breach Specialist will be used every time to make sure I don't take the crit.  From there I just have to make sure I get my actions (don't plow through obstacles, bump, etc), and by this point in the night I was flying quite well.

      My opponent, however, couldn't believe how powerful Breach Specialist is.  I both get to use the Reinforce token to shed damage, and then I get to discard it to turn crits face-down.  This wrecked the core feature of his fleet.

      So RAC flew to the south and approached from that end, and Quickdraw and I exchanged fire at range 3 in the center of the map.  Not a lot happened, but I think the next round was lethal for Quickdraw.  Just too much firepower and not enough luck.  I then turned south with two tucks to battle RAC, and north with #1 to plan for the future.  #1 was taking a lot of damage, and I needed to keep him from dying, but I also wanted to head off RAC near the center-east of the map when he curved up.  After not too many rounds I was able to finish him off (with one tuck at range 1 still waiting to fire, so it was a pretty sure thing).

      I ended with 5 cards on Tuck #1, and the other two were untouched.

      In the course of 8 games, I earned -1533- (edit: 967 according to list juggler) MOV (if I'm calculating correctly -- 200 MOV per game except where I lost 33 points on match 5 and 34 on match 7).  Needless to say this created quite the buzz as the day wore on, and I continued to rock my matches.  I think more than a few of the top players feel like the fleet (and the Auzituck in general) is overpowered, though they made it clear they're mad at the tuck not at me.  ;)  They also speculated that we'll be seeing a lot of players fielding triple tucks in the coming months, after the show I just put on.

      In terms of the fleet's weaknesses, I'd say stress and mobility are its main enemies.  Also tractor beams, though nobody fielded those against me today.  First, stress disables Expertise and threatens to prevent the next reinforce action.  This is a big limiter on my choices, and it can really take some of the durability and bite out of the fleet.  Second, that mobility takes a lot of learning.  I flew like a complete retard when I first tried to fly 2- and 3-tuck fleets.  You have to learn to fly slightly apart, and scatter in different (and unexpected) directions once they're behind you so that hopefully at least one tuck gets them back in arc very soon.

      I also want to toot my own horn here for a moment.  It's clear to me that this is not a faceroll fleet -- you don't just assemble it and start winning.  I flew very aggressively, playing my favorite move of "gamble with just how close I can get to that asteroid without clipping it".  I hit a few obstacles and landed on an asteroid only once all day, despite this aggressive flying.  I also planned my maneuvers very carefully, laying out blocks and arc traps whenever I could.  And I made some tough decisions about when to plow through an asteroid, bump on purpose, clear vs keep stress, and so on.  I have some good experience flying this fleet (among others), and I do think I brought a lot of skill to the table.

      That said?  I probably performed above my ability today, thanks to this fleet being (probably) very, very powerful.  It's exceptionally lean and efficient, and a good pilot can make it very hard to avoid damage or kill even 1 tuck.  They are durable little bastards, and Expertise gives them a mean bite.  I have won some tournaments at this store before, and I'm often not terribly far from first place, but today I performed wildly well.  Some players weren't familiar enough with the fleet to know how to deal with it, but even the players who knew what to expect were sidelined by just how deadly and durable it is.

      I want to thank Wampa948 on the FFG Forums for his excellent suggestion for how to tighten up my fleet.  The end result is evil, and it was very fun wielding it today.

      That said, now that I have Guns for Hire, it's time for a break from tucks.  I want to put my Starvipers and K-Fighters on the table!  It's so cool that someone got these two copies (at PAX?) and donated them as prizes today.  If I can get off work at a good time on Wednesday, then I'll get to try it out!

      And with that, it's time for bed.  It's been a looong day of dial spinning, and I'm exhausted.  I hope you all have fantastic weekends!

      Edit: all players and lists posted on List Juggler here

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    • Congrats Wazat, good work.

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    • Great job, Wazat, those are some sweet prizes! Guns For Hire? Lucky bastard.

      In three weeks I'll be participating at Nordics (Scandinavian Nationals) on the second day. There are two flight, one friday and one saturday and the top 8 from each day will go through elimination rounds sunday. Friday I will be judging, so I can DQ the toughest opponents ;)

      BUT... I don't know what to fly, but I have narrowed it to a small (not really) list of lists, and I would like you guys' input on what to fly. I'll be posting them and write a little about their strengths and weaknesses and how I expect they will fare against the top meta lists.

      Scum Prototype: 99 points

      Captain Nym (42): VI, Autoblaster Turret, Cruise Missiles, Bomblet Generator, Havoc, Advanced Sensors, "Genius"

      Fenn Rau (34): PTL, Concord Dawn Protector, Autothrusters

      N'Dru Suhlak (23): VI, Cruise Missiles, Glitterstim, Guidance Chips

      I've played this before with great effect and the one of my suggestions I'm most familiar with. It's pretty well rounded; alpha, bomb, arc dodging etc. But I'm a bit worried about Cruising Aces. They can PS kill any of my ships and be hell against the survivors. Triple jumps is also a bit tough, but I should be able to destroy one, before it gets to shoot. FSR is another worrying list. If I shoot at anything but Lowhhrick with the ordnance, it won't do much damage. And I probably won't be able to kill Lowhhrick even with red dice. 

      Discount Defenders 100 points

      5x Scimitar Squadron Pilot (20): Unguided Rockets, Lightweight Frame

      I'm gonna try this tomorrow. 30 hull points can't be all bad? I have no idea how they'd fare against any top meta lists, but they will look great on the table.

      Cruising Bombers 100 points

      4x Gamma Squadron Veteran (25): Crack Shot, Extra Munitions, Cruise Missiles, Long Range Scanners

      Haven't tried this yet. Long Range Scanners is great with Cruise Missiles. I expect they will be able to deal a lot of damage and I'm quite intrigued by their ability to 5k and fire 5 dice with re-rolls.

      "Formation flying? Yes, please" 100 points

      Colonel Vessery (39): Ruthlessness, Tractor Beam, TIE/D

      Glaive Squadron Pilot (39): RuthlessnessTractor BeamTIE/D, Twin Ion Engine Mk. II

      Scimitar Squadron pilot (22): TIE ShuttleTwin Ion Engine Mk. II, Systems Officer, Fleet Officer

      I played this around the time the ARC-170s came out. And it's great against small ships and I think it could decimate FSR. I'm worried it won't be able to damage triple jumps fast enough and Denym and Nym lists in general will also be a problem. But it can really screw with the enemy ships and it's great fun to fly.

      Suicide Squadron 100 points

      5x Binayre Pirate (14): Feedback Array

      2x Binayre Pirate (14): Feedback Array, XX-23 S-Thread Tracers, Guidance Chips

      I don't really think this will be great against anything. But I want to bring a swarm of headhunters to a tournament at some point.

      ZZZZX 99 points

      Airen Cracken (23): VI, Cruise Missiles, Guidance Chips

      Jess Pava (31): M9-G8, Targeting Synchronizer,Integrated Astromech

      3x Bandit Squadron Pilot (15): Cruise Missiles, Guidance Chips

      This is a pretty fun list to fly. I almost always lose one Bandit before it gets to shoot, but if people doesn't know the list, they'll fall into the Targeting Synchronizer trap and receive 3 missiles. It's a bit hard to set up, as well. THe thing is, with the Cruising Aces, either Jess or Airen could be PS killed and that would severly cripple the list. And triple Jumps are also a big obstacle. But it looks phenominal on table.


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    • Quick update:

      3point2Company streamed some of the games on twitch here.  I was only on camera for my final battle, here at 2:10:40.  I was so tired I kept forgetting to roll in front of the dice camera (you can see me panicing and apologizing with the first few rolls, but my opponent just shrugged it off and said it's ok).  The announcers were so tired they kept forgetting to switch to the dice cam anyway.  :)

      Edit: That link is no longer valid; the Intermountain Cup is not on their Twitch channel anymore, probably to make room for other videos later.


      Scum Prototype has proven to be very solid.  The PS War is a bane on a lot of lists, as are bombs.  This wouldn't be a bad choice despite its weaknesses.

      Discount Defenders, Cruising Bombers, and Suicide Squadron seem like risks.  Experience with a list counts for a lot.  Players who grab a top meta list for a tournament without learning it really well first, for example, tend to get eaten up by players fielding a less overtly powerful, but more practiced list.  And experience will tell you a lot about the list's weaknesses, strengths, and overall viability.  Give them a try and let us know how they work out!

      But philisophically passing judgement, I'd say Discount Defenders has some potential as a damage soaker but I suspect you'll lose points a bit too easily.  TIE Bombers are too easy to damage/crit to death one at a time, though you may pour enough damage on foes to vastly outpace their threat anyway...?  Worth a test.

      I think I like Cruising Bombers, at least conceptually, simply because the first or 2nd round of combat could let you devastate the enemy (depending on when you get your locks; probably 2nd round after a k-turn).  But because you're lock-dependent, this will be extremely tricky.  First pass will result in a dead or crippled bomber(s), and you'll have to carefully choose who to lock.  If you're below the enemy's PS, then you'll probably be too close to fire that round, and thus will telegraph next round's target with your lock.  If you try to focus-fire one target and happen to kill that target early, missiles don't get used on the other targets.  Or that ship may just run, leaving you with useless locks and only your primary weapons + stress after the k-turn.  If you spread your locks among 2+ ships, you may fall short of the lethal blow you need to knock ships off the table.  Rather than Crack Shot, I suggest Deadeye.  It solves so many of these problems: you're no longer crippled by your PS or telegraphing your target, and you can still fire with locks if needed.

      Suicide Squadron sounds like a fun joke list.  Someone yesterday flew a popcorn fleet with 3 or 4 Deadman Z-95s and I think a Bomblet Firespray, and had a fun time despite not ranking well.

      ZZZZX is neat, and I like the good use of Jess in a murder swarm.  Airen is also great, granting a lock or defensive focus when needed.  I do think it's a vulnerable fleet though... if you don't smite Nym early, you're in for a brutal bombing run.  If higher-PS foes kill Jess or Airen early, as you said, that really hurts the fleet.  And your bandits suffer many of the same problems as Cruising Bombers.  I dunno...

      I agree with your assessment of Formation Flying Yes Please.  It's brutal to small ships and/or swarms, but Dengar will cause it grief.  That said, I don't feel Nym is terribly evil against it... Nym sucks at dodging or coping with tractor beams, and disrupting his path so he plows through or onto asteroids is a good way to take the edge off of his bombs and autoblaster (making it harder to get to you because he's missing actions or suddenly positioned awkwardly).  That said, a good Nym is trouble for aces and has a fantastic ability to just insert himself into death range... and Dengar is always a big problem.  Though... tractor beams cause him grief too, since he's only sitting on 9 HP and reducing his defense can allow your TIE/Ds to melt him fast.

      Honestly the one ship that concerns me is the TIE Shuttle... I'd actually love a more damaging ship instead of a pure support, but maybe the locks and focuses are making your formation more effective overall?  It does worry me though that your anti-formation fleet needs to fly in formation, which reduces its ability to exploit opportunities, avoid Nym bombs, flank Dengar, etc.

      I hope all that rambling helps (and I hope my first impressions don't lead you astray -- I could be wrong).  And maybe one of your untested fleets will rock the socks off the meta!  ^_^  Keep us posted!

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    • Other prizes, to show off the work the organizers put into this.

      20170916 182426

      Custom-painted dials

      20170916 181309

      Acrylic cluster mines and 3 alt arts. My fav is guidance chimps

      20170916 110432

      Also bought a fidget spinner that references the worlds cheater. ;)

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    • 20170916 144809

      Great people, the best prize!

      20170916 145222

      Decimators did well in this tournament because of the crazy local meta. Also protectorate starfighters and TIE/sf

      20170916 145214

      Nym plus Dengar (dunn dunn dunn)

      Sorry for the post spamming. This is hard to do from my phone.

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    • Thanks for the assessment Wazat. I'll bring the bomber lists to the game store tomorrow and see how they fare. I think Dengar can be crippled quite a bit from those TIE/Ds and he'll have to keep his Nym out of range one. And the bomber is actually pretty lethal against ships with no green dice. In one game it got the kill shot on two x-wings.

      It looked like a really neat tournament. What was the concept? That prize support was crazy!

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    • The Intermountain Cup (formerly Utah Cup) is just a tournament for Utah and surrounding areas.  We got fourty-something players this time, nearly as much as the Campaign Against Cancer tournament.  But unlike CAC which was mostly derpy lists for fun and everyone banding around charity, this was a serious tournament where nearly everyone shows up wearing their game faces, with tough lists to match.

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    • Heh, I haven't gotten e-mails for a bit so I missed the action here. Great job though Wazat!

      Interesting to see the Tucks do that well against meta staples too, but it sounds like it wasn't just the tucks!

      Lasse, I would recommend going with what you know. It also has the advantage that you feel better about it regardless of how you place IMHO.

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    • Yeah, I tried out the Tractor Beam Defenders, and while great fun, they just don't deal enough damage. But I managed to kill Quickdraw in one round, primarily do to double natural crits from the bomber.

      The Discount Defenders were also great fun. I only managed to get one game in, but that was against Fennboats. Their blocking game is strong and they can really lay some fire down. I think with some more practice, I might have a really strong list. I lost, though. My opponent's dice were crazy in the second half of the game, but I managed to get Fenn down to two hull and kill one jm5k. 

      Anyways, I'm gonna try them again monday along with the Scum Prototype.

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    • Canadian Nationals Participation

      So along with the Howlrunners that are for the top 64 (but that the people running were apparently able to get extra copies so I don't know who can get them), these fellas are going to be the participation prize at Canadian Nationals on the weekend.

      They've also announced a bonus prize for 17th (who'll miss the cut) and whomever is last (while still playing their Swiss matches). Last major tournament I went to the bonus prize for missing the cut was my 2 Regional dice, so those will hopefully look good.

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    • Huzzah, I got an e-mail for when Lasse posted!

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    • Sweet, those PTL cards look great!

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    • Last night I flew my Guns for Hire ships and won by fluke.  I flew poorly and didn't give my starvipers and k-fighter space to maneuver, which they really need.  Talonbane struggled to get into range 1 because of bumps, and the starvipers really needed space to wiggle.

      Talonbane Cobra with PTL + Pulsed Ray Shield + Engine Upgrade + Autothrusters + Vaksai + Inertial Dampeners

      Dalan Oberos + VI + Autothrusters + StarViper Mk. II + Virago + Advanced Sensors + Cloaking Device

      Thweek + Autothrusters + Starviper Mk. II

      My opponent had:

      Moralo Eval with Heavy Laser Cannon + Zuckuss + Dengar + Inspiring Recruit

      2x Tansarii Point Veteran with Expertise + "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor + "Mangler" Cannon

      Thweek stole pilot skill, not wanting Moralo's useless ability.  I forgot to use Inertial Dampeners and Cloaking device.  :(  I'd remember only at the times I didn't want to use them.

      Advanced Sensors + Starviper Mk II is excellent, particularly on Dalan.  I turned a really bad upcoming bump on a segnor's loop into a really good roll + segnor's loop that let me fly over the target, aimed me at them, and let me get some good damage in.

      Unfortunately Dalen and Talonbane took a ton of damage very quickly.  Talonbane's 2 defense dice just are not good, and because he bumped several times, he failed to get into murder range where he belongs.  I also think he shouldn't have PTL with Pulsed Ray Shield; it's just too hard to find opportunities to use the regen when you have the stress source, and talonbane is poor at clearing stress (unlike Fenn, who doesn't mind it near as much).

      Near the end of the game I started getting my act together with Thweek, and one maneuver in particular was spectacular.  I banked forward 1, then swept around behind the enemy with a roll (escaping arc).  This is exactly how I imagine these ships maneuvering, and had I given myself space in the early game, that's what I would have been doing regularly.  My opponent and others at the store pointed out I really needed to not try to fly in formation; instead a flanking maneuver from center and sides would have worked far better.

      I won by fluke with Thweek, because I kept rolling barely well enough to not take lethal damage near the end, and then my opponent maneuvered to block me and ended up unable to stay on the board next round.

      Those autothrusters are worth every point and much more.  I shed a lot of damage thanks to them.  That said, my ships felt extremely delicate.  That's partially because I'm coming off the invincible high of Triple Tucks, but also because maneuvering left me vulnerable without tokens.  Guri would actually have been a better choice than Dalan.

      So next time I hope to take these lessons and learn from them.  I flew the Auzitucks like a complete retard when I first fielded them but they turned out spectacular once I learned to use them.  I'm hoping the Guns for Hire ships pay off once I learn to fly better.  I do worry that their defenses are not spectacular though... especially that k-fighter.  Other pilots like Viktor might help there, though I do love Talonbane's ability, either attacking at range 1 or defending at range 3 with autothrusters.

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    • I just finished watching your Utah Cup performance, and damn, that was excellent trap laying skills with Sedans (I'm gonna start calling your list that now, they're small and compact family ships :) ). 

      Been struggling to keep up with the Wikia, I've been focusing more on getting the games in. Almost all my games by coincidence are against Dashes, and I'm gonna have real problems against them.

      The Marshall (he organized the big PTL Open in April and was happy to hear that I was taking one of my two experimental lists for PTL Open) and I were conversing and he reported that there were a lot of Nym Mirandas (yay), 4 ship Rebel (urgh, but he says some of the best Toronto users aren't taking them), and trip Jumps (urgh).

      Getting nervous, but excited! 6:50AM wakeup tomorrow! Packing enargie drinks and grub and organizing my tray!

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    • Good luck. Give 'em hell.

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    • Good luck Dragoon!

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    • Gonna try my Luke Han today,see how the meta reacts, any changes I should do before I go play? Han Solo 60 YT-1300 46 Expertise 4 Finn 5 Kanan Jarrus (Crew) 3 Millennium Falcon (HOR) 1 Smuggling Compartment 0 Black Market Slicer Tools 1

      Luke Skywalker 40 X-wing 28 R2-D2 4 Proton Torpedoes 4 Integrated Astromech 0 Expertise 4

      Thoughts? Changes?

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    • Looks reasonable, though Han may be finicky in his support for Finn since he has to reroll everything.  But you have the advantage of good PS and a free reroll with Finn when that's better than what you have.

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    • Thanks for the input, wazat, han's mostly target locking for his actions most of the time, if I get a stressed enemy ship in range, then I may use the slicers, I mean, potentially free damage always helps

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    • And the slicers dive under shields, so you might be able to make a regenning Poe or dodgy Soontir sweat.

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    • Thinking about a fleet to use but i dont know how i feel about it 

      Latts Razzi- heavy laser cannon, gunner, bossk, weopons engineer, hounds tooth(title), anti prusuit lasers

      kavil- deadeye, synced turret, advnced proton torpedoes, bomb loadout, cluster bombs, guidence chips, r4-b11

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    • Last week I flew my Guns for Hire against stress fleets and lost badly.  Beyond that there wasn't much to report and I was lazy, so that's why I didn't share any tales.

      Today's tournament theme was: Generic Pilots Only, and only one of each type of ship.  So no triple Auizitucks.  I may be the reason for the ship split up, but maybe not.  ;)

      I flew a Decimator, TIE Defender, and TIE Fighter.  When planning the list I started out trying to PS-beat everyone with a TIE Defender and a TIE/sf and TIE Interceptor.  But I'm glad I went with this fleet.

      Glaive Squadron Pilot with Predator + TIE/D + Tractor Beam + TIE Mk. II

      Patrol Leader with Rebel Captive + Operations Specialist + Darth Vader

      Academy Pilot with a strong heart and a mission to block.  But no upgrades.

      Rather than give a blow-for-blow account, I'll just say I liked the fleet.  The Academy Pilot died quickly in the first couple of games, but he blocked fantastically well all through the third game and shut foes down quite effectively, though an enemy Decimator did cleverly use its title to boost past him after the bump and then end his life (bad time for me to roll all blanks).

      Vader used in moderation to finish ships is excellent.  Again in that third match, I killed a firespray with a Direct Hit from Vader.  I tended to deal four damage per match to myself with vader, and in the first & second games that got the decimator barely killed, but in the third game it paid off quite nicely.

      The TIE/D was decent, but instead of Operations Specialist on the Decimator, I maybe should have chosen Intelligence Agent to make room for an Ion Cannon?  Hard to say, as when the tractor beam worked it did pretty well.  My 2nd match was me chasing a Jumpmaster around with my TIE Defender, bumping a lot, but finally lining up a shot when time was called and managing to score half points, before barely dying in the return shot.

      Overall I had fun.  I think other fleets were probably better made, but I did reasonably well.  I got third place out of 18 and won some tractor beam tokens.

      I probably would have placed a rank higher if I hadn't let my opponent change his dial in the first round -- he'd revealed a turn in the wrong direction and was going to go straight off the table.  I let him switch sides despite it being a tourney, and I lost my Decimator as a result and that swung the MOV quite a bit.  And yet, I feel pretty good about the decision.  ^_^  If it were a larger tourney I'd be playing for blood, but I like the more casual mood of the smaller tournies.

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    • So I finally was able to do my han Luke list yesterday and got first place currently in the league my FLGS is doing right now

      My first game was against 3 scurrgs, if there was ever a chance of semi meta, this was it

      Opponent's list

      Lok Revenant + Attanni Mindlink + Autoblaster Turret + Cruise Missiles + Cad Bane + Guidance Chips

      Lok revenant + attanni + autoblaster + cruise + guidance

      Lok revenant + attanni + autoblaster + XX-23 S-Thread Tracers + guidance + Bomblet Generator + Bombardier

      I'd played against this list before with Luke Han, and my dice were horrible, but this time, the force was with me, I charged into range one to avoid the cruise missiles, fired at the tracer scurrg, and all shields down, direct hit and I need a blinded pilot...what does my opponent draw? Blinded pilot! In exchange, Han took a beating, but at least it wasn't fully modified, I killed that scurry next turn, bomblet hitting han and doing one damage (even with cad bane) meanwhile Luke got a damage on the cad bane scurrg, then I just beat the hell out of the other scurrg, Han had one hit point left and the cad scurrg blew out of the sky

      Win 170-30

      Then was a game against an opponent I play a lot, so I know how he flies, but he knows how I fly, the joker to my batman if you would

      His list:

      Captain Nym + Twin Laser Turret + Sabine Wren (Crew) + Bomblet Generator + Proton Torpedoes + Extra Munitions + guidance chips

      Miranda Doni + TLT + Rey (Crew) + Cluster Mines + cluster mines + extra munitions + Concussion Missiles + Advanced SLAM

      The thing about this guy, he's flown the popular lists before they were cool, triple defenders, mirandanym, but not paratanni or dengaroo.

      I knew the bombs were a death trap for my list because that's so much damage to Han, so I went after Miranda first, first engagement was sad but saw the stripping of Miranda's shields, then next turn, I tricked my opponent into thinking I was gonna sloop and I had a great shot and was does Miranda get as Han is chasing her? Damaged sensor array, so no bombing or SLAMing for her, meanwhile Luke and nym were having a duel of the fates, Nym doing max damage every time, but Luke only taking one damage each time, meanwhile Luke was pounding into Nym, eventually Miranda was dead and nym had one hit point, at that point my opponent conceded

      Win 170-30

      Last game I was worried about, but my opponent had to leave for his girlfriend and gave me the game, such a shame, it would have been awesome to have Han and Luke duel Boba Fett over bespin

      Win 200-0

      All in all, I had fun, and the games felt very close (Han with one hull left and han with three hull left). Would I spring for a more survivable Han instead? No, bombs ruin that idea, and I also never had to have R2 bite the bullet because Luke never got damage cards

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    • @Wazat: you can be proud of that decision.  Great sportsmanship.

      @Silversuper: great job, nice to see that Han and Luke can still handle themselves out there, especially against Nym-Miranda.

      Nordics is coming up tomorrow. I'll be judging the first day and playing saturday bringing Nym-Fenn-N'Dru. The top 8 from each day will meet in the top 16 sunday and the rest has the opportunity to play a couple hangar bay matches.

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    • @lassekaa

      Yeah, they handled well this week because no one expected it, don't count on that happening to me two weeks in a row, whenever I have an undefeated streak, I always crash and burn immediately after

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    • Good luck at Nordics LasseKaa! I hope it goes better for you than it did for me.

      About my performance, I've been partially a little busy, but also there was a game that notably soured the experience for me and so I haven't been as eager to post.

      The day started off badly with me somehow forgetting my dials, but I was also manage to borrow dials.

      First round matchups announced, and I spot that my opponent is someone whom I played at the PTL Open where our game was decided by a 50/50 die roll on Anti-Pursuit Lasers triggering. We look at each other's lists, he had a Palp Yorr, Vader, and Omega Leader list. And then there was a mistake in the pairings (if I heard correctly, Duncan Howard had a bye from winning regionals that was not inputted correctly).

      I got paired up against quad TLT Sienar Specialists with Lightweight Frame for the first round as a result. This was my first playing against an Aggressor one outside of a furball. The opening engagement I had expected the formation to go either go to its right or center which I had covered, but my inexperience with Aggressors blinded me to the possibility of it going right. From there my forces were separated and picked apart. I did manage a kill on one of them, but my opponent forced me to split the damage expertly for a 100-25 loss for me. My opponent wound up making it to the top 16, and the holding Canadian champion said he was also made a fool of as the Aggressors danced around the asteroids.

      Second round I won't go into too much detail, but against a Quickdraw RAC I earned a victory when RAC flew off the board, even though the game was basically in the bag. This game kinda threw me off for the rest of the day though. My Defender also got knocked onto the floor at this point and I stepped on it returning from reporting my score.

      Third round I came up against Tri Imp Aces: Lieutenant Kestal with Veteran Instincts, Lightweight Frame, and an Ion Cannon, Darth Vader with Veteran Instincts, TIE/x1, Advanced Targeting Computer, and an Engine Upgrade, and Quickdraw with Veteran Instincts, Lightweight Frame, FCS, and the title. After the first pass, I had stuck damage on Vader and Ionized him, Quickdraw had been following him, and Lieutenant Kestal has been flanking. Deathfire's clusters took Vader out and they started targeting Quickdraw, Backdraft weirdly kinda got into a solo battle with Kestal where Kestal tried sticking to the main engagement and Backdraft used that to get shots off on Kestal. Now, I managed to stick a lot of damage onto Quickdraw, but Vessery had to slow play, so either a 1 bank or a 2 straight were in order. Unfortunately, I misjudged the distance here and failed to get shots off on Quickdraw and chose the wrong one, which would have likely killed Quickdraw rather than leaving her at 1 health. Quickdraw then killed Deathfire and the combination managed to pick my list apart slowly.

      4th Round I came up against Dengar in the Punishing One with a K4 Security Droid and Unhinged Astromech, a single Plasma Torpedo, Guidance Chips, Adaptability, and Glitterstim and Bossk with Veteran Instincts, a Homing Missile, 4-LOM, Zuckuss, K4 Security Droid, and Guidance Chips. He pinsired me quite well and PS overkilled Backdraft with munitions in the first strike. What happened from there was weirdly interesting, Deathfire and Vessery punched hard that round. Deathfire then dropped all 3 bombs on Dengar who moved straight into them. Some more shots from Vessery weakened Dengar further and Deathfire was reduced to 1 hull. But Dengar was right behind Deathfire who then dropped his munitions pre-maneuver and hit Dengar with 2 bombs which killed him while simultaneously swinging hard to get behind Bossk's arc. From there Vessery and Deathfire put damage into Bossk while staying behind him (with help from the Ion Cannon). They killed him just before he'd have been forced to fly off the board.

      Round 5 I came up against an opponent who claimed she was terrible and had only been playing for 6 weeks, but she was also playing a Fair Ship Rebel variant: Lowhhrick with Selflessness, Operations Specialist, and Jan Ors, bare bones Captain Rex, Roark Garnet with TLT and Nien Nunb, and Biggs with Integrated R4-D6. I managed to get a good starting engagement with my ships outside of range of her two rear ships, Lfdkjshrick and Roark. I managed to Ion Biggs, which fragmented her formation slightly because of Rex's lack of speed 1, and I got a Homing Missile into Rex to do some damage. Deathfire managed to follow it up by dropping Clusters where the formation was going, and then I dropped some premaneuver. Sadly though, on the second drop I watched her roll blanks or focuses thrice. Backdraft succumbed to the TLTs eventually, and Deathfire was next to fall. I managed to take down Rex and Biggs in the process though. After time was called, Vessery was able to shoot down Roark with the TIE/D to get a 4 point victory.

      My last match I came up against Quad Kashyyyk Defenders with Wookiee Commandos. My opponent castled, so I had to approach them in order to get them to end the castle. In retrospect, I should have placed more rocks closer to him. At this hour I was tired however and figured my best bet was to charge at him and hope to get lucky. Again, in retrospect, after I was at range 4 or 5 I possibly could have disengaged and tried running for the asteroids, but wasn't really up to it at the time. Suffice it to say, I had below average luck.

      So I ended 3-3 with the worst MOV of all the 3-3s.

      Most of my matches were fun overall however and I got some cool swag. I got the participation Howlrunner and custom PTL cards, I got a cool custom movie still of Zeta Leader, high res action figure shot of Rebel Captive, a custom Cruise Missile, the Gencon geriatric Han Solo, and an acrylic ship marker of one of the local squadrons.

      Our group started Heroes of the Aturi Cluster properly as well. We had one mission where we had to destroy some Sensor Beacons located on asteroids that had 3 defense dice, 2 hull, and a Sensor Jammer, but the mission had 12 asteroids and asteroids could be within range 2 of the board edge but not range 1. The best part though was the Imperials got an elite reinforcement...but that elite reinforcement was a Lambda Class-Shuttle which did not deal with those 12 asteroids well. I am now a PS 4 Moldy Crow pilot with Engine Upgrade, Autothrusters, Autoblaster, Lone Wolf, Sabine, Cluster Mines, and Inertial Dampeners.

      One of the LGS had fallen behind on their Qkits so had some of the last 3 kits (I needed an Ello Asty and the Q3 stuff still). I was planning to take a triple X-Wing list, but the person I was supposed to borrow Wes off of didn't realize I also needed another X-Wing. I wound up taking out of my box an imperial squadron where I was to test the Striker, although I had to modify it so that I had all the legal components (only have one Delta Squadron Pilot was the main problem). I flew an Imperial Trainee with the Ailerons and Lightweight Frame, a Delta Squadron pilot with TIE/x7, an Onyx Squadron Pilot with TIE/D and Ion Cannon, and an Epsilon Squadron Pilot with Comm Relay. But only 3 people showed up, but we were told we could split the kits amongst ourselves if we paid the tournament entry fee, so we did so.

      I faced triple X-Wings the first round and managed to outjoust them, losing only the Trainee in the process.

      The second match I played against someone who had only brought 2 competitive lists, so he fielded his nationals squad of Inaldra in a Light Scyk, two Tansarii Point Veterans in Heavy Scyks with Ion Cannons, all three Scyks with Attanni Mindlink, and a Fenn Rau with PTL, Autothrusters, and title. He sorta baited me with Fenn and Inaldra while flanking with the Tansarii Point Veterans. Weirdly though, he tried to pinsir me with Inaldra as well, so I was able to damage Inaldra while putting in most of the work against the two TSPs. My nice reengagements on the ships. The x7 Defender was getting Ioned and struggling, but ultimately with some very lucky rolls I was able to damage Fenn once, keep the Epsilon alive, and end the game by setting up a killbox on Fenn.

      It was actually a fun fleet to fly. If doable, I may try to drop the Epsilon for a 2nd Striker and lower the Onyx Squadron Pilot to a Delta Squadron Pilot.

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    • Silversuper3: Maybe, but don't psyche yourself out.  You've got this.  Go in with confidence and you may turn that streak around.  ^_^

      Also, great flying.  Sounds like Luke + Han have a good commander!

      Dragoon: Sounds like you did pretty well dispite a lot of painful setbacks.  I haven't faced the TIE Aggressor TLT swarm yet, but it's probably a lot more mobile than the Y-Wing TLT swarm, because dials and barrel rolls and evil empire.  The 4 auzitucks in particular interested me... there's been a lot of discussion on whether 3 or 4 is better.

      Sounds like Aturi Cluster was a blast!

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    • That Lightweight Frame also does a lot. It's higher variance, but it counts on that good variance. 

      I think that player was extremely skilled with them though and a lesser player wouldn't have managed nearly as good a performance as my opponent.

      As far as I'm concerned, that 4 Auzituck can't push enough damage through to be better than the 3 Auzituck in a typical tournament, although the 4 Auzitucks I think would have the advantage if they were paired up against each other.

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    • Nordics is over. And it was a blast! I was judging the first day (meeting up 7.30 to set up the event, loooong day) and it was fun to walk around and watching games and chatting with players. Most of the locals played this day, many of them really great players, but only two of them managed to get to the top 8 of the first day, with many 4-2's being decided on MoV.

      Anyways, on to the second day, where I participated. First to get everyone up to speed, here's my list:

      Captain Nym (42): VI, Bomblet Generator, "Genius", Havoc, Cruise Missiles, Advanced Sensors, Guidance Chips and Autoblaster Turret

      Fenn Rau (34): PTL, Autothrusters and Concord Dawn Protector

      N'Dru Suhlak (23): VI, Cruise Missiles, Guidance Chips and Glitterstim

      I ended up not playing any Danes in the swiss rounds, but two Swedes, 2 Norwegians, a Finn and a Canadian (!?!). In general there weren't many Danes of the 62 participants and none of the veterans. But I'd heard that some of the foreign participants were heavyweights, so I didn't expect much my participation, although those top 16 target locks looked sweet and I really wanted to get them. I will try and write the lists of my opponents as far as I remember them, but I'm sure I'll miss some.

      Round One

      Queen of the Ball, I think it's being called. It's the new top meta and FSR derivative:

      Miranda Doni: TLT, Concussion Missiles, Long Range Scanners, Bomblet Generator, Sabine Wren

      Lowhhrick: Selflessness, Wookiee Commandos

      Biggs Darklighter: R2-D6, Integrated Astromech

      He placed his ships in the upper right corner and I placed N'Dru to my left, Fenn in the middle and Nym to the right, so if he turned and had me chase him, he'd meet 6 attack dice from N'Dru. He moved his ships forward as to engage Feen and Nym, Miranda putting a target lock on Fenn. In the second round I had Fenn at range three of Lowhhrick and Nym targeting him. In total, he lost all shields, because his evades where cold. Nym finished Low in the following round. He then turned in to towards the middle to face Fenn which caused N'dru to be at range one of Miranda and two of Biggs. Really a brilliant move, as I'd rather fire the missiles at Miranda. With the re-rolls, chips and glitters, N'Dru landed 6 hits on Biggs, where he cancelled 4 of them meaning he was stressed for the rest of the match. N'Dru blanked his defense dice and subsequently died from a cluster mine and Sabine. Miranda had focused her TLT shots at Nym, but I can't remember how much he lost at this turn. Biggs only made white maneuvers from this point on and I managed to kills him rather easily. I think Fenn ate a bomb at some point, but I can't remember much of the remaing match, but there were two instances that was quite interesting. Nym and Miranda was back to back at range 1 and Nym with 2 hull and no agility and Miranda at five hull left and a focus. Nym's turret did no damage (I think I rolled a crit which he evaded) and my opponent really wanted to kill Nym, so he didn't regen a shield to fire three primary dice. Luckily he blanked two dice and did one damage. Then he banked three with Miranda, but Nym used advanced sensors to barrel roll closer and drop a bomb and move 4 straight to get out of  TLT range. That bomblet generator, advanced sensors and ps10 is a really strong and broken combo. Miranda took one damage from the bomb. In the final confrontation, both Fenn and Nym was at range 1 one of Miranda and killed her befre she fired.


      Round Two

      Miranda Doni: Concussion Missiles, Guidance Chips, some crew, maybe Rey and Autoblaster Turret

      Airen Cracken: Adaptability, Homing Missiles, Chips

      Norra Wexley: Proton Torpedoes, R2-D2, VI and some crew I can't remember (going forward I should probably take a picture of my opponents' lists :D )

      A list of my heart. I like how Airen can grant an action to a friend who then gets to take a target lock and fire a focused munition. I managed to win the initiative roll, which I gave to my opponent. He sat his ships up in the upper left corner and I placed N'Dru directly opposite of them. The other two was placed in the other corner. N'Dru and his ships moved forwards while the other two turned in to flank. Since he moved first, he couldn't target lock N'Dru who moved 4 straight and target locked Airen, who I saw as the backbone of the list. He shot first with Airen, who missed a glittered N'Dru and the Miranda burned a shield to fire a powered missile, which ended with two hits and two crits. I rolled two natural evades and only lost shields since Norra also missed. N'Dru suprisingly survived, so I didn't know what to do with him. But in the next engagement he turned his ships to face Fenn and Nym. Focused Miranda tried to kill N'Dru with a powered autoblaster turret shot, but only rolled one hit and blanks. Lucky again! In the following round, N'Dru rolled a natural two hits and a crit on Miranda to kill her and Norra was at two hull left. In the following round Nym rolled a crit, re-rolled to another crit. Norra evaded ona and took a Direct Hit!


      At this point I knew my opponents were going to get harder and my luck wouldn't continue, so still low hopes for top 16.

      Round Three

      However I knew I could win this match up:

      Hera Syndulla: Accuracy Corrector, TLT, C-3PO, Ghost, Engine Upgrade and another crew

      "Zeb" Orrelios: "Chopper", Phantom

      Ahsoka Tano: VI, Captured TIE, Sabine's Masterpiece, Rey

      He won the initiative roll and took it, which was a bit wierd, but it didn't matter in the end. He placed Hera in the upper right corner in an 45 degree angle and Ahsoka facing him for some fortressing. I placed Fenn and Nym straight ahead and N'Dru somewhat to the left of the middle. In the second turn he chose to bank boost, meaning Nym bumped into him and dropped a bomb, which hit Ahsoka. A hit and crit turned to a Direct Hit so Ahsoka was dead. Then a couple of rounds chipping off health of n the big ship I won with Nym left. I actually killed my own Fenn with a bomb. Fun times.


      Round Four

      So the judge table made a blunder and put in my next opponent as a winner, when he actually lost, giving me en easier opponent and him a harder one. On paper. He had the exact same list as before, so I was pretty confident. I proved to be a pretty tough match though, but my dice were still hot, so I managed to pull through. He had me chase his Ghost, so Nym died from TLT fire, whihc was basically just four damage per round. In the end it was Fenn vs a Phantom, but k-turned just off the edge, but Fenn would probably have won anyway.

      Round Five


      I feared meeting cruising aces, as they could really cripple my lists, so my heart sunk when I discovered my next opponent was flying just that. At least a variation of it.

      Quickdraw: Intensity, Lightweight Frame, FCS, Special Ops Training, Cruise Missiles, Pattern Analyzer

      Backdraft with exaclty the same

      Scimitar Squadron Pilot: TIE ShuttleFleet Officer, Intelligence Agent, Twin Ion Engine mk II

      A pretty cool list that I've gotta try out sometime. PS9 as the highest, so I should be able to win. I also got to give my opponent the initiative, which kinda gave me the advantage. He placed his forces in the upper left corner and I placed N'Dru facing them and then the other two a little right of the middle. I moved as far as possible with all ships and he moved his two TIEs 4 straight and then barrel roll forward. So I knew I couldn't move the fastest with N'Dru as he would end up in range on of QD, which wouldn't help me. So by moving 3 straight I'd be in range 2 with a five dice missile. He did manage to get a target lock and focus, so he killed N'Dru, but he would fire due to the simultanous fire rule, as long as the crit he received wasn't a Blinded Pilot. It was "just" a Direct Hit, that didn't matter. He then rolled 3 hits and two crits in return and removed QD's shields and made her turns red. None of my other ships were in arc, so QD didn't get any revenge shots. Fenn and Nym was piling hits on Backdraft who had 3 hull left. It wasn't difficult to PS kill him after this and my opponent succeded with only the ps bomber left. Usually when you conced before time, you don't get any of the points you kill, but I liked his list so much I wanted to give him a better chance of reaching the cut, so I gave the 23 point from N'Dru.


      Round Six

      I was in the cut. All the locals were rooting for me as I had gone undefeated so far. Same went for my next opponent.

      Miranda Doni: TLT, Cluster Mines, Extra Munitions, Advanced Slam, Sabine, Ion Bombs

      Dash Rendar: Heavy Laser Cannon, Outrider, Rey, Lone Wolf

      Ugh, not my favorite match up. He was a sport though, and we were both pretty relaxed as we'd both made the cut, so it was fun and games. He also brought some custom loot along with his buddies from England which they gave to every opponent they met. Any ways, in round three I had all my ship at range one of Dash, N'Dru having a tl at Miranda after a 4 straight. I forgot to pop glitters, though, fatigue starting to kick in. I killed Dash here, and my opponent said I read his Dash a an open book. Little did he know that I basically just gamble. But from here on my dice just flunked and his defense dice on Miranda was crazy. He evaded 10 or eleven hits naturally, slowly picking my ships apart. But at this point I couldn't really complain that my dice had chosen to abandon me. I was in the cut, far over my expectations.


      Next day wa elimination. Sadly I had to face another Dane and it was the guy who defeated me in a store championship final. He flew a Parattanni variant with a scout with IA instead of Manaroo. I will make this short. I was really tired and made many dumb mistakes, which cost me the victory even in the first engagement, when I had his Fenn at range one of my Fenn and range 2 of Nym, facing away from them. I totally forgot my Cruise Missile wich would have put a crit into his Fenn and maybe have my Fenn kill him. After time was called I killed his Ventress with Fenn but had lost the rest of my ships and no other kill. I was out of the top 16.

      But 4 of the losers from the cut got together in a round robin hangar bay with their tournament, where I managed to win all three games, netting me a spot gloss Lothal Rebel/Baron of the Empire.

      Their lists were: 2 Deadeye, Cruise Missiles scurrgs and a partybus, Biggs+Kanan (he flew his Ghost on a rock three times) and a zzxxx, which was pretty cool. I might post a report of those fights later. So out of 10 matches I had 8 wins during the weekend, 4 wins against top 16 opponents.

      I really like my list and I probably will fly it again for regionals. Many opponents thinks that Fenn is the main threat, which is a mistake. Nym can really clean up a table.

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    • Hot damn, fantastic showing LasseKaa!

      You know, those Target Locks you won are going for $80 USD for each set, so you got some fantastic loot!

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    • Also, I think I'll try out your list as well.

      I think the issue at Canadian Nationals was everyone was ready to take down Nyms, so few Nyms did well. The best performing Nym (which did make it to the top 4) was accompanied by 2 other Scurrgs so it flew much differently and people were less prepared for that.

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    • Thanks. I had no idea the target locks were that sought after. I will hold onto them for now, though. Loot pic is pending.

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    • Excellent flying, LasseKaa!  Thank you for the narrative too, I enjoy reading these.

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    • I should also post a loot pic when I have the chance and upload that alt-art Han to the page.

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    • And yeah, I'll admit I don't understand this aftermarket. My two Regional dice are $50, someone I know sold an acrylic Connor Net from last year for $90.

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    • Today I flew some aces and lost twice.

      Viktor Hel with Vaksai + Veteran Instincts + Inertial Dampeners + Engine Upgrade + Autothrusters + Stealth Device

      Talonbane Cobra with Vaksai + Crack Shot + Engine Upgrade + Autothrusters + Shield Upgrade

      Kavil with Synced Turret + Unhinged Astromech + Veteran Instincts (later changed to Deadeye) + Vectored Thrusters

      Kavil's going to get either free rerolls or an extra die, depending on the target's location.  Talonbane was talonbane, doing talonbane things.  Victor dealt a lot of stress due to double-tapping abilities etc.  I'm pretty happy with him.

      I first went against an unorthodox team.  Intensity Jake with title + Refit + VI; Corran Horn with Lone Wolf + R7-T1 + Advanced Sensors + Hull Upgrade; and Braylen Stramm with M9-G8 + Bodhi Rook.  He wanted to fly a Corran that wasn't the default everyone flies (R2-D2 etc).

      I killboxed Corran and laid into him, but bad luck meant he survived with just 1 HP, and double-tapped Viktor to death.  It took me another couple turns to finally land another damage on him.  Meanwhile Braylen got a lock on my Y-Wing and was making me reroll hits, which really hurt, especially since I didn't have Deadeye.  And I wasn't rolling well to begin with.  I soon lost Talonbane, and Kavil got to start showing off.  I arc-dodged with Vectored Thrusters extremely well, and led him on a wild chase while taking shots when I could.  Unfortunately I wasn't landing much damage despite rolling 4 dice with modification (partially thanks to M9-G8), so I only got Braylen & Jake down to 2 hull each before taking lethal damage.  After the fight I realized I hadn't used autothrusters, which would have saved me a good deal of damage.

      After that fight I put Deadeye on Kavil, figuring that would be more valuable than VI.

      Next round I fought a fleet that trivialized my pilot skill.

      Darth Vader + TIE/x1 + ATC + VI + Cruise Missiles + Engine Upgrade

      RAC + VI + Kylo Ren (Crew) + Gunner + Operations Specialist + Engine Upgrade

      First round of combat was going well for me, except that RAC put Blinded Pilot on Kavil, Talonbane rolled 5 blanks, and Viktor dealt trivial damage to RAC.  I was hoping for a stellar first round to disable RAC, but that didn't happen.  Next round Talonbane took a lot of damage from Vader's terrifying Cruise Missiles and RAC's crit turret.

      The good thing wsa RAC bumped Kavil, so he didn't get to use Kylo.  Then next round he bumped again, and later took stress from shooting Viktor twice with Gunner... RAC only got to use Kylo once.

      Victor was in top form.  He dealt a lot of stress, some ~okay damage, and survived reasonably well... but it was just too much power for me.  His shots pummeled me and I didn't have PS advantage so my maneuvering was meaningless.  High-PS RAC with another high PS ace is a major player in my local meta, and for good reason: it's terrifying.

      Talonbane died first, living as long as he did only because he became an expert blocker, keeping RAC from getting actions or shooting him.  Kavil contributed little, always rolling poor damage.  Viktor pulled his weight, but was out-classed.

      I like Viktor's design a lot, and I think Talonbane and Kavil aren't bad but they're missing something.  Ultimately the K-Fighter's problem is low agility combined with not a lot of health, which I was hoping this fleet would address.  I need to give it another few tries before calling it bad, since luck and that brutal RAC fleet skewed it a bit.

      Also I worry that Triple Auzitucks have ruined me, the way Jumpmasters and TIE Defenders often ruin players' ability to play anything else.  They're just so good...  ;)  The things that scare me in a normal fleet don't really worry them, like Kylo on RAC handing out Blinded Pilots.

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    • I hear the new thing is Quadruple Auzitucks :D

      Mandatory lootpic:


      I apologize for the low quality. My tablets camera sucks.

      The right-most card is a spot-gloss Lothal Rebel/Baron of the Empire card. The lower three cards are custom-made Intensity+Black One duoble-sided card and Acadamy/Rookie Pilot card and a Twin Ion Engine Mk. II. I got those along with the shiny stress, evade and focus tokens and the palp token from my sixth opponent who handed it out to everyone he met.

      I really like those target locks, although the only way to set them apart are the small symbols in the corners.

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    • Had a break from X-Wing because of Thanksgiving save some super casual games that were against someone new or when I had a cold so mostly uneventful and me doing badly (one game I was really actively helping someone arc dodge me to help them learn).

      I did have an HLC Sunny grab a Target Lock on a Tycho Celchu out of confidence she wouldn't be shot due to rock placement. She rolled 2 hits, a blank, and a focus, spent the TL to reroll the blank and focus into 2 hits which then triggered Sunny's ability. That was fun. I also rolled like 8 evades on Cloaking Device tests. None of them were blank either, they were all evades. It was weird.

      That said, I did just play in the Reddit Vassal League's last Swiss round. There's 20 people, 4 Swiss rounds, and a cut to top 4. My list is Backfire Messery, but Deathfire's Homing Missiles are Harpoon Missiles instead. Going into round 4, I was in 3rd, having the best MOV of all the players at 2-1 (having lost 100-73, won 100-27, and winning 100-0), so a win regardless of MOV puts me in a decent place to make the cut, let alone a good MOV win.

      I played against Captain Yorr with Kylo Ren and Collision Detector, Darth Vader with Engine Upgrade, Cruise Missiles, Veteran Instincts, TIE/x1, and Advanced Targeting Computer, and Quickdraw with Veteran Instincts, Cruise Missiles, Guidance Chips, and Fire Control SystemI was really worried, two Cruises could easily take out part of my list immediately!

      I was committed to placing Deathfire first, so I placed him in the center of my table edge so I could get the squad to veer either left or right immediately. My opponent set Vader in his left corner of his tableedge while setting up a fortressing position for QD and Yorr in the right corner. I decide to veer off to my right, partially to threaten Vader, partially to lure the fortress into coming at me, also knowing that it'd take a while for the Shuttle to get its gun into the fight. I think a crucial moment was when Vader was in the center of the board, and I was to the bottom (I started on the left and he the right), rather than than try to peel off to his right and lure me towards his fortress, he wound up continuing forward to my board edge and got caught in the corner.

      Reddit League 4

      I misjudged the angle and Deathfire got rocked evidently, but that wasn't too bad in the grand scheme of things. The next turn I set up Vader for a set of Harpoons and Backdraft's rear arc. The other big mistake that decided the game was that Darth attempted to boost into range one of Deathfire to avoid being Harpooned, but I had anticipated that being an option and had made sure to deny him that. Darth then chose to Target Lock Deathfire for his attack to try to hit hard on the attack. Darth didn't roll great and so only got his Advanced Targeting Computer crit, which Deathfire shrugged off. Backdraft then stripped Darth's shields.

      Reddit League 4 Part 2

      Darth then took a 3-hit-1-crit Harpoon Missile, and failed to roll any evades whatsoever, taking Darth out of the game early. Had Darth had both tokens, he likely would have survived until the end of the round provided he didn't take a Direct Hit, but it is worth Deathfire had that bombing run set up.

      Reddit League 4 Part 3
      The game's likely to be much easier from my point of view, but Qickdraw's still a monster I have to take out. She manages to put a Cruise Missile into Deathfire to cripple him, and her double tap takes him out. Thankfully, her decision to target lock rather than focus means she has no tokens for defense and Backdraft and Vessery can hit hard enough to take her down to one hull and ionize her before she falls to a Backdraft rear shot the next round where my opponent concedes.

      Reddit League 4 Part 5

      I also took part in an original trilogy touurnament this weekend!

      The rules were that everyone had to bring both a Rebel list and an Imperial list, and all ships had to be from the original trilogy. All upgrades save TLT are allowed however. All matches are Rebel vs Imperial, if one player has played more matches with one faction than the other, they must use the lesser played faction with a die roll resolving any ties (hits/crits means the roller plays Rebels).

      For my Rebel list I brought 4 Blue Squadron Pilots, all with FCS and one with an Ion Cannon and one with a Tractor Beam. My Imperial list was Darth Vader with Juke, Advanced Targeting Computer, TIE/x1, Cruise Missiles, and Engine Upgrade, Soontir Fel with Push The Limit, Autothrusters, Royal Guard TIE, and Stealth Device, and Deathfire with Cruise Missiles, Cluster Mines, Long Range Scanners, and Extra Munitions.

      First round I had a bye, but in my second round I came up against a stress hog with a Dorsal Turret, two Blue Squadron Pilots with Advanced Sensors (and one with a Tractor Beam), and Biggs with an Integrated R4-D6.

      The lesson learned here is I don't have enough patience to use two aces/flankers, and Cruise Missiles mess with Deathfire's range control. I'll be happy when the Harpoons are out for me to use. I also forgot that the Y-Wing had Dorsal rather than TLT, so I barrel rolled into range 1 thinking that was the safe zone, which brought Vader down (albeit due to poor rolls and lack of tokens). I did manage to take Biggs down however.

      The next match I played with Rebels against Soontir and Carnor Jax, both with Targeting Computer, Autothrusters, Royal Guard TIE, and Push the Limit, and Tomax Bren with Plasma Torpedoes , Extra Munitions , and Crack Shot , and Lightweight Frame.

      In the turn 0 I managed to create a nice open space in my right corner with few asteroids, and then set up my B's diagonally in that corner diagonally. He separated his aces, but I slow played by moving my B's one forward and then barrel rolling to the left, baiting him to come at me. He wound up charging his interceptors into range 1 where two of the B's melted Carnor and one of the B's got a Loose Stabilizer to stick onto Soontir. Following up, Tomax managed to blow up one of my B's, but I stuck 4 crits onto him, including Damaged Engine. Tomax tried koigraning, which I blocked, keeping him out of the fight and precariously close to the table edge. My opponent forgot that he had a Damaged Engine however, so tried to follow up with a hard 3 (which I'm not sure would have cleared the table edge anyways) while stressed, so he had to do a 2 straight into a spot where the only maneuver that could save him would be a 1 hard that he wouldn't be able to use even if it were on the dial. Eventually the 3 B's harassed Soontir enough that Soontir landed on a rock where he rolled 4 blanks and 1 focus result (without having a token).

      Surprisingly, despite having a rather neutral MOV (150 for the bye, 75 point victory, and 74 point loss) I managed to take 3rd, so I now have a surplus of focus tokens (as well as another Crack Shot) and some store credit, which will functionally be a Guns for Hire discount.

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    • Well done!

      Yea Harpoon Missiles are going to change things up a lot.  They mess with swarms, and they're really mean when supported, for example, by RAC + Palpatine + Kylo Ren (Crew) .  They push a crit through and you take two shield-piercing damage, one of which is probably Blinded Pilot, and you pulse damage onto your buddies.

      They're good enough to include generally in fleets, and that might make flying Biggs a very bad idea.

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    • I find that even before the Harpoon ability, they're simply better than Homings. The Harpoon ability is also good even without a good crit generator since the threat remains there unless they choose to sacrifice an action.

      For Backfire Messery, it's a great addition since Backdraft generates crits easily.

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    • Oh, and I'll make sure to keep you guys posted on that cut game! Theoretically I could even send you guys the scheduled time for you guys to watch in Vassal if that interests you!

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    • I've concluded Viktor Hel is the saving grace for the K-Fighter.  The other pilots have potential, but I've watched him deliver on that potential twice now thanks to his ability.  Today's match was fun, and despite my bad flying, he paid off well.

      Viktor Hel + Vaksai + VI + Inertial Dampeners + Stealth Device + Engine Upgrade + Autothrusters + XX-23 S-Thread Tracers

      Quinn Jast + Deadeye + Guidance Chips + Heavy Scyk + Concussion Missiles

      Asajj Ventress + Gyroscopic Targeting + Latts Razzi

      My dice started hot for the first round, but then cooled a lot for the rest of the game.  I rolled max hits/crits on every die roll in the first round of shooting (including the missile), yet only got 4 damage into Guri because of her amazing rolls.  It took me another 3 rounds of shooting to finally land the remaining hit and kill her (her rolls were that good, and mine that bad), and in the mean time she was passing free focus tokens to Fenn and a Contracted Scout.  After that there was a hairy furball of bumping and me missing lots of shots.  Asajj took heavy damage, but between Viktor and Asajj I was dishing out a lot of stress, and this helped me a lot (both in impeding foes and shedding damage with Latts).

      I never managed to scratch Fenn, but I got half points on the jumpmaster and full on Guri.  I lost Quinn right as we were out of time, due to barely flubbing her defense against Fenn, and also gave half points on Asajj.  I managed to win on points, so not too bad.

      I forgot to use tracers as always, but I actually did use the Inertial Dampeners!  And to great effect too (got to shoot instead of bumping).

      Quinn's munition... I should have remembered Harpoon Missiles; those would have been terrifying.  Concussion Missiles are alright, but I'd have preferred Harpoons.  But they didn't appear on my app for squadbuilding.  >:(  The other munitions I'd consider are Ion Torpedoes and Cruise Missiles.

      I hope everyone's having a good Wednesday!

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    • Last night I tried out the PS3 Protectorate:

      Concord Dawn Veteran with Concord Dawn Protector, Autothrusters, and Intensity

      Black Sun Soldier with Harpoon Missiles and Guidance Chips

      Ruthless Freelancer in the Misthunter with Tractor Beam, Fire Control System, Black Market Slicer Tools, and Intelligence Agent

      Unkar Plutt with Pattern Analyzer, Bomblet Generator, Cad Bane, Cloaking Device, and Spacetug Tractor Array.

      I faced Asajj Ventress with Gyroscopic Targeting, Shadowcaster, Push the Limit, and Latts Razzi.

      Man, those G-1As really suffer of B-Wing syndrome, even with the evade token and it melted in a couple turns. Intensity worked out OK on the Protectorate, the evade token was helpful. Otherwise, the only two workhorses of the list were the Protectorate and the Zed who managed to Harpoon Dengar, give him PS0, and later rolled a hit crit naturally to finish Dengar off. 

      I also tried out the Lothal Rebel giving him Plasma Torpedoes, Autoblaster, Fire Control System, Extra Munitions, Hera, Rey, and Extra Munitions

      with Miranda Doni, Cluster Mines x2, Extra Munitions, Twin Laser Turret, Advanced SLAM, Harpoon Missiles, and Sabine Wren.

      I played against IG-88B with Heavy Laser Cannon, Autothrusters, Push the Limit , Fire Control System

      and Moralo Eval with Heavy Laser Cannon, Bossk, forget what else.

      This was a pretty steady back and forth of damage, but Miranda does not like those Heavy Laser Cannons, they manage to punch through her shields fast. My mistake that ended the game was trying to bomb the IG rather than SLAM out of arc and missing the IG. I think I probably need to drop the Munitions and Autoblaster for TLT sadly just for the range.

      There was a couple that came to the board game cafe to paly games but got really interested in the game so we wound up doing a large furball with everyone using large ships.

      I used the Ghost from earlier for quick set up but threw on Sabine and Cluster Mines and Boshek instead of crew, and it went poorly. While I did manage to surprise cluster the Falcon, I also didn't have the maneuverability or range needed to do damage on other ships while also being a large target.

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    • Large ship furball sounds interesting.  I think I may have done that once, but we really should have banned Jumpmasters because they were entirely dominant.  ;)

      I've had the same experience as you with the G-1As.  They're not great in cost-effectiveness, and as you said, they die absurdly fast like B-Wings.  It feels like nothing really sets them apart... they were meant to introduce and expand the illicit slot, but everything has those now, and they don't really have a clear role at the moment.

      Which is wierd... System + crew + illicit slot, 4 hull + 4 shield, 3 attack and an agility die, all for 23 base points seems like an okay setup.  Lots of health, decent design... but I can't figure out a good use for it.  The B-Wing at least has munitions slots and pilots like Keyan and Nera.  The mist hunter feels like a worse B-Wing, and B-Wings themselves are not happy about the current meta.

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    • Even just FCS, Intel Agent, and the Tractor Beam, and it's a huge points pinata for your opponent.

      Maybe I need to try 4-LOM again sometime, he could be good for passing along stress and is fun, but probably the best tool for G-1As would be Attanni Mindlink, and even there it just doesn't synergize with 4-LOM. He likes a wingmate who can fly alongside him and shrug off the stress easily enough, in the past I used an Unginged TLT Y-Wing. Maybe the new Kimogila Fighter? The timing of the stress passing isn't great though, since it fails to shut down Expertise.

      When you've got so many super precise attacks and regular Target Lock + focus is the norm though...

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    • Yea, Points Pinata is a good term for it.  It's not as strong as an asset as it is as a liability, and it's too pricey for how easy it is to kill.

      At least B-Wings have Biggs or Kanan to make them pseudo-viable in some edge cases, but I've not really seen a mist hunter play out well before.

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    • So the cut for that one online tournament has been announced, here is my opponent's list for the top 4:

      3 Syndicate Thugs with Ion Cannon Turret

      Palob Godalhi with Ion Cannon Turret, Operations Specialist, Crackshot, and Pulsed Ray Shield.

      I'm thinking: maybe bring debris for this one? Place a Score to Settle on Palob so it has the smallest possible aid from Operations Specialist? Kill Palob first since he gimps some of the list?

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    • Sounds good.  It's a tough call on obstacles... Ion + Stress could be trouble for you (no way to shed the stress, so it stops you from focusing to avoid hits, or repositioning), but at least you can attack if things are in arc.  Definitely take down Palob first, he's clearly the more valuable target because of his support abilities.

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    • I'm thinking this list may have had the advantage against large ships, particularly those with low agility, so I think I'll be counting on my agility to make things tougher for him.

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    • Yea, if he fails to get a foothold with the ions, and you start killing or crippling ships, things could swing to you fast.

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    • And he needs to get 18 damage through with the ions or primaries, which should take longer. Theoretically 4 and a half turns of him firing.

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    • thinking of something to take to a tournament hoping for some input thanks

      Dengar-attanni mindlink, k4 sercurity driod, unhinged astromech, punishing one(title)-50

      Tel Trevura-attanni mindlink, k4 sercurity driod, unhinged astromech, hull upgrade-38

      Binayre Pirate-12

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    • There's a similarish list that won the last worlds that replaces your Binayre Pirate  for Extra Munitions and Plasma Torpedoes on both of the Jumpmasters (with points to spare for Expertise on Dengar). I wouldn't recommend bringing this to a casual tournament though, as said it just won worlds and is a powerful list that may not be the most fun.

      Otherwise, only have two Attanni Mindlinks is generally not the most efficient use. K4 Security Droid also isn't the greatest on a 2 attack ship.

      If you have a C-ROC available, trading the Hull Upgrade for Inaldra with "Light Scyk" Interceptor and Attanni Mindlink would help you generate your focuses nicely. If you don't have a C-ROC available, I'd recommend getting rid of the Hull Upgrade still and also changing Tel Trevura's crew from a K4 Security Droid to something cheaper (Tactician, Greedo, 4-LOM are all options that come to mind), and then you can promote that Binayre Pirate to Kaa'to Leeachos with Attanni Mindlink. Kaa'to has a neat interaction with Mindlink where if you use his ability to steal a focus token from a ship that doesn't have one, Attanni Mindlink will give it back to the ship that doesn't have it.

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    • Wazat and I got to play each other yesterday. We decided to make the game fun, we'd give each other a non-meta ship that the other player would have to use in their list. I gave Wazat the U-Wing whereas he gave me the TIE Punisher.

      I brought Deathrain with Extra Munitions, Harpoon Missiles, Seismic Torpedoes, Bomblet Generator, and Lightweight Frame

      Valen Rudor with Cruise Missiles, Juke, TIE/v1, and Autothrusters

      Pure Sabacc with Expertise, Lightweight Frame, and Adaptive Ailerons

      Wazat brought Keyan Farlander and Nera Dantels, both with Fire Control System, Extra Munitions, Proton Torpedoes, Deadeye, and Guidance Chips

      and Bodhi Rook with Enhanced Scopes, Chopper, Hera Syndulla, and the title.

      Wazat 1

      I strayed to the corner to try to lure Waazat forward whereas he charged through the nice opening in the asteroids with the U-Wing going full speed ahead.

      Wazat 2

      I was fortunate that for the first engagement with Bodhi being the only ship of his within range of mine, although I also had Pure Sabacc bump Deathrain however. A compination of attacks from all my ships brought Bodhi down to 1 hull, although Bodhi managed to sneak in a crit on Pure Sabacc that reduced his ability.

      Wazat 3

      Bodhi, sensing death, decided to charge full speed ahead to force my ships to bump. Deathrain did manage to use his Advanced Sensors to let loose a Seismic Torpedo in the hopes that it'd kill Bodhi and create some space for Pure Sabacc, but it only damaged Nera. Keyan fired a set of Protojn Torpedoes on Deathrain. Pure Sabacc then managed to kill Bodhi, but because of the Harpoon Missile, Deathrain and Pure Sabacc were both caught in the crossfire, and Nera then finished off Pure Sabacc with a Torpedo.

      Wazat 4

      Deathrain then dropped a Bomblet to try to maneuver forward, but wasn't able to barrel roll afterwards and got caught in the blast radius. Worse, Nera came out unscathed whereas Deathrain actually took some damage from it. Keyan then took Deathrain out from shot range. Valen was able to pursue Nera though and was rather fortunate to slip in a crit which happened to be Direct Hit which finished Nera off.

      Wazat 5

      I was actually fairly confident that Valen could pull off a victory, but I made an embarassing mistake where I did a hard turn with Valen in the wrong direction, rocking him.I then thought that the hard 1 would clear that asteroid, but wound up hitting it, taking damage and not getting any action. I should have just run, but rather Keyan finished things off from there.

      Wazat 6

      We started another match afterwards, I brought Chopper in the Ghost with Hera, Cassian Andor, Ion Cannon Turret, Fire Control System, Anti-Pursuit Lasers.

      Nera Dantels with Deadeye, Collision Detector, Extra Muntions, Proton Torpedoes, and Guidance Chips

      and Zeb in the Phantom

      Wazat brought two Wookiee Liberators with Expertise, Tactician, and Breach Specialist

      and Cassian Andor with Ion Projector, Enhanced Scopes, Intelligence Agent, Intimidation, and Hera.

      2Wazat 1
      2Wazat 2

      This game was interesting, for one thing there was a lot more baiting and switching than the previous game had.

      2Wazat 3
      Here I used Hera so that while Chopper was stressed, Chopped did a 5k through some debris since it was his fastest maneuver in an attempt to see if I could catch Cassian napping. All ships remained out of range, but his one Wookiee was a hair away from having Chopper in range.
      2Wazat 4
      2Wazat 5

      First engagement of the game was Chopper and Cassian trading shot at each other, but due to some poor attack dice on Wazat's part but good defense dice, they both emerged with having only taken a single damage.

      2Wazat 7

      Chopper started to take a beating, but so did one of Wazat's tucks. Nera started to present herself as the juicier target though, so Wazat (to his later regret) started splitting fire whereas Chopper was starting to get some of his Ions to stick which helped on the defensive end since it would prevent the tucks getting arc. It was right about here that Wazat's red dice started to fail him, with him rolling a lot of focus results when he couldn't do anything with them (having taken stress from a debris cloud or Cassian having no focus) or just rolling blanks which he couldn't do much about. A tuck and Cassian went down, although Nera went down to one hull.

      2Wazat 8
      From there there was a bit of circling, the Tuck on 1 hull Nera's heels and Chopper doing hard turns but failing to get inside range 2 or arc. Oddly though, the tuck just couldn't finish the job. He rolled two attacks with only 1 hit, and Nera kept rolling an evade.
      2Wazat 9
      With the Tuck going low on health, Wazat went for once last roll of the dice to try to kill Nera...and wound up rolling 3 blanks, at which point we both broke out into laughter with how bad Wazat's red dice had abandoned him.
      2Wazat 10

      Meanwhile on my end, I got the tuck at range 1 and managed to roll 3 hits and 2 crits which finished off the Tuck.

      Playing against Wazat was great fun, he's a great opponent!

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    • GG Dragoon!

      And yea, I think in a previous life I may have offended one dice god and pleased another, and there's this massive unseen war going on in the heavens over whether to support or destroy me.  Too many of my games are either feast or famine.

      If I had a spirit animal, it would be an X-Wing die covered in blanks and crits that keeps biting people at random, especially me.  I'm afraid to own pets now.  ^_^

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    • These things remind me I still need a person to teach me how to play vassal, lol, it’d do me a lot of good seeing how useful a list is before I go play it at my LGS

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    • There's a few online tutorials that teach the basics, such as this one:

      Then I may recommend trying it out offline first getting a bit used to the various bits and then generally if you mention that you're new to any opponents they're happy to walk you through it.

      I will say the average competition on Vassal is probably tougher than that of a local game store though, so be prepared!

      I'd be happy to help out if I ever catch you online however!

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    • Any of you guys ever try the Tabletop Simulator x-wing plug-in?

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    • I have not.

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    • It seems pretty cool, 3d and all. And you can flip the table when you get dice-raped :D

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    • A friend told me about it.  They said the physics engine is active in full force, so if you're not careful when placing ships and templates down, you could apply too much pressure.  When you release, the components go flying off the table at high speed.  That's funny, but for a serious game it was a turn off.

      TBH I've never given it a try, which is probably unfair.

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    • Today I decided to say goodbye to Biggs, since when the FAQ takes effect, the fleets I use him in won't work as well anymore (and they're already kinda weak & casual against most serious fleets).

      First I flew:

      Biggs with R4-D6 + Integrated Astromech

      Nera with FCS + Advanced Proton Torpedoes + Extra Munitions + Lightning Reflexes + Guidance Chips

      Jan with Squad Leader + TLT + Intelligence Agent + Moldy Crow

      Normally Jan being out-PS'd is trouble, and I forgot to use intelligence agent, but I did alright anyway.  My opponent flew:

      Darth Vader with TIE/x1 + ATC + Prockets + VI + Engine Upgrade

      "Quickdraw" with VI + FCS + Primed Thrusters + Special Ops Training + Lightweight Frame

      "Duchess" with VI + Adaptive Ailerons + Lightweight Frame

      We approached each other in a small clearing in the center of the map, and started exchanging fire.  I tried to maneuver Nera into range but didn't get close enough.  Next round I set up a bump box so I could ensure Vader would end up behind Nera at range 1, but I got it wrong and vader didn't have room, and so ended up touching Nera.  Next round I deliberately bumped to stay still, hoping my opponent would end up behind me; it was perfect!  Except Jan got in the way and the opponent had to back up all the way again, still touching Nera.  Nera spent a lot of time not shooting at the beginning of the game, where this fleet usually tries to alpha-strike an opponent or two off the map.  In the mean time, Biggs was taking a beating and died within a couple rounds.  I managed to kill Duchess, and then had to take on Quickdraw and Vader.

      Eventually TLT won the day against Quickdraw (despite triggering some counterattacks), and it was down to Nera and a very injured Jan vs Vader.  But as luck would have it, I got into range 1.  I endured a heavy shot from Vader (a B-Wing can take that kind of abuse in a one-on-one staring contest), and then returned fire with a Jan-boosted APT, rolling tons of focus results and one-shotting Vader with 4 hits and 2 crits.  My Jan fleets actually have a history of one-shotting Vader in particular, so this was a satisfying trip down memory lane.

      We did a second game, and my opponent kept his fleet to get more practice with it, while I switched out mine for the Proton Torp variation:

      Biggs with R4-D6 + Integrated Astromech

      Nera with FCS + Proton Torpedoes + Extra Munitions + Deadeye + Guidance Chips

      Jan with Squad Leader + TLT + Recon Specialist + Moldy Crow

      The APT fleet is a joke/gimmick fleet that's really fun, and this one is more practical.  Deadeye + Chips + two Proton Torps is extremely potent on Nera, and Jan's extra die plus free action does a lot to amp it up.  Recon Specialist on Jan is also excellent, as she can slow roll for a brief time and not worry about ever running out of tokens thereafter.

      We approached each other to the right of center, with me moving north.  I banked Biggs to face the threat while banking Nera outwards to maintain range 2-3.  Jan stayed at the Eastern fringe.  Quickdraw approached from the Northwest, Duchess zoomed into flanking position from the southwest, and Vader was moving in from the west, just barely at range 3.

      My first target was Quickdraw, and I endured the counterattack to soften him with some TLT.  Biggs took the hits like a champ, and fired at Quickdraw but to no effect.  Then Nera unloaded her torp and finished the job.  Jan had taken damage from Duchess, who managed to aim her arc away from Biggs; Jan was hurting but had survived.

      My next priority was Duchess, who I knew was agile and damaging, and she was in a good position for me to shoot (while Vader had decided to token up and get behind an asteroid).  After unloading TLT and my remaining torp though, she stayed at 1 health.  It was a bit tough finishing her off -- my memory is fuzzy but I think she got into range 1 and caused some trouble, but I got the last damage in eventually.

      Hmm... actually I'm a little fuzzy on how long Quickdraw survived too.  But Biggs did absorb a full round's shots from all 3 ships before Duchess finished him off, and this helped me a ton because it kept the heat off my B-Wing and HWK for yet another round.

      Once it was down to Vader vs Jan and Nera, I shot his shields away and he decided to get out of there and wait to re-engage until the positioning was favorable to him.  We danced and maneuvered for a while, and finally he lined up a shot on Jan.  Now Jan had not been idle all these rounds, and was now followed by a queen's entourage of focus tokens.  Vader fired and got a hit + crit, and Jan rolled... double blanks.  Her courtiers could do nothing!  All the focus tokens in the world couldn't save her.  Sorry Jan, you can't take it with you to the next life.

      My opponent and I just busted up laughing at the absurdity, and I cleaned up the pile of focus.  After this tragedy, Nera fired and got a good roll, and now it was Vader's turn to blank out.  Total destruction!

      Thanks to Biggs I was able to fly a B-Wing and HWK and keep them from simply melting in an instant.  They die extremely fast without some kind of potent protection, and experience tells me the single round from the FAQ'd Biggs isn't going to be enough to keep this fleet relevant.  These two fleets were always somewhat casual to begin with, so it was nice to kind of say goodbye to them.  ^_^

      The nerfs announced today were pretty needed.  I'm looking forward to see what the meta settles into after this.  And maybe T-65s and other rebel ships will finally get buffs now that Biggs isn't a problem.

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    • So, after the whole nerFAQ happened, my immediate thoughts went back to my triple interceptors, and I’ll see how they do Tuesday night against all the guns for hire stuff

      Soontir Fel + Push The Limit + Royal Guard TIE + Autothrusters + Stealth Device (not sure on that or shield upgrade)

      Carnor Jax + Adaptability + royal guard TIE + autothrusters + Shield Upgrade

      Turr Phennir + Veteran Instincts + RGT + AT + SU

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    • I think you're best off giving Carnor Push the Limit, I think the PS wars are gonna die down and that he appreciates the Focus evade or double reposition more, and you can drop Turr's Shield Upgrade for a 2 point bid, which is very helpful

      I think that in the immediate Guns for Hire meta, Stealth Device won't be as good as Shield Upgrade (so 1 point bid), but if the meta reverts back from the super precise damage we've been seeing than it'll be golden again.

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    • Alright, will tweak around and do that (and now I won’t have to proxy a royal guard TIE Lol, issue is gonna be getting someone to let me borrow their autothrusters)

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    • On the bright side, once the Silencer hits, you'll have 4 Autothrusters.

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    • Yeah, that’ll be fun (such a shame G4H didn’t come with autothrusters)

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    • Last night I played a three way match of 75 points each with Poe Dameron (PS8), BB-8, Primed Thrusters, Push the Limit, and Autothrusters with Snap Wexley with Push the Limit, R2 AstromechPattern Analyzer, and Autothrusters.

      I came up against 3 Zeta Squadron Pilots and a Zeta Specialist with Special Ops Training, Fire Control System, and Lightweight Frame

      and Fenn Rau with Marksmanship, Shield Upgrade, Concord Dawn Protector, and Proton Torpedoes with Kavil with TLT, Vectored Thrusters and something else.

      This was kinda an introductory match to the guy flying the 4 Zetas, so we kept it simple with 3 asteroids. He wound up letting me and the other player bruise each other up, then when we disengaged just wrecked my X-Wings in the center of the map, then took out Kavil and swarmed Fenn.

      Afterwards, I used Captain Yorr with Collision Detector and Emperor Palpatine

      Whisper with Rebel Captive, Advanced Cloaking Device, Veteran Instincts, and Fire Control System

      and Duchess with Adaptability, Adaptive Ailerons, and Lightweight Frame

      In a regular match against Darth Vader with Guidance Chips, TIE/x1, Advanced Targeting ComputerHarpoon Missiles, and Veteran Instincts

      Omega Leader with Juke and Comm Relay

      and Deathrain with Bomblets, Long-Range Scanners, Seismic Torpedoes, Harpoon Missiles, and Extra Munitions

      This game is foggier for me since I had a couple beers, but the first round had Vader waste his Harpoons on Whisper by rolling horribly, but Deathrain managed to put a single hit through where Whisper hurt Deathrain. 

      Deathrain disengaged and my ships pursued him. Duchess's ability was very helpful and choosing to not Adaptive Aileron where needed helped her evade several Bomblets. Rebel Captive was also great, enabling me to limit Vader's movement. Vader and Omega Leader got behind the Shuttle and started pounding it and Duchess and Whisper took Deathrain down. I got to pull off a Duchess koigran with Yorr in range to take the stress before Yorr went down, but Duchess rolled 3 hits naturally against Omega Leader who took a damage and chose not to spend her evade, but then then Whisper managed 2 hits and a crit naturally at range and Omega Leader whiffed, so she needed to spend her evade to potentially live...and she took a Direct Hit, killing her.

      Afterwards I was able to keep Vader blocked (thanks to some predictable movement from Rebel Captive) and melted him with the help of some green dice whiffs.

      I rather enjoyed Rebel Captive, and I have a nice custom one, so I think I may continue to use it in the future! Just need to remember it when it actually procs rather than after which my opponent was generous enough to allow when I remember in the activation phase (I found keeping track of Whisper's 5 procs difficult. Decloaking, Advanced Targeting Computer, Rebel Captive, Whisper's ability, and FCS were a bit difficult to all remember, although the pints probably didn't help). I may continue with the squad but with Pure Sabacc. I did feel the lack of offensive mods on Duchess, especially with Vader around I really evaded unless certain he wouldn't target Duchess.

      Now today, I played the top 4 cut match of the Reddit Vassal League.

      I used Backfire Messery against 3 Syndicate Thugs with Ion Cannon Turr