• I have been using autoblaster against my son and understandably he doesnt like it, now is it possible at all to evade with token the effects of auto blaster and second can you use predater with secondary weapons not rockets or missiles justcannons or lasers?


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    • You can only use evade tokens or dice rolls to evade crits with autoblasters (cannons or turrets). Predator works with any attack unless it specifies otherwise (e.g. Unguided rockets).

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    • The reason evade tokens don't work is, when you spend them they literally add a die to the table with the Evade symbol pointed up.  All dice modifications deal with actual dice these days.

      That wasn't always the case -- in the original rules, evade tokens cancelled hits/crits directly, and so would have cancelled autoblaster.

      The best counter to autoblaster is to avoid range 1.  That can be tricky against Nym though, for example, and sometimes simply killing the autoblaster ship quickly is better.  If you post your and your son's fleets for us, we'd be happy to give your son some advice!

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    • hi guys thanks for that, as i thought best way is to get out of range and it was a gamble for me, i used the outrider with heavy laser and predator and a bwing with autoblaster and shield upgrade against his slave 1 fully loaded and Tir finir  (intercepter) fully equiped, i didnt have very good die rolls but still destroyed him hence the question above

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