• hello if there were to be a new x wing title to help it in the meta and still being somewhat thematic how would it work.

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    • I'm not sure why you are asking my personally but there have been several attempts by many people on the sight to come up with a reasonable fix for the x-wing. I recently though of a upgrade that might help the x-wing

      Modified Astromech

      Modification, X-wing only.

      Your bar gains an additional astromech upgrade, you may not equip more than one unique astromech. You may equip one additional modification that cost 2 or less points.

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    • Needs wording tweaks like "different" or "limited", as otherwise you could equip 3+ astromechs that way (just keep attaching copies of modified astromech).  :)

      But yea, there's been lots of attempts to help out the x-wing, but no word from FFG.  We'll probably see a massive nerf to Biggs first, or alongside the fix, since Biggs is the greatest problem with buffing X-Wings (he's already amazingly good).

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    • what if the name title given would increase agility to a named pilot.

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