• Empire List; Total: 100

    -Glaive Squadron Pilot (TIE Defender) [34]

    TIE/D (Title) [0]

    Ion Cannon (Cannon) [3]

    Predator (Elite) [3]

    -Countess Ryad (TIE Defender) (34)

    TIE/X7 (Title) [-2]

    Outmaneuvered (elite) [3]

    -“Deathfire” (TIE Bomber) [17]

    Long Range Scanners (Modification) [0]

    Cluster Mines (Bomb) [4]

    Cluster Missiles (Missile) [4]

    ====With this squad I try use my bomber's missiles quick by having a target lock ready from the start of the game with LRS. "Deathfire"'s ability is also usefull if I find myself almost dead and needing to drop my mine quick. He can drop the mine, then get a focus to draw attacks till his inevitable death. I stacked my first Defender because I try to get people to ignore Ryad so she can get behind with her high mobility, (she can also stay alive longer with evade tokens) and use "outmanuvered" well. And the first Defender is used as a high-damage outputter, getting in two attacks and slowing ships with ion. He can usually stay alive for a long time. All the damage he can deal makes him dangerous to ignore, but Ryad can be a big threat against large ships that can't turn around as well. The Defenders are all around just dependable and good.

    Rebel List; Total: 99

    -Wookiee Liberator (Auzituck Gunship) [26]

    Selflessness (Elite) [1]

    Wookiee Commandos (Crew x2) [1]

    Vectored Thrusters OR Hull Modification  (Modification); [2] OR [3]

    -Shara Bey (ARC-170) [28]

    Alliance Overhaul (Title) [0]

    Push the limit (Elite) [3]

    R5-K6 (Astromech) [2]

    Tail Gunner (Crew) [2]

    Vectored Thrusters OR Hull Modification  (Modification); [2] OR [3]

    -Captain Rex (Sabine’s TIE) [14]

    Sabine’s Masterpiece (Title) [1]

    EMP Device (Illicit) [2]

    Stolen TIE (Modification) [1]

    -“Zeb” Orrelios (Sabine’s TIE) [13]

    Stolen TIE (Modification) [1]

    ====IDK about the last TIE, but It's ability is nice. I also needed something to fill the missing points. If you have a better suggestion, please tell me. Captain Rex is a good ship, and I am betting on High pilot skill ships going after the ARC or the the Gunship. Then I want to sneak into their formations and do the EMP Device, and Stolen TIE still applies because it is not technically an attack. This is a great way to stall and punish formations (I think?). I want to fly the Gunship and the ARC next to each other, so the gunship can use target locks without needing the action, which it can use to get a focus. Kind of redundant with the wookie commandoes, but I can use the focus for defence. And Push the Limit on my ARC will let it target lock for the Gunship, and then get a focus for defence, or offence if no one shoots me (I actually don't mind stress all that much, and I can just do a 1 manuver to get rid of it). The R5 is to keep my target locks with luck. Selfless, I am using to save my ARC from hits, or my Rex, depending on range. I've put in two different modifactions the ARC and the Gunship, because I don't know which one to use. I can only use one Hull Mod because of point limitaions.====

    ====I've listed the ships i'm going to or do use, Please give me feedback and any advice to improve these ships. I really need help with my Rebel point total, because without "Zeb", I am only at around 84 (not exatly sure) points, and that is a serious disadvantage. I only play casualy and don't yet want any OP meta builds.====

    ====sorry for the long post and bad spacing, I don't really know how to space things.

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    • Looks like a good start.  I have suggestions to help too.


      Outmaneuver is a pretty good choice for Ryad, though she also does well with Juke since she'll have an evade token often.

      IMO this looks like a pretty solid fleet.


      You can save points by taking Captured TIE off of Rex and Zeb.  Their PS is so low that they'll rarely benefit from the ability.  Rex in particular should be attacking each turn anyway (so he'll have to immediately discard it).

      At Pilot Skill 3, Zeb makes a good blocker.  A z-95 can play the same role, but Zeb has 3 agility and can evade or focus every turn to be harder to kill.  So I think he plays a useful role in the fleet, no worries there.  It's actually reasonable to put the EMP on Zeb instead of Rex, since his role will be blocking as much as attacking, and you can EMP even while touching or while they're out of arc.

      Tail Gunner is great on an ARC.  R5-K6 works best with Weapons Engineer IMO, but it's still not a bad choice.  However, I'm not sure it works with Shara's ability (e.g. if the Auzituck spends it).  I think the implication of its wording is that Shara has to spend the lock to activate R5-K6.  That actually works well with Weapons Engineer though: Shara could spend one of the locks on her attack, and possibly get it back (locking an additional target if needed).

      But if you're interested, you could equip BB-8 instead of the R5 and get frequent barrel rolls even without Vectored Thrusters in the modification slot.  This is especially useful with PTL, because you'll be doing greens to clear stress anyway.  But also useful because when you get the free barrel roll before your maneuver, you can PTL off of that to do another action, then clear your stress with the green, and perform your normal action at the end of your maneuver.  It's a devious and fun trick that makes the ARC extra fun to fly.  So either BB-8 + Tail Gunner, or R5-K6 with Weapons Engineer -- both are great setups.

      IMO don't necessarily put Hull Upgrade on an Auzituck; it's healthy enough and defensible enough that it doesn't really need that.  Instead, choose Vectored Thrusters so you have the ability to do emergency repositioning (e.g. to block or to make sure a target is in your arc).  The ARC doesn't need Hull Upgrade either, actually, but if you have no other use for the points then the ARC or one of the TIEs may be the best option?

      I think you have good fleets, and a few tweaks to the Rebel fleet should put it on par with the Empire one.  Happy flying!

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    • That ARC triple action sounds like a beast. Would you recommend another ship to replace the TIEs? I have had my eye on the YT-2400. How would that fit into the squad (using the title it comes with)? The arc on the Auzituck is really good, and when going against my dad I kept misjudging it's arc with my defenders. Could you tell me the best way to turn it around though? It's very difficult if something like a striker (what I used) gets behind it. 

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    • Just saw the part where you said Zeb fits well in the squad. I like flying TIEs so if you have something better to replace it or you don't, as long as it fits in the squad I am happy.

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    • If you field a a YT-2400, expect it to usually take up half your fleet's points.  Ideally you'll be flying it with Outrider and Heavy Laser CannonMangler cannon is okay but not the best use of the ship's potential (a YT-1300 is arguably granting similar effectiveness for cheaper).  That means your minimum price would be 42 (cheapest pilot) or 48 points (best pilot), and you probably want to equip a crew.

      Dash Rendar has an amazing pilot ability and he's usually my recommendation, and he deserves an elite (even a cheap one) and maybe a few more upgrades.  At that point half your fleet is that one ship (Dash tends to fly fat), so you're generally buiding the fleet around him.

      That said, you could spend only 42 on a Fringer with HLC + Outrider and still have room for a Kashyyyk Defender with Wookiee Commandos, plus Shara Bey + BB-8 + Push The Limit, for example.

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