Tournament formats are the different ways the X-Wing miniatures game can be played.

Standard Edit

The Standard tournament format features 100-point squads of starships, all at 1/270 scale.

Play area: 3'x3'

Epic Edit

The Epic tournament format features larger squads, which can include huge ships.

Epic Dogfight Edit

Points per player: 300 points and 5 epic points.

Play Area: 6'x3' 

Limits: No more than 12 small ships or 6 large ships of the same type of ship. 

Special: 12 asteroids are placed during placement phase.[1]

Epic Team Edit

Points per player: 200 points and 3 epic points (400 points and 6 epic points for whole team).

Play Area: 6'x3'

Limits: No more than 8 small ships or 4 large ships of the same type of ship (for each player)

Special: 12 asteroids are placed during placement phase. [1]

Escalation Edit

Points per player: 60 for first round, 90 for second round, 120 for third round, 150 for fourth.

Play Area: 3'x3'

Special: Each squad must have ships and upgrades from previous rounds. Ships from the previous round must keep all equipped upgrade cards, and these cards may not be "transferred" to a different ship. However, new upgrade cards may be added to ships from the previous squad. [2]

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