This page is to post and comment upon different fan made variations of play. This is not the section for Epic play, or for FFG's published missions. This is for fan made content that others might find interesting. Edit

Squadron battles: This play variant involves having fewer named characters, with more emphasis being on individual squadrons in the Star Wars universe. It is largely more "cinematic," as it will involve more starfighters, and fewer elite pilots.

The rules are that each player picks a ship type (x-wing, TIE fighter, etc.) and their squadron is built around that ship type. They can field as many generic pilots of the chosen ship type as they want, points permitting. Only one unique pilot is allowed per squadron, though you can have up to two if both have a Pilot Skill of 6 or less.

For balance reasons, any pilot with a skill of 5 or more will be considered to count against the "unique pilot" limit for this game (to prevent royal guard pilots, or shadow squadron pilots from being the 'go to' win button [newer win buttons include the mandalorian mercenary and the tansaari point veteran]). Additionally, each Elite Pilot trait will be considered to be unique for this game variant (you cannot field 5 saber squadron pilots with PtL, sorry). The pilots Pilot Skill shall be considered only AFTER all upgrades are taken (Echo with VI is pilot skill 8, so you can only have one unique pilot in your list, NOT 6, allowing for another).

Additionally, each squadron can have one ship of a type not chosen. This ship may have a unique pilot, but if it does it will count as a unique pilot for the squadron. This allows for 'support ships' to be used, and also allows for several very thematic lists (Vader leading Black Squadron, Kath Scarlet leading the Binarye Pirates, etc).

This game is best suited to casual play, and suggested points value is 150 (this allows for a great deal of customization among generic pilots, something not seen in normal X-Wing play).

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