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" An astromech droid, also referred to as an astro droid, was a type of droid that served as an automated mechanic, performing a variety of repair duties and often serving as an adjunct or substitute for a nav computer on smaller starships. Astromech droids could also use the mainframes of larger ships to their advantage. Many starfighters relied on astromech copilots. "

Astromech is a category of Upgrades in X-Wing.

Ships that can equip an Astromech are:

Astromech Introduced in Squad Points Restrictions
R2-D2 Core Set 4 none
R2-F2 Core Set 3 none
R5-K6 Wave 1 2 none
R5 Astromech Wave 1 1 none
R5-D8 Wave 1 3 none
R2 Astromech Wave 1 1 none
R2-D6 Rebel Transport 1 none
R3-A2 Rebel Transport 2 none
R4-D6 Rebel Transport 1 none
R5-P9 Rebel Transport 3 none
R7-T1 Wave 4 3 none
R7 Astromech Wave 4 2 none
BB-8 The Force Awakens Core Set 2 none
R5-X3 The Force Awakens Core Set 1 none
Targeting Astromech Wave 8 2 none
R3 Astromech Wave 9 2 none


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